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An International Petition In Solidarity With Yemen Confronting Aggression

At the initiative of the Masar Badil, the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement, the Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network and the Alkarama Palestinian Women’s Mobilization, an international petition was issued today, signed by hundreds of parties, organizations, and popular movements, bearing the title “We stand with Yemen confronting U.S. and British aggression.”

In Retaliation To US-UK Aggression, Yemen Targets USS D. D. Eisenhower

The Yemeni Armed Forces announced on Friday that they struck the American aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower in the Red Sea, in response to the US-British aggression and airstrikes on Yemen which had resulted in the martyrdom and injury of 58 Yemeni citizens. Brigadier General Sare’e explained that the airstrikes were distributed as follows: four airstrikes on the capital Sana’a, resulting in one injury; two airstrikes on Sana’a province; and one airstrike on the Haifan area in Taiz province. He added that the aggression targeted Hodeidah province with six airstrikes, including one on Al-Salif port, one on the radio building, two on the Ghalifka camp, and two on the homes of Ali Mohsen and Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Our Operations In The Red Sea Are Consistent With The World’s Demands

The spokesperson of Yemen’s Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, recently announced Phase 4 of their military escalation against Israel and threatened to hit targets that “the Zionist enemy” has not yet thought to be possible. In conjunction with this, airstrikes have been repeatedly launched by the UK and U.S. fighter jets against sites across northern Yemen. Yemen’s Ansar Allah has been propelled into the international spotlight since imposing a blockade in the Red Sea against Israel in an act of solidarity with Gaza during the ongoing war. Yet, we rarely hear directly from the group, known in the West as the “Houthi Rebels”, for its response to various allegations leveled at it and why it continues to fight on behalf of Palestinians.

Yemen Braces For Impending Massive US-Led Air And Ground Campaign

Senior military officials in Sana’a have informed MintPress News of ongoing military preparations by the US, UK, and Saudi-led Coalition over the past two weeks. According to these sources, there are plans to initiate a significant aerial assault on the Yemeni mainland, focusing particularly on coastal regions in the west, as well as areas in the south near the Saudi border. This assault is expected to be accompanied by ground offensives carried out by factions aligned with the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. MintPress News sources indicate a probable escalation, coinciding with significant military reinforcements.

Yemen Defies ‘America’s Failure’ To Stop Blockade Of Red Sea

Since Oct. 2023, the government of Yemen, led by the organization Ansarallah, or the “Houthis”, has maintained a humanitarian blockade of the Red Sea in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Despite attempts by the US and UK to force Yemen to abandon its mission, the blockade has only intensified, escalating to include all US and Israeli shipping, and even the targeting of US warships. The Real News reports from Yemen, where defiance against outside pressure and solidarity with the Palestinian cause remains unshaken.

Al-Quds Day Mobilization Takes On New Importance Amid Israel’s Genocide

Around the world, mass mobilizations have already begun to mark International Al-Quds Day, an annual event in support of the Palestinian struggle which was declared by Iranian revolutionaries in 1979. Al-Quds Day is held on the last Friday of Ramadan. This year, as Israeli forces have been carrying out genocide on the Gaza Strip for the six month in a row, Al-Quds Day mobilizations are set to be the largest in decades. Even countries like the United States, where Al-Quds Day has not been widely commemorated, the growing Palestine solidarity movement will mobilize across the nation.

Quds Day Rallies In Yemen Intensify Amid Biden’s Strategic Shift

On International Quds Day, when protests are held around the world to show solidarity with Palestinians, Yemenis are once again at the forefront of worldwide solidarity with Gaza. Yemenis of all stripes took to the streets in unprecedented numbers on Friday to demonstrate their support for Palestine as well as Ansar Allah’s (Houthis) Red Sea operation against Israeli, American and British ships until the war in Gaza is stopped and the blockade is lifted. This year’s protests came as the Biden Administration embarked upon new moves aimed at Yemen’s Central Bank in a bid to pressure Ansar Allah to stop targeting Israeli ships.

Behind The Scenes: Ansar Allah’s Operations Aboard Galaxy Leader Ship

It was a daring raid that galvanized the world. These pivotal moments unfolded when Yemen’s Ansarrallah, recognized in the West as the Houthis, intercepted the Galaxy Leader, an Israeli-owned cargo vessel sailing through the Red Sea. Donning traditional Yemeni attire and armed with their characteristic daggers, Ansarrallah boldly confronted Israel while neighboring Arab nations of Palestine offered only hollow words of solidarity. Since November, Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East, has enforced a blockade on vessels either wholly or partially owned by Israel.

Yemen’s Indian Ocean Checkmate

Since Abdul-Malik al-Houthi’s proclamation three days after the launch of the Palestinian resistance’s 7 October Al-Aqsa Flood Operation, Yemen’s Ansarallah movement, under his leadership, has undergone a remarkable transformation. Ansarallah’s maritime reach has surpassed all initial expectations, now extending to the distant shores of the Indian Ocean in its ambitious plan to besiege Israel by targeting the occupation state’s shipping interests. Yemen’s strategic position not only serves as a beacon of hope for Palestinians enduring Israel’s brutal military assault on their lives, homes, and livelihoods but has also become a crucial pillar in the Axis of Resistance’s fight against US hegemonic machinations in West Asia.

New Alliances And Military Strength Surge In Yemen’s Support For Gaza

In his traditional Tuhamian clothing, Ali, a Yemeni fisherman from the coastal city of Hodeidah, stands in a gathering of thousands of Yemenis and chants, “With you, with you, O Al-Qassam Brigades… until victory or martyrdom.” Ali told MintPress News that with the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, he feels the suffering of his brothers in Gaza more than ever, so he decided to participate in today’s demonstration for the first time out of sympathy with Gaza and in rejection of what he described as the hideous practices carried out by the invaders in the Red Sea against fishermen.

Yemen Simulates Possible United States/ United Kingdom Invasion

The Yemeni armed forces have conducted military drills simulating ground battles against US and UK troops in one of its largest military maneuvers, which included the participation of Ansarallah-allied Popular Committees. “During the military drill, an air landing by US and British enemy forces on a Yemeni village was simulated. Popular groups arm themselves to resist the invasion until the arrival of the Yemeni Armed Forces,” the Yemen Press Agency reported on 17 March. Yemeni media released footage of the drills, named the “Promised Day Maneuver,” which shows the extent of Sanaa's combat training.

Ansar Allah Announces Expansion Of Attacks On Israel-Bound Ships

Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi, leader of Yemen’s Ansar Allah, said on Thursday, March 14 that his country’s armed forces will expand their attacks against ships moving to Israel from the Red Sea region to the whole of Indian ocean. Stating that attacks on Israeli ships in the Red Sea and Bab el-Mandeb will continue until there is a in Gaza, al-Houthi declared that “we [now] aim to prevent ships associated with the Israeli enemy from crossing [Indian] Ocean towards South Africa and the Cape of the Good Hope” as well. He warned that international shipping companies should take Ansar Allah’s declaration seriously and avoid any links with Israel as “any ship linked to Israel is vulnerable to Yemeni missiles.”

Ansar Allah Leader Dr. Hizam Al-Assad On Yemen’s Struggle

Since the outbreak of the war on Gaza and subsequent tensions in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and the Arabian Sea, MintPress News has sought dialogue with the most important decision-makers in Ansar Allah, who are leading the charge in Yemen’s resistance against Israeli interests there in a bid to force Israel to accept a ceasefire and allow aid to enter the besieged Strip. We aim to ask deep and fundamental questions that are of interest to Western readers and people around the world, particularly in the United States, where the media often fails to provide an alternative, let alone opposing, point of view.

Yemen’s Military Operations Signal A New Phase In The Red Sea

Residents of Yemen’s capital city of Sanaa endured another harrowing night last Saturday as American and British aircraft dropped bombs on an insecticide manufacturer in a dense residential neighborhood. In the wake of the airstrikes, MintPress News reporter Ahmed AbdulKareem went to the Al-Nahda neighborhood in the center of the city, where a fire rising dozens of meters into the air illuminated nearby homes. There, he found a chaotic scene eerily reminiscent of those now regularly seen in Gaza in the wake of Israeli raids.

Yemen: ‘US Hegemony In International Waters Obsolete’

Yemen's Defense Minister, Major General Mohammed al-Atifi, stated on 25 January that the era of US naval hegemony is “obsolete," in a reference to the Yemeni armed force’s operations against Israeli-linked commercial ships and US and UK naval ships in West Asia. “The US, Britain, and Israel must realize that the policies of demarcation and assertion of hegemonic influence on international waters are obsolete and no more favorable,” Atifi said during a graduation ceremony of Yemeni cadets in the country’s western coastal city of Hudaydah.
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