As Yemeni Fishermen Risk Their Lives To Feed Their Nation, Saudis Use Them For Target Practice

By Mnar Muhawesh and Ahmed Abdulrahman, -

HODEIDA, YEMEN —  “They told us that if we didn’t confess they would kill us and throw our bodies into the sea for the fish and birds to eat,” recalls Omar Ghalib, a Yemeni fisherman who was [...]

“We Have Stopped It For Another Year”: MVP Tree-Sit Hits Over 156 Days

By Appalachians Against Pipelines, -

Today marks 156 days since the beginning of the Yellow Finch tree sits, and a lot has changed since then. The forest around us has undergone seasonal changes, the trees have shed their leaves, [...]

On the Front Lines Of The Climate Change Movement: Mike Roselle Draws A Line

By Jeffrey St. Clair and Joshua Frank, Counterpunch   -

The arrest was nothing new for Mike Roselle, who cut his teeth in direct action environmental campaigns decades earlier as a co-founder of Earth First!, a top campaigner for Greenpeace US and [...]

UK Fracking Protesters Freed After Convictions Are Overturned

By Charlotte Dingle, -

Four UK protesters went to court last week to contest what may be Britain's most draconian sentences handed down for peaceful environmental protest since 1932. Widely referred to as the “Frack [...]

Hundreds Gather To Protest Enbridge Line 5 In Michigan

By Staff, Native News Online -

Several groups of American Indians and environmental advocates spent their Saturday of this Labor Day weekend protesting Enbridge Line 5, an outdated oil pipeline that needs to be retired [...]

US Blockade Cost Cuba More Than $4 Billion In One Year

By Staff, -

Between April 2017 and March 2018 the US policy towards Cuba intensified and the economic aggression and siege cost the Caribbean country more than 4 321 million dollars, which brings to a total [...]

Freedom Flotilla Passengers Released By Israel

By Ann Wright, -

Defending their illegal blockade of Gaza against what they see as infiltrators rather than activists bringing aid and making a point, Israeli soldiers physically assaulted a number of delegates [...]

11 Years Of Blockade: How Despair Has Made Gaza Unlivable

By Staff, -

In 2012 the United Nations published a report claiming the Gaza Strip would be unliveable by the year 2020. Five years later, after the summer 2014 full-on Israeli military assault against the [...]

Necessity Defense Allowed In Resist Spectra Case

By Resist Spectra, Popular Resistance -

oday was the first day of the Resist Spectra trial and the judge ruled the necessity defense will be allowed! That means the six people who are on trial for trespassing for an action that [...]

Protesters Block Expressway After Officer Who Shot Antwon Rose Granted Bail

By Por Doha Madani, -

Protesters shut down a portion of the Tri-Boro Expressway outside Pittsburgh on Thursday after the officer who shot and killed 17-year-old Antwon Rose was released on bail. East Pittsburgh police [...]

Blockade By Pipeline Opponents Disrupts Work Day At FERC

By Anne Meador, -

Security at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission seemed caught unawares Monday morning when anti-pipeline activists blockaded the staff parking garage at the agency headquarters. In the [...]

France: Farmers Block Refineries To Protest Palm Oil Import

By Staff, -

In France, some 200 farmers dumped dirt on the roads leading to the Total refinery in Grandpuits as well as parked about 40 tractors to form blockades. Farmers in France have blocked access to [...]

Flotilla Continues Towards Gaza To Challenge The Blockade

By Elizabeth Murray, -

We are possibly a more motley crew than the passengers aboard the S.S.Minnow in the old U.S. TV series Gilligan’s Island: Among those who have joined us on one or more legs of the journey to Gaza [...]

Gaza Flotilla Carrying Wounded For Cyprus

By Maram Humaid and Farah Najjar, -

Gaza, Palestine – A flotilla carrying at least 25 patients, students and activists have broken Israel’s imposed boundary off the coast of the Gaza Strip, the first time in more than a decade. The [...]

Boat From Gaza Attempts To Break Israeli Blockade

By Mohammed Arafat, -

Abdul Menim Aabed, 27, is among a crowd of Gazan Palestinians who are anxious—despite the obvious danger—to be among the first to try to sail out of Gaza tomorrow on Al-Hurriyah (Liberty). The [...]

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