Environmental Justice As Liberation: No Consent, No Pipeline, No Kinder Morgan.

By Douglas, Thesouthlawn.org -

Kinder Morgan, a Texas-based energy giant, seeks to build a pipeline from Northern Alberta through British Columbia to the densely populated suburb of Metro Vancouver where it would be loaded [...]

Chevron Case – New Hearing In Canada

By Staff, Texacotoxico.net -

On the 17th and 18th of April it will take place a new hearing which will face the Ecuadorian people against the oil company Chevron in Canada. Guillermo Grefa, member of the Kichwa indigenous [...]

Protests Against Pipelines In Canada Hurting Oil & Gas Industry

By Nicholas Kusnetz, Inside Climate News -

When the pipeline company Kinder Morgan announced it was suspending work on a major Canadian project that has been delayed by protests and court challenges, it sparked talk of a crisis north of [...]

Kinder Morgan Issues Ultimatum, Suspends ‘Non-Essential’ Spending On Trans Mountain Pipeline

By Kelly Cryderman And Ian Bailey, Theglobeandmail.com -

Kinder Morgan has suspended all “non-essential” spending on its Trans Mountain pipeline expansion due to opposition from the British Columbia government, issuing an ultimatum that it won’t commit [...]

Canadian Doctors Protest Pay Raises

By Ryan Sit, Newsweek. -

Hundreds of Canadian doctors, medical specialists and residents, as well as medical students, have signed a petition protesting their own pay raises, instead asking that the money be reallocated [...]

High-Profile Activists Slam U.S., Canadian Sanctions On Venezuela

By Staff, Reuters.com -

CARACAS (Reuters) - U.S. philosopher Noam Chomsky and Hollywood star Danny Glover joined other activists on Friday in condemning U.S. and Canadian sanctions on Venezuela’s socialist government, [...]

Three Canadian Solar Panel Companies Sue U.S. Over Tariffs

By The Canadian Press, Thestar.com -

The companies state that the International Trade Commission made no recommendation of tariffs on Canadian solar cells, and that the imposition of them goes against rules in NAFTA. Three Canadian [...]

Canada: Indigenous People Are Not Your Incompetent Children

By Alicia Elliott, The Globe and Mail -

This is a story of how one decision illustrates the centuries-long relationship between a country's government and the Indigenous people of that land. It is a story of a name change and the [...]

Pipeline Opposition Set To Pack Room For TransCanada Permit Hearing

By Anne Meador, dcmediagroup.us -

The Maryland Department of the Environment will hold a hearing on December 19 in Hancock, Md. on TransCanada’s proposed Eastern Panhandle Expansion (also known as the Potomac Pipeline). The [...]

Yes, U.S. Net Neutrality Debacle Will Impact People In Canada.

By Steve Anderson, nationalobserver.com -

By Steve Anderson for National Observer - Web services from Canada and elsewhere will likely face the same "prioritization" fees or worse if they want to reach US users. So Canadian-based [...]

Behind The Mask Of The ‘Moderates’

By Chris Hedges, truthdig.com -

By Chris Hedges for Truth Dig - TORONTO—Pity Canada. Its citizens watch the stages of U.S. decline and then, a few years later, inflict on themselves the same cruelties. It is as if the snuffing [...]

Corporate Media Fails To Report Truth About Single Payer

By Michael Corcoran, www.fair.org -

By Michael Corcoran for FAIR. It is a sad reflection on the state of healthcare reporting in the United States that one can so easily predict how many media outlets will respond to a news event [...]

Deadly Lac-Mégantic Oil Train Disaster Was Avoidable Corporate Crime

By Justin Mikulka, www.desmogblog.com -

By Justin Mikulka for Desmog - Damning new testimony from an engineer of the locomotive involved in the deadly 2013 oil train disaster in Lac-Mégantic, Canada, reveals several ways corporate [...]

Letter to the Editor Campaign: NAFTA IS NOT FOR US

By Daniel Cooper Bermudez, www.popularresistance.org -

The Trump administration's NAFTA negotiation objectives show more clearly than ever that this agreement will not be made for us or by us. The thousands of comments submitted by the trade justice [...]

Is Canada Planning Extreme Military Escalation?

By Staff, www.cupw.ca -

By Staff of CUPW - Justin Trudeau certainly did not run on a military-strength platform. Nowhere on the campaign trail did Liberals talk about increasing military spending or using “hard power” [...]