TransCanada Faces Indigenous Pipeline Resistance In Mexico

By Steve Horn, -

Under Mexico's new legal approach to energy, pipeline project permits require consultations with Indigenous peoples living along pipeline routes. (In addition, Mexico supported the adoption of [...]

Mexico: Indigenous Women Fight Femicide With Hip Hop

By Staff, -

By Staff of Tele Sur - Through music they are denouncing the stealing of their lands and violence against women. Indigenous women arrived in Mexico City to present their work defending their [...]

NAFTA Renegotiation More Important Now Than Ever

By Celeste Drake, -

By Celeste Drake for AFL-CIO - The need to fundamentally improve the labor provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement took on a new urgency over the weekend, as a group of armed [...]

Indigenous Woman Registers To Run For Mexican Presidency

By Staff, -

By Staff of Reuters - MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - An indigenous woman backed by Mexico’s rebel Zapatista movement registered on Saturday to run as an independent candidate in next year’s presidential [...]

A US Charity Is Helping Big Business Take Indigenous Peoples’ Water In Mexico

By Tamara Pearson, -

By Tamara Pearson for OpenDemocracy - The town of Puebla is a miniature version of the world's inhumane water inequalities. Here, people living in the wealthy part of town get all the water they [...]

California To Sue Trump Administration Over U.S.-Mexico Border Wall

By Patrick McGreevy and Jazmine Ulloa, -

By Patrick McGreevy and Jazmine Ulloa for Los Angeles Times - California Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra plans to announce a lawsuit Wednesday on behalf of the state that will challenge President [...]

Thousands Of Mexicans March To Scrap NAFTA

By Daina Beth Solomon, -

By Daina Beth Solomon for Reuters - MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - While Mexican government negotiators fought tooth and nail to save the North American Free Trade Agreement during talks in Washington, [...]

Thousands Of Mexicans Hold Protest Against NAFTA

By Staff, -

By Staff of Bilaterals - Mexican farmers and workers have staged a mass rally in the capital to voice their opposition to the North American Free Trade Agreement, commonly known as NAFTA, with [...]

CIA Working With Mexico & Colombia To Overthrow Venezuela

By Staff, -

By Staff of Tele Sur - The comments come after CIA Director Mike Pompeo confirmed the United States is advising Mexico and Colombia on developments in Venezuela. Venezuelan President Nicolas [...]

Letter to the Editor Campaign: NAFTA IS NOT FOR US

By Daniel Cooper Bermudez, -

The Trump administration's NAFTA negotiation objectives show more clearly than ever that this agreement will not be made for us or by us. The thousands of comments submitted by the trade justice [...]

One Mexican Town Revolts Against Violence And Corruption

By Patrick J. McDonnell, -

By Patrick J. McDonnell for Los Angeles TImes - Checkpoints staffed by men with assault rifles, camouflage and body armor greet visitors at the three major entrances to this town. The guards are [...]

Zapatista Indigenous Presidential Candidate’s Vision For Mexico

By Benjamin Dangl, -

By Benjamin Dangl for Toward Freedom - The Zapatistas and National Indigenous Congress (CNI) held an assembly in May in which they chose María de Jesús Patricio Martínez, a Nahua indigenous [...]

Mexico Legalizes Medical Marijuana

By Lisa Rough, -

By Lisa Rough for Leafly - A decree issued by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto today confirmed that Mexico has legalized cannabis for medicinal use after overwhelming support from Mexico’s [...]

The Most Important Day In The Last 10,000 Years

By Quincy Saul, -

By Quincy Saul for Counter Punch - And so there we were, at the University of the Earth, outside San Cristobal de las Casas, in a valley between the mountains of the Mexican Southeast, to watch [...]

Corporate Siege and Trade in the 2018 Elections

Daniel Cooper Bermudez for Popular Resistance -

Trade policy is amounting to be an increasinly contentious topic as the Trump administration has clearly showed its intentions to keep major TPP provisions in NAFTA. Corporations are working with [...]