Tosepan: Resistance And Renewal In Mexico

By Alex Jensen, -

Since the mid-1980s, Mexico has been a poster child for globalization. Through free trade treaties and structural adjustment policies imposed by international financial institutions, the country [...]

US, Canadian & Mexican Workers Denounce Mass Firings Of Matamoros Strikers

By Reporters, WSWS -

Mexican auto parts and other “maquiladora” corporations are firing workers in retaliation for launching a wave of wildcat strikes that brought the Mexican border town of Matamoros to a [...]

Zapatistas Take On President AMLO At 25th Anniversary

By Jérôme Baschet, -

On January 1, 2019, the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico celebrated the 25th anniversary of the start of their uprising in 1994. Normally, these yearly celebrations are festive activities marked by [...]

A Spark Of Hope: The Ongoing Lessons Of The Zapatista Revolution 25 Years On

By Hilary Klein, -

January 1, 2019 marked 25 years since the Zapatistas captured the world’s imagination with their brief but audacious uprising to demand justice and democracy for Indigenous peasants in southern [...]

Union Thugs Assault Striking Matamoros Workers

By Andrea Lobo, -

The Mexican and US ruling class and the trade unions are ramping up their physical intimidation and reprisals against the workers in Matamoros, Mexico, whose rebellion against the trade unions [...]

With López Obrador In, Workers Have The Confidence To Walk Out

By David Bacon, -

The election of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) as president of Mexico has raised the hopes and expectations of millions of Mexican workers. There could be no better evidence of this than the [...]

The Facts About The Humanitarian Crisis In Mexico And Central America

By Staff, -

US Administration officials are sounding the alarm about a humanitarian crisis along the border with Mexico to justify building a border wall. As a medical humanitarian organization treating [...]

Uruguay, Mexico Present Outline For Montevideo Conference

By Staff, -

The conference will foster a platform for respectful negotiations between Venezuela and its opposition. The agenda for the “Montevideo Mechanism” being held in Uruguay on Thursday will be a four [...]

Matamoros Strike Grows As Mexican Ruling Class Warns Of National Strike Wave

By Eric London and Andrea Lobo, WSWS. -

The strike of tens of thousands of Matamoros workers spread beyond the maquiladoras this week to new industries as workers in water purification, milk production and Coca-Cola bottling walked out [...]

Matamoros, Mexico Maquiladora Workers Threatened With Mass Plant Closures

By Alex Gonzalez, -

The strike of auto parts and electrical workers in Matamoros, Mexico has powerfully demonstrated the international character of the class struggle. In the third week of the strike by auto parts [...]

Millions Of Americans Flood Into Mexico For Health Care — The Human Caravan You Haven’t Heard About

By Mark Provost, -

The Trump administration is trying to convey panic that there’s an immediate crisis on the southern border, pointing to caravans of desperate people who have traveled thousands of miles. It’s [...]

Matamoros Strike At A Crossroads As Mexican Government Orders Crackdown

By Andrea Lobo, -

On Saturday, the Mexican administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) and his National Regeneration Movement (Morena) ordered state, city and trade-union officials to shut down the strike [...]

Mexican Workers Are Engaging In Wildcat Strikes At The Border

By Kent Paterson, -

Catalyzed by the Mexican government’s minimum wage hike in the northern border zone, wildcat protests in Mexico’s assembly-for-export industry, or maquiladoras, greeted the first weeks of the [...]

Companies, Union Appeal For Federal Intervention Against Strike In Matamoros

By Staff, -

On Tuesday, the corporations sent appeals to president Andrés Manuel López Obrador (known as AMLO) to intervene directly through both repression and by appealing to workers to accept a rotten [...]

Mexico Faces Largest Strike In North America, 70,000 Sweatshop Auto Workers

By Staff, -

As new manufacturing plants join the growing strike in Matamoros, Mexico, over 70,000 workers are confronting threats of mass firings and plant closures by the employers and advancing their fight [...]