From Mexico To Argentina US Interventionism Intensifies: Expert

By Marion Deschamps, -

Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington and president of Just Foreign Policy, talked about how U.S. interventionism has been toppling left-wing [...]

Zapatista Women Inspire The Fight Against Patriarchy

By Shirin Hess, -

Dawn had only just broken over the mountains. While most of the women and children on the camping grounds were still asleep, others were already wide awake, huddling together in the first rays of [...]

Mexicali’s ‘Water Defenders’ Take Fight to Big Alcohol

By Chris Burnett and Marco Vera, Truthdig -

In January 2017, the Mexican government implemented a 20 percent hike in gasoline prices, setting the stage for a nationwide rebellion and a people’s mobilization against the tightening screws of [...]

Take Action Now To Support Yaqui Political Prisoner Fidencio Aldama Pérez

By James Patrick Jordan, -

Recent events in the Yaqui traditional territory, located in Sonora, México, give us worrisome lessons about neoliberalism and cultural genocide. The Yaqui lands are enduring threats to the Rio [...]

Zapatista’s ‘Women in Struggle’ Summit Sets Historical Precedent

By Staff, -

Thousands of women met in Zapatista territory against capitalist and patriarchal society. Thousands of women from all around the world met in Zapatista territory to participate in the first Women [...]

5 Reasons Mexican Workers Would Cheer The Demise Of NAFTA

By Manuel Perez-Rocha, -

Mexicans have plenty not to like about Donald Trump: his racism, his wall, his tirades against immigrants. But if there’s a disruption provoked by Trump we should actually embrace, it’s the [...]

Cracks In Wall Of Capitalism: Zapatistas And Struggle To Decolonize Science

By David Meek, -

Below images of Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata, and a many-headed hydra consuming humanity, sit two groups. To the right, facing a stage, are approximately 200 delegates of the Zapatista [...]

Mexico Is Trying to Stop an Indigenous Woman Candidate for President

By Tamara Pearson, Truthout -

Mexico's first Indigenous female presidential hopeful might not even get her campaign off the ground, thanks to outright discrimination and a host of arduous requirements that stop ordinary [...]

TransCanada Faces Indigenous Pipeline Resistance In Mexico

By Steve Horn, -

Under Mexico's new legal approach to energy, pipeline project permits require consultations with Indigenous peoples living along pipeline routes. (In addition, Mexico supported the adoption of [...]

Mexico: Indigenous Women Fight Femicide With Hip Hop

By Staff, -

By Staff of Tele Sur - Through music they are denouncing the stealing of their lands and violence against women. Indigenous women arrived in Mexico City to present their work defending their [...]

NAFTA Renegotiation More Important Now Than Ever

By Celeste Drake, -

By Celeste Drake for AFL-CIO - The need to fundamentally improve the labor provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement took on a new urgency over the weekend, as a group of armed [...]

Indigenous Woman Registers To Run For Mexican Presidency

By Staff, -

By Staff of Reuters - MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - An indigenous woman backed by Mexico’s rebel Zapatista movement registered on Saturday to run as an independent candidate in next year’s presidential [...]

A US Charity Is Helping Big Business Take Indigenous Peoples’ Water In Mexico

By Tamara Pearson, -

By Tamara Pearson for OpenDemocracy - The town of Puebla is a miniature version of the world's inhumane water inequalities. Here, people living in the wealthy part of town get all the water they [...]

California To Sue Trump Administration Over U.S.-Mexico Border Wall

By Patrick McGreevy and Jazmine Ulloa, -

By Patrick McGreevy and Jazmine Ulloa for Los Angeles Times - California Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra plans to announce a lawsuit Wednesday on behalf of the state that will challenge President [...]

Thousands Of Mexicans March To Scrap NAFTA

By Daina Beth Solomon, -

By Daina Beth Solomon for Reuters - MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - While Mexican government negotiators fought tooth and nail to save the North American Free Trade Agreement during talks in Washington, [...]