Border Official Admits Targeting Journalists and Human Rights Advocates With Smuggling Investigations

By Ryan Devereaux, The Intercept -

When first confronted with evidence that it was collaborating with Mexican law enforcement in a sweeping intelligence-gathering operation targeting journalists, activists and attorneys along the [...]

Squalid Migrant Shantytown Forms In Mexican Border City

By Patrick Timmons, -

TAPACHULA, Mexico, May 14 (UPI) -- African and Haitian migrants stranded for two months in southern Mexico during an immigration crackdown begun by the United States are living in a roadside [...]

Cinco De Mayo Statement

By the Embassy Protection Collective. -

From inside the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, DC, 5 of May, 2019. As people from the United States, members of The Embassy Protection Collective have been fulfilling our trust as a [...]

Time Is Running Out For Old And New NAFTA Deal

By Staff, -

Back in December 2018, U.S. President Donald Trump gave Congress a six-month ultimatum to approve the newly signed “United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement” (USMCA), yet as elections loom closer [...]

All Of This, We Have To Defend

By Caitlin Manning and Joe Bender, -

An indigenous community in the highlands of Chiapas is learning about the theory and practice of agroecology to lessen their dependency on pesticides. ispatches from Resistant Mexico is a series [...]

Thousands Of Workers At US Factories In Mexico Are Striking For Higher Wages

By Alexia Fernández Campbell, -

Hundreds of Coca-Cola workers are camping out at a major bottling plant until they get a raise. More than 8,000 Walmart employees were prepared to walk off the job, until management met some of [...]

Tosepan: Resistance And Renewal In Mexico

By Alex Jensen, -

Since the mid-1980s, Mexico has been a poster child for globalization. Through free trade treaties and structural adjustment policies imposed by international financial institutions, the country [...]

US, Canadian & Mexican Workers Denounce Mass Firings Of Matamoros Strikers

By Reporters, WSWS -

Mexican auto parts and other “maquiladora” corporations are firing workers in retaliation for launching a wave of wildcat strikes that brought the Mexican border town of Matamoros to a [...]

Zapatistas Take On President AMLO At 25th Anniversary

By Jérôme Baschet, -

On January 1, 2019, the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico celebrated the 25th anniversary of the start of their uprising in 1994. Normally, these yearly celebrations are festive activities marked by [...]

A Spark Of Hope: The Ongoing Lessons Of The Zapatista Revolution 25 Years On

By Hilary Klein, -

January 1, 2019 marked 25 years since the Zapatistas captured the world’s imagination with their brief but audacious uprising to demand justice and democracy for Indigenous peasants in southern [...]

Union Thugs Assault Striking Matamoros Workers

By Andrea Lobo, -

The Mexican and US ruling class and the trade unions are ramping up their physical intimidation and reprisals against the workers in Matamoros, Mexico, whose rebellion against the trade unions [...]

With López Obrador In, Workers Have The Confidence To Walk Out

By David Bacon, -

The election of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) as president of Mexico has raised the hopes and expectations of millions of Mexican workers. There could be no better evidence of this than the [...]

The Facts About The Humanitarian Crisis In Mexico And Central America

By Staff, -

US Administration officials are sounding the alarm about a humanitarian crisis along the border with Mexico to justify building a border wall. As a medical humanitarian organization treating [...]

Uruguay, Mexico Present Outline For Montevideo Conference

By Staff, -

The conference will foster a platform for respectful negotiations between Venezuela and its opposition. The agenda for the “Montevideo Mechanism” being held in Uruguay on Thursday will be a four [...]