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Joe Biden

House Passes $95 Billion Foreign War Bills

US lawmakers passed a raft of legislation containing some $95 billion in military aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, also approving a bill that will allow Washington to hand Kiev assets seized from Russia and pave the way for a ban on TikTok. The aid bills passed by a wide margin after separate votes on Saturday afternoon, with the $61 billion Ukraine legislation approved 311-112. Though a thin majority of Republicans opposed that bill – accounting for all 112 ‘no’ votes, while one GOP rep voted ‘present’ – it was ultimately adopted with bipartisan support.

US Reimposes Illegal And Inhumane Oil Sanctions On Venezuela

A minute after midnight on April 18, the US reimposed coercive economic measures designed to cripple Venezuela’s oil industry. Later that day, the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a new sanctions bill on Nicaragua. Meanwhile, Cuba protested the US’s six-decade blockade as talks resumed between the two countries on migration. At a time of challenged US dollar hegemony and questioning of the neoliberal order, the three countries striving to build socialist societies in the Americas pose a “threat of a good example.” Also on April 18,  Biden announced new sanctions on Iran.

US Veterans To President Biden: Arming Israel Violates The Law

In a letter today to President Biden and top members of his administration, Veterans For Peace cited existing federal law that gives the President “…no discretion whatsoever to allow any military assistance of any form to be delivered to Israel,” based on that country’s “serial violations of the Symington-Glenn Amendments, codified at 22 U.S.C. § 2799aa.” The letter states, “The President may not waive the cutoff of the above aid and exports under the Glenn Amendment where there has been a nuclear weapons detonation, or the offending state has received a nuclear explosive device.

US Government Rejects Australia’s Call To End Assange Case

Faced with a deadline set by the British High Court of Justice, the United States Embassy in London submitted “assurances” to potentially avoid an appeal in the case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The assurances come days after the Wall Street Journal reported that the Australia government asked the U.S. to offer Assange, an Australian citizen, a “felony plea deal” that would allow him to return home. Instead of ending the case, the U.S. State Department provided a diplomatic note to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) that contained assurances related to issues raised by Assange’s legal team and upheld by the High Court.

Why Iran’s Retaliatory Attack Against Israel Was Not A ‘Failure’

Shortly after Iran’s retaliatory strike on Israel concluded seemingly without incident, the full-throated proclamations of Israel’s defensive feats followed. Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari said that Iran’s retaliation had “failed” after 99% of the launched missiles and drones were intercepted by Israeli air defense systems. U.S. President Biden hailed Israel’s “remarkable capacity” to defend against such “unprecedented attacks,” sending a message to Iran that it “cannot effectively threaten the security of Israel.”

Stalled US Weapons Package For Israel Gains Momentum After Iran Attack

In the wake of Iran's retaliatory missile and drone attack on Israel, US President Joe Biden is seeking lawmakers' approval for a stalled funding package that would see Washington send Israel $14 billion in additional military aid. President Joe Biden held a phone call on 15 April, the morning after the Iranian attack on Israeli military bases, with the top Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate. The White House said Biden "discussed the urgent need for the House of Representatives to pass the national security supplemental as soon as possible."

How Britain Would Be Obliged To Free Julian Assange

President Joe Biden’s remark on Wednesday that his administration is considering ending the prosecution of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange appears based on a calculation that the U.S. could lose in court on Assange’s appeal against Britain’s order to extradite him. The High Court of England and Wales in its ruling last month has given the United States until Tuesday to assure Assange will not face the death penalty or the court would have no choice but to follow the law and free Assange. The two-judge panel also ruled the U.S. must provide a First Amendment guarantee equivalent to Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights

Biden Is ‘Considering’ Dropping Assange Case

President Joe Biden said Wednesday his administration is “considering” Australia’s request that the case against Julian Assange be dropped. Biden’s remark came in response to a reporter’s question at the White House on Wednesday. The news came in a tweet from  Kellie Meyer, a reporter for News Nation, who quoted a White House pool report from the Japanese prime minister’s visit. The exchange between the reporter and Biden was captured on video.

Russia Launches Criminal Probe Into US, NATO For ‘Financing Terrorism’

The Russian Investigative Committee announced on 10 April it had opened a criminal case against high-ranking officials from the US and other NATO countries for financing terrorism following the attack at a concert hall in Moscow that killed 143 people last month. The committee said that some of the funding for terrorist attacks in Russia allegedly came from Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, which has links to the family of US President Joe Biden. "It has been established that the funds received through commercial organizations, in particular the Burisma Holdings oil and gas company that is operating in Ukraine, have been used over the past few years to carry out terrorist acts in Russia."

Launch Of Pennsylvania ‘Uncommitted’ Vs. Biden

Pennsylvania organizers from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia and cities in between held a Zoom press conference April 3 to promote their write-in vote “Uncommitted” campaign for the April 23 Democratic Party primary for president. An “Uncommitted” vote demonstrates opposition to Genocide Joe Biden’s support for Israel. The goal of the campaign, endorsed by over 30 interfaith, multigenerational and multiracial groups across the state, is to turn out at least 40,000 people who vote “uncommitted.”

Biden’s So-Called LNG Export Freeze Sacrifices Gulf South Communities

In late March, Texas joined a 15-state federal lawsuit led by Louisiana to block the Biden administration’s executive order pausing new permits for terminals that export fracked gas, or so-called liquefied natural gas (LNG). Separately, Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan created a special committee to investigate President Joe Biden’s permitting freeze, a move that has not only drawn backlash from the oil industry and Texas GOP, but also Republicans on Capitol Hill. Texas’s moves follow House Republicans’ February passage of House Resolution 7176, a bill that would reverse President Biden’s permitting pause by stripping the Department of Energy (DOE) of the power to approve LNG exports to non-free trade agreement countries

Quds Day Rallies In Yemen Intensify Amid Biden’s Strategic Shift

On International Quds Day, when protests are held around the world to show solidarity with Palestinians, Yemenis are once again at the forefront of worldwide solidarity with Gaza. Yemenis of all stripes took to the streets in unprecedented numbers on Friday to demonstrate their support for Palestine as well as Ansar Allah’s (Houthis) Red Sea operation against Israeli, American and British ships until the war in Gaza is stopped and the blockade is lifted. This year’s protests came as the Biden Administration embarked upon new moves aimed at Yemen’s Central Bank in a bid to pressure Ansar Allah to stop targeting Israeli ships.

Bidenomics And Its Discontents

Unemployment is low. Inflation has fallen. Real earnings are rising. GDP growth has held up—so far. The economists are happy, but for some reason the voters are not! It must be their own ignorance and obtuseness—so says Paul Krugman, house economist of The New York Times. The other possibility—however horrible to contemplate—is that perhaps the voters are sensible and the economists are obtuse. And perhaps the indicators on which economists rely no longer mean what economists suppose them to mean. Take the unemployment rate. It is a ratio of those seeking work to the whole active labor force.

As The US Starves The Cuban People, Activists Launch Solidarity Campaign

In the wake of the US’ deliberate starvation of the Cuban people through sanctions, solidarity activists with the People’s Forum, a New York-based political education space, has organized a massive campaign to send 800 tons of wheat flour to the island. The United States policy of continuing the over 60-year-long blockade of the island, as well as maintaining the socialist nation on the “State Sponsors of Terrorism” list, has engineered severe shortages of vital goods on Cuba, including food. The People’s Forum is soliciting donations to help provide much-needed wheat flour to Cuba.

50,000 ‘Uninstructed’ Wisconsin Voters Send Biden Clear Message

A mix of rain and snow pelted Wisconsin on Tuesday, covering streets with sludge as voters braved their way to the polls. But despite the weather and what appeared to be low turnout in the primary, Listen to Wisconsin’s Uninstructed campaign defied expectations and netted nearly 50,000 votes. President Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by only about 20,000 votes in Wisconsin in 2020, and the strong showing for the Uninstructed campaign is a harsh rebuke of Biden’s policies around Gaza and the larger Democratic agenda as the incumbent is now faced with yet another critical Midwest swing state that may be lost come November.
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