It’s Time To End The US War On Syria, Not Restart It

By Coleen Rowley and Wyatt Miller, Counterpunch. -

The Biden administration’s ending of a 20 year war in Afghanistan is a good sign but its airstrikes in Iraq and Syria last month are a bad sign. These airstrikes highlight the US military’s [...]

Biden Upholds Trump Memo That Would Send 4,000 People Back To Prison

By Victoria Law, Truthout. -

For her 65th birthday, Diana Marquez was grateful to be out of prison and celebrating with her daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren. They feasted on a smorgasbord of brisket, sushi and [...]

‘The Afghanistan War Was A Disaster;’ Veteran Danny Sjursen On US ‘Pullout’

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. -

The Pentagon has started closing military bases and pulling troops out of Afghanistan but confusion over what this means for the United States' longest war exists. For clarification, Clearing the [...]

Former Heads Of State, Politicians, Artists, And Intellectuals Call On Biden To ‘Let Cuba Live’

By People's Dispatch. -

Over 400 former heads of state, politicians, intellectuals, scientists, members of the clergy, artists, musicians and activists from across the globe have issued an urgent appeal to United States [...]

Biden Promised Diplomacy, But Is Overseeing A Military Buildup Against China

By Ann Wright, Truthout. -

Shortly after Joe Biden took office, the president delivered a speech at the U.S. Department of State, declaring, “I want the world to hear today: America is back…. Diplomacy is back at the [...]

Why We All Need To Fight To End The US’ War On Cuba

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. -

The United States has waged war on Cuba since it dared to revolt and chart its own path more than 60 years ago. The US' illegal economic blockade is devastating Cuba's ability to meet the basic [...]

US Drilling Approvals Increase Despite Biden Climate Pledge

By Matthew Brown, Associated Press. -

Billings, Montana — Approvals for companies to drill for oil and gas on U.S. public lands are on pace this year to reach their highest level since George W. Bush was president, underscoring [...]

Biden Executive Order Calls On FCC To Restore Net Neutrality

By Timothy Karr, Free Press. -

Washington, DC — On Friday, President Joe Biden signed an executive order calling on federal agencies, including the Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission, to enact [...]

Spare Us An Afghan Threequel, Joe!

By Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (Ret.), AntiWar.Com. -

Kandahar Airfield ("KAF") was as bizarre as it was dusty. You sort of tasted it before you smelled it – and smelled before you saw it. It’s been a full decade since I first did. When the cavalry [...]

95 Greek Parliamentarians Tell Biden: ‘Drop All Charges Against Assange’

By Yanis Varoufakis. -

As part of the international mobilisation to apply pressure on the US government to end the persecution of Julian Assange, MeRA25 invited members of Greece’s Parliament to co-sign the letter [...]

Grandparents Protest Chase And Pressure Biden On Climate

By George Lakey, Waging Nonviolence. -

"Because the bank management chose to avoid arrests at its front door, our group eventually took our rockers and banners and moved into the street in front of the bank. There we were arrested — [...]

Groups Demand End To ‘Unlawful’ US Airstrikes And Drone Attacks

By People's Dispatch. -

On Wednesday, June 30, rights groups in a letter to president Joe Biden demanded that the US end all “unlawful” airstrikes, including drone attacks. The letter, signed by 113 organizations from [...]

Biden, Putin And The Press

By Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report. -

Corporate media in the United States work hand in hand with the state and promote its neoliberal and imperialist agenda. There is great continuity from administration to administration and [...]

How Biden Helped Hardliner Raisi Win Iran Election

By Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies, Popular Resistance. -

It was common knowledge that a U.S. failure to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal (known as the JCPOA) before Iran’s June presidential election would help conservative hard-liners to win the election. [...]

Biden Must Stop Pipelines To Deliver Climate And Environmental Justice

By Crystal Cavalier and Michael E. Mann, USA Today. -

Four years of President Donald Trump have cost America dearly. We lost our global leadership on addressing climate change and saw the struggle for environmental justice thwarted here at home. [...]