War On Iran Is US Policy Now

By William Boardman, Reader Supported News. -

On May 21, in his first formal public address, US secretary of state Mike Pompeo (sworn in May 2) effectively declared war on the sovereign nation of Iran. Pompeo has no constitutional authority [...]

Scapegoating Iran

By Chris Hedges, Truthdig.com -

NEW YORK—Seventeen years of war in the Middle East and what do we have to show for it? Iraq after our 2003 invasion and occupation is no longer a unified country. Its once modern infrastructure [...]

United States No Longer A Major Player In World Affairs

By Vijay Prashad, The Tri-Continental. -

The picture above is from Vienna. The wall drawing was done by the artist Tabby. It captures – in essence – the way in which a considerable section of the world’s population sees the US President [...]

In Face Of US Threats, Iranians Remain Calm And Confident In Their Strength

By Miko Peled, Mintpress News -

The look on people’s faces when I mention that I had just returned from visiting Iran is priceless. Even if the trip had been a terrible failure, it still would have been worth it just to see [...]

Iran & Sanctions: A Prelude To War?

By Staff, Dispatchesfromtheedgeblog.wordpress.com -

The question is: has the Trump administration already made a decision to go to war with Iran, similar to the determination of the Bush administration to invade Iraq in the aftermath of the 2001 [...]

The General’s Son: Journey Of An Israeli In Iran

By Miko Peled, Ahtribune.com -

Trump’s declaration regarding the US backing out of the Iran agreement came just days before my trip to Iran was confirmed and my visa was approved. I was asked by several people if I was still [...]

EU Unveils Plans To Block Donald Trump’s Sanctions Against Iran

By Jon Stone Brussels, Independent.co.uk -

Leaders approve 'blocking clause' to protect European companies. Brussels has unveiled details of measures that would block American sanctions against European companies trying to do business [...]

Was There Ever An Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program?

By Gareth Porter, Informationclearinghouse.info -

May 15, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -  Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which has set the stage for another Iran crisis, has opened a [...]

Will The US Fight Another War-Quagmire For Israel In Iran?

In mid-May, super-war hawks Donald J. Trump (worried about the Mueller investigation), John Bolton, Trump’s new unconfirmed national security advisor, and new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, are [...]

Trump’s Withdrawal From Iran Nuclear Deal Gives Europe A Choice: Become Vassals Or Be Independent

By Finian Cunningham, Informationclearinghouse.info -

May 13, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -  Donald Trump’s trashing of the Iran nuclear deal this week was not just an attack on Iranian sovereign interests. The US president was also poking [...]

Iran And Syria: Why Regime Change In One Means Regime Change In Both

By Caitlin Johnstone, Caitlinjohnstone.com -

Probably the weirdest, dumbest, most annoying thing about writing on US foreign policy right now is the fact that regime change in Iran and regime change in Syria have been falsely spun into the [...]

High Alert For Palestinian Slaughter & Conflict With Iran

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

There will be a confluence of trigger events this week that could lead to an escalation of conflict. At the same time that the US has reneged on the nuclear agreement and Israeli missiles are [...]

Thousands Of Iranians Protest, Enraged By ‘Insane’ Breach Of Nuclear Deal

By Julia Conley, Common Dreams -

Cities across Iran saw thousands of demonstrators pouring into the streets to express fury over President Donald Trump's violation and abandonment of the 2015 nuclear deal, negotiated by the [...]

CNN’s Iran Fearmongering Would Make More Sense Coming Directly From Pentagon

By Adam Johnson, Fair.org -

Why doesn’t CNN Defense Department reporter Barbara Starr just leave CNN and instead work directly for the Trump DoD? On Tuesday, hours after President Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran deal [...]

An Apology To The People Of Iran

By Staff, Codepink.org -

We, the undersigned, apologize for Donald Trump’s reckless, baseless, and dangerous decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear agreement and we pledge to do everything we can to reverse that [...]