U.S. Economic Warfare And Iran’s Politics Of Muddling Through

By Daniel Brumberg, Lobelog.com -

It is too early to gauge the overall economic consequences for Iran of the Trump administration’ re-imposition of oil-related sanctions. Their full impact will partly depend on the ability of the [...]

The Ignored Legacy Of George H. W. Bush

By Mehdi Hasan, The Intercept. -

The tributes to former President George H.W. Bush, who died on Friday aged 94, have been pouring in from all sides of the political spectrum. He was a man “of the highest character,” said his [...]

A Flawed American Sanctions Policy On Iran

By Daniel Brumberg, Arabcenterdc.org -

The Trump Administration’s decision to reimpose sanctions on Iran is animated by a deeply flawed grasp of Iranian politics and an incoherent strategy, one that will not be realized by dreams of [...]

US Has ‘Gone Rogue’ — Economist Tells RT About SWIFT’s Iran Cutoff

By Staff, Rt.com -

In pushing the SWIFT financial messaging system to exclude Iran, the US has “gone rogue,” economist Steve Keen told RT. SWIFT cut a raft of Iranian banks - including the country’s central bank - [...]

SWIFT’s Iran Ban Will ‘Expedite Global De-Dollarization’

By Max Keiser, Rt.com -

The blacklisting of Iran from international financial messaging system SWIFT serves as a warning to Washington’s enemies, but will hasten the demise of the dollar, stockbroker-turned broadcaster [...]

Iran Sanctions: How Deep Will They Bite?

By Djavad Salehi-Isfahani, Lobelog.com -

For anyone watching the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League final, hosted in Tehran’s Azadi stadium on Saturday, the only disappointment was the nil-nil score that denied Iran’s [...]

U.S. Sanctions On Iran: War In A Different Form

By Patricia Gorky, Liberationnews.org -

“Sanctions are coming / November 5th” reads the foreboding meme Donald Trump published earlier this week on Twitter. The picture used the trademark font and slogan of the Game of Thrones [...]

Europe And The US Clash Over Washington’s Economic War On Iran

By Keith Jones, Wsws.org -

Washington’s imposition of sweeping new sanctions on Iran—aimed at strangling its economy and precipitating regime change in Tehran—is roiling world geopolitics. As of today, the US is embargoing [...]

UN Court Issues Interim Order To US To Lift Some Iran Sanctions

By Staff, Aljazeera.com -

The United Nations' top court has issued an interim order to the United States to lift sanctions linked to humanitarian goods and civil aviation imposed against Iran - a move welcomed by Tehran. [...]

Iran Sanctions – U.S. Responds To Court Order By Canceling Treaty That Gave The Court Jurisdiction

By Staff, Moonofalabama.org -

Earlier today the International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued a provisional judgment (pdf, 29 pages) against some of the U.S. sanction against Iran. The ruling is a preliminary injunction over [...]

The UN Just Ordered Trump To Ease Sanctions On Iran

By Jessica Corbett, Mintpressnews.com -

“The U.S. of course will disregard the ruling,” says Trita Parsi, “but Iran’s aim likely was to establish that it is the U.S., and not Iran, that is the rogue nation now.” The United Nations’ [...]

US Doubles Down On Unilateralism, Hegemony & Empire

By Jessica Corbett, Commondreams.org -

Amid mounting concerns about possible war with Iran after the Trump administration ditched a decades-old bilateral treaty in response to an International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling on [...]

Last Week Washington Threatened Iran, Syria, China, Venezuela & Russia

By Philip Giraldi, Unz.com -

The nuclear war doomsday clock maintained on the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists website has advanced to two minutes before midnight, the closest point to possible atomic apocalypse since the end [...]

Beyond Laughing At Trump, What Happened At The United Nations Last Week

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

The 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly is taking place right now. President Trump spoke before the General Assembly and chaired a session of the Security Council last week. While [...]

Trump Channels Netanyahu At The U.N., As His Top Policy-Makers Meet With Iran-War-Mongers

By Philip Weiss, Mondoweiss.net -

There is an obvious reason Trump is parroting Netanyahu. Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam are the largest funders of Republicans, ponying up $55 million for the midterm elections. Trump needs [...]