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Building Palestine Solidarity In An Arms Factory

I work at a site in the United Kingdom producing military equipment for aircraft, some of which ends up on the F-35 stealth fighter jet. We are members of the UK union Unite. In response to the call from Palestinian trade unions to halt arms production and transport to Israel, some co-workers and I have been trying to make this a reality in our workplace. Israel has been buying F-35 jets since 2016, and has signed deals to expand its fleet to 75 by 2028. Our site has endured two decades of a right-wing union-management partnership, resulting in poor pay deals. This toxic partnership made solidarity efforts nearly impossible. Also, certain direct actions prior to the ongoing genocide in Gaza proved counterproductive to our efforts to build rank-and-file solidarity—particularly actions not coordinated with workers.

Pro-Palestine Campaign Challenges Lockheed Martin With All-Day Picket

Littleton, CO – On Wednesday, May 29, the Denver Anti-War Action (DAWA) continued their pro Palestine actions against weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin with another all-day picket at the corporation’s Colorado headquarters. Around 50 protesters engaged in direct action throughout the day, forcing Lockheed employees to take fact sheets that laid out their location’s specific role in the ongoing genocide in Palestine, attached with explicit imagery of carpet bombing and the brutal effects of white phosphorus. The fliers pointed out the connections between Lockheed Martin and Israel, included graphic imagery of war crimes, and the specifics of the activity that Lockheed Martin is engaged in in Colorado.

Palestine Action Hit Two Barclays Branches

On Monday 3 June Palestine Action upped the ante over genocide-enabling Barclays – by targetting two locations of the Israel-complicit bank. Overnight, Palestine Action activists targeted the Bradford and Bolton branches of Barclays, investors in Israel’s largest weapons firm – Elbit Systems. Barclays Bank holds over £1bn in shares and provides over £3bn in loans and underwriting to nine companies whose weapons, components, and military technology are being used by Israel in its genocidal attacks on Palestinians. This includes General Dynamics, which produces the gun systems that arm the fighter jets used by Israel to bombard Gaza, and Elbit Systems, which produces armoured drones, munitions, and artillery weapons used by the Israeli military.

Time’s Up For The Government To Stop Israel Arms Exports

Youth Demand is a recently-formed direct action group. It not only focuses on the climate crisis, but has also be taking action over Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza. For example, Palestine Action and Youth Demand teamed up to paint the MoD headquarters in London, while other supporters marched through the capital, on Wednesday 10 April. They were demanding an end to the MoD contracts with Israel’s largest weapons firm, Elbit Systems and an end to all future licensing and consents for the exploration, development and production of fossil fuels in the UK, including revoking oil and gas licences issued since 2021.

Western Arms Supplies To Ukraine Prevent Peaceful Solutions

As a journalist, Executive Editor of Black Agenda Report, and a member of the Black Alliance for Peace and of the United National Antiwar Coalition, and as a citizen of the United States, the nation which has taken a lead role in continuing this crisis, I am very eager to speak to this issue. As of now, the U.S. government has allocated nearly $175 billion for the Ukrainian war effort and to support the workings of Ukraine’s civilian government. For the last two years we have seen a terrible war which would end if this country and others would stop providing arms and instead seek peace. There were opportunities for that very thing to happen in March and April of 2022, when the government of Turkiye hosted peace talks between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

How UC Researchers Began Saying No To Military Work

Our union of 48,000 academic workers has just authorized a strike over the University of California’s unfair labor practices in repressing peaceful protest, retaliating against members for protesting, and prohibiting pro-Palestine speech at the worksite. United Auto Workers Local 4811 announced the results yesterday: with nearly 20,000 members voting, 79 percent voted yes. Part of the groundwork behind this vote and informing the potential strike is the organizing we have done over the past several months in our science departments—as researchers who are no longer willing to support genocide with our labor.

Spain Denies Docking Permit To Ship Carrying Indian Arms For Israel

Spain will not authorize ships carrying weapons for Israel to call at its ports, Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares said on 17 May, because Spain does not “want to contribute to war” in Gaza. Albares said the refusal was consistent with the government’s decision not to grant weapon export licenses to Israel since 7 October.  The announcement came after Spanish Transport Minister Oscar Puente confirmed in a social media post his country’s refusal to allow a ship carrying weapons to Israel to dock at the port of Cartagena in southeast Spain.  The Marian Danica, which was carrying approximately 27 tons of explosive materials from the Indian city of Madras to Israel, requested permission to arrive in Cartagena on 21 May, Spanish newspaper El Pais reported.

Biden Is Sending Israel Another $1 Billion In Weapons

Congressional aides say that the Biden administration will send Israel another $1 billion in weapons and ammunition. The package includes roughly $700 million for tank ammunition, $500 million for tactical vehicles, and $60 million in mortar rounds. The move comes amid rising tensions over a potential military invasion of Rafah, a town in Southern Gaza. The story was first reported by the Wall Street Journal. This is the first arms shipment The White House has announced since it paused a shipment of 2,000-pound bombs to Israel last week. In an interview with CNN Biden admitted that  “Civilians have been killed in Gaza as a consequence of those bombs.”

Biden’s Shifting ‘Red Line’ Allows Israel To Keep Getting Away With Murder

Over the seven months of Israel’s genocidal campaign in Gaza, the United States has worked vigorously to offer maximum support for Israel while trying to give the impression that it is concerned about the massive loss of Palestinian life. The performance has been difficult to maintain, as virtually every American action contradicts the occasional words of concern for the devastation being fully abetted and enabled by American policy. In recent weeks, political pressures have forced President Joe Biden to try to take more concrete steps to deter what he considers “excessive” Israeli actions.

White House: Israel Likely Violated International Law In Gaza

The White House on 10 May issued a highly anticipated report on Israel's conduct during its genocidal war in Gaza, saying it is “reasonable to assess” Tel Aviv used US-provided weapons in ways that are “inconsistent” with international law but stopping short of identifying violations that would put an end to the ongoing military aid. “It is reasonable to assess that defense articles covered under [national security memorandum] NSM-20 have been used by Israeli security forces since October 7 in instances inconsistent with its IHL [international humanitarian law] obligations or with established best practices for mitigating civilian harm,” the report, drafted by the State Department, says.

Palestine Action Forced Another Company To Cut Ties With Elbit

Palestine Action has just secured another victory in the fight against Israel’s arms trade from the UK. This time, the group has forced a law firm to cut ties with Elbit Systems. In an email to Palestine Action on 23 April, MLL Legal’s partner Dunja Koch confirmed the law firm is no longer working for Elbit Systems and will not do so in the future. This came after a two year direct action campaign which involved repeatedly spray painting the law firm’s London office. MLL Legal formerly listed Elbit Systems as a client of their ‘merger and acquisition’ services. This makes the law firm the fifth company in recent months to end associations with the Israeli weapons maker.

US Veterans To President Biden: Arming Israel Violates The Law

In a letter today to President Biden and top members of his administration, Veterans For Peace cited existing federal law that gives the President “…no discretion whatsoever to allow any military assistance of any form to be delivered to Israel,” based on that country’s “serial violations of the Symington-Glenn Amendments, codified at 22 U.S.C. § 2799aa.” The letter states, “The President may not waive the cutoff of the above aid and exports under the Glenn Amendment where there has been a nuclear weapons detonation, or the offending state has received a nuclear explosive device.

Stalled US Weapons Package For Israel Gains Momentum After Iran Attack

In the wake of Iran's retaliatory missile and drone attack on Israel, US President Joe Biden is seeking lawmakers' approval for a stalled funding package that would see Washington send Israel $14 billion in additional military aid. President Joe Biden held a phone call on 15 April, the morning after the Iranian attack on Israeli military bases, with the top Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate. The White House said Biden "discussed the urgent need for the House of Representatives to pass the national security supplemental as soon as possible."

Philadelphia: Workers March For Palestine, Protest Militarized Robots

Philadelphia, PA — On Saturday, April 13, local groups protested Israel’s war on Gaza, which has killed 33,000 Palestinians according to the latest figures. The march gathered in Clark Park. Organizers say that workers and unions are sending the message today. The Philly Palestine Coalition says groups involved include the Labor for Black Lives Coalition, Healthcare Workers for Palestine, Philly IWW, TNG Local 10/CWA Local 38010, SEIU Healthcare PA, Unity Caucus, Philly Tenants Union, & Workers World Party. According to the post, “Our goal is clear: to stand in unwavering solidarity with Palestinian workers and communities.

Protests At German Diplomatic Missions: Stop Arming Genocide

On the first day of ICJ proceedings, April 8, 2024, in Nicaragua v. Germany, pickets and letter deliveries took place in DC, NYC, LA, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Houston, Miami and Seattle. Demonstrators echoed Nicaragua’s requests of the World Court to order Germany and the United States to stop supplying weapons to Israel. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the US supplies 69% of Israel’s arsenal; Germany supplies 30% of the weaponry. Benjamin Alvarez Gruber, US correspondent for Deutsche Welle (DW), state-owned German state-television,  covered the story at the DC German embassy, where CODEPINK organizers Medea Benjamin, Julia Norman and Palestinian American Moataz Salim led the delegation.
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