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Fear Is Rising US Pier Will Be Used For Forced Displacement Of Palestinians

In March 2024, U.S. President Joe Biden announced in his State of the Union address that the U.S. would be building a temporary “floating pier” on the Gaza shoreline to deliver humanitarian aid to the starving population in Gaza. “No U.S. boots will be on the ground,” he promised. Since then, however, critics have raised concerns that the pier is not only being used for “humanitarian” purposes but is being employed for military activities that aid in the ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza. An intelligence source from within the resistance in Gaza, who spoke to Mondoweiss under conditions of anonymity, says there are mounting signs the U.S. pier could also be used to forcibly displace Palestinians.

Students, Gaza And A New Vision Of Safety

The sign hanging over the student encampment at Chicago’s DePaul University bore a slogan that has echoed through almost all of the justice movements over the past several years: ​“We Keep Us Safe.” The tents beneath it fragile, just a thin layer of canvas between the students and the rest of the world. A statement of purpose and of solidarity; a reminder of the tents so many Palestinians in Gaza are living in right now as they move, and move again, and move again from homes destroyed by U.S.-made bombs delivered by Israeli planes into supposed safe zones. But is there a safe zone when its safety is declared by the people who have declared war on you?

‘Operation al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 248: Gantz Resigns From War Cabinet

At least 274 Palestinians were killed in an Israeli land, air, and sea raid on the center of the Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip on Saturday, the Palestinian health ministry said in an updated statement on Monday. The attack resulted in the freeing of four Israeli captives and their returning to Tel Aviv. The four Israelis, captured by Palestinian fighters on October 7, are the only captives that Israel has been able to free by force in eight months of the ongoing war. Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, who was holding the captives when freed by the Israeli army on Saturday, said in a video statement on Sunday that during the operation, Israeli forces killed another three captives, one of whom was a U.S. citizen.

Red Line Protest For Gaza At White House, More Support For Palestine

Washington DC—Thousands surrounded the White House Saturday with a ‘people’s red line’ message to the Biden administration to stop funding and supporting Israel’s war on Gaza. At midday, hundreds unfurled and circled the White House with a 2 mile long red banner with names of thousands of Palestinians slain by Israeli military bombing in Gaza. Over 200 groups joined in demanding an immediate cease-fire in Gaza, withdrawal of military forces, and a pathway towards Palestinian Statehood. The Israeli military is now in its 9th month of a sustained military assault and occupation of Gaza which began on October 7, 2023 and has leveled over 80% of its structures, killed nearly 40,000 women and children, and rendered Gaza virtually unlivable.

Gaza And United Nations Veto Power

In the United Nations Charter, the very sentence that establishes the Security Council’s permanent-five veto power ends — surprisingly — in these nine words:  “. . . a party to a dispute shall abstain from voting.” Let’s allow the phrase to sink in for a moment before acknowledging that there is indeed a host of conditions, requirements, litmus tests and hoops to jump through before the phrase can be invoked and applied to a resolution. But at the same time, it’s also crucial and a bit remarkable to remember that the five permanent members (P5) of the Security Council — Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States — are not exempt. They must abstain as well. So there it is, this little-known mechanism hiding in plain sight in Article 27 (3). It’s the Rodney Dangerfield of the U.N. Charter. It gets no respect.

Activists Form ‘Red Line’ Around White House In Gaza Protest

Tens of thousands of people from across the US gathered near the White House on Saturday to demand an end to US support for Israel's war in Gaza, highlighting US President Joe Biden's stated position of an invasion of Rafah being a red line. In response to Israel's recent invasion of Rafah, what many see as Biden not holding firm on his word, the demonstrators made a two-mile-long human "red line" around the White House, wearing red shirts and holding a red banner that they slowly unfurled from the White House gate, down Constitution Avenue and back around to the front entrance.

Former Israeli Captive In Gaza Says Biggest Fear Was Israeli Airstrikes

In an interview with Israel’s Haaretz, a former Israeli soldier who was held captive in the Gaza Strip said his biggest fear of being killed was from Israeli airstrikes, not Palestinian fighters. In the interview, 70-year-old Louis Har, an Israeli who was held captive in the Gaza Strip, recounted his “biggest fear was the IDF planes and the fear that they would bomb the building we were in. It is clear that this is war, and the IDF is working. I was a soldier myself. But the feeling that it could be our bombs, our planes—that is what will make us die—is very scary and very stressful.” The exclusive interview, published in Hebrew and not yet released on Haaretz’s English-language website, offers a glimpse into the reality of Israelis held as prisoners of war in Gaza. 

US Army Aided Israel In Military Op Launched From Gaza ‘Aid Pier’

A video shared widely by Hebrew Telegram channels on 8 June shows that the Israeli army made use of the US-built pier installed in central Gaza as part of a bloody rescue operation that saw the killing of at least 210 Palestinians in the Nuseirat refugee camp. Furthermore, according to Israeli journalist Barak Ravid, a special US military unit specialized in rescuing captives “supported the effort” that decimated the Nuseirat camp. Multiple Israeli media outlets reported on Saturday afternoon that a special forces unit penetrated deep into the Nuseirat camp to free four living captives amid heavy bombing by Israeli warplanes.

Their Rules-Based International Order Is The Rule Of The Mafia

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It covers our entire surface, at some points only as thin as a piece of paper and at other points about half as thick as a credit card. The skin, which protects us from all manner of germs and other harmful elements, is fragile and unable to defend humans from the dangerous weapons we have made over time. The ancient blunt axe will break the skin with a heavy blow, while a 2000-pound MK-84 ‘dumb bomb’ made by General Dynamics will not only obliterate the skin, but the entire human body. Despite a 24 May order from the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the Israeli military continues to bomb the southern part of Gaza, particularly the city of Rafah.

Announcing The Launch Of The Online Popular University For Gaza

As the death toll rises in the ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza, San Francisco State University (SFSU) has once again decided to cancel its only Palestine course that Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi was scheduled to teach during this summer school. This abrupt and irrational decision seeks to criminalize the Palestine curriculum while dismissing and ignoring popular student demand to learn a critical Palestinian perspective that has been absent on U.S. college campuses. Over the last month, hundreds of students, academics, community leaders, and organizers called on SFSU administrators to urgently reverse their decision to cancel Dr. Abdulhadi’s popular and unique course.

Resistance Is What Liberates Us: Palestine And Internationalism

I want to focus on a pivotal period for every single national liberation struggle that is represented in this panel by the organizations here today. And that period is the end of World War II. This is the beginning of the ongoing Nakba in Palestine. This is the beginning of the system of apartheid in South Africa. This is the heat of the Hukbalahap war in the Philippines, a brutal campaign of state terrorism against that very nation’s independence fighters, which was backed, financed and directed by the United States in the name of anti-communism. And in Korea, this was the time of the dawn of national division and the beginning of what the United States calls the Korean War. But what we Korean patriots call the Great Fatherland Liberation War.

Healthcare Workers Will Protest The American Medical Association

On June 8, healthcare workers will demonstrate outside of a meeting of the American Medical Association House of Delegates in Chicago. These health employees, representing diverse sectors in healthcare, are protesting the AMA’s refusal to address the ongoing genocide in Gaza, despite taking action regarding other conflicts in the past, such as the war in Ukraine. The protest is being organized by a range of pro-Palestine healthcare workers’ organizations, including Healthcare Workers for Palestine and Doctors Against Genocide. Peoples Dispatch spoke to Emily Hacker, a member of Healthcare Workers for Palestine, who said that the goal of protesters was to pressure the AMA to call for a ceasefire.

European Recognition Of Palestine Signals Major Shift In Discourse

If one were to argue that a top Spanish government official would someday declare that “from the river to the sea, Palestine would be free,” the suggestion would have seemed ludicrous. But this is precisely how Yolanda Diaz, Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister, concluded a statement on May 23, a few days before Spain officially recognized Palestine as a state. The Spanish, Norwegian, and Irish recognition of Palestine is the most important. Western Europe is finally catching up with the rest of the world regarding the significance of a solid international position in support of the Palestinian people and rejection of Israel’s genocidal practices in occupied Palestine.

The Anti-War Left Makes Inroads In Israel

Omdim be’Yachad-Naqef Ma’an, or Standing Together, is a Jewish-Arab social movement in Israel that organises against racism and occupation, and for equality and social justice. Federico Fuentes interviewed Standing Together’s national field organiser Uri Weltmann to discuss the growing peace movement inside Israel, how activists are confronting far-right extremists seeking to disrupt humanitarian aid going to the Gaza Strip, and the left’s recent electoral breakthroughs. How has the peace movement inside Israel developed since October 7? Is the movement succeeding in shifting broader public opinion and undermining Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's war efforts? And what role is Standing Together playing within the movement?

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 241: Israel Contradicts Biden

The Gaza-based Palestinian health ministry announced that the remaining hospitals in the Gaza Strip received 268 slain Palestinians in Israeli airstrikes since Thursday, May 30, while 1207 others arrived wounded. Meanwhile, local media sources reported that in the past 24 hours, Israeli airstrikes and artillery shells continued to target Gaza City’s Zeitoun and Sabra neighborhoods. At least two children were reported killed on Sunday. In Jabalia, north of the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Civil Defense said that its teams recovered 70 dead bodies from the rubble left behind by Israeli forces after withdrawing from Jabalia refugee camp following a three-week ground invasion.
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