Why Is The United Kingdom Raising Its Nuclear Stockpile Limits?

By Matthew Harries, The Bulletin. -

On March 16, the United Kingdom announced it was significantly raising a self-imposed cap on its overall nuclear stockpile, from a previous target of 180 warheads by the mid-2020s to a new cap of [...]

Why Biden’s Choice To Bomb Outer Space Is So Damn Exciting

By Lee Camp, ScheerPost.com. -

President Biden has announced he will be continuing to build Donald Trump’s Space Force — an idea Trump probably dreamed up while high on some bizarre pills his special “doctor” gave him and had [...]

End US-UK Nuclear Collusion

By Leonard Eiger, Ground Zero Center. -

On March 16, the United Kingdom announced (in its Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Foreign Policy and Development titled Global Britain in a Competitive Age) that it will increase the [...]

Congress Given Specific Path To Cut Pentagon Budget By $80 Billion

By Kenny Stancil, Commondreams. -

A coalition of more than 25 groups representing a range of political perspectives sent a letter Wednesday to key congressional committees with specific suggestions for slashing the Pentagon's [...]

What’s Behind The Biden Administration’s New $100 Billion Nuclear Missile System?

By Jeremy Kuzmarov, Covert Action Magazine. -

One of the more important tasks that the Biden administration will undertake this year will be to review the Pentagon’s nuclear weapons budget and modernization strategy. According to a 2019 [...]

Starve The Pentagon, Feed The People

By Tristan Guyette, Commondreams. -

The budget for 2021 clocked in at more than $740 billion. Passed during the throes of the pandemic in mid-2020, Congress awarded $130 billion more than requested for the nuclear-armed Columbia [...]

Marshall Islanders Remember ‘Castle Bravo’ Nuclear Bomb

By Helen Jaccard, Popular Resistance. -

Hawaii - Marshall Islanders living on O'ahu joined members of Veterans For Peace, Hawai'i Peace & Justice and Refuse Fascism on Monday, March 1st at Magic Island in Honolulu to remember the 1954 [...]

Making Waves: The Rebirth Of The Golden Rule

By Labrats, Beyond Nuclear. -

The Golden Rule is a project of Veterans For Peace. They aim to advance Veterans For Peace opposition to nuclear weapons and war, and to do so in a dramatic fashion. They have recovered and [...]

How We Got The Bikini And Learned To Hate The Bomb

By Gerry Condon, Popular Resistance. -

On March 1, 1954, the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission and the Department of Defense exploded a huge thermonuclear bomb on Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands, where they had been testing bombs [...]

Washington’s Reckless Attitude Toward Nuclear War A Threat To World Peace

By Lu Yuanzhi, Global Times. -

Fox News reported that the head of US Strategic Command Charles Richard is calling on the US military and federal leaders to reimagine methods of deterring aggressive action from rivals such as [...]

Why We Can’t Give Up On A World Free From Nuclear Weapons

By Vijay Prashad, Peoples Dispatch. -

Nine countries of the 193 member states of the United Nations possess nuclear weapons. Two of them—the United States of America and Russia—have more than 90% of all the 13,410 warheads. Four [...]

US-Russia Nuclear Treaty Only First Step In Ensuring ‘Future Existence’ Of Humanity

By Mohamed Elmaazi, Sputnik News. -

The total number of nuclear weapons both Russia and the US could possess was limited by New START, signed between the two countries in 2010. The treaty would have expired on 5 February 2021, had [...]

As The Doomsday Clock Nears Midnight, We Can Abolish Nuclear Weapons

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. -

On January 22, the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons went into effect. This treaty, which is supported by more than two-thirds of the countries in the world but none of the nuclear [...]

Protesters Call On Hopkins To Drop Nuclear Weapons Research

By Chris H. Park and Min-Seo Kim, The Johns Hopkins News Letter. -

Members of Prevent Nuclear War Maryland, a Baltimore-based anti-war, anti-nuclear weapons organization, protested the University’s involvement in nuclear weapons research with the U.S. government [...]

US Proposes 5-year Extension Of Nuclear Arms Treaty With Russia

The United States will seek a five-year extension of the New START nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia – the last remaining non-proliferation treaty between the two nations, White House [...]