Glen Ford’s Journalism Fought For Black Liberation And Against Imperialism

By Margaret Kimberley, Truthout. -

Ford identified his political and journalistic stance with both, having created the tagline: “News, commentary and analysis from the black left” for BAR. He was the consummate journalist, a man [...]

The System’s Revenge

By Craig Murray Justice, Wings Over Scotland. -

Legal precedent will be set tomorrow as Craig Murray will be the first person to be imprisoned on the charge of jigsaw identification in the UK, and indeed in the entire world. Scotland’s second [...]

Glen Ford, Veteran Journalist And Founder Of Black Agenda Report, Dies

By Bruce C.T. Wright, News One. -

Glen Ford, a veteran broadcast, print and digital journalist who hosted the first nationally syndicated Black news interview program on TV before going on to found the Black Agenda Report [...]

ALEC Meeting Queues Up The GOP’s Culture Wars

By David Armiak, Exposed By CMD. -

While Trump is no longer in office, ALEC members still wearing their MAGA hats can participate in Trump-themed trainings such as, “Achieving and Using Political Power: How You Implement an [...]

Media Dismiss European Union Climate Plan As ‘Ambitious’

By Olivia Riggio, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. -

A recent New York Times article (7/9/21) describes a sickening scene in the wake of the Pacific Northwest’s heat wave: Dead mussels and clams coated rocks in the Pacific Northwest, their [...]

Cuba’s Cultural Counter-Revolution

By Max Blumenthal, The Grayzone. -

Over the past decade, the US government has spent millions of dollars to cultivate anti-government Cuban rappers, rock musicians, artists, and journalists in an explicit bid to weaponize [...]

Rethinking the Critical Race Theory Debate

By Patrick D. Anderson, Black Agenda Report. -

Recent debates about Critical Race Theory (CRT) have been abysmally uninformed at best and utterly inaccurate at worst. From corporate media and right-wing rags to independent left media, almost [...]

Misinformation’s Deadly Profit Motive

By Jessica González and Carmen Scurato, Common Dreams. -

"When it comes to misinformation, not sharing is caring," Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said during a White House press briefing last week. His advisory offers a detailed account of the ways that [...]

What The Media Isn’t Telling You About The War In Tigray

By Rania Khalek, Breakthrough News. -

Ethiopia has been in the headlines in recent months as the TPLF, a Tigrayan rebel group that ruled the country for three decades, violently seized the northern Ethiopian state of Tigray from the [...]

Cuba Defies US To Deny Pressuring OAS Members

By Telesur English. -

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parilla denounced on Wednesday a U.S. campaign to pressure members of the Organization of American States (OAS) to sign a joint statement condemning the [...]

What’s Actually Going On In Cuba?

By Helen Yaffe, Novara Media. -

On Sunday 11 July, dozens of anti-government protests, apparently coordinated via social media, took place simultaneously throughout Cuba. In several places, including in San Antonio on the [...]

How A Proposed Secrecy Law Would Recast Journalism As Spying

By Duncan Campbell and Duncan Campbell, The Guardian. -

Nearly 50 years ago one of us was arrested under the Official Secrets Act for working on a story for Time Out magazine, where the other one of us was the news editor. This led to the so-called [...]

Cubans Take To The Street In Defense Of The Revolution

By Steve Sweeney, People's World. -

Thousands of Cubans took to the streets in defense of their revolutionary government on Saturday as President Miguel Díaz-Canel vowed to defend the country from outside interference. “We are [...]

Americans Are Calling For Freedom In The US

The hashtag #SOSUSA became one of Twitter’s top political trends this weekend, as thousands of Americans posted calling for freedom in the United States and protesting poverty, police brutality, [...]