Harvard Study: Big Telecom Terrified Of Community-Run Broadband

By Karl Bode, Motherboard.vice.com -

A new study out of Harvard once again makes it clear why incumbent ISPs like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T are so terrified by the idea of communities building their own broadband networks. According [...]

Media’s Wildly Different Take On Unrest In Tunisia And Iran

By Whitney Webb, Mintpressnews.com -

TUNIS, TUNISIA — As the new year began, social media and corporate-owned news organizations alike were giving the protests in Iran constant coverage, despite the fact that the protests were [...]

Fauda: An Israeli Netflix Series That Makes Oppression Sexy

By Miko Peled, Mint Press News. -

Jerusalem - Palestinian resistance is legitimate and sanctioned by the inalienable right that all oppressed people have to resist their oppressors and occupiers, even with the use of arms. [...]

Derailing The Neocon Train To Armageddon

By Al Markowitz, Almarkowitz.blogspot.com -

The media war drums are again beating with demonization aimed at Iran, the DPRK and especially Russia. We can't blame this on Trump alone. Our government, under the heavy hand of corporate [...]

Act To Protect Critical Independent Voices On The Internet

By Glen Ford, Blackagendareport.com -

There really is a vast conspiracy to strangle radical dissent in the United States, under the broad heading of suppressing “Fake News” -- meaning reporting, analysis and advocacy that challenges [...]

Media Turn To Regime Change Enthusiasts To Discuss Iran

By Adam Johnson, Fair.org -

Since the outbreak of mass demonstrations and unrest in Iran last week, US media have mostly busied themselves with the question of not if we should “do something,” but what, exactly, that [...]

New Year’s Message And Warning From A War Correspondent

By Andre Vltchek, countercurrents.org -

Periodically I disappear into some jungle or a war zone as a war correspondent, in Afghanistan, Southern Philippines or in the middle of plundered Borneo Island. When I return to what some people [...]

A USian In Venezuela Reports A Truth Different Than The Media

By Dan Kovalik, Huffington Post -

The other reality about Venezuela barely portrayed by the mainstream press is the incredible resiliency of the Venezuelan people. What I have been most struck by in my travels to Venezuela is not [...]

Ten Big Lies About Venezuela And Its Revolution

By Carlos E. Lippo, Resumen -

The Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela has been widely vilified by the means of the right even before its rise to power in 1999; an example of this was when its top leader, Commander Hugo Chávez, [...]

Whitewashing: The Media’s Two Narratives On Terrorism

By Ramzy Baroud, intrepidreport.com -

Within hours after Akayed Ullah, a Bangladeshi immigrant, allegedly detonated a pipe bomb in New York City on December 11, severely injuring himself and wounding four others, a most comprehensive [...]

Lee Camp Dissects NPR’s Propagandistic Attack Against Him

By Lee Camp, nakedcapitalism.com -

I never thought I’d be the target of an NPR attack piece. Through my twenties I even looked to NPR as an outlet full of good, progressive, thoughtful reporting – You know, the soothing voices [...]

Media as Movement Makers with Kevin Zeese – Now Age TV

By Craig Gordon, www.nowagepress.com -

For this edition of Now Age TV Indie Media Report, Craig Gordon speaks with Kevin Zeese, co-director with Margaret Flowers, of Popular Resistance, a website of daily movement news and resources. [...]

Most Censored Stories Of 2017, Honduras V. Venezuela

By Lee Camp, youtube.com -

Lee Camp covers what were some of the most censored stories this year, according to the media watchdog site “Project Censored.” He also discusses accused pedophile Roy Moore, who lost his bid for [...]

Russia-Gate’s Litany Of Corrections

The U.S. mainstream media’s year-long hysteria over Russia’s alleged role in the election of Donald Trump has obliterated normal reporting standards leading to a rash of journalistic [...]

Media Truth In A Post-Truth World; Dirty Mines on Your Dime, Pipelines & More

By Eleanor Goldfield -

This week on Act Out! we gave you a lowdown last week on oil pipelines – but what about natural gas? Safer, right? Not so much. Here's the explosive reality of the natural gas pipelines criss [...]