WaPo’s ‘Hard-Line’ Stance Against Medicare For All

By Michael Corcoran, FAIR.org. -

The phrase “hard-line,” as commonly used in the Washington Post, is almost always a pejorative. Often it references official enemy states like Iran (5/4/18, 5/9/18) or North Korea (1/18/19). In a [...]

The NY Times Spreads Lies About Venezuela And Cuba

By Manuel Henríquez Lagarde, En.granma.cu -

After the New York Times confirmed that a truck carrying “humanitarian aid” was burned by opposition thugs - not Venezuelan security forces – someone alerted me that this unusual favor offered by [...]

Facebook Bans Zero Hedge

By Tyler Durden, Zerohedge.com -

Over the weekend, we were surprised to learn that some readers were prevented by Facebook when attempting to share Zero Hedge articles. Subsequently it emerged that virtually every attempt to [...]

‘Weaksauce’: State Department Tries Ordering Media How To Cover Venezuela

By Nebojsa Malic, RT.com -

With regime change in Caracas going poorly, the State Department is trying to create reality by browbeating reporters into following the official line. Veteran AP reporter Matt Lee was not [...]

Venezuela-Baiting: How Media Keep Anti-Imperialist Dissent In Check

By Alan MacLeod, Fair.org -

Corporate media have always attacked leftists for their positions on Venezuela, a country consistently demonized and misrepresented in the US press (FAIR.org, 6/1/02, 11/1/05, 4/1/13, 2/22/19). [...]

What War Films Never Show You

By Mike Ferner, Otherwords.org -

I treated wounded GIs from Vietnam. I saw carnage that seldom makes its way into harrowing war stories like “They Shall Not Grow Old.” Newspapers on the other side of the world are calling it [...]

Worshiping The Electronic Image

By Chris Hedges, Truthdig.com -

Donald Trump, like much of the American public, is entranced by electronic images. He interprets reality through the distortions of digital media. His decisions, opinions, political positions, [...]

Facts Don’t Interfere With Propaganda Blitz Against Venezuela’s Elected President

By Joe Emersberger, FAIR. -

The Miami Herald (2/8/19) reported, “Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro continues to reject international aid—going so far as to blockade a road that might have been used for its delivery.“ The [...]

How BBC Depicted Staged Hospital Scenes As Proof Of Chemical Attack

By RT. -

In an extraordinary turn of events, corporate media appears to have been exposed again as an extension of state foreign policy, by a member of the establishment media cabal, manufacturing consent [...]

US Media Trying To Drum Up A New ‘Cold War’

By Dave Lindorff, Counterpunch.org -

The latest example of absurd fear-mongering was brought to us courtesy of Fox Business News, with anchor Trish Regan darkly warned that “not since 1962 have we had such enemy missiles near our [...]

Open Markets: The Podcast Market Is Working And We Must Protect It

By Staff, Openmarketsinstitute.org -

Spotify yesterday announced plans to buy podcast producer and network Gimlet Media for $230 million as well as podcast recording startup Anchor, two of the most important platforms in the podcast [...]

Julian Assange Is Dying In Darkness While The Washington Post Pats Itself On The Back

By Adam Garrie, Eurasiafuture.com -

During Sunday’s Super Bowl, American and many international viewers witnessed the debut of an advertisement for the Washington Post. The Tom Hanks narrated advertisement spoke of the ideal values [...]

The CIA’s Masterful Use Of Fake News

By Joel Whitney, Truthdig.com -

In early 1954, writing in the magazine Encounter, F.R. Allemann slammed the ex-prime minister of Iran, Mohammad Mosaddegh, for alleged abuses. In a “Letter from Teheran” titled “Persia: Land of [...]

Stone Indictment Presents No Evidence Of Links Between WikiLeaks And Trump Campaign

By James Cogan, Wsws.org -

The indictment of right-wing political operative Roger Stone by special counsel and former FBI director Robert Mueller presented no evidence of “collusion” by WikiLeaks and its publisher Julian [...]

‘Media Bias Fact Check’ Smears WikiLeaks, Supports Western Propaganda Machine

By Elizabeth Vos, Disobedientmedia.com -

With the latest US-backed coup underway in Venezuela and Roger Stone’s arrest as much an exercise in theater as the rest of his political career, one may wonder what a critique of Media Bias Fact [...]