Shocking Death On Set Shows What’s At Stake In IATSE Contract Fight

By Sarah Hughes, Labor Notes. -

The union representing 60,000 film and television crew workers reached a tentative agreement with Hollywood producers October 16. The deal averted a first-ever national strike by the Theatrical [...]

Facebook ‘Whistleblower’ Represented By US Intelligence Insiders

By Alexander Rubinstein, The Grayzone. -

A former employee of Facebook named Frances Haugen earned national renown after appearing before Congress on October 5, 2021 to accuse the company where she once worked of everything from [...]

The Four Layers Of Reality — And Why We’re Only Allowed To Talk About One

By Lee Camp, Scheer Post. -

No matter which mainstream media segment you’re currently watching, I can promise you it’s not getting to the heart of any issue. By definition they only participate in surface level analysis. [...]

High-Paid Media Types Are Unhappy Workers Are Getting Higher Pay

By Dean Baker, CEPR. -

Many in the media are very upset that workers at the bottom end of the pay scale feel secure enough to demand higher pay and better working conditions. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching a [...]

Bellingcat Funded By Contractors That Aided Extremists In Syria

By Kit Klarenberg, The Grayzone. -

Since its launch in July 2014, the self-styled open-source investigations website Bellingcat has cemented itself as a darling of mainstream Western media, with its dives into alleged Syrian [...]

Journalists Who Mocked Assange Say Nothing About CIA Plans To Kill Him

By John Mcevoy, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. -

Yahoo! News (9/26/21) published a bombshell report detailing the US Central Intelligence Agency’s “secret war plans against WikiLeaks,” including clandestine plots to kill or kidnap [...]

Chinese ‘Disinformation’ And US Propaganda

By Joshua Cho, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. -

In Western media’s latest anti-China crusade, unsubstantiated allegations of a Chinese disinformation campaign—which the reports themselves admit have had little engagement on social media, and [...]

The Pandora Papers Are Just A Distraction

By Tara Reade, RT. -

The latest revelations of creative accounting used by the global elite notably failed to mention any American billionaires. A curious omission, considering eight of the ten richest men on Earth [...]

Two Thirds Of Online Posts From Fossil Fuel Companies ‘Greenwashing’

By Rachel Sherrington, DeSmog Blog. -

One expert called it a “systematic deceptive marketing campaign designed to interfere with the solution that is necessary to respond to the climate emergency: stopping fossil fuel [...]

HBO’s Anti-Maduro Propaganda Is Cruder Than Venezuelan Oil

By Joe Emersberger, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. -

HBO Max began streaming a documentary on September 15: A La Calle (“To the Street”). It portrays US-backed opposition leaders in Venezuela as pro-democracy heroes battling a brutal [...]

Nicaragua’s Rainforest And Indigenous Peoples

By John Perry, Council on Hemispheric Affairs . -

Masaya, Nicaragua - Indigenous peoples and the rainforests that many inhabit are under threat. Everyone knows it. In Latin America especially, international NGOs like Global Witness and Frontline [...]

Danny Glover Under Cover For Big Pharma And Insurance Companies

By Russell Mokhiber, Single Payer Action. -

Ask your liberal friends about Danny Glover. They will say – superstar actor featured in the Lethal Weapon film series. Civil rights activist. Democracy Now regular. Supporter of [...]

Amazon’s ‘Factory Towns’ Will Be Satanic Mills For The Working Class

By Dr. Lisa Mckenzie, RT. -

Amazon and its hyper-neoliberal cheerleaders are polishing turds again. Jeff Bezos, the billionaire spaceman, and his company are about to ‘lift the working class’ by creating new ‘factory [...]

How US Media Misrepresent The Wuhan Institute Of Virology’s Laboratories

By Joshua Cho, Mintpress News. -

Wuhan, China — While many people have already criticized the lack of evidence and scientific basis for the hypothesis that the Covid-19 pandemic originated from a laboratory, both critics and [...]

US Corporate Media Watch

By Richard Medhurst And Roberto Sirvent, Black Agenda Report. -

The idea of achieving women’s emancipation through military occupation is a farce. You cannot have women’s rights, human rights or any rights when you live under the military rule of a foreign [...]