Nicaragua Defeats The Not-So-Soft Coup

By Stephen Sefton, -

On July 19, hundreds of thousands of people from across Nicaragua will converge on the capital Managua to celebrate the 39th anniversary of their historic 1979 defeat of the Somoza dictatorship. [...]

What’s Really Happening In Nicaragua; An Interview With Stephen Sefton

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG Radio. -

Violent protests have been going on since April of this year, forcing residents to stay indoors.  While the corporate media and an army of online trolls have been making false claims about the [...]

Correcting The Record: What Is Really Happening In Nicaragua?

By Kevin Zeese and Nils McCune, Popular Resistance -

There is a great deal of false and inaccurate information about Nicaragua in the media. Even on the left, some have simply repeated the dubious claims of CNN and Nicaragua's oligarchic media to [...]

Nicaragua: The Art Of Demonstrating

By Alex Anfruns, -

It was a pension reform project that started the fire. To avoid privatizing social security as recommended by the IMF, the government wanted to increase contributions for both workers and [...]

What’s Happening In Nicaragua?

By Staff, Task Force On The Americas -

On April 18 things suddenly changed dramatically. Triggered by a minor adjustment to the social security program, which was designed to avoid austerity measures promoted by big business and the [...]

The Regime Change Toolbox Of The United States

By Barbara Koeppel, Truthdig -

Regime change here, regime change there. Officials argue for or against it and the press and media routinely report on it. There are good guys (the U.S. and its current allies) and bad ones. [...]

Nicaragua’s Paramilitary Opposition Wages Intimidation And Media Terror Campaign

By Tortilla Con Sal, Mintpress News -

Nicaragua’s opposition paramilitary intimidation and media terror campaign have brought fear, insecurity, and hardship to around 30 of Nicaragua’s 153 municipalities. Only President Daniel [...]

NED Boasts Of ‘Laying the Groundwork For Nicaraguan Insurrection’

By Max Blumenthal, The Gray Zone -

As Nicaraguan student protest leaders meet with neoconservatives in Washington, DC, a publication funded by the US government’s regime change arm, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), [...]

Nicaragua’s Crisis – The Latest Stage In A Permanent War

By Tortilla Con Sal, -

Nicaragua’s opposition paramilitary intimidation and media terror campaign have brought fear, insecurity, and hardship to around 30 of Nicaragua’s 153 municipalities. Only President Daniel [...]

The US & Nicaragua: A Case Study In Historical Amnesia & Blindness

By Dan Kovalik, -

I was stunned the other day to see an opinion piece by Stephen Kinzer in The Boston Globe in which he was portraying the violent anti-government protests in Nicaragua as some kind of [...]

Nicaragua : Defeating The Soft Coup

By Staff, -

The government strategy has been to accept extraordinary levels of opposition violence and intimidation so as to allow the opposition to discredit themselves with public opinion. Nicaragua has [...]

Open Letter to Amnesty International by a Former Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience

By Camilo E. Mejia, Latin America in Movement -

Nicaragua’s close ties with Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, and especially China, with whom the country signed a contract to build a canal, the other main reason the United States is after the [...]

US Latin American Regime-Change Tour Now Playing Nicaragua

By Whitney Webb, Mintpress News. -

Managua, Nicaragua - For over seven weeks, events in Nicaragua have devolved into an increasingly common scenario for leaders who find themselves at odds with Washington: the country’s president, [...]

Letter From Nicaragua: A Catastrophic Well-Orchestrated Event Is Occurring

By Barbara Moore, Popular Resistance -

I am completely certain that this is a coup d’etat and given the present state of things, I am not surprised the Ortega’s have been left somewhat stunned. With mobs roaming the street wielding [...]

Rebellion Or Counter-Revolution: Made In US Or In Nicaragua?

By Staff, Telesur -

Many wonder if the United States is involved in the student protests of the past month in Nicaragua which attempted to destabilize the country. Western media writes nothing about the issue, while [...]

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