Lessons From Nicaragua

By Staff, Tortillaconsal.com -

Apologists for the attempted coup in Nicaragua hemorrhage credibility with every week that passes. Both inside and outside Nicaragua, reality is fast catching up with their falsehoods and [...]

Open Letter Criticizes Human Rights Watch On Nicaragua

By Nan McCurdy, Popular Resistance -

I am writing to protest vigorously about your August 23rd press report in which you accuse two Nicaraguan police officials of leading the ‘assassination of dozens of protesters’ during the [...]

U.S.-Backed Violent Coups Are Not New Or Rare

By Lee Camp, Truthdig.com -

Nicaragua just defeated a U.S.-backed violent coup attempt, and no one cares. Well, let me revise that: Very few care. English teachers may care because they may find it fascinating the phrase [...]

Distorting Past And Present: Reuters On Nicaragua’s Armed Uprising

By Joe Emersberger, Fair.org -

From April 18 until late July 2018, an armed insurrection in Nicaragua left hundreds of people dead. The uprising, backed enthusiastically by private media outlets in Nicaragua (in particular one [...]

What’s Left in Nicaragua After Ortega

By Roger Harris, Popular Resistance -

Nicaragua has been tragically destabilized, threatening to reverse the major social gains achieved by the Ortega government. The North American left should unite around “US out of Nicaragua.” Let [...]

Will More U.S. Intervention Solve Nicaragua’s Conflict?

By James Phillips, Popular Resistance -

In the midst of ongoing turmoil and violence in Nicaragua in recent weeks there have been veiled and not-so-veiled calls for the United States to intervene in Nicaragua, and a series of actions [...]

A Response To Misinformation On Nicaragua: It Was A Coup, Not A ‘Massacre’

By Charles Redvers, Grayzoneproject.com -

There is so much misinformation in mainstream corporate media about recent events in Nicaragua that it is a pity that Mary Ellsberg’s article for Pulse has added to it with a seemingly leftish [...]

What Really Happens To Nicaragua, Venezuela And Ecuador

By Peter Koenig, informationclearinghouse.info -

August 14, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -  Stories about corruption and internally government-generated violence concerning most unaligned countries abound in the MSM. These lies fuel [...]

Nicaragua: Dynamics of an Interrupted Revolution

By Jeff Mackler, Popular Resistance -

The unfolding events in Nicaragua over the past three months pose two critical questions for socialists and antiwar activists. Where do we stand on the critical issue of U.S. imperialist [...]

Peace Leader Speaks Against US-backed Regime Change in Nicaragua, Confronted by Anti-Ortega Opposition

By Roger Harris, Popular Resistance   -

Camilo Mejía prefaced his explanation of the seemingly inexplicable eruption of violence in his native Nicaragua with the admonition that no one should take his word but should research the facts [...]

Open Letter To Democracy Now! Criticizing Their Nicaragua Coverage

By Staff, Popular Resistance -

We are a group of journalists, writers and activists with knowledge of the current crisis in Nicaragua who want to express our concern about Democracy Now’s coverage of it. We believe that the [...]

Nicaragua’s Sovereign National Dialogue & Peace Must Be Guarded Against Foreign Interference

By Staff, Wpc-in.org -

The escalation in Nicaragua has drawn more attention from the popular and peace forces in Latin America and the Caribbean, and in the entire world. The signs of foreign interference, in [...]

How Washington And Soft Power NGOs Manipulated Nicaragua’s Death Toll To Drive Regime Change And Sanctions

By Max Blumenthal, Grayzoneproject.com -

A detailed study of the death toll that has been recorded in Nicaragua since a violent campaign to remove President Daniel Ortega and his Sandinista government shows that at least as many [...]

An Exclusive Interview With Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega

By Max Blumenthal, Grayzoneproject.com -

Since the sudden outbreak of protests and violence last April, an uneasy calm had fallen over Nicaragua. President Daniel Ortega and his Sandinista government have claimed victory over what they [...]

Growing And Mobilizing The National Consensus To End Empire

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin  Zeese, Popular Resistance -

Last week, we wrote about the first five stages of successful social movements, as described in the third class of the Popular Resistance School course, "How Social Transformation Occurs." In [...]