Peace Prevails In Nicaragua

By Jorge Capelan, -

June 14, Nicaragua was elected member of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC). This honor was probably based on Nicaragua’s development and poverty reduction over the [...]

Nicaragua: Forgiveness A Revolutionary Trait

By Chuck Kaufman, -

The willingness of the Sandinista government to go to almost any lengths to achieve national peace and tranquility, including pardoning the crimes of those in the opposition who killed, tortured, [...]

Country-By-Country Review Of Latin America Through 2021

By Stephen Sefton, Tortilla con Sal -

The fundamental factor affecting developments in Latin America and the Caribbean over the next five years, as elsewhere around the world, will be the progressive decline of US power and influence [...]

Nicaragua: The War Of 2018

By Roger Stoll, -

Nearly all US regime-change wars (Venezuela, Syria, Honduras, Ukraine, Libya, Yugoslavia, etc.) are wars of deception, fabrication, propaganda, coups and false flags. Sometimes there is a direct [...]

Here’s Why The US Has No Right To Interfere In Nicaragua

By John Perry, -

Above Photo: Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega speaks to supporters during the opening ceremony of a highway overpass in Managua, Nicaragua March 21, 2019. REUTERS/Oswaldo Rivas Hawks in the [...]

NicaNotes: “Live From Nicaragua : Uprising Or Coup?”

By Staff, -

As we stand here today on the brink of the one year anniversary of the spasm of violence and confusion that engulfed Nicaragua last year, it is time to tell the truth and correct the historical [...]

Nicaragua: Failed Opposition Rally, Still Used For Propaganda

By Chuck Kaufman, -

The opposition called for a demonstration on Saturday, Mar. 16 at Metrocentro, a busy shopping area and traffic circle in Managua. Eye witnesses report fewer than 200 people showed up. The poor [...]

Amnesty International’s Biased And Inaccurate Reporting On Nicaragua Refuted

By Staff, -

In 2018 Amnesty International produced two reports on Nicaragua, accusing the Nicaraguan government of ‘a strategy of indiscriminate repression’. The context was violent protests which broke out [...]

Nicaragua’s Truth Commission Presents Its Third Report

By Stephen Sefton, -

On February 5 th the third report of the Truth, Justice and Peace Commission (CVJP) an entity created by the Nicaraguan legislature in order to “understand, analyze, and clarify the violent [...]

Human Rights Have Been Co-opted To Serve Regime Change In Nicaragua And Other Countries

By Stephen Sefton, -

Since the demise of the Soviet Union, almost 30 years ago, abuse and debasement of human rights concerns have served increasingly to create pretexts promoting Western dominance around the world. [...]

Cuban President Stands With Venezuela & Nicaragua Against US Imperialism

By Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, -

Esteemed Presidents, Prime Ministers, and heads of delegations, distinguished guests:Esteemed colleague David Choquehuanca: Who among us does not remember that December 14, 2004, the gala in [...]

Failed Regime Change In Nicaragua. OAS And Amnesty International: Killing, Torturing Sandinistas Is OK

By Stephen Sefton, -

The clearest failure in their false reporting of the conflict is the sinister, ridiculous insistence that the Nicaraguan opposition engaged principally in peaceful protest, a claim beyond absurd [...]

Every Single Member Of US Congress Approved Crushing Sanctions On Nicaragua

By Ben Norton, -

GrayZone Project — Every single member in both chambers of the US Congress approved legislation that will impose sanctions and financial restrictions on Nicaragua in an explicit effort to weaken [...]

The Return Of The Nicaraguan Contras, And The Rise Of The Pro-Contra Left

By Dan Kovalik, -

According to our nation’s paper of record, the New York Times, the Nicaraguan Contras re-activated some time ago in order to take on their old foe, Daniel Ortega, who had been re-elected in 2007 [...]

Nicaragua And The U.S. Neo-fascist Offensive

By Fabian Escalante Font, Global Research. -

In April of the current year, media headlines pointed to a ‘revolution’ breaking out in Nicaragua against the Sandinista Front government headed by Commander Daniel Ortega. Until then, and for 11 [...]