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Nicaragua Takes Germany To The World Court For Facilitating Genocide

As Israel’s genocidal campaign against the Palestinians in Gaza — which has killed more than 33,000 Gazans — enters its seventh month, Nicaragua sued Germany in the International Court of Justice (ICJ, or World Court) for facilitating genocide. Nicaragua charged that, “Germany has provided political, financial and military support to Israel fully aware at the time of authorization that the military equipment would be used in the commission of great breaches of international law,” adding, “The military equipment provided by Germany enabling Israel to perpetrate genocidal acts and other atrocities, included supplies to the front line and warehouses, and assurances of future supplies such as ammunition, technology and diverse components necessary for the Israeli military.”

Nicaragua Closes Embassy In Berlin After Suing Germany Over Genocide

Nicaragua announced the closure of its diplomatic mission in Berlin on Wednesday, noting that the Central American state’s consular tasks and official businesses in Germany will now be handled by the embassy in Austria. Managua recently announced the accreditation of its ambassador in Vienna, Sabra Amari Murillo Centeno, as a concurrent representative in Germany. Earlier this week, hearings opened in the ICJ, with Nicaragua saying Germany is violating the 1948 Genocide Convention by providing Israel with military and financial aid, as well as suspending funding to the main UN humanitarian agency in Gaza, UNRWA.

Nicaragua To ICJ: End Germany’s Support Of Israeli ‘Genocide’ In Gaza

Germany is facing charges at the top United Nations court for allegedly “facilitating the commission of genocide” against Palestinians in Gaza in coordination with its military and political ally, Israel. Nicaragua presented its case before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Monday, demanding judges impose emergency measures to stop Berlin from providing Israel with weapons and other assistance. In his opening statement, Carlos Jose Francisco Arguello Gomez, Nicaraguan Ambassador to The Netherlands and the lead of Nicaragua’s delegation said “serious breaches of international humanitarian law…including genocide, are taking place in Palestine” and are “being committed openly”.

April 8 Rallies Outside German Mission, Embassy, And Consulates

On Monday, CODEPINK peace and human rights activists will gather outside the German consulate German Mission, Embassy, and Consulates across America to demonstrate solidarity with Palestine, Nicaragua and South Africa, as the International Court of Justice (ICJ) commences proceedings on Nicaragua’s case against Germany for allegedly aiding and abetting Israel’s genocide in Gaza. "We are answering the call for solidarity with Palestinian-Germans who risk beatings and arrest when they protest Germany's complicity in Israel's slaughter in Gaza.

Climate Justice Means Holistic Transformation, Not Tinkering

‘The climate crisis has many dimensions: social, political, economic, environmental, moral, ethical, and ideological. The way out of the crisis must address the root cause: the endless, limitless, mindless accumulation and concentration of capital on a planet with finite resources,’ Valdrak Jaentschke, head of the Nicaragua delegation, said in his speech at the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) in Dubai. In turn, climate justice must be multi-dimensional recognising that climate justice is an integral part of social, political, environmental, and ethical justice.

UN Human Rights Council Supports US Regime Change Plans For Nicaragua

When the United Nations sets up a “commission of inquiry,” it can result in a powerful analysis of violations of human rights law, such as the one appointed in 2021 to examine Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian territories and its Apartheid practices. But other commissions can become political platforms aimed at demonizing a particular government by crafting narratives that give the semblance of objectivity, while suppressing all evidence that contradicts the prevailing geopolitical consensus. The ultimate aim of such commissions is not to investigate or to provide advice or technical assistance, but to support a campaign of destabilization.

ICJ To Hold Nicaragua Case Against Berlin On Facilitating Genocide

The International Court of Justice will hold hearings in Nicaragua's case, accusing Germany of complicity in the Gaza genocide starting next month. Nicaragua accused Germany two weeks ago of enabling genocide in Gaza in a lawsuit brought before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for supporting "Israel" and blocking financing for the UN Palestinian refugee agency. The Central American country officially filed a case at the ICJ against Germany for supporting "Israel" financially and militarily. 

More Sanctions On Nicaragua Will Deepen US Migration Crisis

For Barbara Larcom and Jill Clark-Gollub, increased US economic warfare waged against Nicaragua will only translate into a worsening of the already delicate migration problem in the US and affect supply chains in Central American and Caribbean countries that trade with Nicaragua. The two activists from the Nicaragua Solidarity Coalition were interviewed by Orinoco Tribune last Wednesday, March 6. Barbara Larcom is the current chair of the Nicaragua Solidarity Coalition, an international alliance of organizations and individuals that support Nicaragua’s sovereignty.

We Won’t Go Back Into Our Cages: Celebrating Women’s Day In Nicaragua

“We have painful stories, stories of marginalization, a history of being trampled because we are women and even more because we are rural peasant women, campesinas,” says Rosibel Ramos, bright eyes belying her age. “What were women’s spaces?” She asks. “The kitchen, taking care of kids, taking care of everyone else. We were supposed to just sit quietly in a corner.” Rosibel, now in her 60s, is telling the story of the founding of the Rural Feminist Ecological Cooperative “Las Diosas”* which means The Goddesses. The co-op is made up of hundreds of women from northern Nicaragua who grow, process and sell organic and fair-trade certified coffee, hibiscus and honey.  

Nicaragua Sues Germany At ICJ Over Support To Israel

In a statement on Friday, the government of Nicaragua said that “it presented a lawsuit before the International Court of Justice against the Federal Republic of Germany for violations of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crime of Genocide.” According to the statement, Germany has provided political, financial, and military support to Israel knowing that it would be used to commit “serious violations of international law.” The statement also highlighted that Germany cut off assistance to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), despite being “perfectly aware of the deadly impact that its decision (…)  means in practical terms, which amounts to the collective punishment of millions of Palestinians”.

Nicaragua: Holding Countries Accountable Without War Or Sanctions

I was 13 years old the day I got braces on my teeth and the United States bombed Baghdad, launching the “first” Iraq war. “Today, Wednesday the 16th of January 1991, we had just gotten out of the dentist's office and Mom told me the news,” I wrote in my journal. “She started saying, ‘Oh my God!’ and I was silent, wanting to cry and throw up.” My 8th grade class organized a “speak out” in the school library. The students sat cross-legged on the carpet and took turns struggling to express our feelings through the tangle of meaningless phrases we’d heard adults around us using. One of my classmates stood up to say she was worried about her dad; he was a soldier and had been deployed. “I support our troops,” she declared.

Nicaragua Formally Applies To Join ICJ Genocide Case Against ‘Israel’

The government of Nicaragua has filed a formal application with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to join South Africa in its genocide case against “Israel.” The ICJ announced in a press release on Thursday, February 8, that Nicaragua referred to Article 62 of the Statute of the Court to file in the Registry of the Court an application for permission to “intervene as a party in the case concerning Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide in the Gaza Strip (South Africa v. Israel).” In its filing, Nicaragua stated that it considers the conduct of Israel is in “violation of its obligations under the Genocide Convention” as it carries on its genocidal attack against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The ‘Human Rights Industry’ And Nicaragua

Why do United Nations human rights bodies focus on some countries, but not others? Why do organizations like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International appear to ignore important evidence presented to them? And why do the media repeat stories of human rights abuses without questioning their veracity? These issues and more are examined in one of 2023’s most remarkable books: The Human Rights Industry by Alfred de Zayas. It is remarkable for two reasons. One is that it brings together the insights of de Zayas and other experts into the ways in which “human rights” have been distorted to serve the interests of Western governments, principally those of the United States.

We Must Stop New Sanctions On Nicaragua From Advancing In Congress

The US government has illegally imposed unilateral coercive measures (a.k.a. sanctions) on some 40 countries around the world, in which one-third of humanity lives. Whole populations are ultimately denied access to the necessities of life, such as adequate food, clean water, medicines, and fuel. The most vulnerable citizens – children, the elderly, the sick and the poor – are most heavily impacted. Ever increasing sanctions on Nicaragua could lead to situations such as that of Venezuela, with 40,000 excess deaths in just one year due to the US blockade of its oil sector. In Cuba, the people are suffering the worst humanitarian crisis in their history from the ever tightening 60-year blockade.

Finance Minister: How US Sanctions Impact Nicaragua’s Poor

Despite the enormous damage caused by U.S. intervention, Nicaragua’s economy has improved dramatically under the rule of Daniel Ortega, a leader of Nicaragua’s 1979 socialist Sandinista revolution who has been in power since 2007. Nicaraguan Finance Minister Iván Acosta gave an interview detailing how Nicaragua fits the broader pattern by which sanctions negatively impact working class people and the poor while doing little to affect a change in government policy. U.S. sanctions have been applied against Nicaragua based on the false claim that Ortega committed grave human rights abuses, when his government largely reacted with restraint to the violent political uprising in 2018 which caused Nicaragua’s GDP to decline by over 4%.
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