Bolivia: Violent Pro-Coup Extremists Assault MAS Canvassers

By Telesur English. -

Bolivian coup supporters waged an attack on Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) canvassers, setting fire to campaign tents and destroying materials. Videos circulating on social media show what [...]

‘Extreme Option: Overthrow Allende’

By Peter Kornbluh, Portside. -

Washington, DC - On September 15, 1970, during a twenty-minute meeting in the Oval Office between 3:25 pm and 3:45 pm, President Richard Nixon ordered the CIA to foment a military coup in Chile. [...]

Experiments In Free Transit

By Joshua DeVries, The Bullet. -

Among the few positive aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, some localities have taken the impressive step of implementing free transit. Several cities in Ohio, including Akron, Canton, Toledo and [...]

Chris Hedges: ‘We Are In A Dangerous Time’

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

When we last interviewed Chris Hedges in December, we spoke about the coming uprising and whether the left was ready for it. Now we are in the midst of a nationwide rebellion against police [...]

Walking The Tightrope: Latin America’s Pink Tide

By: Frederick B. Mills, New Politics. -

Latin America’s Pink Tide: Breakthroughs and Shortcomings, edited by economic historian and prominent Latin Americanist Steve Ellner, offers a critical ethical theoretical framework for assessing [...]

Haiti: Tremors Herald The Collapse Of The Moïse Regime

By ELAPRE (Struggle and Action for the Revolution), -

Haiti’s economic and social situation has been steadily worsening since Jovenel Moïse came to power. It is a real descent into hell, planned by the tiny minority of bourgeois families as the [...]

New Alternative Left Alliance Forms In Venezuela

By Paul Dobson, Venezuelanalysis. -

Merida - Two major Venezuelan left-wing parties have announced that they will not be backing government candidates in the upcoming December 6 parliamentary elections. For the first time, [...]

Become A Socialist With This CEO Pay Calculator

By Joel Cunningham, Life Hacker.  -

You’ve probably heard, anecdotally, that Jeff Bezos earns your salary in some absurdly short amount of time—but do you know exactly how short? Well, now there’s a tech CEO salary calculator from [...]

How Socialists Won Our Democratic Rights

By Adam J. Sacks, Tribune Magazine. -

The myth of modern democracy is that it was handed down from on-high. In fact, the ruling class resisted extending the franchise at every turn – and it was socialists who fought them for the [...]

Neoliberal Centrists And The American Left

By Rob Urie, Counterpunch. -

The rapid end to the electoral fortunes of the Anglo-American left in 2020 was engineered by radical centrists for the benefit of capital. What was banished, in addition to vibrant and informed [...]

Letter To The Socialists, Old And New

By Chris Townsend, Regeneration Magazine. -

I joined the labor movement 41 years ago. I had enrolled in the socialist movement two years before that. When I started out my links to the rest of the socialist movement were few; there were [...]

Document Exposes US Plot To Overthrow Nicaragua’s Elected Government

By Ben Norton, The Grayzone. -

A newly released document exposes a US government operation to overthrow the democratically elected socialist government in Nicaragua. The plot is administered by the United States Agency for [...]

UK Labour Party Teeters On Brink Of Civil War

By Jonathan Cook. -

Jeremy Corbyn, the former left-wing leader of Britain’s Labour party, is once again making headlines over an “antisemitism problem” he supposedly oversaw during his five years at the head of the [...]

Terms Frequently Used To Describe Capitalism Don’t Hold Up Under Scrutiny

By Richard D. Wolff, Economy for All. -

Capitalism is not, as its defenders like to claim, defined by “free” or “private” enterprises. Likewise, “free” or “unregulated” markets do not define capitalism. Politics and ideology drive its [...]

Cuba Defeated The Pandemic, Is Preparing To Face The Economic Crisis

By Arleen Rodríguez Derivet, Resumen English. -

Possibly no other country in the world has it worse when it comes to facing what Cuban President Miguel Díaz Canel has defined as the very challenging global economic scenario, after the impact [...]