Frightening Numbers: Biosphere Heating Accelerates

By Manuel Garcia Jr. from his blog. -

At this time, the Biosphere is warming at a rate of 3.03×1015 Watts, which is equivalent to a temperature rate-of-rise of 0.0167°C/year. The warming rate has been increasing steadily since the [...]

Cuban Spies Disguised As Doctors

By Roger Stoll, Popular Resistance. -

The European Union now excludes travelers from the COVID-ridden U.S. but welcomes those from the virtually COVID-free Cuba. Cuba, the country that sends doctors and infectious disease specialists [...]

Police Lessons From Cuba

By Reese Erlich, The Progressive. -

Contrary to the image of brutal and repressive communists, police in Cuba offer an instructive example for activists in the United States. Police live in the cities they patrol. They generally [...]

How We Sold Soviet Union And Czechoslovakia For Plastic Shopping Bags

By Andre Vltchek, China Daily Hong Kong. -

For months, this has been a story that I want to share with young readers in Hong Kong. Now it seems to be the really appropriate time when the ideological battle between the West and China is [...]

In The West – Propaganda, Hysteria And Truly Foul Breath!

By Andre Vltchek, Journal Neo. -

If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be laughable: the political brigands in North America and Europe are fuming, spitting and rolling their eyes upwards towards the ceiling. They are pointing [...]

Frontline Healthcare Workers Are Becoming Socialists

By Igor Krasno, Révolution Permanente. -

As the current Covid-19 pandemic spread throughout the country, healthcare workers again witnessed how the for-profit healthcare system, along with the capitalist economic system, was unable to [...]

On Contact: Ecosocialism

By Chris Hedges, RT. -

On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to writer, teacher and activist Victor Wallis about the prospect and need for ecosocialism. Wallis’ book is entitled ‘Red-Green Revolution: The Politics [...]

Iran – Powerful And Determined

By Andre Vltchek, Journal-Neo. -

US battleships are sailing right next to the Iranian territorial waters. One mistake, one false move, and war could erupt, engulfing the entire region in flames. Iran is a proud nation, and it [...]

Post-Pandemic America: Prelude To Socialism Or Fascism?

By Werner Lange, Hampton Think. -

May 8 marks the 75th anniversary of the defeat of fascism in Europe, a historic victory over modern despotism that catapulted American capitalism to world domination by default. As the only [...]

Coronavirus Decade: Post-Capitalist Nightmare Or Socialist Awakening?

By Neil Vallelly, ROAR Magazine. -

The defining event of the 2020s has been established in its first few months. This will surely be the coronavirus decade, unless something much worse is heading our way, which is not out of the [...]

Diseased System In Shut-Lockdown

By Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report. -

If growing misery among the masses is what made revolutions, the Lords of Capital would have been deposed from their ruling perches long ago. But human beings do not spend their lives tallying [...]

Capitalism Can’t Be Repaired

By Richard D. Wolff, Brave New Europe. -

Consider this absurdity: The U.S. government’s policy in the face of the current capitalist crash is to “return the economy to the pre-coronavirus normal.” What? In that “normal” system, private [...]

COVID-19, Capitalism, And Socialism

By Victor Wallis, Political Animal Magazine. -

The COVID-19 emergency underscores longstanding truths about capitalism and socialism. Acting on the most immediate demands that it raises draws us directly into a confrontation with core [...]

Coronavirus And The Crisis This Time

By Sam Gindin, The Bullet. -

Crises – not regular downturns but major crises – are characterized by the uncertainty they bring. They interrupt the normal and require yet-to-be discovered abnormal responses in order for us to [...]

Contrasting Health Systems

By Pasqualina Curcio Curcio, Ultimas Noticias, translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau. -

In the catalog of health provision and financing systems, we find a wide range, from the most private to the public and free of charge. There are systems whose provision and financing [...]