Rural Teacher Pedro Castillo Poised To Write A New Chapter In Peru’s History

By Medea Benjamin and Leonardo Flores, Popular Resistance. -

With his wide-brimmed peasant hat and oversized teacher’s pencil held high, Peru’s Pedro Castillo has been traveling the country exhorting voters to get behind a call that has been particularly [...]

Peru: Exit Poll Shows Technical Tie

By Orinoco Tribune. -

The pollster Ipsos published this Sunday the exit polls of the second round of the presidential elections in Peru. With a difference of 0.6% of votes, the candidate Keiko Fujimori, from Fuerza [...]

The Regressive Economic Policies Of Bolivia’s Coup Government

By Jake Johnston, Joe Sammut, Mark Weisbrot, and Miguel Carvalho, Center For Economic and Policy Research. -

This paper looks at the economy of Bolivia during the de facto government that took power following a military coup in November of 2019 and that ruled for one year. The coup overthrew a [...]

What Matters About The Origins Of The COVID-19 Virus

By Glen Janken, Popular Resistance. -

Up until recently I dismissed the hypothesis that the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 escaped from a Chinese lab as a crackpot conspiracy theory meant to increase anti- China sentiment in the [...]

Towards A New Chilean Constitution

By Barbara Fernández Melleda, Alborada. -

A leaderless social movement gathering millions of people across Chile began in October 2019. After decades of protests over healthcare, pensions, education and other issues, these multiple [...]

Brazilians March To Demand Bolsonaro’s Impeachment

By Tom Phillips, The Guardian. -

Tens of thousands of protesters have poured on to the streets of Brazil’s largest cities to demand the impeachment of President Jair Bolsonaro over his catastrophic response to a coronavirus [...]

Chile Is Reborn: A (Political) Earthquake Emerged From The Streets

By Patricio Zamorano, Council on Hemispheric Affairs. -

What happened in Chile this past weekend seems to be one of those historic events that cannot but follow its inexorable course. It is like an enormous, powerful tsunami wave whose size cannot be [...]

Repression Of National Protests In Colombia Is Backed By The United States

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. -

Colombians have been on a national strike since April 28 with protests in 500 cities and blockades that have shut down the major highway. The protests were sparked by a proposed bill that would [...]

If I Fall In The Struggle, Take My Place

By Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. -

Ugliness defines the mood of state violence from Cali (Colombia) to Durban (South Africa), each context different and the depth of the violence particular to the location. Images of security [...]

Colombia Has Lost Its Fear

By Crimethinc. -

After decades of armed conflict and paramilitary violence, Colombia has seen protest movements return in strength over the past year and a half. The forceful demonstrations of the past week [...]

Colombian Security Forces Are Massacring People On The Streets

By Pablo Navarrete, The Canary. -

In Colombia the right-wing government of Iván Duque is killing people taking part in an ongoing national strike protesting the government’s economic policies and widespread human rights [...]

Rebellion Sweeps Colombia Despite Deadly Repression

By Chris Banks, Liberation News. -

Massive protests are taking place throughout Colombia as people stand firm in the face of deadly police violence. Since April 28, when a general strike was called to oppose deeply regressive [...]

Colombia’s National Strike: An On-the-Ground Report

By Gearóid Ó Loingsigh, Left Voice. -

Colombia’s national strike — or paro (stoppage) as it is called locally —  began on April 28 with enormous protests and on May 5 entered its eighth day, with another round of mass protests around [...]

Progressive International Statement On The Duque Massacres In Colombia.

By Progressive International. -

On 28 April, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in a nation-wide strike to oppose the neoliberal policies of the Iván Duque government, and his record of violence against social [...]

Colombian Campesino Leader: This Is An Authoritarian Regime

First of all, we, as a campesino association, the National Agrarian Coordinating Committee, have been involved in the mobilizations from the very beginning and from there we have helped to [...]