Modern US Racial Capitalism

By Charisse Burden-Stelly, Monthly Review. -

In recent years, “racial capitalism” has ascended across the humanities and social sciences. It has arisen as a conceptual framework to understand the mutually constitutive nature of [...]

Sweden’s COVID-19 Response Is Nothing To Envy

By Eleanor Goldfield, Mintpress News. -

From Djurgården, I walk along the water on Strandvägen – a rising fall whips in a determined wind across the water, slicing at remnants of summer and carving pathways around centuries-old [...]

Trade Unions Need New Strategies

By Asbjørn Wahl, The Bullet. -

Trade unions are on the defensive all over the world, under immense pressure from strong economic and political forces. We are facing a multiplicity of crises. Employers are attacking on all [...]

Will A Biden Foreign Policy Make A Difference For The World?

By Ajamu Baraka, Black Agenda Report. -

The “left” rationalization for collaborating with the neoliberal wing of the Democrat Party is premised on the argument that a win for the national Democrat candidate translates into better [...]

#SaveThePostOffice Call-In Day! Wednesday, August 26

By A Grand Alliance to Save the Post Office, Popular Resistance. -

Since the Coronavirus crisis hit, USPS has become more essential than ever, from delivering life-saving medicine, to sustaining our democracy through mail-in voting. It has also become more [...]

Are Postal Service Cuts Motivated By Voter Suppression, Privatization Or Both?

By Sarah Anderson and Scott Klinger, Inequality. -

Throughout its 245-year history, the Postal Service has persevered through rain, snow, heat, the gloom of night, and even a global pandemic to serve the American people. But now this vital public [...]

The Specter Of A Fascist Coup By Trump Haunts The US

By Roger Harris, Popular Resistance. -

Spreading faster than COVID-19 among those on the portside, warnings of a fascist-style coup by Trump are rampant this presidential campaign season. Meanwhile, in the real world, more than 51 [...]

The Neoliberal Virus

By Ben Debney, Counterpunch. -

Neoliberalism can be characterized, amongst other things, by a doctrinaire preoccupation with market deregulation and accompanying mythology, with all the supporting evidence of children’s fairy [...]

Neoliberal Centrists And The American Left

By Rob Urie, Counterpunch. -

The rapid end to the electoral fortunes of the Anglo-American left in 2020 was engineered by radical centrists for the benefit of capital. What was banished, in addition to vibrant and informed [...]

US Capitalism Is In Total Meltdown

By Sarah Jaffe , The Progressive. -

In 2005, when the federal, state, and local governments spectacularly failed the residents of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, there was a sense of shock from both inside and outside of the [...]

Expropriation Or Bust

By Colin Jenkins, Hampton Think. -

Election seasons bring with them a renewed interest in politics. For most that couldn't care less about such concerns, election season becomes, for at least a moment, a time to reflect on deeper [...]

Chilean Arpilleras Sustain Political Momentum During Lockdown

By Nathalia Santos Ocasio, NACLA. -

After five months of continual mass mobilizations, the Chilean estallido, or uprising, came to a sudden interruption in mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic. President Sebastián Piñera [...]

Ten Point Agenda For The Global South

By Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. -

In 1974, the United Nations General Assembly passed a New International Economic Order (NIEO), which was driven by the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). The resolution laid out a clear plan for the [...]

The Pandemic As Part Of A Much Broader Crisis Of Civilisation

By Roland Kulke, Transform! Europe. -

Covid-19 was first identified in November 2019 in the city of Wuhan. It is an infectious disease caused by a virus which is highly likely to have ‘jumped’ from a horseshoe bat to a human. This is [...]

Capitalist Catastrophism

By Kai Heron, ROAR Magazine. -

We are not really in capitalist realism anymore, that we have in fact been leaving it for quite some time and that the signs of what might replace it in our pandemic-ridden and rapidly warming [...]