US Launches Brazen Interventionist Plan to Overthrow The FSLN

By Wiston López. Radio La Primerísima. -

An orchestrated plan financed by the United States to overthrow the democratically elected Nicaragua government during the next two years was leaked in a document from the US embassy and [...]

Nicaragua Targeted For US Overthrow In 2020-21

By S. Brian Willson, Popular Resistance. -

The US has launched a brazen, criminal and arrogant plan to overthrow Nicaragua’s government. A well orchestrated plan financed by the United States to launch a coup d'état in Nicaragua over the [...]

After 23 Years Of Media Warfare Against Venezuela, US Says It Will Start A Media War

By Clodovaldo Hernandez, Orinoco Tribune. -

After 23 years of unremitting media warfare against Venezuela, the United States announces that it will start a media war against Venezuela. It’s cynical, it’s tragic, it’s even comical. Since [...]

Human Rights Fraud From Ukraine To Nicaragua

By Stephen Sefton, Tortilla con Sal. -

Current Western human rights industry practice has nothing to do with establishing the truth. Increasingly in recent years, US and allied elites have sought to legitimize illegal aggression by [...]

Bolivia: Stop State Repression And Violence, For Free And Fair Elections

By The Andean Information Network. -

Four days after the Interim Bolivian Government suspended elections again, Harvard Law School’s International Human Rights Clinic and the University Network for Human Rights (UNHR) released a [...]

Imperialist Economic War Costs US Almost $200 Billion

By Pasqualina Curcio, People's Voice. -

Quantifying each and every one of the effects of the war that imperialism has declared on the Venezuelan people is impossible. The attacks that Venezuelans have experienced since 1999 have not [...]

Operation Gideon Shows US Aggression Against Venezuela Is Not About Human Rights

By Jack Delaney, Peace Data. -

Operation Gideon was not an outlying incident, the debacle occurred in accordance with decades, if not centuries, of U.S. foreign policy precedent in Latin America. Along with Bolivia’s [...]

Venezuela Moves Toward Elections: US Seeks To Undermine Them

By Venezuelanalysis. -

Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) has kickstarted proceedings for the upcoming December 6 National Assembly (AN) elections. A number of events have taken place in recent weeks that [...]

Bolivia: ‘Beyond The Elections We have To Recover The State’

By Carlos Aznarez, Resumen English. -

Beyond the elections, we have to regain the State. This is a more general conflict and no work is being done in that direction. We have been stripped of all the mechanisms that the state has to [...]

With Cold War Language, Pompeo Defines Plan For ‘Totalitarian’ China

By  Katie Bo Williams, Defense One. -

In a major foreign policy speech on U.S.-China relations, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cast ratcheted-up tensions with Beijing in Cold War terms, announcing that Washington would seek to change [...]

State Dept Abandons Families Of Mercenaries Detained In Venezuela

By Anya Parampil, The Grayzone. -

The Grayzone has confirmed that former US ambassador to the UN Bill Richardson traveled to Venezuela on Monday, July 13, following conversations with the families of former Green Beret soldiers [...]

US Sanctions Are Part Of A Multi-Front War On Syria

By Eva Bartlett, RT. -

The US is waging multiple fronts of war against Syria, including brutal sanctions while claiming concern over the wellbeing of Syrian civilians – the vast majority of whom are suffering as a [...]

SouthCom Warships Sailing Near Venezuelan Shores

The United States Navy (US) sailed into Venezuelan waters, “to challenge the excessive claim of Venezuela on June 23”, when the Minister of Popular Power for Defense, G / J Vladimir Padrino López [...]

Colombians Question Deployment Of US Security Forces

By Thomas Power, NACLA. -

Colombian soldiers and military brass have been implicated in a string of human rights violations in recent weeks. On May 1, Semana magazine reported that the Colombian military illegally used [...]