The Assault On The Venezuelan Embassy

By Bill Van Auken, WSWS -

Events that transpired Thursday at the Venezuelan embassy in the upscale Washington neighborhood of Georgetown expressed in microcosm the criminality and contempt for international law that [...]

Activists To ‘Escalate’ Opposition To Trump Policies Toward Venezuela, Iran

By Mark Hand, DC Media Group -

Activists opposed to the Trump administration’s plans to overthrow the Venezuelan government returned to the Venezuelan embassy Saturday afternoon to express their support for the group of people [...]

Anti-War Voices On Both Sides Warn Of Coming CIA Provocation To Kill Guaidó, Blame Maduro

By Whitney Webb, Mintpress News -

With López still unable to directly maneuver in the streets, Guaidó’s continued freedom of movement may continue to make him a valuable asset to the current efforts to overthrow Venezuela’s [...]

Venezuela: A Dangerous Moment

By Angel Guerra Cabrera, Resumen -

The comic strip of a coup d’etat in Caracas on April 30 deflated itself with the sunset that same day. No military action was required against it. In fact, most of rebel soldiers who had been [...]

I Was Arrested For Sharing Bread

By Ariel Gold, CODE PINK -

As part of the Embassy Protection Collective, I've been staying inside the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington D.C. to protect it from takeover by Trump's coup collaborators. On Thursday, I came out [...]

Embassy Protection Collective Responds To Tactics To Drive Us From The Embassy

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

Last night (May 3),  it became evident to the Embassy Protection Collective that the Secret Service and State Department Police have been directed to allow the opposition to drive us out of the [...]

Allies of Venezuela Defend Washington, DC Embassy

By John Zangas, DC Media Group -

The People’s Embassy Protection Collective at the Venezuela Embassy grew to as many as 150 people as more activists arrived from around the country. They continue to stand firm against a possible [...]

All Out This Weekend: People’s Mobilization To Protect The Venezuelan Embassy

By The Embassy Protection Collective, Popular Resistance -

We are calling for a full mobilization of all people of conscience to join us on Saturday, April 27 at 2:00 p.m. at the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, D.C. We urgently request that all who can [...]

Venezuelan Embassy Stands Strong; Activist-Tenants Vow To Resist Illegal Eviction

People from all over the United States came to Washington, D.C. and joined together last night at the Venezuelan Embassy in a powerful demonstration of solidarity with the people of Venezuela. [...]

Arresting Members Of The Embassy Protection Collective Would Be Unlawful

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

We have told the State Department that if they enter the Venezuelan Embassy they are violating international law and if they arrest members of the Collective for trespass or unlawful entry these [...]

Venezuela: Embassy Protection Collective ‘The Next Two Days Are Crucial’

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

The next two days will be crucial for the protection of the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC. The Embassy Protection Collective is prepared to stay at the embassy for the foreseeable future, [...]

Solidarity With Venezuela Now! Protect The Embassy

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

We are writing to you from inside the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC where we are taking action against a US coup of the independent and sovereign Bolivarian Republican of Venezuela. The [...]

Labeling The Iranian Revolutionary Guard ‘Terrorists’ Is A Step Toward War

By Patrick. T. Hiller, Peace Voice -

A “Twitter-stamp” by Secretary of State Pompeo made it official. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is now designated as a foreign terrorist organization. “We must help the people of Iran [...]

Venezuela Prepared To Defend The Revolution Against US Imperialism

By Staff, Redfish -

While Trump is threatening Venezuela with military intervention, Venezuelans are not waiting to organize themselves to be ready to confront any threats that they may face, both from inside and [...]

Why Was Guaido Barred from Holding Public Office for 15 Years?

The imposter fraud Guaido is having a difficult time organizing people to support his coup against President Maduro. Our colleague, Eva K. Bartlett, who joined us on a recent peace delegation in [...]