Bolivia: ‘Beyond The Elections We have To Recover The State’

By Carlos Aznarez, Resumen English. -

Beyond the elections, we have to regain the State. This is a more general conflict and no work is being done in that direction. We have been stripped of all the mechanisms that the state has to [...]

The Washington Post Must Answer For Its False Bolivia Coverage

By Joe Emersberger, -

President Evo Morales won re-election in Bolivia’s presidential election last October 20, as pre-election polls predicted. He received 47% of the vote in an election with 88% turnout. He beat his [...]

We Talk About One U.S.-Backed Coup. Hondurans Talk About Three.

By Meghan Krausch, -

Despite ample evidence of extreme human rights abuses in the immediate aftermath of Zelaya’s removal, the United States decided to support elections widely considered questionable held in [...]