US, S. Korea To Stage Massive Air Exercise Against North Korea

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By AFP for Yahoo News. The United States is planning more aerial mock attacks on North Korea. This is an ongoing and continuous process. Earlier this month, the US flew two B-1B supersonic [...]

USAG Humphreys: Story Behind America’s Biggest Overseas Base

By Jon Letman, -

By Jon Letman for The Diplomat - At first glance, Humphreys looks like an ordinary American suburb. With K-12 schools, chapels, a library, a big box store, dental and veterinary clinics and a [...]

Summary Trump’s Visit To South Korea

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By Staff for Zoom in Korea. U.S. President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in met in Seoul on November 7 and held a joint press conference following their summit. Trump’s [...]

South Korea Shifts Towards China

By Alexander Mercouris, -

By Alexander Mercouris for The Duran. The big news in Asia this week is not US President Trump’s grand but ultimately empty visit to China. It is the quiet steps China and South Korea have [...]

Koreans Around The World Say “No” To Warmongering Trump

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By Staff of Zoom in Korea - Trump arrived in Japan late Saturday November 4 as part of his thirteen-day tour of Asia and is scheduled to arrive in South Korea on November 7. North Korea and the [...]

Direct Action Against Arms Fairs In New Zealand And South Korea

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By Staff of War Resisters' International - In New Zealand, Peace Action Wellington organised groups from across New Zealand to resist the annual New Zealand Defence Industry Association's (NZDIA) [...]

S. Koreans Opposed To War On N. Korea Banned From US

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By Staff of Zoom In Korea. Fourteen members of the Fellowship of South Korean Youth — calling themselves the “Ban Trump’s Crazy Action” (BTC) delegation — were stopped at Incheon airport on [...]

South Korean Self-Immolates, Demands U.S. THAAD Weapons Out

By David Swanson, -

By David Swanson for Let's Try Democracy - Our country only has a future via the success of the Moon Jae-In Administration. President Moon Jae-In, long ago, when I was in Germany, I am someone [...]

USFK Install THAAD Launchers After Eight-Hour Confrontation

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By Staff of Zoom In Korea - The residents expressed feeling betrayed by the Moon Jae-in administration and said little has changed since he replaced former President Park Geun-hye. The Seongju [...]

United States Criticized for Ongoing Korea War Games

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By Staff for Al Jazeera. US and South Korean troops have begun annual military drills amid heated warnings by North Korea that the exercises will worsen tensions in the region. The Ulchi [...]

South Korea’s Peace Movement Refuses To Give Up

By Jon Letman, -

By Jon Letman for TruthOut. In August, 1945, as Japan smoldered in the ruins of war, the question of what would become of the Korean peninsula after 35 years of Japanese occupation and a Soviet [...]

Urgent Warning: Time To Hit The Reset Button On US-Korean Policy

By Medea Benjamin, -

By Medea Benjamin for Code Pink - Touching down in Washington DC Friday night after a peace delegation to South Korea organized by the Task Force to Stop THAAD in Korea (STIK), I saw the [...]

North And South Korea Want A Peace Treaty: US Must Join

By Christine Ahn, -

By Christine Ahn for Truthout - Two years ago, I crossed the world's most fortified border from North to South Korea with 30 women peacemakers from 15 countries, calling for a peace treaty to end [...]

South Korea’s New Gov Proposes Rare Military Talks With North Korea To Ease Tensions

By Samuel Osborne, -

By Samuel Osborne for Independent - South Korea has offered to have military talks with North Korea in order to ease tension across their border and resume the reunion of families separated by [...]

Protest Friday As President Moon Meets President Trump

By Staff of Yonhap News Agency - SEOUL, June 24 (Yonhap) -- Thousands of South Koreans staged a protest rally in central Seoul on Saturday demanding the withdrawal of the deployment of an [...]