North Korea Says It Will Not Become Libya Or Iraq, Stops Peace Process

By Kim Kye Gwan, Korean Central News Agency -

Prior to the DPRK-U.S. summit, unbridled remarks provoking the other side of dialogue are recklessly made in the U.S. and I am totally disappointed as these constitute extremely unjust [...]

Unification Of Korea Being Led By Beijing, Not Trump

By Vijay Prashad, Independent Media Institute. -

No doubt that it was an emotional moment last Friday, when North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and South Korea’s Moon Jae-in stepped over the boundary line that separates the two Koreas. That Kim invited [...]

The Historic Korean Peace Declaration Was Made Possible By Social Movements, Not Trump

By Sarah Lazare, -

President Donald Trump—who has previously threatened the entire Korean peninsula with nuclear annihilation—now appears to be claiming credit for a historic step towards military de-escalation [...]

A Most Hopeful Korean Summit With Little Chance Of Final Success

By Staff, -

Leaders of North and South Korea signed a treaty of reconciliation and nonaggression this morning, renouncing armed force against each other and saying that they would formally bring the Korean [...]

Three Suicides In One Night — Guantanamo Prison Commander Nominated As US Ambassador To South Korea

By Ann Wright, -

Why nominate to be the US Ambassador to South Korea a military general officer who was in charge of notorious Guantanamo prison when on June 9, 2006 at a secret facility on the prison grounds, [...]

Koreas Reach Agreement On Peace, Prosperity and Unity

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

The document from the North-South Korean Summit refers to the "Korean nation" when discussing the two Koreas. They describe their existence as "resulted from the division of the nation." They see [...]

Worst Possible Pick For U.S. Ambassador To South Korea

By David Swanson, -

In Joseph Hickman’s book Murder at Camp Delta, he describes a hideous death camp in which guards were trained to view the prisoners as sub-human and much greater care was taken to protect the [...]

Korean Peninsula In Historic Peace Talks – Thanks To Activists, Not Trump

By Ben Norton, -

It's the Real News. I'm Ben Norton. After six decades of conflict, it looks like the war on the Korean peninsula may finally be coming to an end. Since the early 1950s, South and North Korea have [...]

Koreas Negotiating Peace Treaty & End To Demilitarized Zone

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

The 1950 to 1953 war between North and South Korea ended their hostilities with a truce and the creation of a demilitarized zone. Now the North and South Korea governments are preparing to [...]

More of the Status Quo: US – South Korea Deal

By Daniel Cooper, Trade for People and Planet. -

We continue to emphasize that Trump’s actions on trade will not bring justice to workers, does not take care of our environment, does not bring us any closer to peaceful and collaborative [...]

Will the United States Seek Peace in North Korea?

By Staff, Zoom in Korea -

North Korea and China dramatically showed the two nations are close allies before President Trump's planned meeting with North Korean President Kim Jong Un. At the invitation of Chinese President [...]

The Two Koreas Talk: On The Path To Peace

By Staff, -

Following a two-day meeting with North Korean officials in Pyongyang, South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s special envoy returned to Seoul on March 6. The special envoy had dinner with North [...]

From PyeongChang To Lasting Peace

By Hyun Lee, -

Sometimes, art can point to answers that the stuffy logic of policy wonks cannot. Those who have truly felt, even for a passing moment, the pain of seventy years of artificial national division, [...]

South Korea, Straying Off The Leash?

By Ramsay Liem, -

Never before has North Korea loomed so large in the U.S. imagination.  No longer just a problem “over there,” North Korea has emerged as a much more immediate threat, one with the power to [...]

US Misses Opportunity For Peace Progress At Olympics

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

Vice President Mike Pence went to South Korea and missed the opportunity for further peace on the Olympic peninsula. The historic opening created by North and South Korea at the Olympics was an [...]