What Really Happened In Hanoi?

By Mike Whitney, Unz.com -

While the western media has written off last weekend’s summit in Hanoi as a failure, the talks did help to burnish Kim Jong-un’s reputation as a sincere statesman committed to peacefully [...]

South Korea No Longer Calls North Korea ‘The Enemy’ In Defense Ministry White Paper

By Yoo Kang-moon, English.hani.co.kr -

The first defense white paper released during the administration of South Korean President Moon Jae-in deleted a phrase about the North Korean regime and military being the “enemy” of South [...]

Kim Jong Un Annual Address Opens Door To Successful Negotiations With US

By Robert Carlin, 38north.org -

In his January 1st New Year’s speech, Kim Jong Un was almost relentlessly positive in discussing DPRK-US relations, a topic that took up an unusually large portion of the entire address. Rather [...]

President Moon Lays Out Five-Year Plan for Inter-Korean Cooperation

By Zoom In Korea -

South Korea unveiled a five-year master plan for developing inter-Korean relations on December 3. The third of its kind, the plan lays out the objectives and direction of the government’s policy [...]

Two Koreas Begin Verifying Removal Of DMZ Guard Posts: Defense Ministry

By Dagyum Ji, Nknews.org -

North and South Korea began a mutual on-site verification of the trial withdrawal and disarmament of 22 guard posts (GPs) along the demilitarized zone (DMZ) on Wednesday, the ROK Ministry of [...]

North And South Korea Continue To Move Toward Peace And Integration, Despite US

By Staff, Zoominkorea.org -

North and South Korea held high-level talks at Panmunjom on October 15 and adopted a joint statement on implementing the Pyongyang Joint Declaration signed at the inter-Korean summit on September [...]

No Navy Fleet Week On Jeju Island!

By Bruce K. Gagnon, Space4peace.blogspot.com -

This photo was taken from Gangjeong village on Jeju Island, South Korea as the US and South Korea prepare for Navy 'International Fleet Week' which will bring legions of US and its allies [...]

Koreas Agreed To Disarm Border Village

By Staff, Newsinfo.inquirer.net -

Pyongyang, North Korea — North and South Korea have agreed to disarm a jointly controlled border village, starting with the removal of landmines. A joint statement signed by the countries’ [...]

North and South Korea Steer Toward Peace Despite Heavy US Foot On The Brakes

By Elliott Gabriel, Mintpress News -

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and his counterpart from the South, President Moon Jae-in, made a powerful show of unity with the signing of the Pyongyang Declaration on Wednesday, underscoring [...]

A March On Jeju Island

By Buddy Bell, Vcnv.org -

On the cusp of July and August, nearly 200 students and 150 adults participated in a 3-day march in opposition to the construction of a second airport on Jeju-Do, South Korea. The plans include [...]

US Ambassador Says ‘Too early’ To End The Korean War, Moon-Kim To Meet Again

By Staff, Zoominkorea.org -

The two Koreas also restored their military communication line on August 15 to ease military tension. On the same day as the announcement of the inter-Korean summit, U.S. Ambassador to South [...]

Two Koreas Agree On 3rd Moon-Kim Summit To Be Held In September

By Kim Yoo-chul and Kim Bo-eun, Koreatimes.co.kr -

Leaders of the two Koreas will have their third summit in North Korea's capital next month, representatives of the two countries said in a joint press statement Monday. "South Korea and North [...]

U.S. House Passes Defense Bill Restricting Drawdown Of Troops In S. Korea

By Staff, M.yna.co.kr -

WASHINGTON, July 26 (Yonhap) -- The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday passed a defense authorization bill that restricts any drawdown of American troops in South Korea. The John S. McCain [...]

Pentagon Suspends August Military Drills With South Korea

By Lolita C. Baldor, Apnews.com -

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon on Monday formally suspended a major military exercise planned for August with South Korea, a much-anticipated move stemming from President Donald Trump’s nuclear [...]

What’s Driving The Peace Process In Korea?

By Staff, Telesur -

One very important aspect is the stance of the South Korean (ROK) government. President Moon Jae-in came to power last year on the basis of a campaign promising, among other things, a serious bid [...]