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Far Right

The Dangerously Appealing Style Of The Far Right

Before he won Argentina’s presidential election on 19 November, Javier Milei circulated a video of himself in front of a series of white boards. Pasted on one board were the names of various state institutions, such as the ministries of health, education, women and gender diversities, public works, and culture, all recognised as typical elements of any modern state project. Walking along the board, Milei ripped off the names of these and other ministries while crying afuera! (‘out!’) and declaring that if elected president, he would abolish them. Milei vowed not only to shrink the state but to ‘blow up’ the system, often appearing at campaign events with a chainsaw in hand.

Intimate Embrace Between Liberalism And The Far Right

One of the curiosities of our time is that the far right is quite comfortable with the established institutions of liberal democracy. There are instances here and there of disgruntled political leaders who refuse to accept their defeat at the ballot box (such as Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro) and then call upon their supporters to take extra-parliamentary action (as on 6 January 2021 in the United States and, in a farcical repetition, on 8 January 2023 in Brazil). But, by and large, the far right knows that it can attain what it wants through the institutions of liberal democracy, which are not hostile to its programmes.

Parliamentary Investigation Of MST Ends With The Movement Strengthened

On Wednesday September 27, the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (also known as CPI) that investigated the Landless Rural Workers’ Movement (MST) came to a close and confirmed the total flop of the pro-Bolsonaro far-right in the Chamber of Deputies, particularly the participation of the federal deputy Ricardo Salles (Liberal Party), the commission’s rapporteur. Salles was the minister of the environment in the Bolsonaro government. For many analysts, Salles seems to have used the CPI as an extension of his work in the ministry. Throughout the 130 days of the CPI, the commission presented data from when Salles was a minister and insisted on criminalizing the MST.

Far Right Imposed Shutdown Represents Deeper Crises

For the fourth time in ten years, the government is about to shut down ( prior to the 2013 shutdown, the last shutdown was in 1996). This shutdown, if it isn’t averted through last-minute maneuvering, would mean that roughly four million government employees — including police officers and the military —  would have their paychecks delayed, be furloughed, or otherwise impacted. The chaotic process of trying to keep the government open reveals, again, the deeply undemocratic nature of the U.S. regime. That a small sector of the far-right, elected by a tiny segment of the U.S. population, can hold necessary social programs hostage and demand new cuts in order to prevent an incredibly disruptive government shutdown is a sign that the U.S. government doesn’t represent the masses.

The Far Right Has Hijacked Chile’s New Constitutional Process

In 2019 the nation of Chile was shaken by a mass protest movement that has come to be known as the Social Explosion. A central demand of the Social Explosion was the abolition of the current constitution drafted in 1980 under US-backed fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet. In 2020, Chileans overwhelmingly voted for a new constitutional process in a referendum. However, just two years later, a plebiscite overwhelmingly rejected a new proposed constitution. Since then, the far right has hijacked the process by stacking the constituents to create another constitutional draft with their own representatives.

President Maduro Activated Peace Squads To Eradicate Violence

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, ordered the activation of the Peace Squads throughout the national territory to guarantee that "fascism does not impose the agenda of violence in the country." The head of state referred to the coup declarations of the former mayor of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma, who from abroad called for military intervention and a new coup against the Bolivarian government. "With these statements, Antonio Ledezma and all those who support him are exposed," said the national president while calling on the people of Venezuela to defend peace, sovereignty and internal unity.

Venezuela Issues Arrest Warrant For Antonio Ledezma

Venezuela’s Attorney General Tarek William Saab announced that an arrest warrant was issued for the fugitive Antonio Ledezma due to his statements that called for deaths and confrontation between Venezuelans. “We have requested an arrest warrant for Antonio Ledezma for the crimes of treason, conspiracy, incitement to commit a crime, and association,” the prosecutor said at a press conference. In order to advance the proceedings, said Saab, national prosecutors #67 and #74, with full jurisdiction against organized crime, were appointed. At the press conference, he reported that technical expertise is being activated “for the purpose of requesting an arrest warrant against him.”

The Dangerous Convergence Of Religious Nationalism In Israel And US

A new brand of far-right religious nationalism in Israel is seeking to refine the country’s ethnocentric basis, increasing its policing of the boundaries of Israeli Jewish identity in an attempt to shore up support for Israel’s anti-Arab policies. A parallel movement is unfolding in Israel’s chief benefactor, the United States, as the U.S. Zionist movement seeks to marginalize the increasing number of American Jews who are critical of Israeli apartheid in favor of Christian Zionists for whom the existence of a Jewish state in the Levant is part of their millenarian agenda. In both cases, their targets are liberal Jews whose disapproval of genocidal violence against Palestinians is considered a threat to Washington’s most important client state in the Middle East.

Don’t Let The Chain Of Freedom Break At Your Link

The last 45 years have seen the consolidation of the far Right. While “many white liberals have been so eager to put the ideology of white supremacy behind them that they declare it prematurely dead over and over again.” Smith College Professor Loretta Ross and 22nd Century Initiative Director Scot Nakagawa have both engaged for decades in the fight against the far Right. In this conversation they look at the lessons that  Ross’ work with the National Anti-Klan Network hold for the present; how the landscape of the Right has changed; and how we should orient ourselves to the present. Convergence Editorial Board member Marcy Rein edited the transcript of their hour-plus dialogue.

Inside Southern Sons Active Club

In January, we began infiltrating the Southern Sons Active Club (SSAC), a racist group operating in the Carolinas and in Georgia that is part of the broader “Active Club” network. With this two-part report, we identify twelve SSAC members and two former members. We also discuss a Georgia participant in the “Revolutionary White Brotherhood” (formerly “Blood and Soil Crew”), a regional neo-Nazi youth group with close ties to SSAC. We document SSAC’s ties to a white supremacist now facing charges for his part in a bank robbery conspiracy. In another instance of the club attracting violence-prone neo-Nazis, we discuss an underground cell in North Carolina dedicated to “direct action” whose members were previously in SSAC.

Trade Unions Can Beat The Far-Right

When my dad grew up in Luton in the 1970s, many of the roads I walk through today were a no-go for British Pakistanis. They were places where racist attacks were commonplace, and it was only sustained campaigning by an older generation that turned them around. Sadly, however, that fight endured. When I was eleven years old, I was told by a schoolteacher one day to stay indoors because the English Defence League were marching in town. Luton was later plagued by Britain First and other far-right groups. Last week, Patriotic Alternative targeted the town, plastering it with white nationalist Great Replacement Theory rhetoric. In the neighbouring town of Dunstable, the group was also active, whipping up fear about the housing of asylum seekers in hotels.

Bolsonarisras Invade Congress, Supreme Court And Office Of President

Supporters of the former president Jair Bolsonaro invaded the Supreme Federal Court, National Congress, and the Planalto Palace, the office of the president, this Sunday January 8, breaking through the blockade of the Military Police and the National Security Force of the Esplanade of Ministers in Brasília. The Planalto Palace, where the cabinet of the President also works from, was one of the key targets of the Bolsonaristas. According to CNN, there were members of the government in the building, that awaited rescue inside. Dozens of buses had arrived on Saturday January 7 to the Federal District to carry out the coup actions. Estadão estimated that 100 buses and approximately 3,900 people had traveled to the capital.

The Far Right Aims To Eliminate Trans People

The far right has unleashed a torrent of attacks on transgender rights with the goal of pushing trans people further into the precarious margins of U.S. capitalist society. Despite those efforts in the halls of power, working and oppressed people have embraced the fight for trans liberation and rallied in defense of LGBTQ people under attack. The latest is a bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) that would severely limit the ability of millions of transgender people to access transition-related medical care. Provocatively called the “Protect Children’s Innocence Act,” the bill would make it a felony to provide trans children with gender-affirming medical care, such as prescribing hormone blockers, hormone replacement therapy or surgery, punishable with between 10 and 25 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

To Fight Far Right Attacks We Must Reclaim The Radical Legacy Of Pride

Attacks on trans people are continuing to become more prevalent and more vicious. Not only are there currently more than 150 bills making their way through state legislatures that specifically target trans people, but the far right, aligned with certain sectors of the feminist movement, are also becoming more and more explicit in their calls for a eugenics campaign against trans people, with the end goal of as few trans people in existence as possible. One Twitter user, echoing language used by Tucker Carlson, even called for a “post-Weimar cleanup” of “degenerates.” The most common types of anti-trans legislation currently being proposed at the state level are bills that restrict trans youth’s access to gender-affirming healthcare and those that restrict trans youth’s ability to participate in sports.

The Recipe For Misinformation In The 2022 Brazilian Elections

If in the electoral year of 2018, the fake-news which circulated the most on social media platforms were related to the candidates themselves, the current misinformation questions the electoral process itself, according to the specialists interviewed by Brasil de Fato. The recent and constant mudslinging by the president and his allies about the alleged unreliability of electronic voting machines illustrates this. It’s no coincidence that this agenda is also prevalent in the far-right groups of the deeper layers of Telegram. In these more underground platforms, the far-right has complete dominance. “And the most shared [content], the topics and narratives that have the most prominence in the groups that we analyze are not those directly connected with the allegation of frauds in the electronic voting machines, but with those that question the legitimacy of the institutions that guarantee the result of the election."
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