Immigrant, Anti-ICE, Anti-Police & Solidarity Activists To Rally At Greyhound Bus Station To Demand: ICE OFF OUR BUSES!

By Staff, -

A coalition of pro-migrant, labor, anti-police brutality, and progressive activists are coming together to rally at Port Authority on August 23 to demand that Greyhound Corporation end [...]

Open Borders: A Progressive Response To The Immigration Crisis

By Harry Targ, -

People migrate from one place to another for a variety of reasons. A good part of that migration has to do with international relations, national economies, and the increasingly globalized [...]

How The U.S. Created The Central American Immigration Crisis

By Rebecca Gordon, Tom Dispatch. -

It’s hard to believe that more than four years have passed since the police shot Amílcar Pérez-López a few blocks from my house in San Francisco’s Mission District. He was an immigrant, 20 years [...]

ICE: You’re Not Welcome In The South

By Justin Vest, -

Last week, I dropped my kids off for their first day of school in our small Alabama town of not even 7,000 people. The kids were excited, but I was a nervous wreck. My kids — ages 8 and 11 — are [...]

The Tech Employee Backlash, Whole Foods Edition

By Staff, Technology Review -

A group of anonymous Whole Foods employees is calling out Amazon (which bought the supermarket chain in 2017) for working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). An open letter, [...]

‘Let Them Go!’: Tears, Shock Over ICE Raids At Mississippi Food Processing Plants

By Rogelio Solis and Jeff Amy, -

MORTON — U.S. immigration officials raided numerous Mississippi food processing plants Wednesday, arresting 680 mostly Latino workers in what marked the largest workplace sting in at least a [...]

Opposition To Trump’s Migration Deal Has Sparked A Growing Student Occupation In Guatemala

By Jeff Abbott, -

Late in the afternoon on July 29, students from Guatemala’s only public university, the University of San Carlos, took control of the university’s museum in Guatemala City’s historic center. [...]

Resistance To Private Prison Industry Mounts Amid Debate Over Trump’s Immigration Detention Policies

By Lauren-Brooke "L.B." Eisen, -

Controversy over immigration policy is shining an unwelcome spotlight on the private prison industry, which runs detention facilities that house tens of thousands of immigrants. The private [...]

ICE Contracts Are Booming. See Which Vendors Are In Your State.

By Staff, -

Companies and other entities that make money from Immigration and Customs Enforcement contracts are flush in 2019, thanks to President Trump's harsh immigration operation. On July 24, Sens. Chuck [...]

Immigrant Rights Activists Protest Inside And Outside Of The Democratic Debates

By Vera Parra, Movimiento Cosecha -

Members of the Movimiento Cosecha protested during the presidential debates of the Democratic Party. They protested outside with blockades and inside interrupting former Vice President [...]

Seattle, WA: Rolling Picket Shuts Down ICE Profiteers

By Staff, -

On July 26th a lively rolling picket of over 40 people marched through downtown Seattle, shutting down bank branches and occupying the lobbies of investment firm offices. HSBC, U.S. Bank, [...]

Protesters Block Entrance Of Coach Company Accused Of Helping The Government To Deport Migrants

By Ruchira Sharma, -

Environmental activism group Reclaim the Power are protesting outside the entrance of a coach company accused of assisting the government with deportations. Three protesters have suspended [...]

The Top 5 Ways To Defeat ICE Agents

By Lee Camp, -

The Democrats and the corporate media will breathlessly tell you how Donald Trump is a racist (he is). They’ll relay the gut-wrenching horror of having your family ripped apart by Border Patrol [...]

“This Isn’t Just Something Happening Elsewhere”: Protesters Rally Outside Vermont ICE facility

By Ross Ketschke, -

Hundreds marched through the rain Sunday afternoon to protest outside the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building in Williston. The demonstration was put on by the combined force of dozens [...]

Beyond Moral Persuasion In The Struggle For Migrant And Refugee Justice

By William I. Robinson, -

The United States is currently ground zero in the war against migrants and refugees waged by the global police state. Yet, it is also central to the resistance to that war. Yet, this resistance [...]