Freedom To Stay, Freedom To Move: An Interview With Harsha Walia

By Liam Hough, ROAR Magazine. -

Harsha Walia has been involved in anti-colonial and anti-capitalist migrant justice movements for the past two decades. Her first book, Undoing Border Imperialism, offered a movement analysis of [...]

Global Migration Indicators Report Summarizes 2020 For Migrants

By People's Dispatch. -

The Global Migration Indicators report by the International Organization for Migration is here, with an update on how COVID-19 affected migration around the world. The report says more than 2,300 [...]

Extinction Rebellion Blockade To Protest Nationality And Borders Bill

By The Canary. -

The activists locked themselves to each other and to the property’s gates from about 7am on Monday. The protesters, from XR Scotland and XR Glasgow, are calling on the UK government “to end its [...]

UK Higher Education Workers Strike For Fair Pay, Working Conditions

By People's Dispatch. -

In today’s episode of the Daily Round-up we look at the 3-day UCU strike by Higher Education workers across 58 universities in the UK to demand fair wages and job security; the re-imposition of [...]

Media Don’t Factcheck Right-Wing Migration Myths

By David L. Wilson, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. -

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked a bizarre question at President Joe Biden’s November 3 Press Briefing. The president seemed to misunderstand the question, which referred to [...]

Thanksgiving March To Free Indigenous Kids From Immigration Cages

By Last Real Indians. -

An informal group of Northwest Indigenous warriors, headed by veteran Native rights protector Sid Mills, announced last week they plan to join a march in Southern California to demand the release [...]

Defund The Global Climate Wall

By Todd Miller, The Border Chronicle. -

Blinken’s sentiment was echoed by a report on the impact of climate change and migration from the White House earlier this month, one of a slew of reports as the U.S. prepared for the United [...]

Are Nicaraguan Migrants Escaping ‘Repression’—Or Economic Sanctions?

By John Perry, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. -

“Record numbers” of migrants are coming into the United States from Nicaragua, according to Newsweek (7/29/21), which blames the increase on “arbitrary arrests and human rights abuses” by the [...]

Afro-Indigenous People In Honduras Are Being Forcibly Displaced

By Miriam Miranda, Black Agenda Report. -

On this Indigenous Peoples’ Day, I want to tell you about my people, the Garifuna. We’re an Afro-Indigenous people, descended from Arawaks and Africans. Our ancestral territory spans the [...]

Haiti Aided Latinx Independence; Latinxs Return The Favor With Silence

By France François, Afro Resistance. -

In 1815, Spain’s defeat of Simón Bolívar’s revolutionary army in Venezuela nearly extinguished the dream of independence in South America. After the loss, Bolívar sought political asylum in the [...]

Smart Borders Or A Humane World?

By Mizue Aizeki, Immigrant Defense Project. -

This report delves into the rhetoric of “smart borders” to explore their ties to a broad regime of border policing and exclusion that greatly harms migrants and refugees who either seek or [...]

Appeals Court Blocks Judge Order, Allows Deportation Of Families

By People's Dispatch. -

In a setback to migrant rights advocates in the United States, a federal appeal court has allowed the forcible expulsion of apprehended undocumented migrant families to continue. The ruling was [...]

Golden Gate Bridge Shutdown For Immigration Reform

By Deepa Fernandes and Tal Kopan, San Francisco Chronicle. -

As morning broke over San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge on Thursday, northbound traffic was brought to a halt when dozens of undocumented mothers, students and their allies risked arrest [...]

Haitian Rights Are Migrant Rights

By Janvieve Williams Comrie, Afro Resistance. -

The International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families, which was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly resolution in December [...]

Black Alliance For Peace Condemns Biden Administration’s Order To Deport Haitians

By Black Alliance For Peace, Black Agenda Report. -

When a white Fox News reporter used a drone to film the thousands of Haitian and other Black asylum seekers camped beneath a bridge spanning the Rio Grande and linking Del Rio, Texas to Ciudad [...]