Letting Our Values Out Of Their Cage

By Robert C. Koehler, Commonwonders.com -

My God, they put Jesus and his parents in cages, as though that’s what U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents would do — you know, keep the spirit of love and compassion from entering the United [...]

At Emotional Meeting, North Dakota Residents Talk County Officials Out Of Trumpian Plan To Ban Refugees

By Julia Conley, Commondreams.org -

At a standing-room-only meeting on Monday evening, residents of Burleigh Country, North Dakota, rejected a proposal that would have made the county the first in the nation to refuse entry to [...]

The Dangers Of Trump’s “Safe Third Country” Agreements In Central America

By Peniel Ibe, Afsc.org -

The Trump administration is methodically dismantling the U.S. asylum system to slash immigration to the U.S. One of the most devastating changes the administration has introduced is negotiating [...]

On This Day Of Thanks And Mourning, A Call To Demilitarize The US Border

By Tara Tabassi and Mariam Iskajyan, Commondreams.org -

One year ago this week, as families across the country were preparing to sit down together for a Thanksgiving (or Day of Mourning) meal, families at the U.S.-Mexico border were facing a [...]

No Music For ICE! Musicians: Pull your Music From Amazon This Holiday Season

By Staff, Medium.com -

In an escalation of our NoMusicForICE campaign, we just issued takedown notices to pull our music from Amazon’s digital platform, and you can too. We’re calling on musicians & labels who oppose [...]

DACA: Damned If They Do, Damned If They Don’t + Never Again Means Now

By Eleanor Goldfield, Occupy.com -

DACA in the supreme court – the arguments over legality, the power of presidents and the pawns of imperialist games. Next up, Never Again Action launches proactive and historically conscious [...]

Not Guilty: Jurors Acquit Border Aid Volunteer Scott Warren On Harboring Charges

By Henry Brean, Tucson.com -

Federal court jurors in Tucson drew a line between harboring and help on Wednesday, when they acquitted border aid worker Scott Warren on felony charges for the assistance he gave to two Central [...]

Meet The Immigrants Who Took On Amazon

By Jessica Bruder, Wired.com -

It was 11 days before Christmas in 2018, and Amazon’s warehouse in Shakopee, Minnesota, was operating at full tilt. At the rear of the facility, waves of semi trucks backed up to a long row of [...]

‘Highly Disturbing’ Pentagon Document Shows US Military Surveilling Groups Protesting Family Separation

By Jake Johnson, Commondreams.org -

The U.S. military is reportedly surveilling rights groups and activists engaged in peaceful protests against both President Donald Trump's border wall and the separation of migrant children from [...]

Navigating The Dilemmas Of Unarmed Accompaniment On The US-Mexico Border

By Alison Wood, Wagingnonviolence.org -

International accompaniers must work to undo the power dynamics they rely on to increase the safety of their local partners and learn when to say "no." There is only one migrant shelter in Agua [...]

Europe’s Greed Is Fueling The Migration Crisis To Europe

By Vijay Prashad, Independent Media Institute, Globetrotter -

If you ask African migrants in Europe who came across the Mediterranean Sea in a boat if they would make the journey again, most of them would say “yes.” Many of them had been in vans and trucks [...]

Resisting Anti-Immigrant Hate In The City Of Big Shoulders

By Teresa Albano, Progressive.org -

Chicago, the City of Big Shoulders, is also the “epicenter for many of the organizations that are undermining America from within.” At least that’s what a far-right media activist wrote in an [...]

Raising The Level Of Confrontation Against ICE

By James Rotten, Leftvoice.org -

On the evening of September 19, 2019, over 200 people marched through a quiet suburb to protest at the home of Johnny Choate, the warden of a notorious Immigration and Customs Enforcement [...]

The Trump Administration Will Start Sending Most Immigrant Families Arrested At The Border Back To Mexico

By Nicole Narea, Vox.com -

DHS says it marks the end of “catch and release.” Starting next week, the Trump administration will begin sending most immigrant families arrested along the southern border back to Mexico to [...]

The US Has “Disappeared” More Than 42,000 Migrants. Where’s the Outrage?

By David L. Wilson, Truthout.org -

The most successful of Trump’s anti-immigrant measures up until now — and possibly the most vicious — hasn’t been getting the attention it deserves. In operation since late January, Migrant [...]