With COVID-19 Resurgence, Nurses Speak Out About Unsafe Conditions

By New York State Nurses Association. -

New York, NY— Nurses from Albany Medical Center gathered in front of the hospital to highlight conditions that may threaten nurse and patient safety, as the region prepares for a second surge of [...]

Militant Protests Ongoing In Rochester

By Hannah Dickinson, Liberation News. -

On Sep. 2 a news conference held by Free the People ROC and the family of Daniel T. Prude announced that Prude, a 41-year old Black man, had been killed by the Rochester Police Department on [...]

New York Teachers Union To Strike Against School Reopening

By Telesur English. -

Despite Donald Trump's administration pressure for schools reopening, several states and institutions postponed the resume of learning activities or issued not-in-person strategies due to new [...]

Albany Must Do More To Stop The Criminalization Of Our Communities

By Eliana Fernandez, Mateo Guerrero, And Adilka Pimentel, City Limits. -

As Black, Brown, immigrant, and trans New Yorkers continue to take to the streets, it’s clear that the mass uprising taking place across the state, and indeed the country, is far from over. In [...]

Cops And Their Supporters Unite To Attack BLM Counter-Protesters

By Madeleine Freeman, Left Voice. -

George Floyd’s murder, along with the murders of Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, and so many others, laid bare for the world how police are mandated by the state to terrorize people of color, [...]

These Workers Don’t Get Aid And Are Going Hungry

By Rebecca Chowdhury, In These Times. -

Coronavirus cases continue to climb across the Southern and Western United States. In New York, previously the nation’s epicenter, many of the residents reeling from the economic consequences are [...]

The Black New Yorker Who Led The Charge Against Police Violence In The 1830s

By Jonathan Daniel Wells, TIME. -

At the apex of the kidnapping club were two members of the New York police force, Tobias Boudinot and Daniel D. Nash. Both had grown up in or near Manhattan and they shared a deep disdain for [...]

Martin Gugino – The “Buffalo Protestor” And Our Friend

By Jeremy Varon, Witness Against Torture. -

Martin Gugino worked together in Witness Against Torture for years, a close-knit group dedicated to closing the U.S. prison camp at Guantanamo and opposing torture. Our community is beside [...]

Grassroots Activists Defeat Controversial Williams Fracked Gas Pipeline In New York Harbor

By Lee Ziesche and Robert Wood, Sane Energy Project. -

The victory over the pipeline is a momentous one for New Yorkers and demonstrates the unequivocal power of grassroots climate activism in the state, which outmuscled every corporate effort to [...]

66% Of New Yorkers Say They Got COVID-19 While Following Lockdown Rules

By Katie Camaro, McClatchy. -

New York is the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. The state has been shut down for six weeks, yet more than 20,000 people are still receiving positive test results each week, [...]

Tenant Advocates Call For Mass Rent Strike On May 1

By Jake Offenhartz, The Gothamist. -

New York tenant leaders are planning a “massive wave of rent strikes” across the state, the latest escalation in a campaign to force action from Governor Andrew Cuomo as he continues to resist [...]

New York State Pays Up To 15 Times The Normal Prices For Medical Equipment

By Lydia Depillis and Lisa Song, ProPublica. -

With the coronavirus outbreak creating an unprecedented demand for medical supplies and equipment, New York state has paid 20 cents for gloves that normally cost less than a nickel and as much as [...]

Historic Battle Brewing In NYC Over Lawyers’ Committee Grand Jury Petition

By Staff, Lawyerscommitteefor9-11inquiry.org -

TODAY in New York City a legal battle for the integrity of the Grand Jury process and the First Amendment Right to Petition for Redress is being waged. On Friday night March 20, 2020 Lawyers’ [...]

Coronavirus: New York Won’t Close Schools Because Homeless Kids Have Nowhere Else To Go

By Alan Macleod, Mintpressnews.com -

As the number of cases of COVID-19 in the tri-state area rises to over 150, Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared a state of emergency across New York State. Local universities like Hofstra, [...]

A Seven-Mile Gas Pipeline Outside Albany Has Activists Up In Arms

By Kristoffer Tigue, Insideclimatenews.org -

For 40 years, Mary Dugan has watched her hometown of East Greenbush, New York, transform from a sleepy rural community into a bustling Albany suburb, its once solitary forests now peppered with [...]