Communique On Brutal NYPD Eviction Of Mutual Aid Hub

By It's Going Down. -

We are The Gym, an organizing network focused on mutual aid and community support along the Myrtle-Broadway corridor of Bushwick on the occupied Lenape land known as Brooklyn, New York. On [...]

Non-Police Mental Health Program Reduces Unnecessary Hospitalizations

By NBC New York. -

The Behavioral Health Emergency Assistance Response Division, or "B-HEARD" program, which started in a portion of Harlem a month ago, has already responded to about 110 calls where there was no [...]

Advocates Rally Against NYC’s Moving Homeless From Hotels To Shelters

By Dave Carlin, CBS New York. -

New York City — A march and rally against New York City’s decision to move about 8,000 homeless individuals from hotels to shelters was held Saturday. The process has been put on hold, but [...]

Gas Bill Strike Is Underway To Protest The North Brooklyn Pipeline

By Erin Conlon, Green Pointers. -

The No North Brooklyn Pipeline coalition is encouraging fellow community members to join a National Grid gas bill strike in the face of potential rate hikes meant to fund the aforementioned [...]

Fourth Of You Lie In Brooklyn, N.Y.

Byh Stephen Millies, Struggle La Lucha -

D12 held an outdoor rally today in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y., for Black liberation and the liberation of all oppressed people. Banners reading “Health care is a right! [...]

Cops Brutalize And Arrest Queer Marchers On Anniversary Of Stonewall

By Tatiana Cozzarelli, Left Voice. -

Just one day before the 52nd anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, a riot against the police led by trans women of color, New York City cops brutalized and arrested marchers as well as a street [...]

The Roots Of Today’s White Collar Union Wave Are Deeper Than You Think

By Hamilton Nolan, In These Times. -

Before the recent wave of organizing among media workers, adjunct professors and nonprofit workers set the world talking about the promise of white collar unions, there had already been decades [...]

Tenants Call For Public Housing Boss To Be Bounced

By Zion DeCoteau, The Indypendent. -

New York City - “Get Russ out!” public-housing tenants from around the city chanted outside the New York City Housing Authority headquarters in Lower Manhattan June 9, demanding the ouster of [...]

Barbara Bowen Passes The Torch

By John Tarleton, The Indypendent. -

It was the spring of 2000 and neoliberalism was flowering all across the land when a contingent of unabashedly left-wing professors at the City University of New York running as the New Caucus [...]

What Does The Museum Of Modern Art Have To Do With Palestinian Oppression?

By Mira Fox, Forward. -

New York City - Of all the museums to criticize for its ties to imperialism, the Museum of Modern Art seems like a strange one. Why not the Metropolitan Museum, or the British Museum, [...]

Activists Withhold Gas Bill Payment To Protest National Grid Pipeline

By Kevin Duggan, Brooklyn Paper. -

Environmentalist launched a gas bill strike Tuesday, pledging to withhold money from their monthly utilities in protest of National Grid’s controversial pipeline project beneath the streets of [...]

How Delivery Workers Are Organizing To Take On The Apps

By Luis Feliz Leon, Labor Notes. -

More than 2,000 food couriers snarled traffic in Times Square through pouring rain in protest April 21 demanding better working conditions and protection from violent assaults. The mass [...]

It’s Good To Know Where Your Boss Lives

By Jack Crosbie, Discourse Blog. -

I don’t know where Anna Wintour slept last night, but since 1992, one of her primary residences has been a townhouse at 172 Sullivan Street in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighborhood. For the [...]

Amazon Is Inundating Workers With Anti-Union Messages

By Jordan Chariton, Status Coup. -

New York City - On the heels of Amazon’s scorched earth, and likely illegal, union-busting campaign in Bessemer, Alabama that defeated workers’ attempt to unionize, Status Coup has obtained [...]

You Can Ditch Uber For A Driver-Owned Rideshare App

By Whitney Kimball, Gizmodo. -

The thank-you banners are down, but New York City residents have a real opportunity to show their appreciation for a population of low-paid, primarily immigrant frontline workers. New York City [...]