Informal Workers Have The Tools To Build Better Cities Post-Crisis

By Jenna Harvey, Next City. -

On November 2020, New York City street vendors from the Street Vendor Project marched over the iconic Brooklyn Bridge in force – food carts, multilingual signs and musical instruments in hand – [...]

NYPD’s Enforcement Of Marijuana Laws Plagued By Extreme Racial Disparities

By Jake Offenhartz, Gothamist. -

New York City - On March 4th of last year, Fitzroy Gayle was stopped by a plainclothes police officer in his neighborhood of Canarsie, Brooklyn. Video shows the 20-year-old, who is Black, begging [...]

Tenant Organizers Protest The Re-opening Of Housing Court

By Ken Lopez, The Indypendent. -

New York City - Eviction proceedings resumed Monday at the NYC Housing Courts. Tens of thousands of New Yorkers have been unable to cover rent due to the pandemic and the economic crisis it has [...]

How An NYPD Anti-Terror Squad Became A Tool For Repression

By Jake Offenhartz, Gothamist. -

On a Thursday night in November, two days after the presidential election, hundreds of New Yorkers gathered outside the Stonewall Inn for a march against police brutality. The event was one in a [...]

Wrongly Jailed Queens Youth Organized Own Defense From Prison

By Gabriela Silva, Liberation News. -

On Feb. 10, now 21-year-old Prakash Churaman of Queens, New York, stood on the steps of Queens Criminal Court addressing a crowd of supporters just before his latest trial. He spoke confidently [...]

Every New Yorker Has A Right To A Roof

By Jose Lopez and Barika Williams, Gotham Gazette. -

Well before the beginning of the pandemic that has turned life upside down, New Yorkers already faced a devastating affordable housing and homelessness crisis. Even without the dramatic wave of [...]

White New Yorkers Have Received Lion’s Share Of COVID-19 Vaccine

By Sydney Pereira, Jake Dobkin and Nsikan Akpan, Gothamist. -

Three white residents receive a COVID-19 vaccine for every Black or Latino person in the city, according to new demographic data released by the mayor’s office on Sunday. At a press briefing, [...]

Hunts Point Produce Workers Continue Their Strike

By David Cruz, -

Bronx, New York - Essential workers who distribute 60% of the city's fruits and vegetables to supermarkets and restaurants have entered day three of a work strike—the first in 35 years–at Hunts [...]

The Rosenberg Orphans And The Power Of Radical History

By Annie Levin, Current Affairs. -

The Left would go crazy over Jewish American dissidents Abel and Anne Meeropol if they were alive today. Their tale is a radical epic so poignant that one wonders where the 10-part miniseries is. [...]

City Excludes Parts Of Chinatown From Small Business Pandemic Loans

By Sydney Pereira, Gothamist. -

A city pandemic loan program intended to help out small businesses in lower-income neighborhoods and communities of color has left out a swath of Manhattan's Chinatown. In late November, the [...]

NYC Will Prohibit Major Fast Food Employers From Firing Workers Without ‘Just Cause’

By Sydney Pereira, The Gothamist. -

NYC fast food workers would get increased protections under two bills that passed in the City Council on Thursday. The two bills would increase protections for workers at large fast food [...]

NYC Drivers Cooperative Aims To Smash Uber’s Exploitative Model

By Hamilton Nolan, In These Times. -

Ken Lewis grew up on the island of Grena­da, and wit­nessed the pro­gres­sive after­math of its 1979 rev­o­lu­tion. ​“I remem­ber the pow­er of coop­er­a­tives, peo­ple get­ting land, turn­ing [...]

Tenants Take On The ‘City’s Worst Landlord’ With Rent Strike

By Caroline Spivak, Curbed. -

Standing outside the four-story brick apartment building in Crown Heights she calls home, Jemiah Johnson took her turn with the black megaphone. “This building is literally killing us!” the [...]

Food Insecurity In NYC Rises Precipitously

By Sophia Chang, Gothamist. -

Food pantries in NYC are struggling to keep up with a dramatic increase in demand for assistance due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has inflamed the already desperate situation faced by many [...]

Israel Lobby Spreads More Lies About Palestine Groups At NYU

By Nora Barrows-Friedman, Electronic Intifada. -

New York University has agreed to settle with the US Department of Education over allegations that the university had not appropriately responded to claims of anti-Semitism. Two [...]