North Brooklyn Demands Halt To Fracked Gas Pipeline Construction

By Erik McGregor. -

Brooklyn, NY – National Grid resumed the North Brooklyn “MRI” Pipeline construction by allegedly authorizing themselves to continue, despite the risks of the COVID-19 pandemic and the extension [...]

81 Percent Of NYPD Social Distancing Summons Were To Black Or Latinx People

By James Gordon, Daily Mail. -

New York City - Black and Hispanic people appear to be feeling the brunt of the NYPD’s force when it comes to the enforcement of social distancing measures in New York City. Data released by [...]

LGBTQ Advocates Protest Bigoted Organization That Set Up A Field Hospital

By Amy Yensi, -

When it opened in March, the field hospital set up at Central Park was meant to increase hospital beds during the coronavirus crisis. More than 300 patients were treated at the temporary [...]

Organizing For Survival In New York City

By Woodbine, Commune Mag. -

We are in month two of the coronavirus crisis in New York City, and must reassess how we are organizing ourselves. More than ten thousand have died, and we have seen mass burials in a public [...]

New York Tenants Plan A ‘Massive Wave Of Rent Strikes’

By Steven Wishnia, The Indypendent. -

With hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers unable to pay rent after being forced out of work by the coronavirus epidemic, a group of housing activists is organizing what they call “a massive wave [...]

Brooklyn ER Doctor: Life And Death On The Frontlines Of COVID-19

By Rico Cleffy, -

As the number of those infected with COVID-19 continues to climb in New York — stressing the state’s already underfunded, understaffed and ill-equipped hospital system — we spoke with Maurice [...]

The Homeless Can’t Shelter-in-Place

By Libby Rainey, The Indypendent. -

Chris was given a test for COVID-19 in the middle of the night.  It was just past 1 a.m., and he entered Lenox Hill Hospital’s emergency room on the Upper East Side with a headache and runny [...]

As States Battle Over Medical Supplies, One State Seizes Private Resources

By Marina Villeneuve, John Leicester and Aritz Parra, Associated Press. -

With coronavirus deaths surging in New York, the governor announced he will use his authority to seize ventilators and protective gear from private hospitals and companies that aren’t using them, [...]

On The Front Line Of COVID-19: Doctor Calls For System Change

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

New York is the area hardest hit by the coronavirus currently in the United States with over 60,000 cases and over 1,000 deaths, ranking it as the sixth highest number of cases in the world. The [...]

New York Nurses Are Living A Heartbreaking Nightmare

By Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, Labor Notes. -

Last Sunday I worked in the Montefiore Medical Center Moses Division Emergency Department and I want to share with you the real-life story—and most certainly not the worst story. To back up... [...]

Racial Inequities In New York Parole Supervision

By Kendra Bradner and Vincent Schiraldi, Justice Lab. -

The scope and conditions of parole supervision in New York have profound impacts for people serving supervision sentences. New York sends more people back to prison for non-criminal, technical [...]

The Longest Strike In America Needs A Political Savior

By Hamilton Nolan, -

The longest ongoing strike in America today is happening in the media capital of the world. It involves the people who install and repair the cables that bring the news to many of the most [...]

How To Stop Fare Evasion: Make NYC’s Trains & Buses Free

By Staff, -

Imagine a transit system where there are no turnstiles, where the police presence is minimal because cops aren’t lurking around to enforce fares. Picture a subway and bus network that is free, [...]

In First, New York Caps Climate Emissions From Buildings

By Sebastien Malo, -

NEW YORK, April 18 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - New York's skyline is getting a green makeover under a bill adopted on Thursday that imposes massive cuts to the planet-warming greenhouse gases [...]

How Activists Won Divestment from Fossil Fuels in New York City

By Nancy Romer, Portside -

After five years of tireless organizing, the movement to divest NYC public worker pension funds from fossil fuels scored a win.  On January 10, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that New York City [...]