Left Labor Project, New York City Closing Statement

By Left Labor Project, Portside. -

Left Labor Project was formed in 2008 by activists in New York City unions, with the goal of influencing the broad labor movement to the left. It brought together folks who had been deeply [...]

Mayor De Blasio’s Epic Rikers Island Failure

By Glenn E. Martin, New York Daily News. -

In 2017, a year after launching the campaign, the mayor was brought to his knees by the unavoidable momentum built by the campaign. He begrudgingly conceded that Rikers needed to close. But the [...]

Report: NYC Food Delivery Workers Face Low Pay, High Risks

By Ben Yakas, Gothamist. -

New York City's 65,000+ food delivery workers were celebrated as essential workers throughout the pandemic. But according to a damning new study, they aren't actually being treated that [...]

Met Gala Protest: Interview With An Activist

By Left Voice. -

A photo-journalist and activist who was at the Met Gala told Left Voice about the brutal police attack on protesters and gives a perspective on AOC’s participation in the event. The Met Gala, [...]

The Evil We Do Is the Evil We Get

By Chris Hedges, Scheer Post. -

I was in Times Square in New York City shortly after the second plane banked and plowed into the South Tower. The crowd looking up at the Jumbotron gasped in dismay at the billowing black smoke [...]

Advocates Urge NYC To Be Nuclear Weapons Free

In commemoration of the August 6 and August 9, 1945 bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, New York City-based nuclear disarmament advocates assembled outside the Municipal Building on August 6, [...]

Parks For The People

By Olivia Riggio, The Indypendent. -

It’s a mid-July evening in Maria Hernandez Park in Bushwick, Brooklyn and people are out, enjoying the final few hours of daylight. The sounds of basketballs bouncing and sneakers squeaking echo [...]

Actions Demand NY Close Groups Backing Settler Genocide In Palestine

By Liberation News. -

In the morning they picketed the Long Island home of Justin “Yaacov” Fauci, who moved from New York to invade and steal Palestinian lands including the Al-Kurd family home. He became notorious in [...]

New Yorkers Say They’ve Been Ignored In Stop-And-Frisk Fight

By Michael R. Sisak, Associated Press. -

Eight years after a judge ruled New York City police violated the constitution by stopping, questioning and frisking mostly Black and Hispanic people on the street en masse, people in communities [...]

Coal Miners Hit Streets Of NYC To Protest Corporate Greed

By Jaisal Noor, The Real News. -

Faced with intransigence from the company and increasing hostility on the picket line, a caravan of striking miners and their supporters came back to New York City to voice their demands and hold [...]

City Hall Protest Over NYC Homeless Relocations Leads To 11 Arrests

By Dean Moses, Am New York. -

Housing advocates dubbed de Blasio a broken record for his repetitive phrases such as a “Recovery for all” and references to New York’s bright future, which they say ostracizes the homeless [...]

Striking Coal Miners Return To New York To Picket Investor

By Steve Wishnia, Labor Press. -

The miners who dig black rocks from beneath the soil of Alabama returned to New York July 28 to protest outside the steel-clad offices of BlackRock Fund Advisors on East 52nd Street. The [...]

Communique On Brutal NYPD Eviction Of Mutual Aid Hub

By It's Going Down. -

We are The Gym, an organizing network focused on mutual aid and community support along the Myrtle-Broadway corridor of Bushwick on the occupied Lenape land known as Brooklyn, New York. On [...]

Non-Police Mental Health Program Reduces Unnecessary Hospitalizations

By NBC New York. -

The Behavioral Health Emergency Assistance Response Division, or "B-HEARD" program, which started in a portion of Harlem a month ago, has already responded to about 110 calls where there was no [...]

Advocates Rally Against NYC’s Moving Homeless From Hotels To Shelters

By Dave Carlin, CBS New York. -

New York City — A march and rally against New York City’s decision to move about 8,000 homeless individuals from hotels to shelters was held Saturday. The process has been put on hold, but [...]