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New York City (NYC)

Little Palestine Responds To NYPD’s Nakba Day Rampage In Their Community

When several thousand Palestinians and their allies gathered Saturday at the intersection of Fifth and Ovington avenues in the heart of Bay Ridge’s Little Palestine, they were greeted by legions of NYPD riot cops intent on marring the occasion. On Tuesday the event’s organizers returned to the same spot to denounce the police violence that was unleashed against them. “They come into our communities and call us outside agitators, when we know they’re the real outside agitators” said Nerdeen Kiswani, cofounder of Within Our Lifetime Palestine, the Bay Ridge-based group that led Saturday’s protest. The overbearing police presence could still be felt on Tuesday.

NYC’s Independent Recyclers Emerged From Pandemic Stronger Than Ever

New York’s canners and lateros have acquired property, created a redemption facility and community hub – and begun to organize. Josefa Marin and her partner Pedro Galicia arrive at 6:30 a.m. most mornings outside the Sure We Can Redemption Center in Brooklyn’s trendy Bushwick neighborhood. The facility itself won’t open for another hour, but in the meantime they get a head start on sorting through the cans and bottles they’ve collected the previous night from apartment buildings, restaurants, bars, clubs or events where organizers have tabbed the couple to help out with recycling.

Mayor Adams Keeps Pushing Medicare Advantage Despite Latest Court Defeat

The City of New York’s decision to keep trying to push 250,000 municipal retirees into a profit-driven Medicare Advantage health insurance plan after yet another crushing court defeat on Tuesday has convinced many in the fight that Mayor Eric Adams and his privatization allies must be crazy. “Yesterday was a great day. Retirees won our case again,” retired public school teacher and Cross-Union Retirees Organizing Committee [CROC] member Sarah Shapiro told Work-Bites. “After spending two months deliberating, the court came down with a ruling in our favor. Yet, the city still vows to appeal again. Will the mayor and our union misleaders in the Municipal Labor Committee [MLC] ever learn? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome—these guys are insane! We vow to keep fighting!”

The Billionaires And Establishment Officials Unleashing Violence

It has been weeks since the brutal state repression and right-wing violence unleashed against some of the most prominent Gaza Solidarity Encampments, including the encampments at the University of California – Los Angeles and Columbia University. Since then, independent reporting has uncovered disturbing links between extreme-right counterprotesters and billionaire donors, as well as collusion between city officials and police conducting violent repression. At UCLA, Zionist counterprotesters conducted several rounds of attacks against the Gaza Solidarity Encampment. Student organizers reported counterprotesters releasing bags of mice injected with an unknown substance, as well as cockroaches.

Retired New York City Teachers Rise And Run

They’ve really stepped in it. The incumbent Unity Caucus that runs the huge teachers union in New York City is facing a challenge from the Retiree Advocate slate who hope to take leadership of the powerful 70,000-person retiree chapter within the union. Ballots were mailed May 10 and will be counted June 14. The rallying issue has been the United Federation of Teachers’ collusion with the city to put municipal retirees, including retired teachers, into a for-profit Medicare Advantage plan run by Aetna. The plan would replace their traditional Medicare, which is provided premium-free along with a cost-free wraparound.

Riders Alliance Has A Vision For Better, Safer Subway With Less Policing

For years, New York City’s famous subway system has been caught in the crosshairs of a contentious public debate over crime — but in recent months it has entered a new frontier. In March, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul deployed 750 National Guard members to conduct random bag searches at Metropolitan Transit Authority, or MTA, stations. Later that month, the NYPD announced a surge of 800 additional officers to crack down on fare evasion. These surges follow broader increases in policing on public transit in New York City over the past decade, which accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Class Nature Of Violence Against The Student Intifada

The student uprising that began at Columbia University in New York City on April 17 has evolved into a global phenomenon, reaching even Antarctica. What sparked this movement, a real Intifada that takes the form of Gaza Solidarity Encampments, is the ongoing horrific genocide in Gaza by the U.S.-backed Israeli apartheid regime that began in October. This genocide, which has played out on all forms of social media, has claimed over 35,000 lives and over 78,000 injured Palestinians as of May 5, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza.

New York Care Workers’ Fight To End The 24-Hour Workday

Gui Hua Song retired from home care work in 2020, but when she heard about plans for a New York City hunger strike earlier this spring organized by a coalition fighting to end home health aides’ 24-hour workday, she signed up to join. “People asked me, ‘Why would you risk your health when it doesn’t even affect you? You are already retired,’” Song said with the help of an interpreter. But after spending years working grueling 24-hour shifts, she said she knew she had to participate. She recalled the high stress work environment and endless nights of sleeplessness while caring for an elderly couple.

Hundreds Arrested In Gaza Solidarity Encampments In New York City

Hundreds of students, professors, and community members were beaten and arrested by police officers on the night of April 30, 2024 in New York City. The crackdown and mass arrests at Columbia University and City College, ordered by university administrations, were carried out to clear and evict Gaza solidarity encampments which have been launched by students at dozens of campuses across the country in the last two weeks. Legal observers estimated that several hundred people were arrested in the coordinated crackdown in the city.

NYPD Storm ‘Hind’s Hall‘ In Violent Raid Of Columbia University

Dozens of student protesters were cleared out from Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall building by New York police late on 30 April, after storming and occupying the building the night before as part of demonstrations in support of Palestine. Hundreds of police officers wearing helmets and carrying riot shields surrounded the building, with a number of policemen climbing into Hamilton Hall via a ramp extending from one of the police vehicles into a window of the building. Dozens of pro-Palestine students were detained and dragged away from the scene with their hands zip-tied behind their backs.

Dozens Of Climate Activists Arrested At Citibank Headquarters

New York—Climate demonstrators blocked entrances to Citibank’s headquarters in Manhattan at the start of the workday on Wednesday and Thursday, part of a series of Earth Week actions pressuring the bank to end its financing of fossil fuels. On both mornings, it took the New York Police Department less than 10 minutes to start making arrests. Climate activists, citing Citibank as the second largest financier of fossil fuels in the world, are engaged in a multi-year campaign to pressure the bank to stop financing oil, gas and coal projects. The week’s protests follow a mock environmental justice hearing at a New York church on Monday, where advocates spoke about the health harms and human rights violations of Citibank-financed fossil fuel projects in Peru, Canada and domestically.

Columbia University Threatens To Deploy National Guard On Students

Columbia University students who are part of the Gaza solidarity encampment have raised the alarm that during negotiations, the university administration threatened to call in the National Guard to evacuate the camp. The threat from Columbia’s administration comes on the seventh day of the encampment of hundreds of students who are demanding that the university divest all finances, from corporations that profit in any way shape or form from Israeli genocide and cut academic ties with Israeli institutions. The Columbia encampment already withstood a violent eviction at the hands of the New York City Police Department on Thursday April 18.

NYPD Arrests 300 Anti-War Jewish Protesters In New York

Hundreds of Jewish anti-war demonstrators were arrested during a Passover seder doubling as a protest in New York as they shut down a major thoroughfare to pray for a ceasefire in Gaza and urge the Senate majority leader, Chuck Schumer, to end U.S. military aid to Israel. The arrests, totaling around 300, occurred on Tuesday night at Grand Army Plaza, on the doorstep of Schumer’s Brooklyn residence, where thousands of predominantly Jewish New Yorkers gathered for the seder, a ritual marking the second night of the holiday celebrated as a festival of freedom by Jews worldwide.

Hundreds Of Students Occupy Columbia University In Solidarity With Gaza

At 4 am on April 17, hundreds of Columbia University students began to set up a “Gaza solidarity encampment” on the main lawn of campus, pledging to stay until the University divests from Israel. This historic occupation was coordinated by various student organizations such as the coalition Columbia University Apartheid Divest, Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine, and Columbia Jewish Voice for Peace. The action was inspired by the historic 1968 occupation of Columbia’s Hamilton Hall by students in protest against racism and the Vietnam War.

Google Employees Sit-In To Protest ‘Project Nimbus’ Contract With Israel

Manhattan, NY — Google employees organized a sit-in at the tech company’s Chelsea office in New York City and occupied the office of Google Cloud’s CEO Thomas Kurian in California on April 16, 2024. The demonstration aimed to expose the internal unrest surrounding Google’s involvement in Project Nimbus, a cloud technology contract between the Israeli military, Google, and Amazon which has sparked allegations of complicity in human rights violations that surround Israel’s war on Gaza. After 10 hours of protest, Google ordered the police to arrest both groups of workers with a man stating the workers in NYC were placed on “administrative leave” before they were arrested.
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