Preventing A Dystopian Future: New Campaign To Ban Killer And Surveillance Drones

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. -

Drones are being used as weapons of terror and oppression throughout the world. Not only do they make it possible for the United States to colonize and occupy other countries, but police [...]

The Return Of The Marines

By Thomas Peralte, Black Agenda Report. -

A battalion of U.S. Marines from North Carolina’s Camp Lejeune left for Haiti on Wednesday, August 18 under the pretext of aiding the victims of the disasters that struck the departments of Sud, [...]

Thousands Of Water Protectors Rally At The Minnesota State Capitol

By Resist Line 3, Popular Resistance. -

St Paul, MN - On Wednesday afternoon, more than 2,000 water protectors gathered outside the Minnesota State Capitol for the Treaties not Tar Sands Rally to stop the Line 3 tar sands pipeline and [...]

Lyd, Where Historical And Contemporary Zionist Oppression Meet

By Miko Peled, Mintpress News. -

Lyd, Palestine — One of the toughest challenges facing those who fight for justice in Palestine is breaking the Zionist paradigm, which limits the name Palestine to the West Bank and the Gaza [...]

How Palestinian Resistance Altered The Equation

By Ramzy Baroud, Mintpress News. -

Jerusalem — The ceasefire on May 21 has, for now, brought the Israeli war on Gaza to an end. However, this ceasefire is not permanent and constant Israeli provocations anywhere in Palestine could [...]

On Contact: Palestinian And Israeli Hostilities

By Chris Hedges, RT. -

Chris Hedges discusses the disputes between the Palestinians and Israelis with Palestinian political activist Dr. Sami Al-Arian. Hedges argues that nearly all the words and phrases used by the [...]

Roger Waters On Israel’s Crimes And Palestine’s Resistance

Roger Waters and Vijay Prashad talk about the brutal Israeli apartheid and violence on Palestinians, the defiant resistance of the Palestinian people and the global struggle against imperialism [...]

Israel And The Crime Of Apartheid, What’s New?

By Simon Kandel, Mondoweiss. -

On April 27, Human Rights Watch released the report “A Threshold Crossed: Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution.” In over 200 pages of rigorous research, the authors [...]

Israel’s Violence Shows Why Now Is The Time For BDS

By Hamza Ali Shah, Tribune Magazine. -

On the day that Israel was carrying out its remorseless pummelling of the Gaza Strip, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was using his Queen’s Speech to announce a series of laws for the next [...]

Haitians March On Canadian Embassy

By Yves Engler. -

People everywhere around the world love and respect Canadians, or so we’re told. So how do you explain what’s going on in Haiti? On Sunday protesters in Port-au-Prince marched on the Canadian [...]

Iraqi Resistance Groups Announce Confrontation With US Occupiers Until Liberation

“The resistance sees confrontation as the only option that guarantees the freedom, dignity of this country after exhausting all the means that others have bet on with the occupation,” the [...]

Are Urban Schools A Site of Occupation?

By Chetachukwu Agwoeme, Hood Communist. -

In the third season of Black Lightning, the fictional Black city of Freeland was living under a military occupation by the ASA (the quasi governmental organization occupying Freeland). Not only [...]

New Report: Judge, Jury And Occupier

Israel’s military occupation of Palestinian land is now in its 54th year. Throughout this time Palestinians have never stopped fighting for their inalienable rights; rights denied to them by the [...]

‘We Won’t Quit Until We Stop It’

By C. Douglas Lummis, The Nation. -

Naha, Okinawa - Every day except weekends, holidays, and typhoon days, even in the pandemic, charter buses leave from Naha and other cities on this island to transport protesters to three [...]