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Haifa Protests Crack The Wall Of Fear

On Monday 27 May, following yet more bloodshed in Rafah, some 300 people, Palestinians and their allies, gathered in the Prisoner Square in the historic German Colony neighborhood of downtown Haifa. Prisoner Square is the unofficial name given by protesters to a square in the middle of al-Carmel street (today Ben-Gurion street), a traditional place of gathering for Palestinian protests in the city. The square has seen many protests over the years against the various massacres and bombings in Gaza, in support of prisoners, and over local issues concerning Palestinians in Haifa such as crime. It was the focal point for the demonstrations of the Unity Intifada of 2021 and the 2013 protests against the planned expulsion of Palestinian Bedouins living in the Naqab region, and many others.

Iraq Wants United Nations Mission Gone by 2025

The Iraqi government is taking another step toward reducing international influence in its political affairs by requesting that the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (Unami) leave by the end of 2025. The U.N. peace operation was installed in 2003, soon after the American invasion ended. Iraq expects the U.N. political mission to wind down its activities by Dec. 31, 2025, focusing on completing its work in development and transferring relevant files to the Iraqi government. U.N. agencies can stay with provisos. The request by Iraq follows just days after Somalia suddenly demanded that the 10-year-old U.N. political mission there, called Unsom, end in October 2024.

Hamline University Students Occupy Campus Building For Palestine

St. Paul, MN – Starting April 26, Hamline University students are began occupying a building in support of Palestine. Members of the Hamline Students for Justice (HSJ) organized the Friday afternoon rally along with a group of 30 other students. They gathered outside of the Old Main building which houses the university’s administration offices. The fiery crowd started the rally chanting, “Free free Palestine!” and “Not another nickel, not another dime, no more money for Israel’s crimes.” June Gromis, a junior at Hamline and member of the HSJ explained, “On March 4, the student government put forth a resolution calling for divesting from Israel.

‘Teslastoppen’ Elon Musk’s Water War In The Heart Of Europe

“Welcome to the Utopian Gigafactory,” reads a banner hung across a path in a Brandenburg Forest outside Berlin, Germany. At the end of the path, Tesla’s -very real- Gigafactory is visible behind the trees. The banner has been hung by activists of the “Teslastoppen” (Stop Tesla) initiative, who have occupied part of the forest since late February, aiming to prevent Tesla from expanding its only European Gigafactory. The occupation consists of approximately 100 activists, rotating between Berlin and Gruheide,  who have set up around a dozen treehouses and platforms suspended with ropes between trees, several meters up in the air.

Nicaragua: United States Occupation Vs Augusto Sandino

In 1912, the United States invaded Nicaragua and began what would become the longest US occupation in Latin American history. The occupation would birth both a dictatorship and one of Latin America’s most important revolutionary heroes: Augusto Sandino. Sandino would wage a six-year-long guerrilla insurgency to rid Nicaragua of the US Marines. And he would win. The United States finally pulled out in 1933, the year before Sandino was assassinated by the forces of the man who would take power and rule for decades. In this episode, host Michael Fox takes us on the trail of Augusto Sandino.

United States Agrees To Withdraw Troops From Niger

The Biden administration has agreed to a request from Niger’s military-led government to withdraw US troops from the West African nation. Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell told Nigerien Prime Minister Ali Lamine Zeine that the US planned to leave during a meeting on Friday. “We’ve agreed to begin conversations within days about how to develop a [withdrawal] plan,” Campbell said, according to The Washington Post. “They’ve agreed that we do it in an orderly and responsible way. And we will need to probably dispatch folks to Niamey to sit down and hash it out.

Occupy Against The Occupation: Protest At Germany’s Parliament

A small, makeshift village where you would not expect one: right outside the German parliament or Bundestag. In the last two weeks, what started as a protest camp has steadily grown, with kitchen tents, information stands, daily workshops, and at least thirty sleeping tents. In the background, the Israeli flag flies over the Bundestag, flanked by the German and European Union flags. The sound of fifty to a hundred people fills the air — chants, speeches, music, and casual conversation in a mixture of German, English, and Arabic.

Hundreds Of Students Occupy Columbia University In Solidarity With Gaza

At 4 am on April 17, hundreds of Columbia University students began to set up a “Gaza solidarity encampment” on the main lawn of campus, pledging to stay until the University divests from Israel. This historic occupation was coordinated by various student organizations such as the coalition Columbia University Apartheid Divest, Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine, and Columbia Jewish Voice for Peace. The action was inspired by the historic 1968 occupation of Columbia’s Hamilton Hall by students in protest against racism and the Vietnam War.

Scientists For XR, Youth Action For Climate Justice Occupy Science Museum

Late on Friday 12 April, more than 30 protesters – including Chris Packham – led by young people from Youth Action for Climate Justice and members of Scientists for Extinction Rebellion have occupied the Science Museum’s new climate gallery, Energy Revolution, over its sponsorship by the coal giant and arms manufacturer, Adani. Naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham joined the group as they began their protest, with scientists and young people now intending to remain in the museum over the weekend, with the first school visits to the gallery beginning on Monday 15 April.

The GKN Workers’ Fight Continues

On 9 July 2021, Melrose Industries announced the closure of its GKN Driveline (formerly FIAT) factory, which produces car axles in Campi di Bisenzio, Florence, and the layoff of more than 400 workers. While in many cases the workers and unions would settle for negotiating enhanced redundancy benefits, the GKN Factory Collective took over the plants and kickstarted a long struggle against decommissioning. However, what makes the Ex GKN Florence dispute really unique is the strategy adopted by the workers.

Why So Many Called For The Release Of Walid Daqqah

According to Amnesty International, Daqqah was a Palestinian liberation and resistance fighter who had been in an Israeli jail for almost four decades ​“for his involvement with an armed group that abducted and killed an Israeli soldier in 1984.” He served his full sentence, but it was been extended. He was very sick, but was denied adequate care. Amnesty and many other groups, including the Haaretz editorial board, had been calling for his release. ​“Daqqah’s case illustrates the Israeli justice system’s cruelty towards Palestinians, including those who are seriously ill or dying,” said an Amnesty official. News broke of his death on April 7.

Chris Hedges: Israel’s Trojan Horse

Piers allow things to come in. They allow things to go out. And Israel, which has no intention of halting its murderous siege of Gaza, including its policy of enforced starvation, appears to have found a solution to its problem of where to expel the 2.3 million Palestinians. If the Arab world will not take them, as Secretary of State Antony Blinken proposed during his first round of visits after Oct. 7, the Palestinians will be cast adrift on ships. It worked in Beirut in 1982 when some eight and a half thousand Palestine Liberation Organization members were sent by sea to Tunisia and another two and a half thousand ended up in other Arab states.

The Real Reason ‘From The River To The Sea’ Has Garnered Condemnation

By most measures, Palestinians are considered a small minority in the Arab world, and so infinitely smaller worldwide. Therefore, it is quite mind-bending to see millions around the world turning out on a regular basis to express solidarity with the Palestinian struggle since Israel’s scorched-earth assault on Gaza began more than five months ago. Even the Western world, whose governments have been unguardedly condoning and abetting Israel’s genocidal mission against the Palestinian people, has not been immune to this massive international solidarity phenomenon.

Tel Aviv On Edge Over Talk Of Mass Troop Resignations

The Israeli army is worried about the rise of members in its ranks voluntarily leaving the forces just as reports have surfaced that the military is in need of an increase in support, Israel Hayom reported on 5 March. Higher-ups within the Israeli army have raised alarms over talks between the younger soldiers and more veteran career officers who have voiced desires to leave the forces as soon as the operation situation allows it. Career officers have even expressed envy toward the reservist forces.

The Myth Of Palestinian Division

Palestinians are divided and do not know what they want; Palestinians have no leadership; Palestinians need a Nelson Mandela; these are some of the statements made by people who are “experts” on Palestine. It is time to refute these claims and place them in the appropriate place – the garbage. Let’s go through these claims one by one. I have never met a Palestinian who does not want to see all of Palestine free and every refugee return. I do not believe such a Palestinian exists. So there is no division there. When people claim that Palestinians are divided, they are referring to the Hamas-Fateh divide.
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