After 18 Years of US Occupation, Poll Finds Zero Percent Of Afghans Thriving, 85 Percent “Suffering”

By Alan Macleod, -

Since the 2001 occupation of Afghanistan began, fighting has not stopped, destroying the country and leading to the U.S. spending an estimated $2 trillion on the war. American polling firm [...]

Issawiya — The East Jerusalem Neighborhood At The Forefront Of Occupation

By Miriam Deprez, -

It’s been six months of unrest in Issawiya. Excessive police brutality and indiscriminate daily raids by Israeli forces with no justification have left residents of the East Jerusalem district [...]

In Israel’s Attempt To Deflect ICC Prosecutor’s Call To Probe War Crimes, It Admitted To The Occupation

By Noa Landau, -

In a contemporary take on the historic declaration "Um-Shmum" – a Hebrew expression of disdain for the United Nations attributed to David Ben-Gurion – Israel has been cooking up a follow-up that [...]

Israel’s Case Against Human Rights Watch Reveals How Its Normalizing West Bank Land Theft

By Miko Peled, -

The Occupied West Bank — In November 2019, following a long legal battle, Israel revoked the work visa and deported Human Rights Watch (HRW) director Omar Shakir.  According to HRW, Israel argued [...]

No Repeat Of US Military Occupation Of Haiti

By Marilyn Langlois, -

Intensifying protests led by popular movements in Haiti, calling for the resignation of corrupt, US-supported President Jovenal Moise, have persisted for over a year in spite of violent [...]

Norman Finkelstein: Fatou Bensouda Has Done Everything In Her Power To Prevent An Investigation Of The Israeli Crimes By The ICC

By Slava Zilber, -

Norman Finkelstein: As you know, Israel has been occupying Gaza since 1967, which is more now than a half-century. Israel has imposed an illegal, immoral, and inhumane blockade on Gaza since [...]

Dissolve The Palestinian Authority, Embrace A One-State Solution…Now

By Hamada Jaber, -

This paper is grounded on three assumptions. First, it takes for granted the death or the impossibility of achieving the two-state solution due to the non-stop Israeli settlement expansion across [...]

Palestinian Rage Roaring Over US Policy Shift On Israeli Settlements

By Staff, Press TV -

The demonstrations had been called by different Palestinian factions on Tuesday to condemn US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s announcement that the establishment of Israeli settlements in the [...]

How The Spirit Of The Indigenous Occupation Of Alcatraz Lives On, 50 Years Later

By Loretta Graceffo, -

In 1969, indigenous activists occupied Alcatraz Island, demanding that their treaties be honored. Fifty years later, they’re still fighting. For most people, Alcatraz Island is nothing more than [...]

UN Adopts Eight Resolutions In Condemnation Of Israeli Crimes In Palestine

By Staff, -

According to UN Watch, the texts condemn Israel for “repressive measures” against Syrian citizens in the Golan Heights, renew the mandate of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), and renew the [...]

US Announces Illegal Israeli Settlements Are No Longer Illegal

By Staff, -

The United States' announcement that Israel's settlements in the occupied West Bank are not "inconsistent with international law" has been met with widespread derision and rejection, with one [...]

When A Whole Society Supports A Terrorist Organization

By Jonathan Ofir, -

After the 2008-9 Israeli onslaught on Gaza that took 1500 lives, a UN fact-finding mission concluded that the three-week campaign was “a deliberately disproportionate attack, designed to punish, [...]

The Death Toll Of The Aggression On Gaza To 11 Martyrs

By Staff, -

GAZA - Israeli warplanes are continuing their air raids on the Gaza Strip, which began on Tuesday morning, leaving 11 people dead and more than 45 wounded. The Ministry of Health in Gaza [...]

Israel Destroyed Record Number Of Palestinian Homes In Jerusalem In 2019

By Yumna Patel, -

Israel has demolished a record number of homes in occupied East Jerusalem in 2019, the most in the past 15 years, Israeli rights group B’Tselem reported on Thursday. More than 140 Palestinian [...]

Over 350 Faculty Members Have Declared That They Refuse To Be Intimidated By The Trump Administration Over Palestine

By Michael Arria, -

Over 350 faculty members have signed a petition supporting Palestinian rights and declaring that they won’t be intimidated by the Trump administration’s recent targeting of Middle East studies [...]