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International Solidarity

How To Stop To Israel’s Genocidal Starvation Of Palestinians

Gaza has been under a blockade for over 15 years that created bare subsistence conditions for Palestinians, but since October 7, 2023, the noose has been tightened. Palestinians are dying of starvation and dehydration in addition to the massacres committed by Israeli soldiers. In Palestine, the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC-Pal) has been struggling to provide water and materials to Palestinians to grow food and has been purchasing produce to provide to families in need. Clearing the FOG speaks with Fuad Abu Saif, director of UAWC-Pal, about their work and the global days of fasting in solidarity with Palestine. The next one is April 13. Click here to donate to the UAWC-Pal. Clearing the FOG also speaks with USAF Airman Larry Hebert, an active duty member of the military who began an open-ended hunger strike on March 31 to press the Biden administration for a ceasefire and an end to the starvation of Palestinians.

International Civilian Aid Flotilla To Break The Siege Of Gaza

The international Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) will sail in mid April with multiple vessels, carrying 5500 tons of humanitarian aid and hundreds of international human rights observers to challenge the ongoing illegal Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip. This is an emergency mission as the situation in Gaza is dire, with famine setting in in northern Gaza, and catastrophic hunger present throughout the Gaza Strip as the result of a deliberate policy by the Israeli government to starve the Palestinian people. Time is critical as experts predict that hunger and disease could claim more lives than have been killed in the bombing.

Greek Call Centre Workers Show The World How To Strike

Greek call centre workers went on strike on Wednesday 13 March – joining colleagues in France as well. It was over pay, conditions, and crucially the racist and discriminatory treatment of migrant workers in Greece’s call centres. With a massive new strike, workers in call centre companies in Greece demanded wage increases, collective contracts, and an end to the slave trade practices with the “special purpose visa” for migrant workers in call centres, where thousands of migrants work alongside Greek colleagues.

May Day 2024: Make It ‘Workers For Palestinian Resistance Day’

On May 1st, workers all over the world will march to demand all of the things that the working class needs for its survival. Along with all of the workers’ demands on May 1st, at this decisive moment, in the spirit of reviving working class internationalism, on this May Day, the world needs us to prioritize working class solidarity with the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people, and the right of the Palestinian resistance to fight for liberation by any means necessary, including armed struggle. This is the best way to strengthen unity between the working class and those who are fighting against colonialism, settler colonialism, occupation, Zionism, white supremacy, imperialism, and for liberation and self-determination.

The Real Reason ‘From The River To The Sea’ Has Garnered Condemnation

By most measures, Palestinians are considered a small minority in the Arab world, and so infinitely smaller worldwide. Therefore, it is quite mind-bending to see millions around the world turning out on a regular basis to express solidarity with the Palestinian struggle since Israel’s scorched-earth assault on Gaza began more than five months ago. Even the Western world, whose governments have been unguardedly condoning and abetting Israel’s genocidal mission against the Palestinian people, has not been immune to this massive international solidarity phenomenon.

Biden Legacy = Genocide

Declaring, "We are outraged, we are heartbroken," hundreds of protesters turned out to block Biden's motorcade en route to his State of the Union speech, forcing cars to take "the long way" to the Capitol. Demonstrators from Jewish Voice For Peace and other groups said they were "holding a people's state of the union" to call for an end to U.S funding for Israel's assault on Gaza. "We know the state of the union," they said. “It's a state of genocide." Concluding a day-long series of protests across Washington DC, hundreds of people in black shirts reading "Not In Our Name" and "Biden’s Legacy = Genocide" sat and stood along Pennsylvania Avenue near the Capitol, delaying Biden's speech by about a half hour.

Massive March 2 Global Day of Protest: End U.S.-Israeli Genocide

Massive numbers of people turned out for actions across the United States and around the world yesterday to shut it down for Palestine! The Hands Off Rafah global day of protest came at a moment of extreme danger, as Israel’s deadline to launch the most brutal phase of its onslaught yet looms on March 10. The strong turnout was a clear signal to Biden that the people of this country and all of humanity reject his administration’s genocidal policies. Impressive turnout across the United States was testament to the sustained nature of the mass movement in solidarity with Palestine that has emerged since October.

World Social Forum’s 2024 Statement On Palestine

Katmandou, Nepal 2024 - Today, on February 21st, we conclude the successful 16th session of the World Social Forum in Nepal. We express our gratitude to the organizing committee, participants, and volunteers whose efforts led to this success. We take pride in the strong solidarity shown towards the Palestinian cause by all participants and condemn the ongoing genocide perpetrated by Israel in Gaza for over four months. As we collectively reflect on the thousands of lives lost in Gaza, we cannot ignore the long history of crimes against the Palestinian people dating back to the Al Nakba in 1948. We assert that Israel has become a rogue state, enabled by global hegemonic forces.

When Past Activism Meets Present

The horrifying Israeli assault on Gaza has revealed an indisputable shift in American public opinion, with demonstrably greater sympathy for Palestinians than existed even 10 years ago. The global support for a ceasefire surpasses the growing grassroots support in the United States and Canada, showing Israel and the United States losing support and becoming increasingly isolated. Astute, capable young organizers and activists continue to rally appeals to conscience and press for policy changes in the region. At the same time, many, if not most, remain unaware of activities undertaken in prior years. Can those activities, and the lessons learned offer any relevance or insight to this new generation of leadership?

Irish Women Basketball Players Protest Israel’s Genocide In Gaza

Defying heavy pressure and the threat of sanctions and expulsion, the members of the Irish basketball team, playing in Riga, Latvia at the Women’s EuroBasket qualifier match, refused to shake the hands of the opposing team, Israel. Five members of the Irish team decided not to play in the match at all. The move was in response to allegations of antisemitism from the Israeli team against the Irish team and Basketball Ireland, which had raised objections to playing against Israel amid its ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people. Ahead of the match on February 8, progressive organizations in Ireland including Irish Sport for Palestine, People Before Profit, Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC), had urged Basketball Ireland to boycott the match with Israel organized by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

Honor The Palestinian Trade Union Picket Line

On October 16, 2023, Palestinian trade unions issued an urgent call to End all Complicity and Stop Arming Israel. At the CAP Conference on January 24, 2024, the UAW International Executive Board — without membership engagement or approval — crossed that picket line by endorsing Joe Biden, whose administration arms, funds, and facilitates the relentless Israeli genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people in Gaza and throughout historic Palestine that has already killed more than 30,000 people, including thousands of children, in just over 114 days.

Portland, Maine: Protest Shuts Down Key Interstate Ramp

Mary Beth and I drove to Portland early yesterday afternoon to join a large protest in solidarity with Gaza. I was asked to be a police 'liaison' along with one other person. The people began arriving at the busy intersection of Franklin Street & Marginal Way just before 1:00 pm. Soon the two sides of the highway closest to the on-ramp for the I-295 Interstate were full of people - about 100 on each side. At 1:40 the first policeman arrived and about that same time a ceasefire banner was hung from the interstate overpass. That is when people poured out into the four-lane section of road to effectively shut down traffic.

International Assembly In NYC Salutes Palestinian Resistance

The International Assembly Against Imperialism in Solidarity with Palestinian Resistance was held at the historic Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial & Educational Center in New York City on Jan. 21. Workers World Party, the organizer of the event, had chosen the date to honor the centennial of Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, who died that day in 1924. The unique assembly challenged U.S. imperialist efforts to isolate and demonize the Palestinian resistance and its allies. Organizers surrounded reports by Palestinian Resistance groups with statements from well-known national and international organizations that have decades of authority in the world movement for resisting U.S. imperialist blockades and sanctions, and by workers’ parties and solidarity organizations from around the world.

Malaysian Activists Hold Six-Day ‘Siege For Palestine’ Near US Embassy

More than 100 Malaysians have joined a sit-in demonstration outside the US embassy in Kuala Lumpur, in solidarity with Palestine and in response to the continued US veto to attempts for a ceasefire in the ongoing Israeli war on Gaza. The Kepung Demi Palestin or the “Siege for Palestine” demonstration is organized by the Palestine Solidarity Secretariat (SSP), a coalition of 48 groups, including political parties from both the ruling and opposition coalitions, civil society groups, and youth and student movements. The six-day long sit-in began on the evening of Tuesday, December 26, with dozens participating in the demonstrations despite rain and obstruction by the police.

78 Palestine Solidarity Activists Face Charges For Civil Disobedience

78 Palestine solidarity activists are facing charges following a mass civil disobedience action staged on November 16, in which protesters shut down San Francisco’s Bay Bridge in solidarity with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Over 150 demonstrators blocked the Bay Bridge on November 16, while US President Joe Biden was in San Francisco for the APEC Summit. Several activists blocked the bridge with cars, and, highlighting their commitment, proceeded to throw their keys into the San Francisco Bay. Protesters are facing charges ranging from unlawful public assembly, false imprisonment, refusing to comply with a peace officer, and refusing to disperse a riot and obstruction of a public street.
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