Taking Steps Toward Public Options For Banking

By Oscar Perry Abello, Nextcity.org -

It’s been an interesting few weeks for the idea of public banking — establishing banks owned by government entities as a values-based alternative to ‘Wall Street’ banks. In San Francisco, where [...]

The Criminalization Of Poverty And What To Do About It

By Staff, Job Opportunity Task Force -

In August 2016, the United States Department of Justice issued a report following its investigation into the policies and practices of the Baltimore Police Department. The report was in response [...]

Philly Neighborhood Achieves Inclusive Development And Control Through Community Land Trust

By Steve Dubb, Nonprofitquarterly.org -

In Philadelphia, the Community Justice Land Trust is helping preserve a community in the face of rising land values and speculation in the city’s Eastern North section, near Temple University, [...]

Turning Health Care Into Community Wealth In Cleveland

By Sarah Trent, Nextcity.org -

For 14 years, Olga Jebbison has processed laundry at a plant in Cleveland’s Collinwood neighborhood, on the eastern edge of the city, between the railyards and Lake Erie. She’s one of over a [...]

San Francisco Should Have A Public Bank To Leverage The Power Of Its Own Money

By Staff, Publicbankinginstitute.org -

San Francisco’s Municipal Bank Feasibility Task Force comes under pressure to provide a truly ethical and full-powered alternative — a Public Bank — in an article by Zac Townsend in the San [...]

A Labor Movement For The New Guilded Age

By John McNamara, Workersparadise.org -

When Ronald Reagan stood before the Brandenburg Gate on June 12, 1987, he not only invoked the rising supremacy of the United States by demanding “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”, he ushered [...]

Co-Op Broadband Brightens Future Of Rural Alabama

By Cathy Cash, Electric.coop -

The future of tiny Brilliant, Alabama, just got brighter with a clear path to broadband. Thanks to Tombigbee Electric Cooperative, state leadership and funds from the U.S. Department of [...]

Tax Luxury Housing to Fund Social Housing

By Chuck Collins, Inequality.org -

I’ve traveled in a lot of major US cities in the last year outside of my hometown of Boston, Mass. Most of them are experiencing gentrification as wealthy newcomers drive up the cost of housing [...]

The Fed Boosts Wall Street, Not Main Street

By Nomi Prins, Truthdig.com -

Since QE went global, the Bank of England, for one, has often had to defend itself from accusations that its policies have increased inequality. A recent study concluded that “nine years of asset [...]

Wind And Solar 94, Gas 2–Yes!

By Staff, Tedglick.com -

The changing of the seasons has definitely been disrupted by global heating, but it’s still the case, in general, that in the last month of a season there are a few days that are like the season [...]

The Real Driver Of Rising Inequality

By Lance Taylor, Ineteconomics.org -

Income distribution and employment are crucial macroeconomic indicators. Profits are key to distribution. Ther share in the value of output has risen steadily since around 1980. Households near [...]

Towns Trying Out Basic Income Are Already Changing Lives

By Emma Paling and Daniel Tencer, Huffington Post -

Proponents of the basic income say that what these studies fail to take into account are the savings government would see in other areas from a reduction in poverty. “Poverty is the greatest [...]

It’s Time To Build New, Mixed-Income Public Housing

By Tanner Howard, Shelterforce.org -

Is today the time to fight for public housing in the United States? That’s the argument of “Social Housing in the United States,” a new report published by the People’s Policy Project, an [...]

Selling Lemonade To Save Your Mother’s Life? That’s American Healthcare For You

By Jamie Peck, Theguardian.com -

When 11-year-old Nemiah Martinez of Las Cruces, New Mexico, found out her mom needed money to help her get a kidney and pancreas transplant, she didn’t waste time feeling sorry for herself. She [...]

Economists Warn Trump Of Depression From His Trade Policies

By Kevin Glass, Ntu.org -

NTU’s Free Trade Initiative director Bryan Riley said, “very few policy areas generate as much consensus among professional economists like free trade does. Protectionism is flat-earther [...]