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Hamas Accepts UNSC Gaza Resolution, Demands Israel Follow Suit

The UN Security Council voted on 10 June to support a US resolution backing a ceasefire plan for the war in Gaza. Hamas has accepted the resolution, according to a top official in the movement, while Israel has not. The BBC reports that the proposal sets out conditions for a “full and complete ceasefire,” the release of Israeli captives held by Hamas, the return of dead captives' remains, and the release of Palestinians held captive in Israeli prisons. Fourteen of the 15 Security Council members voted in favor of the US-drafted resolution. Russia abstained. US President Joe Biden unveiled some aspects of the three-part plan in a televised statement on 31 May, describing it as an Israeli ceasefire proposal.

Western Arms Supplies To Ukraine Prevent Peaceful Solutions

As a journalist, Executive Editor of Black Agenda Report, and a member of the Black Alliance for Peace and of the United National Antiwar Coalition, and as a citizen of the United States, the nation which has taken a lead role in continuing this crisis, I am very eager to speak to this issue. As of now, the U.S. government has allocated nearly $175 billion for the Ukrainian war effort and to support the workings of Ukraine’s civilian government. For the last two years we have seen a terrible war which would end if this country and others would stop providing arms and instead seek peace. There were opportunities for that very thing to happen in March and April of 2022, when the government of Turkiye hosted peace talks between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

Palestine Renews Attempts To Become Full Member Of The United Nations

Ignoring continued US threats, Palestine has revived its bid to become a full member of the United Nations after a gap of almost 13 years. The United Nations Security Council acted on the application and decided to refer the Palestinian application to a specialized committee on Monday, April 8. The president of the Council, Vanessa Frazier from Malta asked the committee of admission of new members to consider the bid on the same day after the Palestinian application received no objection from any member.

US And Allies Refuse To Condemn Israeli Attacks On Iranian Consulate

During an UN Security Council meeting on Tuesday, April 2, the US and its European allies, the UK and France, failed to condemn the Israeli airstrike on the Iranian consular mission in  Damascus a day earlier in which 13 people were killed. In the Security Council meeting which was called by Russia following Iran’s request, representatives of France and the UK refused to acknowledge the Israeli role in the attacks and rather blamed Iran for provoking regional escalation. The US representative Robert Wood also refused to condemn Israel and instead warned Iran against any further escalation.

‘There Are Limits To Our Patience’: Iran At United Nations Security Council

The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting on 2 April over the Israeli airstrike, which flattened Iran’s consulate in Damascus and killed several advisors and senior officials. Iran demanded an urgent session that day following the unprecedented attack. The meeting was called by Russia. During the session, Tehran’s ambassador to the UN, Zahra Ershadi, renewed the promise made by several Iranian officials that the Islamic Republic reserves the right "to take a decisive response" to the Israeli airstrike.
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