“We Are In The Next Phase Of The Struggle”

By Gabriel Moyssen, Eluniversal.com.mx -

The negotiations between the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the opposition in Sudan—interrupted after the crackdown on protests in Khartoum on June 3—will resume towards the [...]

98.3% Of Ghana’s Gold Remains In The Hands Of Multinational Corporations

By Celina della Croce, Commondreams.org   -

Every year, the vast majority of Ghana’s natural wealth is stolen. The country is among the largest exporters of gold in the world, yet—according to a study by the Bank of Ghana—less than 1.7 [...]

Call For Solidarity With The Rebellious People Of Sudan

By Black Autonomy Network, It's Going Down -

Since the middle of December last year there has been an ongoing revolt in Sudan. This outbreak of rebellion a continuation of earlier struggles against the regime of Omar al-Bashir. In April, [...]

How Can Movements Effectively Counter Co-Optation?

By Farai Maguwu and Gabriel Dayley, Nonviolent-conflict.org -

In June 2018, residents of Marange—a region in Zimbabwe known for one of the world’s largest diamond deposits—planned a major demonstration at the Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) [...]

How The West’s War In Libya Spurred Terrorism In 14 Countries

By Mark Curtis, Consortiumnews.com -

Eight years on from NATO’s war in Libya in 2011, as the country enters a new phase in its conflict, I have taken stock of the number of countries to which terrorism has spread as a direct product [...]

Labor In Algeria’s Revolt

By Rachid Malaoui, Jacobinmag.com -

Algeria is in the midst of a historic popular uprising. Protests began in February of this year, as Algerians revolted against President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s plans for a fifth term in office. [...]

Squalid Migrant Shantytown Forms In Mexican Border City

By Patrick Timmons, Upi.com -

TAPACHULA, Mexico, May 14 (UPI) -- African and Haitian migrants stranded for two months in southern Mexico during an immigration crackdown begun by the United States are living in a roadside [...]

Welcome To The New Algerian Revolution: An Interview With Hamza Hamouchene

By Omar Hassan, Redflag.org.au -

The mass protest movement started just a few days after Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s announcement of his intention to run for a fifth term as president. At first, the mobilisations were small and [...]

Hijacking The Congolese People’s Victory

By Kambale Musavuli, Blackagendareport.com -

The Congolese people were determined to rid themselves of Joseph Kabila’s regime on 30 December 2018, the date of the presidential, legislative and provincial elections in the Democratic Republic [...]

Revealed: The U.S. Military’s 36 Code-Named Operations In Africa

By Nick Turse and Sean D. Naylor, Blackagendareport.com -

Many Americans first became aware of U.S. military operations in Africa in October 2017, after the Islamic State ambushed American troops near Tongo Tongo, Niger, killing four U.S. soldiers and [...]

8 Years After Toppling Gaddafi, US Evacuates Libya As Gaddafi 2.0 Advances On Tripoli

By Marko Marjanović, Checkpointasia.net -

Once again it turns out it is one thing to topple and destroy a nation's government, and another thing entirely to impose your will on that nation In March 2011 Western powers backed by Arab Gulf [...]

To Ramp Up Fear Of Russia In Africa, NYT Downplays Massive US Military Presence On Continent

By Adam Johnson, Fair.org -

The New York Times (3/31/19) added to its series of reports depicting Official Enemies surpassing the US in the race for global dominance. It seems that having taken control of the Arctic [...]

Prospects For Revolution In Africa’s 55 Countries

By Phil Wilmot, Wagingnonviolence.org -

An overview of the current political situation in 55 African countries shows that many movements are making gains in the struggle against authoritarianism. A lot has changed since I arrived in [...]

Code Talking: UN Security Council On War And Peace In DR Congo

By Ann Garrison, Blackagendareport.com -

Most UN Security Council (UNSC) meetings are so stuffy that they’re hard to watch without wishing someone would open a window, turn on the ventilator, or take the august ambassadors off life [...]

Bolton Threatens To Force Africa To Choose Between The US And China

By Glen Ford, Blackagendareport.com -

Donald Trump last week trotted out his war dog, National Security Advisor John Bolton, to growl and snarl  over China’s attempts to “gain a competitive advantage” in Africa through “predatory” [...]