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What Dollar General Doesn’t Want You To Know

Dollar General is stealing from its customers. It’s a major scam that’s siphoning hundreds of millions of dollars from the poorest people in America. In a new More Perfect Union video, ILSR Co-Director Stacy Mitchell explains how the chain’s business models rips people off. “I’ve begun to really see Dollar General as a criminal organization,” Stacy warns.

Is Former De Facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry Now A De Facto Prisoner?

Ariel Henry, 74, once the king on Haiti’s chessboard, has now become a pawn of the U.S. in its increasingly desperate bid to send a proxy intervention force into the rebelling Caribbean nation. This is the picture Haïti Liberté has received from a well-placed source with intimate access into and knowledge of the U.S. government. Washington is now scrambling for way to send a “quick reaction force” into Haiti, and Ariel Henry remains one of their most important bargaining chips, the source says. After his chartered jet landed in Puerto Rico on Mar. 5, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) interrogated Henry for three days, according to our source.

Impeachment: A Rapid Succession Of Events

It has been an eventful few weeks as the House Oversight Committee proceeds with its hearings on the case for impeaching President Joe Biden for his alleged participation in the influence-mongering schemes of his 54–year-old son, Hunter. At issue is whether Joseph R. Biden, Jr., during his years as vice president and in the interim before he assumed the presidency in January 2021, was corruptly  involved in Hunter’s various ventures and misadventures to his own benefit and/or the benefit of various family members.

Ukraine: The Government And Population Are Increasingly Diverging

On February 6, the Verkhovna Rada (national legislature) of Ukraine voted to endorse the decree issued by President Volodomyr Zelensky to extend martial law for another 90 days. The new decree prolongs martial law until May 13, 2024. This definitively settles that there will be no presidential election in Ukraine by March 31, 2024, the anniversary date of Zelensky’s election in 2019 on a five-year mandate. The Rada likely faces a similar extension of its five-year mandate, which is supposed to expire in July 2024. The election law of Ukraine (English translation here) prohibits holding elections during martial law, and the latter can be prolonged indefinitely provided some semblance of threat can be found and cited.

Phony Fani Willis, Misguided Support, And The Atlanta Plantation

It is interesting that the scoundrels who happen to be Black know how to deflect from their misdeeds and get undeserved support from their people. The less any solidarity is deserved, the more blatant the effort to use Black trauma as a get out of jail free card. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas delivered quite a performance during his 1991 confirmation hearings. He defended himself against charges of sexual harassment by referring to his experience as a “hight tech lynching,” and in doing so he immediately won the support of many Black people who should have known better than to give him any credence for any reason whatsoever.

The Biggest Financial Scam In Human History

It's the largest financial scam in human history. $1 Trillion a year of your tax dollars goes to the Pentagon and they can't say where it's going. In fact they recently said they can't account for 63% of their assets — as they failed their sixth straight audit. But we do know they buy $52,000 trash cans. And we know they once lost $12 Billion of shrink-wrapped dollar bills in Iraq. And that's just the beginning of it. Most of the money is used to destroy lives around the globe. In this episode of America Inc. Lee Camp reveals all the dirty details with a dose of comedy thrown in to help the truth go down easier.

Ukraine: 2023 Was A Year Of Disappointment

For Ukraine, the year 2023 was far from comforting, notwithstanding the efforts by the country’s government and heavily-censored media to uplift the spirits of the population with promises of economic improvement and military victories in the new year. The news at the end of the year makes clear, even to optimists, that everything promised by the West and by the Ukrainian authorities during the past two years has been mere words. The sole purpose of all the year-end, optimistic statements and promises is to induce Ukrainians to continue to suffer conditions of war and economic upheaval… for the interests of the NATO countries.

Impeachment: ‘Cognitive Warfare’ On Capitol Hill

After a single day’s introductory hearings in the U.S. House of Representatives, it is already evident that the Oversight Committee’s inquiry into President Joe Biden’s potentially criminal involvement in his family’s foreign business dealings will be much more than a formal, constitutionally-mandated legal proceeding. Viewed in the broadest terms, this is likely to prove a test of the troubled republic’s relationship with reality. If the hearings to come conclude with a finding that the forty-sixth president is guilty of impeachable crimes, as now appears likely, they will confront Americans with an insidious, many-sided effort to subvert their public institutions and the national discourse altogether in the name of a liberal authoritarian ideology.

‘Sanctioner-In-Chief’ Bob Menendez Indicted On Corruption Charges

On Wednesday, September 27, US Democratic Senator Bob Menendez plead not guilty to charges of bribery, fraud and extortion in Manhattan federal court. It is not Menendez’s first indictment, but now, Menendez faces resounding calls from top Democrats to resign and not jeopardize their Senate majority in the 2024 election. In addition to facing widespread criticism over corruption allegations, Menendez has long been criticized by pro-peace and human rights activists in the US due to his positions while serving as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC). With regards to US policy towards Cuba, despite an opening for better relations when Donald Trump left office, Menendez used his position as chair to hold Biden’s Cuba policy hostage to the extreme anti-Cuba right.

If The Facts Come Out, It Could Spell The End For Joe Biden

The Joe Biden-friendly Establishment media has mounted a full-court press to “prove” that Biden is, well, not a crook. The stakes are extremely high, Biden is vulnerable, and media players are using to a faretheewell the old adage about the best defense being a good offense.  The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal are desperately trying to steal the ball and get ahead in the publicity game.  But time is about to run out, and pre-emptive propaganda is unlikely to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat. IF the facts do come out and IF they are reported, Biden’s presidential hopes may suffer a mortal blow.

Minneapolis Official Speaks Out About ‘Corruption’ And ‘Useless’ City Council

As discussions over the newly instituted “strong mayor” system in Minneapolis are back in the news, local politicians, policy aides, activists, and pundits have been sharing their perspectives on the changeover. A month ago, Minneapolis City Council Member Robin Wonsley sat down with Unicorn Riot and discussed her thoughts on the government restructuring, corruption in the city and acts of political retaliation within the halls of power.

The Billionaires Who Treated Justice Clarence Thomas To Luxury Travel

During his three decades on the Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas has enjoyed steady access to a lifestyle most Americans can only imagine. A cadre of industry titans and ultrawealthy executives have treated him to far-flung vacations aboard their yachts, ushered him into the premium suites at sporting events and sent their private jets to fetch him — including, on more than one occasion, an entire 737. It’s a stream of luxury that is both more extensive and from a wider circle than has been previously understood. Like clockwork, Thomas’ leisure activities have been underwritten by benefactors who share the ideology that drives his jurisprudence.

Who Is Hustling Who?

There should be no doubt that Kenya is in an intractable economic crisis. Filling up gas for a drive from Nairobi to my hometown in Limuru cost 10,000 ksh (about USD70). As a result of the high gas costs prices for everything else have gone up, including public transportation. And those who cannot hike up operating costs, such as the hordes of boda boda motorcycle taxis, are hardly making anything or operating at a loss. Tax hikes mean those who are employed are taking less money home. And no point in kidding ourselves, in a corrupt country some of that money being generated from the higher taxes is going to the politicians.

The Supreme Court And Political Corruption

The Supreme Court of the United States is enshrined in the Constitution as one of three branches of government, the other two being the Executive branch, the presidency, and the Legislative branch, the Senate and House of Representatives. In other words the Court is a lawmaking body. The 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision was a landmark, a case that most Black people commit to memory. The Court declared that public accommodations could not be considered equal if they were separate, and thus began the long road to ending segregation in the law.

President Lasso Dissolves Parliament Through ‘Cross Death’ Mechanism

Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso, on Wednesday, May 17, at 7 am, signed a presidential decree to activate the “cross-death” constitutional tool and dissolved the National Assembly, the country’s unicameral parliament. The decision came a day after the legislature began an impeachment hearing against Lasso, who stands accused of the crime of embezzlement of public funds. With this decision, the impeachment process against Lasso was canceled, which could have removed him from office. In a televised address to the nation, Lasso explained that he had applied article 148 of the Constitution that grants him the power to dissolve the National Assembly and request the National Electoral Council (CNE) to call for new presidential and legislative elections.
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