Brazil: New Leaked Conversation Proves Further Conspiracy Against Lula

By Staff, -

New private messages exchanged between the Lava Jato (Car Wash) prosecutors involved in the judicial case against former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva were published Monday by his defense [...]

Nicaraguan ‘Human Rights’ Director Accused By Staff Of Massive Theft Of US Taxpayer Money, Death Toll Inflation

By Nan McCurdy, -

A year after a US-backed coup attempt rocked Nicaragua, a major scandal is unfolding over the alleged theft of half a million dollars in US taxpayer money by an organization at the center of the [...]

Leading Puerto Rican Activists Celebrate Governor’s Resignation, Talk Next Steps

By Matt Meyer, -

By all accounts, the shutdown of Puerto Rico’s industries, schools, government and business-as-usual on Monday was an unexpected show of popular sentiment against ruling Gov. Ricardo Rosselló. It [...]

Notes From A Caribbean Colony In Turmoil

By Manuel Otero, -

From what I gather from the US press coverage, the recent events here have been portrayed as something close to a popular insurrection that got rid of an arrogant, inept and corrupt colonial [...]

Protests In Puerto Rico Are About Life And Death

By Merisol LeBrón, NACLA. -

Police donning anti-riot gear—many with their names and badge numbers covered—used teargas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and batons to dislodge protesters from the streets surrounding the Puerto [...]

Rosselló Is Gone, Now “La Junta” Must Go! — Interview With Eduardo Rosario

By Staff, -

You cannot divorce the Rosselló administration from the reality of the colonial relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States, a relationship best exemplified by the austerity measures [...]

This London Firm Helps The Wealthy Hide Assets – Or Steal Them. Luckily We Have 15 Years Of Their Client Communications.

By Barrett Brown, -

It is my cheerful duty to announce the acquisition of around 85 gigabytes of leaked emails, phone calls, faxes, and other documents originating from the London-based tax shelter firm Formations [...]

The Puerto Rican People And Their Combative Spirit

By Carlos Aznarez, -

Current events in Puerto Rico are clear evidence that when people are challenged beyond the limits of their patience they just explode, leading to the possibility of unpredictable consequences. [...]

Puerto Ricans’ Revolt Is Deeper Than The Governor’s Chats

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

Puerto Ricans have suffered over the past several years from deep debt, a faltering economy and the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Struggling to hold on, the final straw came when hundreds of [...]

‘The People Have Spoken’: Estimated 400,000 Puerto Ricans Flood Streets To Demand Rosselló Resign Immediately

By Jake Johnson, -

Hours after Gov. Ricardo Rosselló resisted calls to step down over messages mocking victims of Hurricane Maria and attacking fellow politicians with misogynistic slurs, an estimated 400,000 [...]

Puerto Rico Revolts Against Corruption And Austerity

By José Hernandez, -

As of this writing, the people of Puerto Rico have been protesting for seven days straight on the streets of San Juan, and in ever growing numbers. The fury unleashed by the scandals exposing the [...]

Uncertainty In Puerto Rico After Protests Against Corrupt Governor

By Staff, -

Unrest prevails in Puerto Rico following long days of protests against Governor Ricardo Rosello, whose resignation is being demanded by the population. A third day of mass demonstrations [...]

Venezuela Guaido Security Arrested For Selling Stolen Venezuelan Army Weapons

Venezuelan Minister of Communication Jorge Rodriguez reports that two security guards of the self-declared interim president, Juan Guaido have been captured for trying to sell weapons stolen from [...]

Puerto Rico Police Clash With Protesters Over Rossello Scandal

By Nicholas Sakelaris, -

July 16 (UPI) -- Puerto Rican police clashed with demonstrators late Monday over Gov. Ricardo Rossello's refusal to give up power, in the wake of a leaked chat log that's tainted his [...]

Supreme Court FOIA Decision Protects Corporate Secrecy

By JPat Brown, -

Ruling expands “Confidential” definition under b(4) to information that is “both customarily and actually treated as private by its owner and provided to the government under an assurance of [...]