CIA Whistleblower: Brennan And Clapper Should Not Escape Prosecution

By John Kiriakou, -

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, the longtime chairman of the Judiciary Committee, made a dramatic announcement Nov. 1 that should lead to jail time for both former CIA Director John Brennan and [...]

US Border Patrol Agents Prone To Corruption

By Justin Rohrlich, -

Toward the end of September, Ramon Antonio Monreal Rodriguez obtained $650,000 worth of cocaine from smugglers along the Arizona border. The 32-year-old Tucsonian made two exchanges of drugs and [...]

Scum Vs. Scum

By Chris Hedges, -

There is perhaps no better illustration of the deep decay of the American political system than the Senate race in New Jersey. Sen. Bob Menendez, running for re-election, was censured by the [...]

Ajit Pai, Telecom Lobbyists Are Now Coordinating Their Lies In Perfect Symmetry

By Karl Bode, -

So we've made it pretty clear by now that the FCC's entire justification for repealing net neutrality was based entirely on fluff and lobbyist nonsense. But because the Administrative Procedure [...]

3 Florida Ex-Cops Sentenced In Scheme To Frame Innocent Black People

By David Lohr, -

The former Biscayne Park police officers had pleaded guilty in a department conspiracy to clear property crime cases by any means necessary. Three former Florida police officers were sent to [...]

The Rats Revolt

By Chris Hedges, -

There is no American who has fought with more tenacity, courage and integrity to expose the crimes of corporate power and to thwart the corporate coup d’état that has destroyed our democracy than [...]

From Appalachia To Germany: Anti-Capitalist Trees, People Power & Systemic Corruption

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

On the front lines of the fight against dirty energy – worldwide. First up, some great news from West Virginia and Virginia – taking time to celebrate these victories while taking a look at the [...]

Trump And The Dynasty Defense Industry

By Chuck Collins, -

There is little that’s shocking in the latest New York Times expose, which revealed Donald Trump and his family were handed hundred million dollar inheritances as they schemed to avoid taxes. [...]

The Wealth Hiding In Your Neighborhood

By Chuck Collins, -

You’ve probably heard about their offshore bank accounts, shell corporations, and fancy trusts. But this wealth isn’t all sitting in the Cayman Islands or Panama. Much of it’s hiding in plain [...]

Taxpayers Are Footing The Bill For Sky-High CEO Salaries

By Sam Pizzigati, -

Politicians often gab about the “private sector” and the “public sector,” as if these two categories of economic activity operated as two completely separate worlds. In reality, these two sectors [...]

How SLAPP Lawsuits Are Letting Corporations Steal The Truth

By Matt Stannard, -

All his life, Pete Kolbenschlag has been fighting for the Commons against wealthy people and corporations who want to own and destructively exploit nature. “Change happens all the time,” he told [...]

Engineers Say “No Thanks” To Silicon Valley Recruiters, Citing Ethical Concerns

By Jeremy Hsu, -

Anna Geiduschek usually has no time to respond to recruitment emails that arrive in her inbox each week. But Geiduschek, a software engineer at Dropbox, recently made a point of turning down an [...]

Monsanto’s Loss Is Our Gain—Let’s Make The Most Of It

By Katherine Paul, -

Thank you to the 12 jurors who listened attentively and critically, during long days of testimony, then deliberated with care, and ultimately did the right thing. Thank you to the lawyers who [...]

Lawsuit Confronts Extortion Of Prisoners By Electronic Monitoring Firm

By Emmett Sanders and James Kilgore, -

Robert Jackson was four days into a 120-day sentence in an Alameda County, California, jail when his wife passed away unexpectedly, leaving their three young children without a parent in the [...]

Monsanto Pays Harvard Wizard $100k To Perform Statistical Magic Show For Jury

By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Kevin Baum, -

Despite its impressive name, the HSPH has earned an unsavory reputation for taking rich contributions from polluters in exchange for producing scientific “research” that fortifies corporate [...]