EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Encouraged Oil Executives To Apply For Top Agency Jobs

By Zahra Hirji, Buzzfeed.com -

At Pruitt’s prompting, a ConocoPhillips official sent the EPA résumés of two people to be considered for regional directors of the agency. A month after starting as chief of the Environmental [...]

California Lawmakers Accused Of ‘Corruption’ After Gutting Net Neutrality Bill

By Dell Cameron, Gizmodo.com -

The effort to pass a strong open internet law in California was killed off Wednesday morning by a handful of state legislators in a process described by many net neutrality advocates as corrupt [...]

Feds Cherry-Pick Data To Force Pipelines Through Poor Communities

By Sophie Yeo, Psmag.com -

The government's energy regulator is facing allegations of cherry-picking data to approve pipeline projects that would disproportionately harm communities of color. According to academics, [...]

How The Fossil Fuel Industry Creates A Fake Grassroots

By Greta Jochem, Grist.org -

Over the past several months, scores of people showed up to public meetings in New Orleans in support of building a natural-gas power plant. It turns out that as many as 100 of them were paid to [...]

Call To Disband Baltimore Police Department In Wake Of Abuses

By Lawrence Brown, Baltimore Beat. -

After the DOJ report, the Baltimore Police Department did not fundamentally change. They continued to have a “War Room” and were found to have engaged in secret aerial surveillance, facial [...]

Docs Show Ajit Pai Met With AT&T Execs Right After Corp Started Paying Michael Cohen. Now Congress Needs To Overturn The FCC’s Net Neutrality Repeal And Investigate.

By Fight for the Future, Medium.com -

This past week, AT&T apologized for its “serious misjudgment” in hiring U.S. President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen to provide “insights” into how the new administration would [...]

Venezuela Arrests Two Chevron Executives In Ongoing Anti-Corruption Probe

By Cira Pascual Marquina, Venezuelanalysis.com -

Caracas, April 18, 2018 (venezuelanalysis.com) – Two Chevron employees were arrested in the Venezuelan city of Puerto La Cruz on Monday, as part of the Bolivarian government’s ongoing [...]

Why WNC Should Be Worried About The Atlantic Coast Pipeline

By Steve Norris, Citizen-times.com -

Regulators have recently given Duke Energy and Dominion Resources permits to construct the 600-mile, $6.5 billion Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) from West Virginia, and Virginia, into North [...]

Ex-President Lula Defies Deadline To Surrender To Brazil Police

By Staff, Telesurtv.net -

Brazil's embattled former President Luiz Inacio 'Lula' da Silva has defied a court order to turn himself into Curitiba police by 5 p.m. local time today to commence his 12-year jail sentence [...]

Not Charging The White Officers Who Killed Alton Sterling Is A Travesty

By Colleen Kane Gielskie, Aclu.org -

On March 27, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry announced that his office would not bring criminal charges against the two police officers who shot and killed Alton Sterling as he lay pinned [...]

Private Corporation May Be Sued For Role In Abu Ghraib Torture

By Staff, Ccrjustice.org -

February 21, 2018, Alexandria, VA – Today, a Virginia federal judge ruled that the treatment of three Iraqi individuals formerly detained at the infamous “hard site” at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq [...]

Lawyers Who Fight Corporate Predators For The People

By Ralph Nader, Nader.org -

I first heard about William M. Shernoff in the mid-nineteen seventies when he was pioneering a field of law known as insurance bad faith litigation. That ‘bad faith’ occurs is when insurance [...]

NGO Crimes Go Far Beyond Oxfam

By Cristel Amiss, Andaiye, Margaret Busby, Sara Callaway, Luke Daniels, Jocelyn Dow, Selma James, Pierre Labossiere, Emma Lewis, Dr Altheia Le Cointe, Eddie LeCointe, Nina Lopez, Ian Macdonald QC, Rose Okello, Margaret Prescod, Lawrence Renee, Sidney Ross-Risden, Becky Titah, Sam Karl Weinstein, and Nichola Markus, Theguardian.com -

In 2008 some of us had written to Barbara Stocking, then Oxfam chief executive, objecting to a report that it sponsored, Rule of Rapists in Haiti, which labelled Haitians as rapists while hiding [...]

Corporate Theft Of $100 Billion Annually From Africa

By Patrick Bond, Counterpunch.org -

A brand new World Bank report, The Changing Wealth of Nations 2018, offers evidence of how much poorer Africa is becoming thanks to rampant minerals, oil and gas extraction. Yet Bank policies and [...]

Report: US And Switzerland, Two Most Corrupt Countries In World

By Baher Kamal, Wsimag.com -

In this era of “post-truth” - and even much earlier - it has become more evident than ever that one thing is to preach transparency, rights, fairness, the rule of law, etc., and quite a different [...]