Former Police Officer Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison For Death Of Walter Scott

By Marina Fang, -

By Marina Fang for The Huffington Post - Slager, then an officer in North Charleston, South Carolina, shot Scott while Scott was running away from him. A bystander captured the death on cell [...]

Disputed East Coast Pipeline Likely To Expand

By Sarah Rankin, -

By Sarah Rankin for Associated Press - RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The developers of a disputed natural gas pipeline on the U.S. East Coast are considering a major expansion of the project into South [...]

The Nuclear Power Rip-Off Billions Lost More Bills Due

By Seanna Adcox, -

By Seanna Adcox for AP News - This week, having spent more than $10 billion, executives with South Carolina Electric & Gas and Santee Cooper acknowledged that all their assumptions were wrong. [...]

Trooper Pleads Guilty To Shooting Black Man Who Followed His Orders

By Thandisizwe Chimurenga, -

By Thandisizwe Chimurenga for Daily Kos - Sean Groubert, a former South Carolina state trooper, has pleaded guilty to assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature for the shooting of Levar [...]

S. Carolina Teen Who Filmed School Cop’s Assault Arrested

By Adam Johnson, -

By Adam Johnson for AlterNet - WLTX reports that Kenny was trying to "stand up for her friend" when she filmed the assault, telling Loren Thomas of WLTX, "I was crying, screaming and crying like [...]

Sky High Activism, Wedding Pics, Rainbows & Flags

By Eleanor Goldfield for Congrats to all the couples who can now tie the knot! But now that you’ve ridden the rainbow to marital bliss, allow me to bring you back down to everything [...]

Bree Newsome Took A Stand, Will You?

By Jennifer Farmer, -

By Jennifer Farmer in Alternet - Newsome bravely scaled a pole at the South Carolina State Capitol and removed the confederate flag from state grounds. While many of us bemoaned the display of [...]

At Least Five Black Churches Destroyed By Fire In Past Week

By Nick Visser, -

By Nick Visser in Huffington Post - At least five predominantly black churches have caught fire in the last week, including at least three that have been the subject of arson, the Southern [...]

Protester Climbs Flagpole To Remove Confederate Flag

By Lynette Holloway, -

By Lynette Holloway for the Root, #FreeBree is now trending on Black Twitter and a bail fund has been set up to help Bree Newsome defray the legal costs associated with her arrest for removing [...]

I’m The Rebirth Of The Black Radical

By Riley Wilson, -

By Riley Wilson for Color Lines. When I was growing up in Columbia, South Carolina, I was awoken by one singular task from my mother. “Get out of South Carolina,” she would sermonize. This would [...]

Newsletter – No Justice, No Peace

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese for Popular Resistance. Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report writes that “No justice, no peace” is “a vow by the movement to transform the crisis that is inflicted [...]

The Answers To 5 FAQs About The Walter Scott Shooting

By Jessica Dickerson, -

By Jessica Dickerson in The Huffington Post - The fatal police shooting of South Carolina man Walter Scott has, not undeservedly,taken the Internet by storm. But what is it that people want to [...]

Police Officer Indicted In Shooting Of Walter Scott In S. Carolina

By Bruce Smith, -

By Bruce Smith for Associated Press. It didn't take long for a grand jury in South Carolina to indict a white former city policeman for murder in the shooting death of a black man who tried to [...]

Grassroots Organizing Shapes Response To Killing Of Walter Scott

By Kerry Taylor, -

By Kerry Taylor in Facing South. The city of North Charleston, South Carolina, has received strong praise for its handling of police officer Michael T. Slager's fatal shooting of 50-year-old [...]

North Charleston Reacts To Police Killing Very Differently Than Ferguson

By James Woods, -

Last Saturday in North Charleston, South Carolina, a routine traffic stop ended in a police shooting, and the death of Walter Scott. Under normal circumstances there would have been nothing [...]

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