It’s Not Just ‘Coal Country’ — What The History Of Women’s Labor Reveals About Appalachia

By Sarah Freeman-Woolpert, -

After the 2016 presidential election, many people in the United States sought to understand the rise of Trump through stories of rural America. Books like “Hillbilly Elegy” and “Strangers in [...]

Seeds Of Labor War Are Fertilized By The NLRB

By Hamilton Nolan, -

Inherent in the ridiculous human condition is the necessity that we continually relearn lessons of the past, the hard way. Such is the case today. Guess what happens when the government and power [...]

An Intersectional Labor Movement Must Resist “Colorblind” Approaches To Organizing

By Tamara Lee, -

It is difficult to disagree with Gupta, Lerner, and McCartin that “traditional worker organizing has failed on every level,” or that the labor movement could and should adopt approaches for more [...]

Workers Of The World Unite (At Last)

By Ronaldo Munck, -

Once seen as the vanguard of a new social order, the contemporary labor movement has been written off by many progressive activists and scholars as a relic of the past. They should not be so [...]

Hungarian Government Facing Warm Political Winter

By Matyas Benyik and György Droppa, -

The wave of mass demonstrations started by the trade unions on 8th of December before the parliamentary voting. About ten thousand protesters gathered at the Hungarian Parliament building to [...]

12 Reasons Labor Should Demand a Green New Deal

By Jeremy Brecher and Joe Uehlein, In These Times -

The Green New Deal is poised to become a factor in the 2020 elections. Labor unions should take this opportunity to embrace the proposal—and fight to make sure it’s a strong vehicle for advancing [...]

Sam Pizzigati: “A New Labor Activism Is Surging”

By Mohsen Abdelmoumen, -

Sam Pizzigati: By the traditional benchmarks for measuring union strength, unions in the United States — particularly in the private sector — haven’t been as weak as they rate right now since the [...]

Who Wants To Join A Union? A Growing Number Of Americans

By Thomas Kochan, The Conversation -

Only 10.7 percent of American workers belong to a union today, approximately half as many as in 1983. That’s a level not seen since the 1930s, just before passage of the labor law that was [...]

Unions In The 21st Century: Adapt To Survive, Co-Opt To Grow

By Emily Kenway, -

It has always surprised me how rarely trade unions are raised in the conversation on forced labour. Their fundamental purpose is to secure better conditions for workers, in part by using [...]

Socialist International Of 140 Global Political Parties Adopts BDS, Calls For Military Embargo On Israel

By Staff, -

The Council of the Socialist International (SI) has called for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) for Palestinian rights at their meeting in the United Nations in Geneva on June 26-27. SI [...]

The Upside Of Janus: Court’s Ruling On Dues Check-Offs Could Help Democratize Unions

By Jon Jeter, -

Ricky Maclin bellowed at the secretary in a stairwell at Republic Windows and Doors, trying to get her attention. She was one of the few black temps in the secretarial pool; he was vice-president [...]

A Labor Movement For The New Guilded Age

By John McNamara, -

When Ronald Reagan stood before the Brandenburg Gate on June 12, 1987, he not only invoked the rising supremacy of the United States by demanding “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”, he ushered [...]

First Fight For $15, Then West Virginia Teachers: Can New Playbook Rescue Labor Movement?

By Max Zahn, -

Shannon Johnson grew up with a birth defect in her throat that required multiple surgeries. Stuck in the hospital, she found solace in Disney movies. “I could get so immersed in the characters,” [...]

Lessons From Sea-Tac: Rebuilding The Labor Movement

By Dan Sisken, -

By Dan Sisken for Occupy - Over the past several decades with the decline of manufacturing and the worsening of labor law, organized labor in the United States has experienced a critical decrease [...]

How Millennials Are Trying To Revive The Labor Movement

By Judith Lewis Mernit, -

By Judith Lewis Mernit for Portside - Generational labels are fraught with inconsistencies. Growing up is not, after all, a controlled experiment. But to the extent that millennial labels apply, [...]

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