Over 100 Anti-Protest Bills Have Been Introduced Since George Floyd Rebellion

By Ella Fassler, Truthout. -

This June, a dangerously low-flying helicopter operated by the Department of Homeland Security descended on the largest civil disobedience action yet against the Line 3 pipeline in Minnesota. In [...]

Backlash Over The Equality Act Is Fueling State-Level Attacks On Trans Youth

By Chase Strangio, Truthout. -

The Equality Act — the landmark piece of LGBTQ legislation passed for a second time by the House of Representatives this week — faces near insurmountable odds to pass and become law as currently [...]

Five Action Items To Stop Anti-Trans Bills

By Chase Strangio, Medium. -

Over the past six years, state legislatures have made it a priority to attack transgender youth. This year, we are witnessing a record number of bills proposed in states across the country with [...]