Brazil Turns On Bolsonaro

By Benjamin Fogel and Andre Pagliarini, Dissent Magazine. -

Three years after the election of President Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil has been transformed from a generally respected rising power into a pariah state, repudiated for its appalling environmental and [...]

The Obscure Foundation Funding ‘Critical Race Theory’ Hysteria

By Judd Legum and Tesnim Zekeria, -

Critical Race Theory (CRT), once a little-known academic concept, is now at the center of the national political discussion. CRT is discussed incessantly on Fox News. It is featured in campaign [...]

Combating The Politics And Practice Of Far-Right Influencers

By Sam Moore and Alex Roberts, ROAR Magazine -

Since the rise of the internet, and especially since the diffusion of the internet through all parts of everyday life, the far right has scattered, diversified and stuck itself back together. The [...]

Disinformation Campaigns Target State Climate Initiatives

By Leanna First-Arai, Truthout. -

Right-wing groups have relied on disinformation and economic alarmism to promote the fossil fuel industry’s agenda for decades, advocates say. For example, in 2015, a multimillion-dollar PR [...]

White People’s Stake In Ending The White Republic

By Erin Heaney, Organizing Upgrade. -

Wing describes this multiracial base: “We need to build the independent strength of the most determined racial, social, climate, and economic justice constituencies – those that understand that [...]

Lokman Slim’s War

By Rania Khalek, The Grayzone. -

On February 4, a Lebanese employee of foreign embassies and NGOs was murdered in the southern Lebanese village of Addousiyeh. Few Lebanese people had heard of the 58-year-old socialite who had [...]

Five Lessons From Israel’s Election

By Jonathan Cook, Electronic Intifada. -

Benjamin Netanyahu may be deeply immersed in a trial on multiple corruption charges. He may have dragged Israelis to four elections in two years. And he may have held his political rivals – [...]

Can We Crack The Right’s White Bloc?

By Marcy Rein, Organizing Upgrade. -

“I’m a Trump supporter,” the man told Danny Timpona, and went on to say that as much as he needed affordable health care, he absolutely was not in favor of any plan that included undocumented [...]

After This Election, We Should Not Come Together

By Yannick Giovanni Marshall, Al Jazeera. -

Again, millions of non-white people crouched over their mobile screens. We crouched just as earlier generations of Black people crouched below window panes, wondering if they managed to outrun [...]

Countering Rightward Drift In The United States: This Struggle Is Long Term

By Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance. -

This week, people are planning protests across the nation beginning the day after the election. Some, like Democratic Party-aligned groups and unions, will only demonstrate if President Trump [...]

As The Far-Right Escalates Calls For Violence, Police And National Guard Deploy

In the face of massive early voter turnout and a flood of mail-in ballots, Trump, in a last ditch effort, is continuing to signal that he will refuse to accept the outcome of the election; [...]

Religious Data Platform ‘Targets Vulnerable People’ For Recruitment To Radical Right

By Deutsche Welle. -

Katharina Gellein: Charles was the special adviser to the UK's Select Committee on fake news that started in 2017, and I wanted to make a film about fake news. Charles was the first person to [...]