Spoons Become A New Symbol Of Palestinian Freedom

By Palestinian Responds. -

When the six Palestinians escaped through a tunnel on September 6 from the high security Gilboa prison, social networks shared images of a tunnel at the foot of a sink, and a hole dug [...]

Urgent Appeal To Safeguard Palestinian Prisoners’ Rights

On Saturday 11 September, Al-Haq and partners submitted an urgent appeal to the UN special procedures calling for their urgent intervention to protect the lives of Palestinian prisoner escapees. [...]

Charges Dropped Against Activists Who Fought For Justice For Elijah McClain

The last remaining charges have been dropped against three activists in the US who were involved in organizing protests seeking justice for Elijah McClain. On September 13, Monday, John Kellner, [...]

Palestinian Prisoners Give IPS Until Friday To End Punitive Measures

By The Palestinian Information Center. -

The Palestinian Captive Movement has given the Israeli prison service (IPS) until next Friday to renounce its repressive measures against the prisoners in its jails, warning that they would take [...]

Ruth Etzel Speaks Out Ahead Of EPA Whistleblower Hearing

By Carey Gillam, The Guardian. -

The US Environmental Protection Agency is failing to protect children by ignoring poisons in the environment and focusing on corporate interests, according to a top children’s health official who [...]

Why Israel’s Gilboa Prison Break Has Palestinians Celebrating

By Miko Peled, Mintpress News. -

Gilboa Prison, Palestine — It is said that Palestinians are the most incarcerated people in the world. Rarely does one find a Palestinian who has not been a victim of the Israeli prison system [...]

Prison Abolitionists Target Architectural Firm

By Niko Georgiades, Unicorn Riot. -

St. Louis Park, MN – Red paint and posters reading “No new jails” were plastered on the door of architectural firm Klein McCarthy at the beginning of the work day on September 9. Responding to a [...]

US Government’s Lies About Prison Uprising Fueled Lingering Mistrust

By Bruce C.t. Wright, NewsOne. -

The rebellion began 50 years ago on Sept. 9, 1971, when prisoners took over the maximum-security Attica Correctional Facility in upstate New York after years of complaints about the conditions in [...]

Politicians Globally Call On Biden To Drop Prosecution Against Assange

By Don't Extradite Assange. -

Politicians around the world are sending a message to US President Biden to drop the charges against Julian Assange ahead of his 50th birthday. Julian Assange, an unconvicted, remand prisoner who [...]

Ruby Montoya Seeks To Withdraw Guilty Plea

By Ryan Fatica, Unicorn Riot. -

On August 26, admitted Dakota Access Pipeline saboteur Ruby Montoya filed a motion in federal court seeking to withdraw her guilty plea, claiming she was coerced into signing it by her previous [...]

Ex-Prosecutor Indicted For Misconduct In Ahmaud Arbery Death

By Russ Bynum, Associated Press. -

Savannah, Ga. — A former Georgia prosecutor was indicted Thursday on misconduct charges alleging she used her position to shield the men who chased and killed Ahmaud Arbery from being charged [...]

Massachusetts Lawyers Are Challenging Law Enforcement Seizures

By Shannon Dooling And Saurabh Datar, ProPublica. -

Lawmakers and criminal justice advocates in Massachusetts are calling for changes to the laws that govern how law enforcement seizes, and keeps, cash and property confiscated in suspected drug [...]

Only Those Taking Action Against Climate Violence Are Labeled ‘Terrorist’

By Janine Jackson, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. -

Floods, fires, ice caps melting, hurricanes—all attest to the violence of human-caused climate disruption. It’s undeniable and undeniably fatal, and the only question for historians will be not [...]

Actors For Assange: Julian Assange’s Defence Statement, Acted Out

Julian Assange's defence team were prevented from delivering his defence statement verbally in court, so it was submitted only for the record, to maintain the secrecy surrounding the case. 49 [...]

First Trial From Treaty People Gathering Ends In Acquittal

By Sean Parsons, Unicorn Riot. -

The first person arrested during this summer’s Treaty People Gathering to take her case to trial was acquitted Wednesday on one gross misdemeanor charge in Hubbard County District Court, marking [...]