Millions For Prisoners’ Human Rights March In DC

By Kyle Fraser, -

By Kyle Fraser for Black Agenda Report. Prisoner rights advocates will converge for what aims to be the largest abolitionist demonstration in U.S. history, Saturday, August 9, in Washington D.C. [...]

Justice For Major Tillery

By Justice for Major Tillery, -

By Justice for Major Tillery. June 14--Major Tillery, now 66 years old, continues to advocate for all prisoners while fighting for his own his freedom. He filed a federal pro se lawsuit against [...]

Barrett Brown Taken Back Into Custody Before PBS Interview

By Alex Emmons, -

By Alex Emmons for The Intercept. Texas - Award-winning journalist Barrett Brown was re-arrested and taken into custody Thursday, the day before he was scheduled to be interviewed for a PBS [...]

Privatization Of Prisons Gets New Life Under Sessions Order

By Kevin Zeese, -

By Kevin Zeese for Popular Resistance. One of the ugliest policies in the move to privatize public services has been the private prison industry. We have reported on the abuses of private [...]

Dissent Is Patriotic, And Powerful Antidote To Propaganda

By Bethany Woolman, -

By Bethany Woolman, ACLU of Northern California. Fifty-five years ago this January, the ACLU of Northern California was busy filling orders from across the country for copies of its recently [...]

Debtors Prison Not A Tale Of Charles Dickens

By Paul Kirk Haeder, -

By Paul Kirk Haeder for Dissident Voice. Constitutional checks and balances were put in place to prevent citizens from succumbing to undue and unfair prosecution, and the courts have upheld many [...]

Quarter Of Inmates Could Have Been Spared Prison Without Risk

By Jamiles Lartey, -

By Jamiles Lartey for The Guardian - Study of 1.5 million prisoners finds that drug treatment, community service, probation or fines would have served as more effective sentences for many. A [...]

Tear Down The Walls Mexico Delegation

By Staff, -

By the Alliance for Global Justice. The United States is building walls and militarizing both the US-Mexico border and Mexico’s southern border. The US is also building prison walls throughout [...]

Newsletter – On 9/11, Facing The Truth

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, -

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. Today is the fifteenth anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Centers in New York where 3,000 people died. The immediate responses to the attack were [...]

Letter From Leonard Peltier

By Leonard Peltier, -

By Leonard Peltier for American Indians and Friends. June 26th marks 41 years since the long summer day when three young men were killed at the home of the Jumping Bull family, near Oglala, [...]

Jailed Activist On Hunger Strike Worsens, Act Now

By Staff, -

By Popular Resistance. Seoul, South Korea - As we have written before, the South Korean government of Park Geun-Hye, the daughter of the former military dictator Park Chung-Hee, is using the [...]

Newsletter: Creating “Positive Peace”

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, -

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. This weekend the Bilderberg Group is holding its secretive annual retreat in Dresden, Germany. The invitation-only gathering of elites from North America and [...]

Peace Activists Jailed, Stories From Prison

By David Omondi, Dennis Apel and Jeff Dietrich, -

By David Omondi, Dennis Apel and Jeff Dietrich. The letters below were sent by Felton Davis and were written by three peace activists who were recently sentenced to jail in Los Angeles for their [...]

Striking Prisoners Accuse Officials Of Using Food As Weapon

By Alice Speri, -

By Alice Speri for The Intercept - ALABAMA PRISONERS WHO have been on strike for 10 days over unpaid labor and prison conditions are accusing officials of retaliating against their protest by [...]

Rev. Pinkney Was Right: It’s Coming To Your City Next

BY Polly Hughes, -

By Polly Hughes for Counter Punch. Michigan - Little bitty Benton Harbor was the testing ground. It was the testing ground to see what they can get away with....It’s comin’ to your city next, [...]