Texas Doctor Provided Abortion In Violation Of New Law

By Celine Castronuovo, The Hill. -

A Texas doctor has revealed that he recently performed an abortion in violation of the state's new controversial law that prohibits nearly all abortions after roughly six weeks into a pregnancy, [...]

Most States Have Cut Back Public Health Powers Amid Pandemic

By Lauren Weber And Anna Maria Barry-Jester, Associated Press. -

Republican legislators in more than half of U.S. states, spurred on by voters angry about lockdowns and mask mandates, are taking away the powers that state and local officials use to protect the [...]

Cuba To Receive 8.7 Million Syringes From Its Residents Abroad

By Telesur English. -

According to Humberto Pérez, coordinator of the Asociación Martiana de Cubanos Residentes en Panamá, organizer of the shipment, the donation is part of the campaign Rompamos el Bloqueo, in which [...]

Report: Among Richest Countries, US Last in Healthcare

By Joseph Guzman, The Hill. -

The U.S. health care system ranked last among 11 wealthy countries despite spending the highest percentage of its gross domestic product on health care, according to an analysis by the [...]

New Mexicans Fought For Abortion Access And Won

By Denicia Sam Cadena And Nicole Martin, Prism. -

Indigenous and Chicanx/Latinx people, who comprise nearly 50% of New Mexico’s population, have been subjected to generational and current day racist reproductive policies under the United State’s [...]

Why The US Still Suffers From COVID

By Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report. -

Donald Trump was the convenient scapegoat for the first year of the Covid-19 crisis. Austerity, low wage work, housing insecurity, and the profit driven health care system were problematic issues [...]

Doctor Fights To Let Pharmacists Prescribe Birth Control

By Tracey A. Wilkinson, Truthout. -

Indiana - People love the pill. As a pediatrician and a researcher who studies access to contraception, I speak to patients from all walks of life, and, even if they choose not to use the birth [...]

Roe V. Wade In Grave Danger

By Jake Johnson, Common Dreams. -

A draconian Texas law banning abortions beyond around six weeks of pregnancy took effect at midnight after the conservative U.S. Supreme Court did not act to block it on Tuesday, a decision that [...]

Wealthy Countries Weigh Boosters; Fewer Than 2% Of Africans Vaccinated

By Nina Demeo And Otto Fors, Left Voice. -

The highly infectious Delta variant of the coronavirus is sweeping Africa in a deadly third wave of the pandemic. Over the last month, there has been an 80-percent increase in cases across the [...]

What AIDS Activists Can Teach Us About The Covid Pandemic

By Ria Modak, In These Times. -

While health advocacy organizations have urged the federal government to learn from the HIV/AIDS crisis to more effectively respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, both within America and abroad, many [...]

Moral Injury And The Forever Wars

By Kelly Denton-Borhaug, Tom's Dispatch. -

This summer, it seemed as if we Americans couldn’t wait to return to our traditional July 4th festivities. Haven’t we all been looking for something to celebrate? The church chimes in my [...]

PEACH Provides Palliative Care For Homeless And Vulnerably Housed

By Tracey Tong, The Toronto Star. -

A child of refugees who fled war-torn Uganda in the 1970s, a young Naheed Dosani grew up having conversations about social injustice, inequity and poverty at the family’s Scarborough home. “I [...]

Democrats Propose Medicare For A Few More Instead Of Medicare For All

By Ana Malinow, Truthout. -

Health care activists were uniformly disappointed, albeit not surprised, when President Joe Biden, in initially proposing the American Families Plan, failed to include in the legislation his [...]

Medicare For All Movement To File Human Rights Violation Complaint

By March For Medicare For All, Popular Resistance. -

The March for Medicare for All Movement released a statement today that the group is filing a human rights violation complaint with the United Nations and will hold a public UN panel discussion [...]

How The West Is Keeping The Covid-19 Pandemic From Ending

By Robert Scheer and Achal Prabhala, ScheerPost.com. -

Even though thousands of Covid-19 vaccines are being administered daily, the delta variant of the coronavirus is wreaking havoc around the world. This is in large part, say activists like Achal [...]