Viral Video Of Hospital Dumping Woman Into Freezing Cold Stirs Demand For ‘Medicare for All’

By Jake Johnson, -

Baraka's video soon sparked national headlines and widespread outrage, with many noting that "patient dumping" is a pervasive and under-discussed product of a system that does not guarantee [...]

Single Payer Could Stop The Rural Hospital Closure Crisis

By Frances Gill, -

America’s rural hospitals are closing down at an alarming rate. According to the North Carolina Rural Health Research Program, there were seventy-two rural hospital closures between 2010 and [...]

Growing Problems With Rural Healthcare Exchanges

By Megan Stanley, -

The variability of enrollment and coverage options in statewide health insurance marketplaces has been a long-standing challenge with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Rural areas, which are often [...]

Jacob Hacker Rises Again To Stop Single Payer

By Margaret Flowers, -

In the article linked below, The Road to Medicare for Everyone, Jacob Hacker is once again working to dissuade single payer healthcare supporters from demanding National Improved Medicare for All [...]

Building Single-Payer Health System: Lessons From Taiwan’s Turnaround

By Michael Corcoran, -

There are obvious reasons why some people in the United States oppose the prospect of single-payer health care. Taking the profit out of health care -- a moral imperative and the norm [...]

Luxury Socialized Medicine

By Meagan Day, -

By Meagan Day for Jacobin Magazine - The standard case for a single-payer health insurance system is pretty well known. Anyone can get care without courting financial ruin. Monumental personal [...]

How Big Medicine Can Ruin Medicare For All

By Phillip Longman, -

By Phillip Longman for The Guardian - In 2013, Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-described “democratic socialist,” couldn’t find a single co-sponsor for his healthcare plan, which would replace [...]

Trump’s HHS Pick Worked For Groups Suing To Hide Drug Pricing

By Alex Kotch and Lydia O'neal, -

By Alex Kotch and Lydia O'neal for International Business Times - Not only did Azar work at Eli Lilly for 10 years, the final five of which he was president, he was a board member of the [...]

Ban Ki-Moon Urges US To Shun ‘Powerful Interests’; Adopt Universal Healthcare

By Jessica Glenza, -

By Jessica Glenza for The Guardian - The former UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon called on Americans to pass universal health coverage at a speech in New York City on Tuesday, marking a dramatic [...]

Fragmented Health System Paves Way For CVS-Aetna Merger

By Aaron Mate, -

By Aaron Mate for The Real News. It's The Real News. I'm Aaron Maté. In what is being called the biggest merger in the history of the health insurance industry, CVS is reportedly making a $66 [...]

Unlike Single Payer, Obamacare’s Design Neglects Black People

By Eli Day, -

By Eli Day for Peoples Policy Report - Mainstream liberals, and in particular Democrats, have been known to cozy up to radical language and symbols just as their value, and with it the political [...]

Single Payer Myths: Removing People From Employer Plans

By Matt Bruenig, -

By Matt Bruenig for People's Policy Project - After you have demonstrated that the switching pain argument is wrong on the merits, critics will typically retreat to some kind of political [...]

The Collapse Of Trumpcare And The Rise Of Single Payer

By Adam Gaffney and Zackary D. Berger, -

By Adam Gaffney and Zackary D. Berger for The BMJ Opinion - Two major developments in September upended US healthcare politics. The month’s end saw the failure of a last-ditch blitz by Senate [...]

“Worse Than Big Tobacco”: How Big Pharma Fuels Opioid Epidemic

By Lynn Parramore, -

By Lynn Parramore for Institute for New Economic Thinking - Over a 40-year career, Philadelphia attorney Daniel Berger has obtained millions in settlements for investors and consumers hurt by a [...]

Bosses Shouldn’t Have ‘Religious’ Objections To Your Health Care

By Martha Burk, -

By Martha Burk for Other Words - Expanding "corporate citizen" rights into health care could ultimately affect everybody, not just women. When Obamacare — aka, the Affordable Care Act — became [...]