TikTok Diplomacy: A Digital Containment Doctrine

By Qiao Collective. -

With TikTok, Donald Trump is adding State Department coercion to his “art of the deal” toolkit. After months of feigned concern that the viral TikTok app represents a “trojan horse” for the [...]

‘Playing the China Card’ (Differently)

By Harry Targ, Heartland Radical. -

In a speech on Thursday, July 23 Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared that the Nixon opening to China was a mistake. “We must admit a hard truth that should guide us in the years and decades [...]

US Conflict With China Policy Will Isolate The US, Not China

By Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies, CODEPINK. -

Tensions between the United States and China are rising as the U.S. election nears, with tit-for-tat consulate closures, new U.S. sanctions and no less than three U.S. aircraft carrier strike [...]

The Heart Of The Matter In The South China Sea

By Pepe Escobar, The Alt World. -

When the USS Ronald Reagan and USS Nimitz carrier strike groups recently engaged in “operations” in the South China Sea, it failed to escape cynics that the US Pacific Fleet was doing its best to [...]

No To The New Cold War With China

By Ajamu Baraka, Black Agenda Report. -

China’s Ambassador to the United States posed a very simple question:   "Is the United States ready or willing to live with another country with a very different culture, a very different [...]

US – China Conflict Puts Allies In Crossfire

By Finian Cunningham, RT. -

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is calling for “an alliance of democracies” to confront China. It amounts to a new Cold War in which nations are being forced to side either with Washington or [...]

Consequences Of ‘New’ US- South China Escalation Unclear

By Mark Valencia, Asia Times. -

Predicting US policy and actions in the South China Sea in the last stages of a dying administration is a crapshoot. Indeed, some think this may only be an election-year ploy to unite the country [...]

With Cold War Language, Pompeo Defines Plan For ‘Totalitarian’ China

By  Katie Bo Williams, Defense One. -

In a major foreign policy speech on U.S.-China relations, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cast ratcheted-up tensions with Beijing in Cold War terms, announcing that Washington would seek to change [...]

Anti-China Hysteria Drives Record 2021 US Defense Spending

By the Qiao Collective. -

Anti-China hysteria has emerged as the central ‘threat’ designed to justify endless U.S. military spending and adventurism in the Asia-Pacific. The 2021 Department of Defense spending bill has [...]

South China Sea Provocations And Meeting China Halfway

By Dr. Joseph Gerson, IPS News. -

In the words of (ret.) Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, Secretary of Defense Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff, the Trump Administration has been dangerously “poking China in the eye.” After sending [...]