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New Cold War

The Price Of Biden’s New China Tariffs

I love the photograph The New York Times ran atop Jim Tankersley’s May 18 story analyzing the inadvisable raft of tariffs on Chinese imports President Biden authorized four days earlier. There is the old coot signing the paperwork at a desk in the Rose Garden as a crowd of seven looks on admiringly. Polo shirts, sneakers, a baseball cap. Six of these seven are people of color; four are women. Perfect, just perfect. Study the picture. These dutiful onlookers are not officeholders or administration officials. They are union leaders from what were once powerful labor organizations: steelworkers, autoworkers, machinists, communications workers, the AFL–CIO.

TikTok Takes US Government To Court Over Unconstitutional Ban

In response to the House bill passed on March 13, which requires parent company ByteDance to find a non-Chinese buyer for TikTok in nine months, the company filed a petition on May 7 in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, suing the U.S. government. On May 14, eight TikTok users, all with millions of followers on the social media app, filed a separate lawsuit to stop the ban. ByteDance argues that the ban is unconstitutional and unjustly targets a Chinese company. The Congressional supporters of the bill are attempting to reframe it as a mere call for a sale of TikTok, not a ban. Their feeble arguments are meant to divert attention from the fact that the TikTok ban, a deliberate political and financial attack against China, is indeed a violation of the First Amendment.

The United States Assembles The Squad Against China

In early April 2024, the navies of four countries—Australia, Japan, the Philippines, and the United States—held a maritime exercise in the South China Sea. Australia’s Warramunga, Japan’s Akebono, the Philippines’ Antonio Luna, and the United States’ Mobile worked together in these waters to strengthen their joint abilities and—as they said in a joint statement—to “uphold the right to freedom of navigation and overflight and respect for maritime rights under international law.” A few weeks later, between April 22 and May 8, ships from the Philippines and the United States operated alongside Australian and French naval troops for Exercise Balikatan 2024.

US-China Rivalry Riles Tiny Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands will continue its security pact and economic ties with China after the election of Jeremiah Manele as the country’s new prime minister.   Manele, a former foreign minister in Manasseh Sogavare’s outgoing government, needed the support of independent MPs to form a government after his Unity and Responsibility (OUR) Party surprised many by losing its outright majority. It took 15 seats in the April 17 election, down from 37 at the last election. Western pundits have cast the new leader as a less “divisive” figure than his “pro-China” predecessor, but many see Manele facing the same difficulties as Sogavare, with the U.S. and its sub-imperial, regional allies squaring up to Beijing to try to contain its rising power.

Lessons From China

On a daily basis the corporate media, members of Congress, and courtier pundits who refuse to do a basic internet search, make reference to the non-existent Chinese Communist Party and to a non-existent abbreviation, CCP. There has been a Communist Party of China (CPC) for more than 100 years. The repetition of easily provable misinformation is just one indication of the degree of manufactured hostility towards the People's Republic of China and of the extraordinarily high levels of ignorance manufactured by the state in the U.S.

Opening The Devil’s Door In Asia-Pacific

Political tensions are increasing in the Asian-Pacific region after a summit in Washington resulted in indications that New Zealand, Japan and the Philippines are moving towards greater integration with the U.S.-led military bloc in the region. Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and U.S. President Joe Biden attended a trilateral summit on Thursday, where they announced an agreement enhancing military operation, including joint naval exercises alongside Australia in the disputed East China Sea.

How The United States Is Waging Economic War On China

In our last two shows, we looked at China’s economy and where it was headed, busting major Western myths about it, and highlighting the differences between the Chinese and US economies that explain the dynamism of the former and the productive decline of the latter. We spoke about how China was embarked on engineering the next industrial revolution through a major structural transformation, not only to continue its high growth, but also to improve its quality, technologically and in human terms. And in doing this, China is increasingly taking the technological lead in more and more frontier sectors, including green technology, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology.

US TikTok Ban Aims To Weaken China And Protect Tech Monopolies

The US government has for years threatened to ban TikTok, one of the most popular social media apps in the country. It’s now looking like this might actually happen. This March, the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to pass legislation called the “Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act”. This bill states that it “prohibits distributing, maintaining, or providing internet hosting services for a foreign adversary controlled application (e.g., TikTok)”. It passed with an overwhelming majority of 352 votes in favor and just 65 votes against.

Tell Congress: Stop The TikTok Ban

The “Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act” would give the President the power to designate an application under the control of a country considered adversarial to the U.S. to be a national security threat. TikTok would be deemed a threat, meaning that the application would effectively be banned unless it cuts all ties with the foreign adversarial country within 180 days through a forced sale. The same could be true for other applications, like WeChat. It’s a massive problem that current US law allows for all the big social media platforms to harvest and monetize our personal data, including TikTok.

US Readies ‘Transnational Kill Chain’ For Taiwan Proxy War

In many traditions, when you paint or sculpt a Buddha, the eyes are the very last to be painted. It's only after the eyes have been completed that the sculpture is fully alive and empowered.   The US has just approved a $75 million weapons package to Taiwan province involving the sale of the Link 16 communications system.   The acquisition of Link 16 is analogous to "painting the eyes on the Buddha": a last touch, it makes Taiwan's military systems and weapons platforms live and far-seeing.  It confers deadly powers, or more prosaically, in the words of the US military, it completes Taiwan as the final, lethal link of the multilateral coalition kill chain against China.

Putin Debunks Tucker Carlson’s Warmongering Anti-China Propaganda

The US TV host Tucker Carlson set off a political scandal by traveling to Moscow this February to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin. This provoked a debate in the media, which – as is so often the case in partisan US politics – completely missed the forest for the trees. Liberal war hawks like Hillary Clinton portrayed Tucker Carlson as a traitor and “useful idiot” of Putin. Democrats have been blinded by their obsessive hatred of Russia, and are utterly incapable of seeing what is happening geopolitically. In reality, Carlson and other Donald Trump allies in the Republican Party have tried for years to drive a wedge in between Russia and China, while maniacally pushing for war on Beijing.

US Peace Activists Call For Dialogue And Understanding With China

At a time when China-United States relations are increasingly defined by narratives of rivalry, a recent visit by US peace activists to China offered a refreshing counterpoint. Seeking to build bridges of understanding between the two nations, a delegation from the US Peace Council visited China last month at the invitation of the Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament. They shared their firsthand experience in China at a recent webinar to demonstrate that cooperation, not competition, is the path to a peaceful future. “What we witnessed was a modernizing China focused on promoting peaceful development of all nations and respect for international law by all states,” said Bahman Azad, the organization’s president.

CIA Director Calls China Biggest ‘Threat’, Says Ukraine War Benefits US

The director of the Central Intelligence Agency, William J. Burns, published an article in which he referred to “the United States’ principal rivals—China and Russia”, while emphasizing that “China is the bigger long-term threat”. Strongly implying that we are in the early stages of a new cold war, he wrote that “China and Russia consume much of the CIA’s attention”. Burns revealed that “the CIA has been reorganizing itself” in order to counter China. The notorious US spy agency has created a special “mission center” focusing exclusively on Beijing, and has doubled its budget for anti-China operations.

US War Drive Against China Undeterred By Taiwanese Election Setback

On January 13 the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won the Taiwanese presidential election. The result is important because of Taiwan’s frontline status in the US war drive against China. The New York Times describes newly elected president, Lai Ching-te, as “a staunch separatist”. The DPP, which is generally considered to be more aligned with US interests and plays with the idea of Taiwanese independence from China, was opposed by two other parties, the Kuomintang (KMT) and the Taiwan People’s Party (TPP). For the current US anti-China war drive, the results were mixed, and bring to the surface many of the contradictions of relations between the “two Chinas” and US imperialism.

Why I Believe What I Believe About The Chinese Revolution

We are living in very dangerous times, as you know. The United States’ accelerating tension with other powerful nations threatens the planet more now than perhaps any period since 1991. The war in Ukraine and genocide in Gaza are illustrative of the dangers before us. In the interim, I worry about the US trying to draw Iran into the conflict, with Israel threatening to escalate tensions with Hezbollah in Lebanon and then draw Tehran into making a step that would allow the US to bomb Iran. The New Cold War against China will take these conflicts to another level. Taiwan is already the lever. I hope that sober minds will prevail.
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