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Ukraine Summit Failed: Global South Rejected Pro-War ‘Peace Conference’

The Western powers held a conference in Switzerland in June in an attempt to gain more international support for Ukraine in its war with Russia. The vast majority of the world population, in the Global South, rebuked this so-called “Summit on Peace in Ukraine”, to which Russia was not invited. Only 78 countries, mostly in Europe, endorsed the meeting’s final declaration. Together, these nations represented a small minority of the global population. At least 160 countries were invited to the conference from June 15 to 16 in Bürgenstock, Switzerland. Just around 90 ended up attending, and most sent low-level officials.

US Lifts Ban On Weapons To Ukraine’s Nazi Azov Battalion

Well, it’s official. The United States has lifted its ban on the transfer of American weapons to neo-Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine. Today, Azov is led by Denis Prokopenko, a recipient of the ‘Hero of Ukraine’ award from interim Ukrainian President Vlodomyr Zelensky, a figure he once refused to salute. Prior to becoming its commander, Prokopenko was featured on the front cover of Azov’s magazine, called “Black Sun” – named after the Nazi sonnenrad symbol. Prokopenko is a longtime member of Azov, but before he joined the group, he was a member of the Ukrainian soccer ultra gang called the “White Boys Club.”

How Belgian Students Forced Their University To Cut Ties With Israel

The student uprising continues! Students at Ghent University have maintained a Gaza solidarity encampment for over a month, and even after winning a major victory with their university administration agreeing to cut some key ties with Israeli institutions – they are not stopping. Peoples Dispatch spoke to Mingtje Wang of COMAC, who is a masters students at the university and participant in the encampment.

Webinar: Hands Off Uhuru ! Drop The Charges On The Uhuru 3!

"The Uhuru 3 are Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP); Penny Hess, Chair of the African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC); and Jesse Nevel, Chair of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM). In April 2023, the Uhuru 3 were indicted by the US Govt on bogus charges of being “agents of a foreign government” because of the Uhuru Movement’s over 50 years of work to advocate for the liberation and unification of Africa and forcibly dispersed African people everywhere. "The charges levied on the Uhuru 3 came nine months after the FBI and local police violently raided seven homes and properties of the APSP and Uhuru Movement in St. Louis, MO and St. Petersburg, FL on July 29, 2022.

US Senator Says Ukraine Is ‘Gold Mine’ With $12 Trillion Of Minerals

A prominent US lawmaker has referred to Ukraine as a “gold mine”, insisting the West must maintain access to its estimated $12 trillion worth of critical minerals. US Senator Lindsey Graham made these comments in a June 10 interview on the CBS program “Face the Nation”. “They’re sitting on $10 to $12 trillion of critical minerals in Ukraine”, Graham said. “They could be the richest country in all of Europe. I don’t want to give that money and those assets to Putin to share with China”, he added. Graham, a Republican, recalled that, when Donald Trump was president, he sent Ukraine military aid in the form of loans.

94% Of Americans Want To End Ukraine War, But US Rejects Peace Deal

Polling shows that the vast majority of people in the United States and Western Europe want negotiations to end the war in Ukraine. Despite this, NATO opposes a peace proposal made by China and Brazil, and refuses to invite Russia to a so-called “peace conference” that the Western powers are holding in Switzerland from June 15-16. The Institute for Global Affairs of Eurasia Group, an avowedly pro-NATO and anti-Russia consulting firm that has worked extensively with Western governments, published a study this June titled “The New Atlanticism”. The survey found that the 94% of people in the US and 88% in Western Europe want a negotiated settlement to end the war in Ukraine.

Is India’s Economy Truly Thriving? Or Is It Exaggerating Its Growth?

As many of you will know, general elections are currently underway in India, elections which the ruling BJP and the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, are expected to win easily. Victory would give Modi a third term in government, a feat previously accomplished only by the country’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Sections of the Western media and most of the Indian media are poised to attribute any such victory to Modi’s economic management, which has allegedly made the Indian economy boom as never before. However, as the elections proceed, this near-certain victory is receding into the distance, and a very different reality is coming into view. With us to discuss this is a most distinguished guest, Professor C.P. Chandrasekhar.

America’s Decline In The Middle East And The Axis Of Resistance

The Middle East – or what should more accurately be called West Asia – is a pivotal region of the globe. It is home to the primary source of the planet’s most important commodity: oil. Not coincidentally, it is also the epicenter of global conflicts. Since 9/11, the United States has launched a series of attacks on sovereign nations, from Afghanistan and Iraq to Libya, Syria and beyond. These wars have left the region beleaguered and broken. But recently, as American power wanes, a new set of forces has emerged. An axis led by Iran, Syria and Yemen has emerged to counter U.S.-Israeli dominance and global giants, such as China and Russia, are increasingly being drawn into the region.

China And Russia Strengthen Friendship, Blast Western ‘Neocolonialism’ And Militarism

As the United States imposes more and more sanctions on China and Russia, this has only driven the Eurasian powers closer together. The leaders of the two countries convened in Beijing in May. It was their 43rd meeting. There, Presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin signed a joint statement commemorating the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations. In the document, China and Russia blasted Western “colonialism and hegemonism”, called to build a more multipolar world with increased representation for the Global South, and expressed support for de-dollarization and expansion of BRICS.

China-Russia Joint Statement On ‘New Era’, Marks 75th Anniversary Of Relations

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin traveled to China from May 16-17, 2024, where he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping. This was the 43rd meeting between the two leaders, although it held particular significance as it marked the 75th anniversary of the relations between their countries. While in Beijing, Xi and Putin signed a lengthy joint statement, which when translated into English amounts to roughly 8000 words. The document is available in Chinese and Russian on the websites of the respective governments. As of May 25, there is no official translation of the full text in English. Only short excerpts of the statement have been reported on in the English-language media.

Iran’s President Raisi Joined BRICS, Pushed For Multipolar World

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi, who died in a helicopter crash on May 19, left behind a legacy of working to build a more multipolar world. Under Raisi, Iran joined BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Global South-led institutions that he noted could challenge US unilateralism and hegemony. The late Iranian leader advocated a “Look East” strategy, strengthening relations with China, Russia, and other countries in Asia. Raisi represented a more nationalist wing of the political class in Tehran, which sees the futility of trying to win Western approval, and instead recognizes that Iran’s political and economic future lies in deepening integration with the Global South.

Interview With José Pimentel, Peasant Leader And Land Defender

We had the opportunity to meet with an iconic leader of the Venezuelan campesino movement in the city of San Carlos, Cojedes, Venezuela. José Pimentel is a well-known defender of land rights. For this reason Pimentel has been the target of at least three assassination attempts by large landowners. While there is no consensus on the true number, it said that hundreds of peasants in Venezuela have been assassinated for defending their legally sanctified rights to the land they work. Some estimate that more than 500 peasants have been murdered for their compliance with the land law, while not a single person behind these assassinations is in prison.

Documentary – Automated Apartheid: Walking Through Hebron Smart City

A silent sentinel watches over every corner in the bustling streets of Hebron, the largest city in the West Bank, where the ancient echoes of history collide with the modern hum of daily life. This sentinel is not a person but a network of surveillance technology known ominously as the “Hebron Smart City.” Designed by Israeli authorities, this system blankets the city in a web of cameras, sensors and even automated weapons, tracking every movement of its Palestinian residents. “Palestinians in Hebron are the most surveilled people on the planet,” explains journalist and activist Mnar Adley, highlighting the omnipresence of cameras and face-scanning technology.

USA And Israel Defy World In Vote To Make Palestine Full UN Member

The vast majority of countries on Earth voted at the United Nations General Assembly to endorse full membership for Palestine. On May 10, 143 of the UN’s 193 member states supported a resolution that called to make Palestine a full member. However the United States, Israel, and seven small countries, representing just 5% of the global population, stood against the rest of the planet, opposing the measure. In April, the US government used its veto power in the UN Security Council to kill a resolution that would have allowed Palestine to be recognized as a full member. Palestine is an observer state in the United Nations, but without the approval of the Security Council, it cannot be admitted as a full member.

US Politicians Threaten To Invade International Criminal Court

US government officials have threatened the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague, telling its Prosecutor Karim Khan that if he issues arrest warrants against Israeli officials over their war crimes in Gaza, the US government could impose sanctions on him, other ICC personnel, and their family members. US senators even threatened to invade the Hague if it tries to prosecute Israeli officials. This April, Israel’s extreme-right Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, a prominent member of the state security cabinet, called for “total annihilation” of Gaza.
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