US And Russia Climb Escalation Ladder

By Eugene Puryear and Rania Khalek, BreakThrough News. -

The corporate media in the United States are breathlessly covering Russia’s every move right now while U.S. politicians are aggressively pushing new sanctions and arms shipments to [...]

Honduran Campesina Wendy Cruz On Challenges For Xiomara Castro

By Aminta Zea, Kawsachun News. -

Wendy Cruz of La Via Campesina speaks about the challenges facing Honduran women and women of the peasant movement ahead of the inauguration of President Xiomara Castro of the left-wing Libre party.

How Can We Solve Inequality?

By People's Dispatch. -

Oxfam’s latest report on global inequality has highlighted some alarming statistics on how wealth distribution has worsened during the pandemic. While the wealth of the world’s 10 richest men [...]

US And UK Escalate Russia War Fever, But NATO Splits Over Ukraine Emerge

The US and UK are ramping up threats to Russia over Ukraine by sending more weapons, vowing more sanctions, and lodging evidence-free claims of a Russian plot to install a pro-Kremlin leader. But [...]

On Contact: Corporate Assault On US Postal Service

By Chris Hedges, RT. -

The corporate seizure of public utilities and privatization of schools is part of a broad assault to turn government assets into assets that will swell corporate profit. The post office has been [...]

The Suppressed Martin Luther King Jr.

By Solomon Commissiong, A Hip Hop Activist. -

This is the first installment of the series, "Reclaiming History from the Revisionists". In this episode we take a closer look at an often suppressed aspect of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin [...]

BDS At The Sydney Festival, With Jennine Khalik And Sara Saleh

By Lowkey, Mintpress News. -

Just hours before it is set to begin, dozens of acts are withdrawing from the prestigious Sydney Festival in protest of the event’s sponsorship by the Israeli Embassy. One group that has chosen [...]

‘Smoking Gun’ Analysis: US Sanctions Produce ‘War Time’ Economy

By Anya Parampil, The Grayzone. -

Red Lines Host Anya Parampil Speaks With Francisco R. Rodríguez, The Executive Of Oil For Venezuela, About A Study He Recently Published Which Analyzed The Impact Of US Sanctions On Venezuela’s [...]

On Contact: ‘Foregone’ – The Power Of Fiction

Russell Banks in books such as ‘Continental Drift’, ‘Affliction’ and ‘The Sweet Hereafter’ has long chronicled the struggles and inner torment that come with being a member of our dispossessed [...]

The Iran Deal And The Assassination Of Soleimani

Vienna - World leaders have descended upon Austrian capital Vienna to participate in the ongoing nuclear deal being negotiated primarily between the United States and Iran. Today, MintPress spoke [...]

The Red Hill Disaster

By Lowkey, Mintpress News. -

In November, a huge underground naval fuel storage facility at Red Hill near Honolulu burst, leaking 14,000 gallons of jet fuel, contaminating the water supply, poisoning scores of people and [...]

The Capitalist Death-Drive, Afghan Sanctions, Attack On Medicare

Lee Camp looks at how the capitalist system sits at the heart of the worst problems facing society. In this history lesson, Camp takes you back to the feudal system, to the creation of [...]

US War Lobby Fuels Conflict In Russia, Ukraine, And Syria

Douglas Macgregor, a retired US Army Colonel and former Pentagon senior advisor, analyzes the US-Russia standoff in Ukraine; the aftermath of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan; Trump’s failure [...]

On Contact: Islamophobia, Race And Global Politics

By Chris Hedges, RT. -

Islamophobia is not defined solely as anti-Muslim sentiment. It is not limited to hate speech and hate crimes, racial stereotypes, or discrimination against Muslim men and women. Islamophobia, in [...]

Native Hawaiians Fight US Navy For Polluting Island’s Water

By The Empire Files. -

Under the cover of pre-dawn darkness, Native Hawaiians surprised the gates of the US Navy Command with a civil disobedience action over the #RedHill fuel leak. Empire Files producer Mike Prysner [...]