Your Pipeline Fights; Polluting Along Race Lines & Invading White Spaces

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

This week on Act Out! big oil and gas pay a small fine so they can keep on polluting. Next up, YOUR solidarity is needed in an upcoming week of action against the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. Not in [...]

Stock Market Designed To F**k 90% Of Us

By Lee Camp, Redacted Tonight -

As the stock market had its largest one-day drop in decades, what our media won't tell you is that 84% of stock wealth is in the hands of the top 10%. Looking at the stock market to judge the [...]

Puerto Rico Pt 1: Disaster Is The Colony, FEMA Is The Problem + Aid On The Ground

By Eleanor Goldfield,   -

This week on Act Out! A special two part episode all on Puerto Rico. In part one, we look at the disasters before the hurricanes that made the disaster afterwards inevitable. Puerto Rico’s [...]

Looking Into 2018

By The Saker, -

January 25, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -  Military analyst, The Saker, takes a look at war or no war in 2018; neocons back in power; neocon threats to the rest of the world; National [...]

Nuns vs. Pipelines & The Water Protector’s Hub

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

This week on Act Out! Kiilu Nyasha takes us into the New Year with some words of wisdom from a woman who's seen decades of what works and what doesn't. Next up, how do you approach the work of [...]

A Lot Of Great Things Happened In 2017

By Lee Camp, Redacted Tonight -

The past year actually saw a lot of wonderful advancements and growth. Bitcoin has made a huge splash and is looked to as an option to free people from the death grip of banks and credit card [...]

Empire Files: Deadliest Country For Unions And Social Leaders

By Abby Martin, TelesurTV -

In 2017, murders of social leaders, union organizers and indigenous activists in Colombia hit a new high since the historic peace agreement. Empire Files' Abby Martin goes to Colombia to document [...]

Flexible Borders, Your Rights & Drones And Public Broadband

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

This week on Act Out! we're talking borders and barriers. First up, did you know that the U.S constitution has a different border zone than the official border map of the U.S.? And what does that [...]

Media as Movement Makers with Kevin Zeese – Now Age TV

By Craig Gordon, -

For this edition of Now Age TV Indie Media Report, Craig Gordon speaks with Kevin Zeese, co-director with Margaret Flowers, of Popular Resistance, a website of daily movement news and resources. [...]

Most Censored Stories Of 2017, Honduras V. Venezuela

By Lee Camp, -

Lee Camp covers what were some of the most censored stories this year, according to the media watchdog site “Project Censored.” He also discusses accused pedophile Roy Moore, who lost his bid for [...]

Media Truth In A Post-Truth World; Dirty Mines on Your Dime, Pipelines & More

By Eleanor Goldfield -

This week on Act Out! we gave you a lowdown last week on oil pipelines – but what about natural gas? Safer, right? Not so much. Here's the explosive reality of the natural gas pipelines criss [...]

Co-directors Of Popular Resistance On The New Phase

By Staff, -

Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, co-directors of Popular Resistance, describe the next phase for Popular Resistance and how it fits into the current political environment. In addition to a new [...]

Act Out!: 400+ Reasons To Eat The Rich And More

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

By Eleanor Goldfield for This week on Act Out!, tempting though it may be to ignore all things real and political for the next few days, hiding behind cranberry sauce and turkey legs [...]

ACT OUT! [136] – Cuba: What You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

By Eleanor Goldfield for Occupy - This week on Act Out!, Cuba – the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. From my experiences there two weeks ago, to new updates on U.S.-Cuba relations, I'll [...]

Fetishizing Violence: Mass Shootings To Violent Uprisings

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

By Eleanor Goldfield for This week on Act Out! you may not want to politicize mass shootings but they – like everything else in this life – is already political. Adding on to last [...]