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Act Out: Ministry Of Truth, Save The Bees


By Eleanor Goldfield for Act Out! Conveniently signed into law on December 23rd, the benignly named Cultural Engagement Center just seeks to “recognize, understand, expose, and counter foreign state and non-state propaganda and disinformation efforts aimed at undermining United States national security interests.” Or as journalist Rick Sterling put it, it sets aside “160 million dollars to combat any “propaganda” that challenges Official Washington’s version of reality.” And, yes, bees are dying. And for those of us who enjoy eating food, that’s bad news. Enter the solitary bee. This means local bees pollinating local plants and crops, promoting the overall ecological health of the entire area they populate. Charlie Mohr of Crown Bees explains more about how we can save the bees, our food and our land with solitary bees.

Video: Trump Dumps NASA, 'Reforms' EPA


By Eleanor Goldfield for ActOut! Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Trump thinks climate change is a Chinese hoax. So in light of recent reports from NASA climate scientists, which for example reveal a gigantic rift in the Antarctic’s Larsen ice sheet, Trump is gutting their research and plans to put climate change deniers at the helm of the EPA. Once the ice sheet is set adrift, it will be equal to the size of Delaware. An ice shelf on the West side of the Antarctic is breaking up from the inside, which is highly unusual. Temperatures in the Arctic are record-breaking. All of this adds up to warmer ocean temperatures and higher predicted sea levels. Scientists are calling this a climate emergency. There is only one thing standing in the way of continued climate destruction…

Former Brutal Cop & A Young Black Visionary In The Fight For Justice

Act Out

By Eleanor Goldfield for Act Out – This week – a special extended episode featuring voices from what one might think are opposite sides of the front lines: a young black woman and a retired police captain. In fact, these two may even have run into each other in the city of brotherly love long before they had the fight for justice in common. First we’ll hear from creative activist, community builder and social justice advocate YahNe Ndgo about police brutality, systemic racism and movements for change – then we’ll give you a preview of next week’s special with retired police Captain Ray Lewis…

Come On In The Water’s Toxic

Act Out

By Eleanor Goldfield for Act Out! – Meet the people making a killing off of death plus the how and why gun owners are pro gun control and WHY gun control is the only common sense policy available. Next up, the stand against fracked gas and oil pipelines is a national fight, being fought on local levels by activists all over the political and social spectrum — and here’s how you can get involved. But first – shots fired.

Fight World’s Dirtiest Energy, Corporate Coups & How East Was Lost


By Eleanor Goldfield for Occupy – This week: Break Free from fossil fuels, rebel against the fracking infrastructure, glean some inspiration from our European anti-corporate coup comrades and join the fight against lame ducks and their sneaky deals. Finally, Raed Jarrar has lived our Middle East policy and is now working to change it. But first, lunacy’s loop: god and war.

How To Erase Border, Moms 4 Peace & Miami Model’s Police State

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.37.25 AM

By Eleanor Goldfield of Occupy – This week, a wall is a wall until it’s – the sky? Ana Teresa Fernandez shows us how we might view things differently, simply through the application of color. Next up, I’m not one to celebrate a corporatized holiday but this mother’s day, leave the chocolates behind and stand up for peace. And finally, ever wonder where the idea for our militarized police came from? Trial, error and a determined piece of low life scum. But first, poetry Can.

What Is Your Life Worth & May Day Paint, Spray And March

By Eleanor Goldfield for Occupy – This week, regulation is the name of the game if you want to hold corporations accountable and keep them in line with the interests of people and planet. Sadly, there’s one serious hurdle standing between us and regulation, and it has to do with how much your life is worth. Next up, find a May Day action near you – and while you’re at it, paint and spray your message of change in supervillain coup de art. But first, here’s my 2 cents – on 20 dollars.

Resistance Report: From Ashes Of Capitalism The Next System Rises

By Dennis Trainor, Jr. for Acronym TV – There is a growing consensus that the crisis facing us across multiple fronts: environmental justice, racial justice, wealth inequality and more are both interconnected and systemic, meaning that Capitalism not only has no answers for these crisis, but these myriad crisis themselves are built into the system. Dana Brown, the National Teach-Ins Coordinator for the Next System project, joins Dennis for an interview about the end of capitalism and navigates the “reform or revolution” framework during the height of primary season.

Real Boy And Hedges On Satire

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 7.41.27 AM

By Dennis Trainor, Jr. for Acronym Journal – This week, Dennis interviews Shaleece Haas, Director of the new documentary REAL BOY ( It is a film about “the coming-of-age story of Bennett Wallace, a transgender teenager on a journey to find his voice—as a musician, a friend, a son, and a man. As he navigates the ups and downs of young adulthood, he works to gain the love and support of his mother, who has deep misgivings about her child’s transition. Along the way, Bennett forges a powerful friendship with his idol, Joe Stevens, a celebrated transgender musician with his own demons to fight.”

3 Issues With Panama Papers & An Anti-Fracking Punk Provocateur

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 7.34.13 AM

By Staff of Occupy – This week: Three things you gotta know and consider about the Panama Papers and no, it has nothing to do with Putin. Then, we have a special interview with Joe Corre – anti-fracking activist in the UK that’s using his celebrity to stand up to big oil, gas and capitalism. But first, escape. **We have front lines coverage from Democracy Spring

Obama’s Transparency, Clinton’s Emails, And CIA Going Hollywood


By Dennis Trainor, Jr. for The Acronym Jorunal – The Obama administration has long called itself the most transparent administration in history. But newly released Department of Justice (DOJ) documents show that the White House has actually worked aggressively behind the scenes to scuttle congressional reforms designed to give the public better access to information possessed by the federal government.

Cradles & Climate Crisis, Drug War’s Sidekick And Dissent

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 6.45.23 AM

By Staff of Occupy – This week, the climate crisis IS a reproductive crisis. The founders of Conceivable Future talk to us about the intersectionality of parenthood and climate change. Next up, the Drug War has wreaked decades of havoc in our country – but what about Latin America? School of the Americas Watch and the Peace, Life & Justice Caravan hi-light this southern path of destruction and invite you to join in the fight against both the drug war and the violent US-backed crusades in South America, Central America and Mexico. Finally, let’s get cozy and dissent. But first, I’d need less money if I had some more…

Pave Grand Canyon, Monsanto’s Clean Slate & Activists In City Hall

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 1.38.16 PM

By Staff of Occupy – This week, the Grand Canyon is so breathtaking and gorgeous that we just can’t stand it any longer. Let’s talk about the two big plans to destroy this pristine beauty and what you can do about it. Next up, Monsanto is poisoning people, but that’s nothing new. And after four decades, one measly clause in a house bill could wipe their legal slate clean. Finally, Daniel Lee has occupied the streets, organized and appeared at rallies and actions for years. Now, he’s taking that fight into a bid for political office. But first, an ode to a stoic beauty.

Abby Martin Speaks To Cornel West About Black Radical Tradition

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 1.17.28 PM

By Abby Martin for Tele Sur – Abby Martin explores the legacy of the Black radical tradition today in the latest episode of teleSUR’s The Empire Files. Prominent radical social critic Cornel West said that Black History Month honors an anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, internationalist tradition that fights for a truth that “is always to allow the suffering to speak no matter who is suffering.”

Days Of Revolt: Company Town


By Chris Hedges. Welcome to Days of Revolt. We’re filming this segment in New York City, and we’re going to be discussing the effects of the agricul–the agricultural corporations, in particular in Salinas, California. What they have done to communities, to grassroots democratic movements, and how in this microcosm of Salinas they are reconfiguring the city along the lines of neoliberalism in a way that, of course, communities and cities across this country are being reconfigured. Joining me in the studio is Jose Castaneda. He is an independent radical city councilperson who big business has made war against. And Anthony Prince, an attorney who has been working with groups in Salinas to fight back against the power of big business, and all the ways that they are distorting life within the city, including of course going after what has become a large homeless population. Thank you, Jose, and thank you, Anthony.