COVID-19 Chronicles: How The World Will Change After The Coronavirus

By Frank Barat, Popular Resistance -

COVID-19 Chronicles are a series of interviews and conversations with personalities, analysts, doctors, thinkers, activists and politicians on the meaning of the coronavirus crisis and its [...]

On Contact: Death Of The US Constitution

By Chris Hedges, On Contact, RTAmerica. -

On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to constitutional scholar Bruce Fein about the death of our US Constitution. Ralph Nader, with constitutional scholars Louis Fisher and Bruce Fein, wrote [...]

US And Colombia Drive Drug Trade

By Anya Parampil, The Grayzone. -

Red Lines host Anya Parampil speaks with Pino Arlacchi, the former Executive Director of the United Nations Office for Drug Control and Prevention, about the US decision to charge Venezuelan [...]

Interview With Chris Hedges: Coronavirus, Climate Change And What’s Next

A live XRTV #alonetogether interview with Chris Hedges, American journalist and author. Chris won the Pulitzer Prize while at the New York Times and has written a number of groundbreaking books [...]

Resistance Episode 2: Shut It Down!

By Staff, Stewis Media GbR -

After the shock of the 2016 election started to sink in, activist groups across the United States began planning days of action and civil disobedience around inauguration day. They would not let [...]

Wet’suwet’en Strong: Unceded And Unwavering + Mining The Deep Ocean

By Eleanor Goldfield, Act Out! -

Trans rights are human rights – because human rights are only valid if they include every person in their entirety. Next, mining on land is so 20th century – the new frontier of mining is just as [...]

When Motherhood Kills: The Effects Of For-Profit Healthcare In Empire’s Capital

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

A special episode that looks at a grotesque statistic and asks the question – if you can judge a government by how they treat their most vulnerable and marginalized --- how more pointed is that [...]

Starve The Beast, Feed The Community + Kings Of A Graveyard

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

Uncle Sam's manifest destiny is to become king of a global graveyard – how our economic warfare kills and tortures millions worldwide and how folks here and elsewhere are organizing to fight back [...]

Film: Nicaragua: The April Crisis & Beyond

By Dan Kovalik, Camera Viva -

Nicaragua: The April Crisis & Beyond (50 min.) is a documentary film that explores the troubling events of the summer of 2018 in which much of Nicaragua was enveloped in chaos and violence.  The [...]

Resistance: We Need To Talk About The United States

By Blake Lewis, Resistance Series -

The 8-part documentary mini-series "Resistance" dismantles the rusty and flawed US-American political system, that upholds a deeply entrenched two-party construct, dividing a nation with politics [...]

Mental Health Alternatives To Police + Dangerous Talk

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

Talk talk, theories, ideologies, talk talk talk. A few words of wisdom from the past to serve as a reminder in the present and future – just in time for all the TALK of the 2020 caucuses and [...]

The Refugee Industry & Australia’s Still Burning – Coal

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

Caged for seeking freedom – migrants and refugees in the land of the free. Next, zooming out on the global refugee industry – because yes, that too – is a booming business. Finally, global [...]

How To Fight War Fever, Power Stand-Off + Fire & Water

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

Updates on bad ass organizers, activists and whistleblowers. Next, what we really need in order to stop the empire and why we can't just lean on letters from the UN. War Fever is high and the [...]

Chile’s Warning To The World + The Untold Story Of Fracking

By Eleanor Goldfield, Act Out! -

COP 25 is over and the people have spoken – from Chile to Madrid, largely indigenous-led protests are highlighting the uselessness of these climate summits and the danger of falling for [...]