Could Student Loans Lead To Debt Prison? The Handwriting On The Wall

By Alan Nasser, -

The burden weighing like a nightmare, to coin a phrase, on 44 million indebted current and former students will haunt these people for a good portion of their lives. The average student debtor [...]

Not A Matter Of If, But When

By Shawn Hattingh, MR Online. -

In early January 2018, capitalists across the globe were celebrating the fact that the Dow Jones had rallied by 45% since the election of Donald Trump. Likewise, brokers were beaming in Sandton [...]

To Grow the US Economy, Cancel Student Debt

By A.P. Joyce, MIC   -

A report from a group of economists at the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College finds that there would be huge benefits if the federal government were to forgive all existing student debt. [...]

The Real Causes Of Deficits And The US Debt

By Jack Rasmus, -

By Jack Rasmus for Tele Sur - Nonsense like social security and Medicare will be insolvent by 2030. When in fact social security has created a multi-trillion dollar surplus since 1986, which the [...]

11 Percent Of Student Borrowers Are In Default

By Drew Cloud, -

By Drew Cloud for Student Loan Report - The national student loan default rate is now over 11 percent, and the total outstanding student debt shows no signs of shrinking any time soon. When you [...]

Creston Davis On Forming Global Center For Advanced Studies

By James Crossley, -

By James Crossley for Truthout - Creston Davis: Starting an independent school run strictly by intellectuals was always my dream. Back in 2002, I remember talking with Slavoj Zizek about the need [...]

How To Erase Puerto Rico’s Debt Without Hurting Mom And Pop

By Ellen Brown, -

By Ellen Brown for Web of Debt. During his visit to hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico, President Donald Trump shocked the bond market when he told Geraldo Rivera of Fox News that he was going to [...]

Puerto Rico Needs More Hurricane Relief Now

By Mark Weisbrot, -

By Mark Weisbrot for Buzz Feed News - More than 40 percent of Puerto Rico is without clean water, and the vast majority has no electricity. Many hospitals and operating rooms are not functioning, [...]

Government Debt Is Not The Problem

By Dean Baker, -

By Dean Baker for Counter Punch - Deficit fears are impoverishing our kids. The people complaining about budget deficits fundamentally misrepresent how the economy works and the problems it [...]

If China Can Fund Infrastructure With Credit, So Can We

By Ellen Brown, -

By Ellen Brown for the Web of Debt Blog. United States - May 15-19 has been designated “National Infrastructure Week” by the US Chambers of Commerce, the American Society of Civil Engineers [...]

Number Of Americans Defaulting On Student Loans Reaches 4.2 Million

By Philip Andrea and Genevieve Leigh, -

By Philip Andrea and Genevieve Leigh for WSWS - A new analysis released this week by the Consumer Federation of America found that the number of Americans in default on their student loans jumped [...]

The Student Debt Crisis Is Exploding

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, -

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. The level of student loan debt has risen to $1.5 trillion and defaults are more than 40% and rising. U.S. student loan debt has grown [...]

Debtors Prison Not A Tale Of Charles Dickens

By Paul Kirk Haeder, -

By Paul Kirk Haeder for Dissident Voice. Constitutional checks and balances were put in place to prevent citizens from succumbing to undue and unfair prosecution, and the courts have upheld many [...]

How The Payday Loan Industry Is Obstructing Reform

By Michael J. Sainato, -

By Michael J. Sainato for Counter Punch - In June 2016, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed new guidelines to protect consumers from payday loan traps. These traps help perpetuate [...]

David Graeber: The Power Of Finance, History Of Inequality & Legacy Of OWS

By David Graeber, -

By David Graeber for ROAR Magazine. So hundreds of thousands suddenly showed up. I mean, we had what — like 800 occupations at peak? Then of course came the evictions and they realize, “oh, I [...]