On Contact: ‘Except For Palestine’

By Chris Hedges, RT. -

On the show this week, Chris Hedges discusses why American liberals refuse to speak out about the crimes the Israeli apartheid state carries out against the Palestinians, with political analyst [...]

Against Big Tech’s Algorithmic Cancel Culture

By Ann Garrison, Black Agenda Report. -

The Critical Media Literacy Conference of the Americas , the lead organizer for that is Dr. Nolan Higdon , whom I've worked with for years on various things. And Project Censored was a co-sponsor [...]

The Fake Debate Over A Minimum Wage

By Richard D. Wolff, Counterpunch. -

Capitalism’s “conservative” defenders yet again oppose raising the minimum wage. They fought raising it in the past much as they tried to prevent the Fair Labor Standards Act (1938) that first [...]

Chris Hedges: Cancel Culture, Where Liberalism Goes To Die

By Chris Hedges, ScheerPost.com. -

The Rev. Will Campbell was forced out of his position as director of religious life at the University of Mississippi in 1956 because of his calls for integration.  He escorted Black children [...]

The Black Alliance For Peace Calls For People(s)-Centered Human Rights

By the Black Alliance for Peace. -

The global economic crisis of neoliberal capitalism—exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic—has exposed the ethical, moral and political contradictions of the liberal interpretation of human rights [...]

Chris Hedges: The Collective Suicide Of The Liberal Class

By Chris Hedges, ScheerPost.com. -

Liberals who express dismay, or more bizarrely a fevered hope, about the corporatists and imperialists selected to fill the positions in the Biden administration are the court jesters of our [...]

A Peek At Our future

By Bruce Gagnon, Space for Peace. -

It is very important to immediately review the early front-runners for a Biden cabinet in Washington. Many 'liberals' told us not to raise serious issues during the campaign for fear that [...]

County Must Stop Development Of Moses African Cemetery

By Catarina Ieronimo, The Diamondback. -

As someone who grew up in Montgomery County, I’ve heard and seen countless declarations from acquaintances, teachers and government officials that the county is incredibly progressive when it [...]

The Bush/Cheney Administration Was Far Worse Than Trump

By Glenn Greenwald, Substack. -

That the liberal belief in and fear of a Trump-led fascist dictatorship and violent coup is actually a fantasy — a longing, a desire, a craving — has long been obvious. The Democrats’ own [...]

The task Of ‘Sleepy Joe’ Is To Put Liberal America Right Back To Sleep

By Jonathan Cook. -

At birth, all of us begin a journey that offers opportunities either to grow – not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually – or to stagnate. The journey we undertake lasts a [...]

US Murder Machine Now Under Competent Management

By Caitlin Johnstone. -

Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th president of the United States is now all but certain. In order to have any chance of successfully advancing his legal narrative of electoral shenanigans [...]

Chris Hedges: American Requiem

By Chris Hedges, ScheerPost.com. -

Well, it’s over. Not the election. The capitalist democracy. However biased it was towards the interests of the rich and however hostile it was to the poor and minorities, the capitalist [...]