Top Cannabis Regulator: Massachusetts Should Create State Public Bank

By Staff, -

Recreational pot sales are scheduled to begin in July in Massachusetts, and as yet, there are no banking services for the industry predicted to have $1 billion in sales by 2020. Cannabis Control [...]

Massachusetts, Protesters Balk At Pipeline Company’s Payments To Police

By Eoin Higgins, -

By Eoin Higgins for The Huffington Post - SANDISFIELD, Mass. ― When Karla Colon-Aponte arrived at the Otis State Forest on the morning of Oct. 25, she intended to join her fellow protesters [...]

22 Arrested By Massachusetts State Police At Protest Of Kinder Morgan Pipeline

By Lucas Ropek, -

By Lucas Ropek for Mass Live - SANDISFIELD - Twenty two people were arrested at a staged protest of the construction of the Kinder Morgan pipeline extension in Sandisfield Saturday morning, [...]

Massachusetts Governor Signs Bill To Allow Recreational Pot

By Reid Wilson, -

By Reid Wilson for The Hill - Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) has signed a new measure that sets in motion a nearly yearlong process to legalize marijuana for recreational use, after months [...]

SJC Rules Against ICE In Blockbuster Massachusetts Immigration Case

By Chris Villani, -

By Chris Villani for Boston Herald - Massachusetts court officers cannot hold a suspected illegal immigrant in custody at the request of federal immigration agents if there is no criminal warrant [...]

Massachusetts To Vote On Taxing The Wealthy

By Staff, -

By Staff of MTA - The Massachusetts Legislature, meeting in a Constitutional Convention, has approved sending the proposed Fair Share Amendment to the November 2018 state ballot. The legislators’ [...]

Massachusetts: 21,000 Drug Cases Could Be Dismissed

By Staff, -

By Staff of Al Jazeera - More than 21,000 convicted drug offenders in the US state of Massachusetts may have their cases dismissed because a former police chemist tampered with evidence and [...]

Why Are They Still Prosecuting Pot Cases In Massachusetts?

By Mike Crawford, -

By Mike Crawford for Alternet. With marijuana having been legalized through the ballot in Massachusetts, and with it now being legal to grow 12 cannabis plants in a household, one might expect to [...]

Political Elites Are Trying To Wreck Massachusetts’ New Marijuana Law

By Mike Crawford, -

By Mike Crawford for AlterNet - Immediately after Massachusetts voters passed Question 4 to legalize marijuana, the top office-holder tasked with leading the implementation and regulation of the [...]

A Turning Point For The Charter School Movement

By Molly Knefel, -

By Molly Knefel for Truthout - A political battle is being waged over charter schools in Massachusetts right now, and it's a microcosm of the state of the charter debate across the country. In [...]

Massachusetts Supreme Court Rules Against Pipeline Tax

By Larry Chretien and Eugenia Gibbons, -

By Larry Chretien and Eugenia Gibbons for Mass Energy Consumers Alliance - On May 17, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) issued a unanimous opinion confirming that the landmark 2008 [...]

Protesters Call For Halt To Three Massachusetts Pipeline Projects

By Phil Mckenna, -

By Phil Mckenna for Inside Climate News - Hundreds of environmental activists protested at the Massachusetts Statehouse this week against natural gas pipeline projects that would significantly [...]

Prisoners Met With Legislators On Reform, Put In Solitary

By Staff, -

By Staff of Solitary Watch - Three men incarcerated in Massachusetts who were working with a prison reform caucus of state legislators have been thrown in solitary confinement, in an apparent [...]

Massachusetts Court Sides With Teenagers In ‘Historic’ Climate Victory

By Deirdre Fulton, -

By Deirdre Fulton for Common Dreams - Siding with four teenage plaintiffs and the environmental groups that backed them, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on Tuesday ruled that the state [...]

Minisink, A Cautionary Tale Every Community Can Learn From

By Elaine Ulman, -

By Elaine Ulman for The Recorder - Once upon a time back in 2011, Minisink, a small New York town about an hour northwest of Manhattan, faced a big problem. That may sound like the start of a [...]

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