Workers Refuse To Return To Work After COVID Cases Hit Plant

By Paul A. Eisenstein, The Detroit Bureau. -

Just two days after reopening its U.S. and Canadian plants – and a day before hosting a visit by President Donald Trump – Ford briefly was forced to shutter two assembly lines when multiple [...]

Gig Workers Collective Organizes Nationwide Strikes

By Eliza Levinson, Next City. -

Instacart workers announced a massive strike: the first that gig workers for the San Francisco-based company would undertake during the coronavirus pandemic. The strike, which took place on March [...]

Workers Revolt: Workers Fight For Their Lives

By Michelle Chen, In These Times. -

Medina is one of the millions of workers who are stuck with the impossible choice between protecting their health and getting a paycheck. More than 36 million others cannot work at all, laid off [...]

McDonald’s Workers Across The US Strike To Protest Coronavirus Working Conditions

Hundreds of McDonald’s workers in the US are protesting unsatisfactory working conditions during the coronavirus pandemic, with some quitting and others decrying the risk they say they’re being [...]

The Rebirth Of A Logistic Workers’ Movement?

By Flynn Murray, Dissent Magazine. -

UPS is now the largest private-sector unionized employer in the country. In this manner, it represents not only the changing nature of the industrial economy, but also the changing make-up of the [...]

COVID-19 Strike Wave Enters Third Month

By Martha Grevatt, Worker's World. -

Workers at 50 locations across Florida struck McDonald’s, Starbucks, and other fast-food restaurants on May 6. What united them was the failure of these multibillion-dollar enterprises to correct [...]

Following Mexico’s Worker Strikes, The US Steps In To Keep Border Factories Open

By David Bacon, Truthout. -

In Washington, D.C., President Trump is trying his best to reopen closed meatpacking plants, as packinghouse workers catch the COVID-19 virus and die. In Tijuana, Mexico, where workers are dying [...]

On Strike Now For Three Years, Spectrum Workers Are Demanding Public Ownership

By Amir Khafagy, -

Cable technician Troy Walcott, along with 1,800 of his fellow members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 3, has been striking for three years, and there’s still [...]

Italy Calls General Strike: ‘Our Lives Are Worth More Than Your Profits’

By  La Izquierda Diario Argentina, -

Italy is the global epicenter of the pandemic, with more than 64,000 cases of infection and almost 7,000 deaths, half of which occurred in the last week. This is the result of both neoliberal [...]

‘Without Us, Instacart Will Grind To A Halt’: Delivery Workers Threaten Strike Over Hazard Pay, Safety Measures Amid Outbreak

By Julia Conley, -

Contract workers for Instacart, the Silicon Valley startup that employs 175,000 people to deliver groceries nationwide via its online platform, plan to walk off the job Monday if the company does [...]

Workers Launch Wave Of Wildcat Strikes As Trump Pushes For ‘Return To Work’ Amidst Exploding Coronavirus

By -

In only a matter of days, the economic collapse brought on by the coronavirus pandemic has completely changed everything about our lives. In many ways, the growing crisis has laid bare the [...]

What Would A General Strike Even Look Like?

By Hannah Gold, -

This week, as the coronavirus pandemic rapidly spread across the country and the president suggested that people should soon start returning to work in a desperate bid to stabilize the economy, [...]

London Postal Workers Take Strike Action Over Coronavirus Concerns

By Staff, -

Postal workers in several depots across south west London and other parts of the capital have mounted a de facto wildcat strike/work to rule over concerns regarding coronavirus safety. They did [...]

Wildcat Strikes Erupt Across Italy To Demand Idling Of Plants During Coronavirus Pandemic

By Will Morrow and Alex Lantier, -

As the death toll in Italy from the global coronavirus pandemic surged on Thursday and Friday, wildcat strikes erupted across the peninsula, fighting to halt the spread of the deadly disease. As [...]

Barred From Striking, Airline Food Workers Seek Other Ways To Protest

By David Bacon, -

Melieni Cruz, who helps prepare the meals passengers eat on airplanes, went thousands of dollars into debt because she couldn’t pay her soaring medical bills. “When the doctor found cysts on my [...]