Teaching Assistants Go On Strike At University Of Illinois At Chicago

By Dawn Rhodes, Chicagotribune.com -

Graduate student employees at the University of Illinois at Chicago, saying they don’t earn a living wage, went on strike Tuesday after more than a year of contract negotiations failed to produce [...]

French Unions Call General Strike For Better Pay, Retirement, Education

By Staff, En.rfi.fr -

The CGT, Force Ouvrière, Solidaires and student unions Unef and UNL hope their demonstration will put further pressure on President Emmanuel Macron, who is expected to put forward propositions in [...]

Why Students Of Color Are Stepping Up To Lead Climate Strikes

By Leanna First-Arai, Yesmagazine.org -

The youth-led movement builds on the momentum of the increasingly Black and Brown leadership behind the Green New Deal. Kawika Ke Koa Pegram has lived his entire life in island communities and is [...]

Privatization Is Fundamentally An Attack On Democracy. The Teachers Strikes Show Why.

By Jeremy Mohler, Inthesetimes.com -

One key feature of the Trump era is a renewed public focus on the issue of democracy. Last year’s congressional elections had the highest midterm voter turnout since 1966. Americans across the [...]

How Teacher Strikes Are Changing

By Madeline Will, Edweek.org -

When West Virginia teachers walked out of their classrooms last month and swarmed the state Capitol in protest, it almost felt like déjà vu. The two-day statewide strike was nearly a year to the [...]

Denver Teachers’ Strike Was A Rejection Of Education ‘Reform’

By Jeff Bryant, Blackagendareport.com -

Former superintendent of Denver Public Schools Michael Bennet pushed privatization measures as well as changes to the ProComp teacher pay program. “I definitely drank the education reform [...]

Teachers Are ‘Ready To Fight,’ Says New Tennessee Coalition Inspired By Strikes In Other States

By Marta W. Aldrich and Laura Faith Kebede, Chalkbeat.org -

Weary of standardized testing and underfunded schools, and alarmed by the prospect of education vouchers and charter expansion in Tennessee, a group of teacher leaders have organized a new [...]

‘Winds Of Change Are Blowing:’ 8,500 Walmart Employees Threaten To Strike

By Staff, Elfinanciero.com.mx -

More than 8,500 Walmart employees will strike in 10 states on March 20 if the company doesn’t meet their demands for a 20% pay increase as well as other benefits and better conditions. The mainly [...]

Why Workers At The Biggest Grocery Chain In New England Just Authorized A Strike

By Michael Arria, Inthesetimes.com -

On February 24, a union representing more than 8,000 Massachusetts workers at the supermarket chain Stop & Shop overwhelmingly voted to authorize a strike. The vote came just one day after the [...]

US, Canadian & Mexican Workers Denounce Mass Firings Of Matamoros Strikers

By Reporters, WSWS -

Mexican auto parts and other “maquiladora” corporations are firing workers in retaliation for launching a wave of wildcat strikes that brought the Mexican border town of Matamoros to a [...]

Why Is There No Strike Pay For Oakland Teachers?

By Jonathan Burleigh, Wsws.org -

The teachers on strike in Oakland, California, are fighting for increased funding to public education, to secure a living wage, and to put an end to the privatization of schools. The Oakland [...]

Growing Calls For Nation-Wide Struggle As Unions Work To Shut Down Oakland Teachers Strike

By Jospeh Stantolan, Wsws.org -

The strike by over 3,300 Oakland, California teachers begins its third day today. The struggle has won widespread support within the working class of Oakland and across the Bay Area. It is the [...]

Oakland Teachers Strike For Better Pay, Many Students Stay Away From Class

By Ali Tadayon, Eastbaytimes.com -

OAKLAND — Teachers demanding better pay started a strike Thursday that’s expected to continue Friday and possibly longer, forming picket lines at dozens of Oakland public schools, which few [...]

Arts Organizing Lifts Oakland Teachers Strike

By David Solnit, Commondreams.org -

Surrounded by a hundred teachers and supporters painting banners, screen printing fabric picket flags, and learning strike songs, Oakland teachers union president Keith Brown held a press [...]

West Virginia Educators Remain Defiant In Second Day Of Statewide Strike

By Tom Eley, Wsws.org -

Efforts by the unions to declare “victory” after the tabling of the bill and to pressure strikers back to work failed to convince striking educators who remember all too well similar declarations [...]