Strikes Against Austerity In Israel’s Public & Private Sector

By Jean Shaoul, -

Israeli workers are facing an onslaught on jobs, wages and conditions, in both the public and private sectors. The attacks organised by the corporations, government and the courts are proceeding [...]

2017 Year In Review: Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

By Alexandra Bradbury, and Samantha Winslow, -

If there’s one lesson labor can draw from the events of 2017, it’s this—to survive and grow in the face of a nationally coordinated employer offensive, we’ll have to use the attacks against us as [...]

Hundreds Of Workers Go On Strike At Reagan National & Dulles

By Nick Iannelli -

WASHINGTON — Hundreds of contracted airport service workers walked off the job Wednesday morning at Dulles International and Reagan National airports, speaking out against their employer and [...]

UPS Workers Claim Holiday Disaster Looms As They Threaten To Strike

By Hayley Peterson, -

By Hayley Peterson for Business Insider - UPS aircraft mechanics and related employees who maintain the company's air cargo fleet are taking out ads in USA Today and the Seattle Times that state: [...]

Haitian Police Massacre Teachers & Students Fighting For Education

By Staff of San Francisco Bay View - Oct. 17 – The Moise regime attacked demonstrations throughout the country marking the anniversary of Haiti’s first coup d’etat in 1806 and the assassination [...]

Is Trump Administration Planning A First Strike On North Korea?

By Gareth Porter, -

By Gareth Porter for Truthout - Ever since the Trump administration began a few months ago to threaten a first strike against North Korea over its continued missile tests, the question of whether [...]

Unionized Metro Transit Workers Authorize Strike During Super Bowl

By Janet Moore, -

By Janet Moore for the Star Tribune - Unionized bus drivers, LRT operators and others at Metro Transit voted overwhelmingly to reject a final contract offer and authorize a strike during Super [...]

Catalonia Sees Second General Strike In A Month

By Staff, -

By Staff of Catalan News - Unions, civic organizations and political parties sign up to stoppage demanding release of imprisoned Catalan officials Catalonia sees its second general strike in just [...]

Reviving The Strike

By Jane McAlevey, -

By Jane McAlevey for The Bullet - Barb Tiller is a mother of four boys, a wife, and a highly skilled operating-room nurse who has been working at Tufts Medical Center in Boston for 27 years. On [...]

Indonesia: 4,220 Striking Miners Fired

By Staff, -

By Staff of Act Now! - In partnership with IndustriALL which represents 50 million workers in 140 countries in the mining, energy and manufacturing sectors and is a force in global solidarity [...]

In 36 States, 21,000 AT&T Mobility Workers Vote to Strike

By Dan DiMaggio, -

By Dan DiMaggio for Labor Notes - Pennsylvania AT&T Mobility activists are using Facebook Live, which allows users to create live videos for a Facebook audience, to talk to members about their [...]

Which Way To The Barricades?

By Steve Fraser and Nelson Lichtenstein, -

By Steve Fraser and Nelson Lichtenstein for Jacobin Magazine - Shelly’s “Masque of Anarchy” has been a spectral presence for nearly two hundred years, summoned at climactic moments of civil [...]

Meet Organizers Behind The Next ‘Day Without An Immigrant’ Strike

By Sarah Aziza, -

By Sarah Aziza for Waging Nonviolence - When 26-year-old Catalina Adorno hit the road on March 28, she knew it would be at least six weeks before she’d sleep again in her own bed. Since that day, [...]

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Workers Will Strike May 1

By Cora Lewis, -

By Cora Lewis for BuzzFeed News - Members of SEIU United Service Workers West protest during May Day demonstrations at Los Angeles International Airport in 2012. Gus Ruelas / Reuters Since Donald [...]

May Day Mass Action Will Be Historic ‘Strike From Below’

By Sue Sturgis, -

By Sue Sturgis for Facing South - Hundreds of thousands of service workers across the South and the rest of the nation are planning to take part in a general strike for human rights and equality [...]