Largest Ever Strike In India Shakes Up Modi Govt

By Subodh Varma, -

Besides industries, employees in banks, transport, ports, government offices, scheme workers and farmers and rural labourers stopped work. India woke up on January 8, to witness the largest ever [...]

Strategy, Tactics, And Organizing

By Glen Perusek, -

My friend and comrade Glenn Perusek enlisted me in 2016 to co-teach courses in the Building Trade Academy (BTA). The BTA is housed at Michigan State University; it serves the affiliates of the [...]

In New Year’s Address, French President Macron Pledges To Impose Austerity Despite Mass Strike

By Alex Lantier, -

In a brief, perfunctory speech on New Year’s Eve, French President Emmanuel Macron pledged to impose his pension cuts despite mass strikes and overwhelming popular opposition, which he derided as [...]

Lesson From Radical Seattle: How General Strike Rhetoric Became A City-Wide Reality

By Steve Early, Popular Resistance -

Winslow’s new book, Radical Seattle: The General Strike of 1919 (Monthly Review Press) hows how “labor’s most spectacular revolt” was many years in the making. It drew on the experience of [...]

French Public On Our Side, Says Defiant Union Boss Four Weeks Into Strike

By Staff, -

The head of a hardline French trade union on Friday vowed to press on with a crippling strike that has dampened the festive season, with the stoppages becoming the longest-lasting such action [...]

French Strike: Electricity Workers Light Poor Homes On Christmas, Cut-Off Power To Police And Big Business

By Salvador Soler, -

Since the beginning of the strike on December 5, electricians and energy workers maintain power outages against Macron's pension reform. A method of struggle that exposes the strength of the [...]

French Union Workers Vote To Halt Production At Key Oil Facility

By Sudip Kar-Gupta, Bate Felix, Reuters -

French workers voted on Monday to halt production at a key oil facility that supplies Paris and the surrounding region, joining other petroleum industry shutdowns in a nationwide strike against [...]

2019 Year in Review: Workers Strike Back

By Joe DeManuelle-Hall, Dan DiMaggio, Labor Notes -

2018 could have been a tough act to follow. It’s not every year that a grassroots movement of teachers captures the nation’s attention. But workers across the country rose to the occasion, [...]

France Strike Update: “Prepare The General Strike!”

By Staff, -

More than a daily newspaper, Le Monde is an institution of the Fifth Republic. In this capacity, the paper is always on the look-out for the slightest signal that indicates the re-establishing of [...]

France Records 391-Mile Traffic Jam As Public Transport Brought To Halt By Third Week Of Strikes Over Pension Changes

A traffic jam of 391 miles was recorded on the outskirts of Paris on Monday morning as fresh strikes over pension changes brought public transport to a standstill in France for a third week. [...]

Wildcat Strike Launched By UC Santa Cruz Grad Student Workers

By Cameron A., -

Graduate student workers at the Santa Cruz campus of the leviathan University of California have voted to launch a wildcat grading strike in the lead up to final exams. Organized under Local 2865 [...]

French Strike Wave Keeps Going, Government Is Wavering

By Staff, -

In the hours following the Prime Minister’s presentation of the “final version” of his counter-reform, the workers’ reaction has been unanimous: complete rejection! Nobody is being fooled by the [...]

France: Strikes Urging The Withdrawal Of The Pension ‘Reform’ Draft Law Continue

By Staff, -

This morning, 9 December, the record for traffic jams on the Île-de-France [1] road network was broken. The images of those 600-plus kilometres of roads blocked with traffic, and of travellers [...]

Teachers And Public Workers In Argentina: Four Months Of Strikes And Pickets

By Julia Soul and Leandro Rodríguez, -

Teachers and public workers in an Argentinian province have been striking, blockading roads, marching by the thousands, occupying buildings, and even attacking and burning the provincial [...]

Democratic Party Calls On Washington Metro Transit Authority To Intervene Against Striking Transit Workers

By Nick Barrickman, -

As the strike of more than 130 Washington metro area bus drivers and mechanics at the multinational conglomerate Transdev reaches its second month, Democratic Party politicians in Virginia are [...]