On Contact: Paying The Land

By Chris Hedges, RT. -

On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to comics journalist Joe Sacco about his new book, ‘Paying the Land’. In the book Sacco travels to the frozen Canadian Northwest Territories to reveal [...]

Oklahoma Is – Always Has Been – Native Land

By Dwanna L. McKay, The Conversation. -

Any shock that tribal nations have sovereignty over their own land reflects a serious misunderstanding of American history. For Oklahoma – indeed, all of North America – has always been, for lack [...]

Blackfeet Federation Seeks Permanent Protection For Badger Two Medicine

By Clara Caufield, Native Sun News. -

Recently, the Blackfeet Tribal Council, MT announced its goal of securing permanent Federal government for the Badger Two Medicine area, sacred site to them. Specifically, they are seeking a new [...]

Kumeyaay Nation Protest Stops Construction On Border Wall

By Max Rivlin-Nadler, KPBS. -

Just before dawn on Friday, members of the Kumeyaay Nation set out to protest the construction of a border wall atop their ancestral lands in the Laguna Mountains. The youth-led group said the [...]

Black Hills Treaty Defender Faces Felony Charges

By Dalton Walker, Indian Country Today. -

The leader of an Indigenous-led advocacy organization, who spent the holiday weekend in jail after defending his people’s unceded territory in the Black Hills, called the serious charges he’s [...]

DAPL Shutdown? ‘We Have Not Yet Taken Any Steps’

By Kolby KickingWoman,  Indian Country Today -

The owner of the Dakota Access oil pipeline is accepting shipments for next month despite a judge’s ruling ordering it to shut down and remove all oil by Aug. 5, according to media reports. In a [...]

Supreme Court Rules Against Oklahoma In Creek Nation Case

By Chris Casteel, The Oklahoman. -

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the Muscogee (Creek) Nation’s reservation was not officially terminated at Oklahoma statehood, as justices issued a decision that may upend state [...]

Native American Protesters Blocked The Road Leading To Mount Rushmore

By Ashley Collman, Business Insider. -

A group of mainly Native American protesters blocked the road leading up to Mount Rushmore for three hours before President Donald Trump gave a speech at the national monument Friday [...]

As COVID19 Spikes, Blackfeet Leaders Close Entrances To Glacier Park

By Chris Aadland, Montana Free Press. -

Blackfeet Nation leaders, citing the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, have decided to keep the eastern entrances to Glacier National Park closed for the rest of the tourism season. The Blackfeet [...]

Mashpee Wampanoag: US Court ‘Stood Up For Justice’

By Kolby Kickingwoman, Indian Country Today. -

The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe has cleared a major legal hurdle in its battle to maintain its reservation status. A federal judge on Friday ordered the U.S. Interior Department to reexamine its [...]

Minneapolis Natives Condemn Man’s Death In Custody, ‘Racist Ideologies’

By Eddie Chuculate, Indian-Country Today. -

The death of a handcuffed black man in police custody in Minneapolis has stoked anger and frustration among many Native people in the city. Leaders say relations with law enforcement have [...]

Naga Tribes Face Loss of Land And Forest Under New Law

By Robert Bociaga, Mongabay. -

The Naga tribes inhabit the hills in the northwestern corner of Myanmar and northeast India. They had long been isolated from outside culture, dwelling in independent village republics. This [...]

Solidarity With Tribal Nations Exercising Sovereignty And Protecting Citizens

By NDN Collective, Indianz.com. -

Rapid City, SD– As an Indigenous organization dedicated to supporting Indigenous self-determination and building Indigenous power, the NDN Collective stands in unwavering solidarity with the [...]

Will The Supreme Court Return Eastern Oklahoma To The Five Tribes?

By Albert Bender, People's World -

The case of McGirt v. Oklahoma sits at the top of the Supreme Court docket as the Indian law case that will decide the issue of whether eastern Oklahoma will be returned to reservation status. [...]

The Red Nation Endorses May Day 2020 General Strike

By The Editorial Council, Red Nation. -

The Red Nation joins the call by Cooperation Jackson for a national and international convergence toward a May 1st 2020 General Strike to End the COVID-19 Crisis and Create a New World. We unite [...]