A Native-Led Fight Against Pipeline Construction Has Begun In Minnesota

By Sam Carliner, Left Voice. -

A native-led battle for the environment is being waged in Minnesota. On June 7, water protectors from the territories of the Anishinaabe tribes — which include members of the Odawa, Ojibwe, [...]

Indigenous Organizers Defend Menominee River

By Carol Amour, In These Times. -

The Menominee River forms Wisconsin’s Northeastern border with Michigan, winding for about 120 miles and opening into Lake Michigan’s Green Bay. About thirty-five miles from the mouth of the [...]

At Fairy Creek, Indigenous-settler Allyships Are Complicated

By Brandi Morin, Ricochet Media. -

Roots of collaboration grown at battle for old growth could strengthen fight against colonization. As the sun rises over the mountains where the soaring trees grow in the ancient Fairy Creek [...]

Colombia Removes Statues Of Columbus And Spanish Queen After Attacks

By Adriaan Alsema, Colombia Reports. -

Colombia’s culture ministry removed statues of 15th-century explorer Christopher Columbus and Spain’s late Queen Isabella amid fears they would be tumbled. Government workers removed the [...]

Discovery Of Mass Graves Reinforces Need For Truth And Reconciliation

By Equal Justice Initiative. -

One hundred years after the Tulsa Massacre, a team of scientists has discovered the remains of 27 people believed to be murdered by the white mob that destroyed the prosperous Black neighborhood [...]

Guatemala: Address Policies That Put Corporations Over People

By Jen Moore and Ellen Moore, Inequality.org. -

Vice President Kamala Harris is traveling to Guatemala this week to discuss solutions to the poverty, violence, and corruption that are among the driving forces of migration. Contributing to [...]

With KXL Dead, Pressure Intensifies For Biden To Kill Line 3

By Brett Wilkins, Common Dreams. -

Seizing the momentum after a day of major direct action against the Line 3 tar sands pipeline in northern Minnesota, Indigenous and green groups on Wednesday stepped up their pressure on [...]

Treaty People Gathering Draws Thousands

By Darren Thompson, Native News Online. -

Mahnomen, MN—Thousands swarmed northern Minnesota over the weekend for the Treaty People Gathering, an event organized to stand against the ongoing construction of the Enbridge Line 3 replacement [...]

The Keystone XL Pipeline Is Officially Dead

By Brian Kahn, Gizmodo. -

In a shocking move, the company behind the Keystone XL pipeline has announced it will no longer move forward with the project. The controversial pipeline has been at the center of a fight over [...]

Union Vote Authorizes Strike At Smithfield Foods In Sioux Falls

By Stephen Groves, Argus Leader. -

South Dakota - A strike authorization at the Sioux Falls chapter of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union was overwhelmingly approved late Monday with 98% of the vote total, the union [...]

Old Growth Protected In Fairy Creek

By Andrew MacLeod, The Tyee. -

Three First Nations on southern Vancouver Island released a statement today saying they are taking back decision-making responsibilities for their traditional territories. They have also [...]

Mexico: Indigenous Mobilization Defends Their Territory

By Brent Patterson, PBI Canada. -

On June 8, PBI-Mexico posted: “On Saturday, May 29, PBI accompanied a mobilisation of the indigenous communities of Mogotavo, Bacajípare and Huetosachi, of the Sierra Tarahumara for the defense [...]

‘Treaty People Gathering’ Resists Line 3 Pipeline

By Alex Binder and Chris Schiano, Unicorn Riot. -

Northern Minnesota – As summer approaches, and the wet season moratorium is over, construction for the new Line 3 tar sands pipeline is ramping back up during early June. This increase in work [...]

Protests Over Enbridge’s Pipeline Are Expected To Intensify

By Mike Hughlett, Star Tribune. -

It could be a long, hot summer for the $3 billion pipeline Enbridge is building across northern Minnesota. As workers start the final push to complete the pipeline, a replacement for the [...]

A New Nevada Law Bans Racial Mascots In Schools

By Dustin Jones, NPR. -

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak met with members of the Nevada Indian Commission in Carson City on Friday as he signed legislation removing racially discriminatory identifiers or language from schools. [...]