US Attorney Drops Charges Against Water Protectors Who Occupied Bureau Of Indian Affairs

Washington, D.C. - The United States Attorney’s office has decided to not charge 33 Indigenous water protectors and their allies who were arrested while peacefully occupying the Bureau of Indian [...]

Summit Strengthens Alliances Against Coastal Gaslink Pipeline

The conflict over the Coastal GasLink project is about more than the fate of a single pipeline or the territory of one Indigenous nation. The precedent set here will have far-reaching [...]

In The Latest Rights Of Nature Case, A Tribe Is Suing On Behalf Of Salmon

By Katie Surma, Inside Climate News. -

Salmon—the fish—are suing the City of Seattle in Sauk-Suiattle tribal court, seeking recognition of their legal rights to exist, flourish and regenerate. The Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe filed [...]

The Indigenous Grandmothers Who Stopped A Pipeline

By Lindsay Jones, Maclean's. -

Cheryl Maloney’s eyes glossed over with tears as she stood near the bank of the Stewiacke River in the middle of Nova Scotia. The news was finally sinking in. Behind her, about 100 people filled [...]

Wet’suwet’en Water Protectors Evade RCMP As Police Mobilize For Raid

By It's Going Down. -

Two weeks after Wet’suwet’en water protectors evicted Coastal GasLink workers and occupied a key pipeline drill site, water protectors executed a strategic retreat to avoid arrest and violence at [...]

Proposal Would Create Alert System For Missing Indigenous People

By Tammy Ayer, Yakima Herald. -

A bill proposed in Olympia would create an alert system for missing and murdered Indigenous women and people, the first of its kind in Washington and the United States. House Bill 1725 would [...]

Winnemucca Indian Colony Defends Against Bulldozing Of Their Homes

By Sean Parsons, Unicorn Riot. -

As part of what the council called a “rehabilitation” effort, workers began clearing residents’ property in the spring of 2020. The work was stalled pending an ongoing court case that resulted in [...]

In Conversation With Clayton Thomas-Müller

By Matteo Cimellaro, Canadian Dimension. -

Indigenous climate activist, writer, and filmmaker Clayton Thomas-Müller was raised in Winnipeg, a city named after the Cree word meaning “muddy waters.” His memoir, Life in the City of Dirty [...]

The Massachusetts Flag Glorifies Violence Committed By Colonizers

By Christoph Strobel, The Conversation. -

Given the violent history of English colonizers in New England, it’s a wonder why the state insignia of Massachusetts, fully emblazoned on today’s state flag, still includes a sword dangling over [...]

Puyallup Tribe And Community Organizations Challenge Decision Allowing Tacoma LNG Facility

By Last Real Indians. -

Today, the Puyallup Tribe of Indians and several community organizations filed an appeal with Pierce County Superior Court challenging a November decision by the Washington Pollution Control [...]

Wet’suwet’en Retake Checkpoint A Month After Police Crackdown

By Anish R. M., People's Dispatch. -

On Saturday, December 19, activists leading the Wet’suwet’en resistance against the Coastal GasLink (CGL) pipeline project declared that they evicted workers of the project from the drill site. [...]

‘Fortress Conservation’ Is Driving Us From Our Homes

By Pranab Doley, Survival International. -

Kaziranga is also a World Heritage site recognized by UNESCO and listed as a global hotspot of biodiversity by the IUCN. However, all that is under threat thanks to an increasingly militarized [...]

Report-Back From A Rail Blockade In Saint-Lambert

By It's Going Down. -

On Saturday, more than sixty people acting in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en land defenders blocked the CN main line in Saint-Lambert south of Montreal for over six hours. It was the longest rail [...]

Tribes File Briefs Defending Indian Child Welfare Act

By Indian Country Today. -

In the briefs, the tribes call on the court to reject the petitioners’ latest attempts to overturn the Indian Child Welfare Act, which fundamentally misrepresent the law and the facts on tribal [...]

Activists Disrupt Business As Usual In Toronto’s Financial District

By Marie-Christine Fiset, Greenpeace Canada. -

Greenpeace Canada activists blocked entrances to the RBC’s corporate headquarters today by suspending climbers from fifteen foot high tripods as part of a call for Canada’s big five banks to stop [...]