Society In Jeopardy: UN Report Details Humans Have Pushed One Million Species To The Brink Of Extinction

By Alexandra Jacobo, -

"Society we would like our children and grandchildren to live in is in real jeopardy.""Society we would like our children and grandchildren to live in is in real jeopardy." The newest United [...]

Biodiversity Below Safe Levels Across More Than Half Of World

By Adam Vaughn, -

By Adam Vaughn for The Guardian. The variety of animals and plants has fallen to dangerous levels across more than half of the world’s landmass due to humanity destroying habitats to use as [...]

Seeds Of Suicide

By Vandana Shiva, -

By Vandana Shiva for The Asian Age - May 22 has been declared International Biodiversity Day by the United Nations. It gives us an opportunity to become aware of the rich biodiversity that has [...]

1 In 6 Species Could Disappear Due To Climate Change, Study Finds

By Nick Visser, -

16 percent. Remember that number. If climate change continues unabated, 16 percent -- one in six -- plant and animal species will go extinct, according to a new study published in [...]

Great Barrier Reef Campaign: Scientists Against Coal Projects

By Oliver Milman, -

Australia’s leading coral reef scientists have called for huge coalmining and port developments in Queensland to be scrapped in order to avoid “permanent damage” to the Great Barrier Reef. The [...]

On Columbus Day, Native Peoples Condemn GE Trees

By Jay Burney and BJ McManama, -

(Qualla Boundary, North Carolina)--In the shadow of Columbus Day and the legacy of colonization in the Americas, the Indigenous Environmental Network [1] and Eastern Band of Cherokee community [...]

Do-It-Yourself Biodiversity

By Terry Shistar, -

Counteracting the threats to the biological communities that support life on Earth is a huge task, but there are also many ways in which we as individuals can make real contributions to [...]

Think About Biodiversity Before You Flip That Switch

By Staff, -

For three billion years now, life on this Earth has existed with a regular and dependable day-night schedule to the illumination levels in the environment. This regularity has become ingrained [...]