Colombia: US Troops In Country Seek International Conflict

Colombian senators on Wednesday saidthat U.S. troops that arrived in the South American country in early June are allowed to associate with illegal groups and seek an eventual international [...]

US Military To Fight Drug Trafficking In Colombia Along Venezuela Border

By Telesur English. -

A US brigade of special anti-drug units will arrive in Colombia in support of an operation announced by Washington in April that actually seeks to deploy military forces in the country's border [...]

The Colombian Camps Poised To Destroy Socialism In Venezuela

By Susan Grey, Morningstar. -

News of the recent attempted incursions into Venezuela are a timely reminder of the ever-present threat of US bases in Colombia. On May 3 Venezuelan armed forces picked up a band of mercenaries [...]

Colombian Social Leaders Protest For Access To Health Care And Food

By Telesur English. -

The difficult situation Colombia is facing due to the pandemic prompted the 48 leaders of Sierra Nevada, in the Santa Marta District, to protest to demand decent health services and food [...]

US Imperialism’s Decomposition Accelerates

By Francisco Dominguez, Public Reading Room. -

On May 3rd a bunch of mercenaries, led by Rambo-like US soldiers of fortune attempted to disembark on the coastal town of Macuto in the La Guaira state in Venezuela’s Caribbean coast, in a [...]

Guaidó And The Failed Military Operation Against Venezuela

By Patricio Zamorano, Council on Hemispheric Affairs. -

U.S. mercenary Jordan Goudreau, owner of Florida Silvercorp USA Inc, which has been around for two years, is revealing all the inside information for the simple reason that Guaidó never paid the [...]

A New Frustrated Chapter In The Violent War Against Venezuela

By Mision Verdad, Resumen English. -

In the early morning of May 3, there was a thwarted mercenary raid on the coast of Macuto, in the state of La Guaira. Interior, Justice, and Peace Minister Néstor Reverol reported that the [...]

Exposed: Another Failed Attempt To Oust Venezuelan President Maduro

By Joshua Goodman, AP News. -

The failed attempt to start an uprising collapsed under the collective weight of skimpy planning, feuding among opposition politicians and a poorly trained force that stood little chance of [...]

Colombia: Red Rags On Windows To Protest Amid Quarantine

By Telesur English. -

Faced with the inability of President Ivan Duque administration to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, Colombians are displaying red cloths on windows to express their dissatisfaction. "They said to [...]

Colombians Reject Government Acting Like A Doormat For The United States

By Vijay Prashad, Paola Estrada, Ana Maldonado, and Zoe PC, Pressenza. -

Last year, on November 21, the Colombian people took to the streets in massive numbers to reject the policies of the government led by President Iván Duque. In particular, the people called on [...]

US And Colombia Drive Drug Trade

By Anya Parampil, The Grayzone. -

Red Lines host Anya Parampil speaks with Pino Arlacchi, the former Executive Director of the United Nations Office for Drug Control and Prevention, about the US decision to charge Venezuelan [...]

Colombian Farmers Continue Push Against Mining, For Peace

By Sandra Cuffie, -

“What we have has cost us a lot of sweat,” said Ariel Velásquez, as an iridescent green hummingbird flitted between the flowers outside his home in search of nectar. “We don’t want mining in our [...]

Colombia Is Second Most Dangerous Country For Human Rights Defenders

By Staff,   -

This Monday, the Business & Human Rights Resource Center presented a report denouncing the relationship between corporations and damages to human rights defenders. According to the report, [...]

Colombian National Strike Committee Issues Call To Renew Anti-Government Protests

By Staff, -

A popular uprising against the far-right Ivan Duque government began last year opposing the rise in assassinations of social leaders and the neoliberal economic measures. The Colombian National [...]

US Soldiers And Contractors Rape 54 Girls In Colombia And Sell The Videos That Show Their Crimes

By Staff, Cubadebate, translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau -

U.S. soldiers and contractors raped at least 54 Colombian girls between 2003 and 2007 in this Latin American country, recorded most of these abuses on video and sold them as pornographic [...]