Germany: Extreme Right Marches Under Anti-Lockdown Banner

By Hans-Gerd Öfinger, Der Funke. -

The large Berlin demonstration and rally against the federal government's corona policy on August 29 was a moral victory for the right and neo-Nazis. Pictures of fascists occupying the stairs to [...]

Extreme Right In Venezuela Seeks To Sabotage The Election

By Katu Arkonada, La Jornada. -

In a little more than three months, on December 6, parliamentary elections will be held in Venezuela. The most extreme wing of the Venezuelan opposition, which forms the so-called G4 (that [...]

Minneapolis: Anti-Racism Uprising Infiltrated By Extreme Right

By Andre Vltchek, Popular Resistance. -

The city of Minneapolis is where it all began. It is where the last drop fell on the surface of a proverbial overflowing lake, causing the dam to burst, consequently starting to destroy the [...]

Bolivians Continue To Block Hundreds Of Roads

By People's Dispatch. -

The national strike and nationwide road blockades, called for by the Bolivian Workers’ Center (COB) against the postponement of general elections, have intensified across Bolivia. The number of [...]

Minneapolis: ‘Umbrella Man’ Was A White Supremacist

By Libor Jany, Star Tribune. -

A masked man who was seen in a viral video smashing the windows of a south Minneapolis auto parts store during the George Floyd protests, earning him the moniker "Umbrella Man," is suspected of [...]

Three Percenters Militia Working In Bakken Oil Patch Raises Concerns Of Domestic Terrorism Risk

By Justin Nobel, DeSmog Blog. -

The Three Percenters, a loosely organized group of far-right militants, appear to have established a significant presence in North Dakota’s Bakken oilfield, one of the most productive oilfields [...]

The Boogaloo Movement Has Successfully Hijacked Social Networks

By Casey Newton, The Verge. -

Lately a question I have been asking myself is: how worried do we need to be about the Boogaloo groups? The Boogaloo movement, if you’ve been sitting this one out so far, refers to a loosely [...]

Photo Of Police Officer With Armed Men Prompts Outrage And Investigation

By Sara Gentzler, The Olympian.   -

A photo circulating on social media Friday showing an Olympia Police officer posing with a group of armed men in front of Baskin Robbins on Olympia’s west side has prompted outrage from many, a [...]