Colombian Military Attacks Popular Movements TWICE In Cauca

By Staff, -

There is a crisis happening right now in Cauca, Colombia. The Colombian Armed Forces have attacked a “minga” in the village of Cairo, municipality of Cajibío – twice in two days – and are still [...]

Power To The people!

Compiled by Winter Oak, -

Ever since November 17, from the smallest village in the countryside to the biggest city, we have been rising up against this profoundly violent, unfair and unbearable society. We are not going [...]

We Refuse To Stop Dreaming

By Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental Institute for Social Research -

For the first two days of March, our team met outside São Paulo (Brazil) at the Florestan Fernandes National School of the Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (the Movement of Landless [...]

Extinction Rebellion

By Chris Hedges, -

There is one desperate chance left to thwart the impending ecocide and extinction of the human species. We must, in wave after wave, carry out nonviolent acts of civil disobedience to shut down [...]

Social Movements Show Support To The Bolivarian Revolution

Several groups of artists, journalists, intellectuals and social groups from around Latin America have shown their support for Venezuela, its Bolivarian Government, and have rejected any [...]

Youth Movements Changing Tactics In The Face Of Climate Crisis

By Anny Martinez, -

Back in 2015, a group of youth warriors bravely filed a lawsuit against the federal government for failing to protect their right to life and liberty by willfully ignoring the dangers of climate [...]

Call For A Palestine Liberation Movement

By Judith Bello, -

We are calling for signatures on the statement which is an attempt to create national and global public opinion specially among Palestinians, Arabs and international supporters about the genuine, [...]

Sunrise Movement Kicks Off Green New Deal Week Of Action

By Jake Johnson, -

With more than 400 watch parties nationwide and over 2000 people RVSP'd as of this writing, Sunrise said the webinar livestream "is shaping up to be the biggest coordinated event" in the [...]

‘Valve Turners’ Shut Down Enbridge Oil Pipelines In Minnesota

By Staff, -

Itasca County, Minnesota – Today four people calling themselves the “Four Necessity Valve turners” shut down Enbridge’s Line 3 and Line 4 tar sands oil pipelines in Minnesota citing “imminent and [...]

Rebel Cities 18: Eight Years After Jasmine Revolution, Jemna Is Tunisia’s Oasis Of Hope

By Steve Rushton, -

Eight years ago on Monday, Tunisia's dictator President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fled the country as the people declared a revolution that ushered in the Arab Spring. The struggle for democracy [...]

Reflections On Olympia Assembly: An Experiment In Popular Power

By  David Goldman, -

Olympia Assembly started in March of 2017, amidst ecological and political catastrophe. It was created as a communal assembly project, coalescing around points of unity such as direct democracy, [...]

Popular Power In A Time Of Reaction: Strategy For Social Struggle

By Staff, -

Last year in “Below and Beyond Trump: Power and Counterpower,” we argued that the U.S. ruling class is in the midst of a destabilizing political crisis, leading to increasing politicization and [...]

To Achieve Peace, It Must Not Become An Economic Matter

By Juan Gómez, -

Frequently we ask ourselves if peace is possible. Many people are disappointed thinking that it is just a delusion, an unattainable utopia. Even those who support and adhere to the peace [...]

The Left Victories That Defined 2018—And Give Us Hope For The New Year

By Marc Daalder, -

In many ways, 2018 was a political garbage fire of a year. From the confirmation of conservative justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court to the imposition of fascist border policies to [...]

You Can Handle The Truth

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

Sometimes the truth is painful to hear, but if we don't know what is going on or what we are up against, it's impossible to change it. We speak with political comedian Lee Camp about how he began [...]