How Generation Z Is Leading The Climate Movement

By Nick Engelfried, -

For the first decade and a half of her life, Jamie Margolin was like any other U.S. teen living in the suburbs. She went to school, made friends and got involved in sports. Yet all the while, [...]

It’s Time To Rebuild The Anti-War Movement

By Tatiana Cozzarelli and Madeleine Freeman, -

The US’s assassination of Qasem Soleimani last week is a clear demonstration that the US has no intentions of ever pulling out of the Middle East. If we wish to avoid further conflict in the [...]

Repression, Eviction And Dispossession In New Democracy’s Greece

By Staff, -

The latest attack on the squatting movement in Greece is the preamble for a massive operation of housing dispossession by the right-wing government. Dimitris Indares was still in his pyjamas [...]

Sheep-Dogging On Steroids: The New Democratic Party Anti-War Activists

By Ajamu Baraka, -

In the cynical spectacle that is called politics in the United States, the latest insult to the intelligence of the people is the Democrats who are posturing as anti-war champions in reaction to [...]

US Anti-War Protesters Demonstrate Following US, Iran Strikes In Iraq

By Morgan Artyukhina, -

A day after Iran fired dozens of missiles at US forces in Iraq in retaliation for the assassination of a top Iranian general, US antiwar protesters took to the streets to demand the Trump [...]

The Climate Decade: A Global Crisis Unveiled, A Global Movement Unleashed

By Erika Spanger-Siegfried, -

Some decades, like the 1860s for the Civil War and the 1960s for the Civil Rights Movement, are seismic and stand out in history for generations. The 2010s weren’t like that (though politically [...]

The Last Line Of Defense: 20 Activist Groups That Are Making A Big Difference

By Jeffrey St. Clair, -

Are you frustrated with The Resistance©, still fronting for the failures of Hillary Clinton while thousands of kids whose families fled the killing regimes in central America that she enabled are [...]

How A Rising Anti-Mining Movement Is Challenging Portugal’s ‘White Gold’ Rush

By Marina Martinez, -

The global transition to renewable energy and electric vehicles — technologies that are currently powered by lithium-ion batteries — is creating a high demand for lithium, popularly known as [...]

Now The People Speak: International Congress Of Social Communicators

By Danny Shaw, -

From December 2 through 5, 1,700 international and local journalists and media activists gathered in Venezuela to network and brainstorm on how to break the domination of the corporate media [...]

Letter From Chile: Build Stronger Movements, Scale Up Best Practices, Gain Political Power Now

By Ronnie Cummins, -

Defying the machinations of discredited President Sebastian Pinera—who abruptly cancelled the Global Climate Summit in Santiago, Chile in reaction to the nationwide grassroots uprising that [...]

Indigenous Bolivia Ready To Go To War Against Fascism

By Andre Vltchek, -

December 12, 20D19 "Information Clearing House" - Bolivia, December 2019, three weeks after the fascist coup. It is devilishly cold. My comrade’s car is carefully navigating through the deep mud [...]

Beyond Protest: Harnessing People Power For The New Decade

By Shaazka Beyerle, -

2019 is being called the year of protest. Citizens across the globe are galvanizing, in large part over the nexus of corruption, inequality, and a sense that governments and political elites are [...]

As The Decade Closes, The Power Of Protest Endures

By Nic Dawes, -

For those who believe the arc of the moral universe bends toward justice, the past 10 years have been a reminder that it is also long. Indeed, as we mark the final Human Rights Day of this [...]

With Climate Discontent Rising, Scientists Warn Of Social ‘Tipping Point’

By Meghan Rowling, News Trust. -

Madrid, Spain - With young climate activists taking to the streets of Madrid on Friday, the U.N. climate chief and a leading scientist warned of a growing risk of social unrest as the effects of [...]