When Activist Burnout Was A Problem 50 Years Ago, This Group Found A Solution

By George Lakey, Waging Nonviolence. -

“I’m throwin’ in the towel,” he said in a tone of resignation. I’d been away for a while and didn’t expect this. I started to interrupt, but he went right on speaking. “The shootings, man. [...]

Adventures In Digital Organizing

By Kelly Hayes, Truthout. -

Welcome to movement memos, a Truthout podcast about things you should know if you want to change the world. I’m your host, Kelly Hayes. Today’s guest is Mariame Kaba. Mariame is an abolitionist [...]

How Do You Protest When You Can’t Take To The Streets?

By Cristina Flesher Fominaya, Open Democracy. -

Coronavirus and quarantine measures have posed significant challenges for social movements at a time when governments are taking important decisions on people’s lives as well as living [...]

The Established Order Has Never Been Weaker

By Cam Fenton, Waging Nonviolence. -

All around the globe, governments are starting to move forward with reopening plans that lift some degree of COVID-19 social distancing. With that comes talk of recovery and rebuilding. While [...]

Reclaiming Populism

By Thea Riofrancos, Boston Review. -

In the years between Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 Republican primaries and the 2018 midterm elections, a rash of opinion pieces compared him to Latin American leaders, contemporary and [...]

Global Call

By Mazin Qumsiyeh, Popular-resistance.blogspot.com -

World War II transformed our planet in ways not foreseen before including creating instruments like the United Nations ostensibly to stop wars and conflict and encourage cooperation across [...]

Social Movements In Times Of Pandemic: Another World Is Needed

Donatella Della Porta, Opendemocracy.net -

Times of pandemic bring big challenges for the activists of progressive social movements. They are not a time for street activism or politics in the squares. Freedoms are restricted, social [...]

In Coronavirus Crisis, 575 Groups Urge Halt To Electricity, Water Shutoffs

By Staff, The Center for Biological DIversity -

WASHINGTON - More than 575 utility justice, labor, faith, consumer and environmental groups urged state governors, mayors and utility regulators today to put a moratorium on electricity and [...]

Love (And Mutual Aid) In The Time Of Coronavirus

By Eleanor Goldfield, Artkillingapathy.com -

I got an email from energy company Pepco today saying that they have “suspended service disconnections” and are “waiving new late payment fees through at least May 1…” When I called American [...]

Coronavirus Is A Historic Trigger Event — And It Needs A Movement To Respond

By Paul Engler, Wagingnonviolence.org -

Even in times of social distancing, building a collective, social response to the pandemic is our only salvation. There are times in history when sudden events — natural disasters, economic [...]

Is XR America Going To ‘Make XR Great Again,’ Or Is It An XR EXIT?

By Cherri Foytlin, Acherrifoytlinblog.com -

Before that hot, muggy, South Louisiana summer of 2016, I had considered myself more of a witness to the climate movement than affected community. I mean sure, Louisiana loses a football field of [...]

The Climate Movement Has Gained Unprecedented Momentum Since 2018

By Sharon Zhang, Truthout.org -

The climate movement has started gaining momentum, and the oil and gas industry is getting scared. Fossil fuel companies have been ramping up their ad buying, placing loads of ads on social [...]

Over 3500 Landless Women To Occupy Brasilia At 1st National MST Women’s Meeting

By Staff, Brasil de Fato -

With the motto, “Women in the Struggle: Sowing Resistance”, around 3500 women will occupy Brasilia, between the 5th and 9th of March, during the 1st National Landless Women’s Meeting. This is the [...]

The Long Haul Toward Justice And Peace: A March From Delhi To Geneva Underway

By Amber French, Nonviolent-conflict.org -

On October 2, 2019—150 years to the day after the birth of Mohandas Gandhi—50 people from the Gandhian organization Ekta Parishad departed from the Raj Ghat memorial, dedicated to Gandhi, in [...]

Rising Popular Movements In India

By Harsh Mander, Indianexpress.com -

The other part of the movement, therefore, must be to deepen our unity and solidarity. It must address not just the state but each of us. In the end, the kind of country we become will be [...]