15 Lessons From 15 Years Of BDS

By Alys Samson Estapé, The Electronic Intifada. -

July marked the 15th anniversary of the launch of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement. Much has happened over those years. Here are 15 lessons I’ve learned on the journey to [...]

The State’s Use Of Technology: An Issue For The Movement

By Ben Carroll, Workers World. -

Data are everywhere. In 2020, technology is a ubiquitous part of everyday life for many workers in this country and around the world. We use social media and email to keep in touch with family [...]

Vibrant Community Of Resistance Behind New Orleans’ Historic Protests

By Jordan Flaherty, Waging Nonviolence. -

New Orleans has recently seen some of the largest protests in the city’s modern history — with thousands of people taking to the streets daily to demand systemic change, including defunding [...]

In Times Of Rapid Change, Victory Comes To Those Who Train For It

By George Lakey, Waging Nonviolence. -

One of the gifts of the Black Lives Matter movement is that it doesn’t pretend that a quick fix will solve the problem. The many signs of change — from NASCAR giving up the Confederate flag to [...]

Silence Is Not An Option: Black Women Make History

By Keisha N. Blain, ROAR Magazine. -

Mainstream media and politicians have paid almost exclusive attention to ideas and images of Black men — whether as victims of police violence or as protesters against it. Yet Black women, who [...]

‘Full Spectrum Resistance’: A Field Manual For Insurgencies

By Kristian Williams, ROAR Magazine. -

 Full Spectrum Resistance, Aric McBay’s massive, two-volume, handbook for political action, covers the fundamentals of social change, offering advice on organization, strategy, tactics, security, [...]

Why Stonewall?

By Matthew Wills, JStor Daily. -

The Stonewall riot/uprising/rebellion of June 1969 is generally remembered as the beginning of the “gay liberation movement.” On the night of June 27th, the police raided the Stonewall Inn, a [...]

There’s No Predicting When Movements Will Erupt

When Claudette Colvin, a Black teenager from Montgomery, Alabama, was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a city bus, few people paid attention. A few months later, when Rosa Parks was [...]

The Rebellion Against Police Repression Must Guard Against All Enemies

By Danny Haiphong, Black Agenda Report. -

The masses are in motion and public opinion about U.S. policing has rapidly shifted in three short weeks. George Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s assassination at the hands of U.S. police departments [...]

The Struggle For Justice Continues In Post-Coup Bolivia

By Ben Dangl, ROAR Magazine. -

History is in the veins of La Paz, Bolivia, in the archives of the streets, the stains left by burning barricades, the bullet holes that scar government buildings. It marks the city [...]

The Gilets Jaunes And The Invention Of The Future

By Pierre Dardot and Christian Laval, ROAR Magazine. -

The revolt of the Gilets Jaunes has been interpreted and analyzed many times in many, sometimes completely opposing, ways. It has been largely viewed, by the right, especially, and most of the [...]

Global Solidarity With US Anti-Racist Rebellion

By People's Movements and Organizations, Anti-Imperialist Week. -

We firmly denounce the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department and demand full and uncompromising justice for his family. We join the call and demand for justice of thousands [...]

How Black Lives Matter Forced Us To Imagine A World Without Police

By Eric Stoner, Waging Nonviolence. -

Prior to the historic groundswell of protest over the last two weeks, many in the media had written Black Lives Matter’s obituary — either lamenting or celebrating its supposed demise. But that [...]

After The Lockdown, The Jailbreak

By Robert Shetterly, The Smirking Chimp. -

What’s going on? We had lockdown, we've got jailbreak. But the prisoners aren’t running away; they’re marching, chanting, getting rearrested for the cause of justice. They’re risking [...]

Defund The Police, Then Abolish It

By Dave Braneck, ROAR Magazine. -

The United States’ powder keg of racial capitalism, searing inequality and violent policing, compounded by the state’s ruinously indifferent response to a global pandemic and a sputtering [...]