Nonviolent Direct Action And The Good Kind Of Trouble That Changes The World

By Steve Thornton, -

The new book "Good Trouble" documents dozens of cases of ordinary people embracing the strategy of people power on a local and national level. Some years back, a close friend of mine was arrested [...]

How Movements Build Strength Through Training

By George Lakey, -

Training for movements is not unlike training for athletic competition: Pain is inevitable. It’s the conditioning of mind, body and heart that makes winning possible. It’s no accident that much [...]

Sparking Change: How Movements Pass On Inspiration

By Staff, -

Change doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Resistance is a continuum. Nonviolent movements arise amidst the efforts of many other struggles. The knowledge of how to organize for change is a global legacy [...]

Tapping Into People Power

By Rivera Sun,   -

In times like this, many of us feel powerless to do anything about the political, social, and environmental injustices we face. But, power is everywhere. Like sunlight and solar panels, it's a [...]

Mindfulness And Social Change

By Luke Wreford and Paula Haddock, -

As mindfulness becomes more prevalent in western societies, it’s understandable that its popularity as a practice for reducing stress and improving mental health is attracting greater scrutiny. [...]

Here’s What It Takes For A Boycott To Work

By Casey Bond, -

In this political climate, you might feel compelled to do something ― anything ― to make a change. At the very least, you want your voice heard. That’s how some members of Equinox and SoulCycle [...]

XXV Sao Paulo Forum Demonstrates Venezuela Is Not Alone!

By Alicia Jrapko, Resumen English. -

From July 25-28 the XXV Sao Paulo Forum took place in Caracas, Venezuela, with the participation of 190 organizations, political parties, social movements, workers’ movements, parliamentarians [...]

Gilets Jaunes Gather For Third “Assembly Of Assemblies”

By Mathilde Goanec, -

Last month some 650 Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) gathered for a meeting in Montceau-les-Mines, in the heartland of France. Although the movement has struggled to unify and has fewer participants [...]

How Movements Can Use Drama To Seize The Public Imagination

By George Lakey, -

Drama is useful in getting attention for our issues. The Sunrise Movement is only one of the recent movements that grew by seizing the public imagination through drama. How do activists come up [...]

The Problem With Saying Movements Must Be ‘Totally Nonviolent’ To Succeed

By Steve Chase, -

It is misleading and disempowering to say that any violence ends a movement’s chance of success. To truly be effective, we need to stay in the game even when violence occurs. It can be hard to [...]

Before Occupy, There Was People’s Park

By Paul Von Blum, -

There is nostalgia for Ronald Reagan in 2019. He is widely viewed in the media and elsewhere as a sensible Republican, a mainstream conservative, a reasonable man—the polar opposite of Donald [...]

Lessons From 10 Years Of Building The Cooperative Movement

By Staff, -

When TESA first launched roughly ten years ago, it was hard to see a week into the future, let alone a decade. It’s incredible to reflect on so many years spent working with so many people on [...]

The Antiwar Movement No One Can See

By Allegra Harpootlian, -

When Donald Trump entered the Oval Office in January 2017, Americans took to the streets all across the country to protest their instantly endangered rights. Conspicuously absent from the [...]

Sudan’s Protesters Find New Tactics For Civil Disobedience

By Kaamil Ahmed, Middle East Eye. -

Build the barricades, then run. The message from protest leaders to the young Sudanese on the streets of the capital has been consistent ahead of Sunday's call to began a comprehensive campaign [...]

Black Lives Matter Founder Launches Huge Project To Shrink Black Lives

By Glen Ford, -

Alicia Garza, of Black Lives Matter fame, last week introduced her latest project in the pages of the New York Times: a survey of “more than 31,000 black people from all 50 states” to determine, [...]