Lessons From Sea-Tac: Rebuilding The Labor Movement

By Dan Sisken, occupy.com -

By Dan Sisken for Occupy - Over the past several decades with the decline of manufacturing and the worsening of labor law, organized labor in the United States has experienced a critical decrease [...]

How Millennials Are Trying To Revive The Labor Movement

By Judith Lewis Mernit, portside.org -

By Judith Lewis Mernit for Portside - Generational labels are fraught with inconsistencies. Growing up is not, after all, a controlled experiment. But to the extent that millennial labels apply, [...]

The Cost Of Resistance

By Chris Hedges, truthdig.com -

By Chris Hedges for Truth Dig - Resistance entails suffering. It requires self-sacrifice. It accepts that we may be destroyed. It is not rational. It is not about the pursuit of happiness. It is [...]

American Indian Movement Co-Founder Dennis Banks Dies

By Vincent Schilling, indiancountrymedianetwork.com -

By Vincent Schilling for Indian Country Today - American Indian Movement co-founder, activist, author and teacher Dennis Banks has died at 80 years of age. Banks died from complications of [...]

After 41 Years, Teamsters Reform Movement Is Finally Building Power

By Stephen Franklin, www.inthesetimes.com -

By Stephen Franklin for In These Times - In the beginning, Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) was full of spunk. But they didn’t have any union leaders on their side, nor many rank and file [...]

‘A Legal Shield For The Palestine Movement In The U.S.’

Amjad Iraqi, www.972mag.com -

By Amjad Iraqi for +974 Magazine - Pro-Israel organizations are increasingly using the law to target Palestinian solidarity groups in the United States. Dima Khalidi, head of Palestine Legal, [...]

A New Poor People’s Campaign For Moral Revival

By Staff, www.poorpeoplescampaign.org -

By Staff of Poor People's Campaign - The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival has emerged from more than a decade of work by grassroots community and religious leaders, [...]

Housing Justice Groups Align As National Movement Grows

By Jess Clarke, www.homesforall.org -

By Jess Clarke for Homes for All - Renters across the US are beginning to rise up against the housing affordability crises that is hitting cities, towns, suburbs and even rural regions of the [...]

Faces Of Pain, Faces Of Hope

By Chris Hedges, www.truthdig.com -

By Chris Hedges for Truth Dig - ANDERSON, Ind.—It was close to midnight, and I was sitting at a small campfire with Sybilla and Josh Medlin in back of an old warehouse in an impoverished section [...]

Campaign Nonviolence Organizes Over 1,600 Events For Week Of Actions

By Maria Benevento, www.ncronline.org -

By Maria Benevento for NCR - A grassroots movement to bring nonviolence into the mainstream has been quietly but exponentially growing, resulting in 1,600 nonviolent actions in all 50 U.S. states [...]

Single Payer Is On The National Agenda—And It’s Thanks To People’s Movements

By Ben Palmquist, www.inthesetimes.com -

By Ben Palmquist for In These Times - As Senator Bernie Sanders introduces a bill for universal, publicly financed healthcare on Wednesday, he has growing political momentum behind him. Senators [...]

International Declaration Of Solidarity With Popular Movements Of US In Resistance

By Staff, www.afgj.org -

By Staff of Alliance for Global Justice - The People’s Human Rights Observatory (Observatorio de Derechos Humanos de los Pueblos) energetically rejects the interventionist, repressive, fascist, [...]

You Can’t Have A Progressive Movement Without Peace

By David Swanson, www.davidswanson.org -

By David Swanson for Let's Try Democracy - Here’s my five-minute case for why you can’t have an effective progressive movement in the United States that doesn’t include working for peace. War and [...]

The Non-Violent Berkeley Movement In The 1960s

By Julia Stein, www.counterpunch.org -

By Julia Stein for Counter Punch - After graduating UC Berkeley in 1968, I returned to Berkeley to visit friends May 1969 when People’s Park was being built. I had gotten arrested for Free [...]

Racial Justice Must Be Central To Our Movements

By Sonali Kolhatkar, www.truthdig.com -

By Sonali Kolhatkar for Truth Dig - If progressives are to learn one lesson about American politics in the period between last November’s election and the recent Charlottesville, Va., clashes, [...]