Duke University Gets Corporate Mining Gift To Help Exploit Indigenous People Of Peru

By Gary G. Kohls, Transcend.org -

3 Jan 2017 – Below are two articles that nicely illustrate the cunning methods that ALL multinational mining, exploration, drilling, energy extractive or oil transporting corporations use to try [...]

In Peru, This Young Activist Is Sparking A Movement For Climate Justice

By Sabrina Imbler, www.grist.org -

By Sabrina Imbler for Grist - Majandra Rodriguez Acha was 19 when her country erupted in protests over Amazonian oil. The year was 2009, and Peru’s president had just opened the jungle to oil [...]

Corporate ‘Biopiracy’ In Peru Threatens Indigenous Knowledge

By Rael Mora, www.telesurtv.net -

By Rael Mora for TeleSUR - The production and consumption of natural Andean and Amazonian ancestral products in Peru is threatened by the "biopiracy" of foreign companies who have filed over [...]

The US Returns To Latin America

By Vijay Prashad for the Hindu and Counterpunch. The financial crisis of 2007-08 dented China’s economy and saw the slow deterioration of commodity prices. It took a few years for the economic [...]

400-Year-Old City In Peru Could Disappear Due To Mine Toxins

By Janel Saldana, www.latintimes.com -

By Janel Saldana for Latin Times - A Peruvian city that was once high up in the Andes is now slowly sinking into the abyss. 400 years ago, Cerro de Pasco, the first town in Peru to be liberated [...]

Las Bambas Project: Restriction On Indigenous Input In Peru’s Mining

By Evelyn Estrada, www.coha.org -

By Evelyn Estrada for COHA - On September 29, 15,000 people from the mountainous Peruvian regions of Apurimac and Cusco broke into Las Bambas mining camp, which is a $7.4 billion USD [...]

Lima: 5,000 Protest Against World Bank, IMF, And TPP

By Michael S. Wilson, www.nacla.org -

By Michael S. Wilson for NACLA - At the annual governors’ meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank in Lima between October 5th and 12th, an estimated 800 [...]

Civil Society Challenges World Bank Annual Meeting

By Anuradha Mittal, Alnoor Ladha and Cesar Gamboa, www.ourlandourbusiness.org -

By Anuradha Mittal, Alnoor Ladha and Cesar Gamboa for Our Land, Our Business. Lima, Peru — The International Monetary Fund–World Bank Annual Meetings will take place in Lima, Peru this year from [...]

Peru Declares State Of Emergency Over Mine Protests

By Staff, www.dw.com -

By Staff of Deutsche Welle News - On Monday night local time, Peruvian police clashed with locals protesting the construction of a large copper mine, leaving three dead and 15 injured, including [...]

Peru: Indigenous Protesters Occupy Airport

By TeleSurTV, www.telesurtv.net -

By TeleSurTV - Peru has been grappling with a growing protest movement against oil privatization. Indigenous protesters have seized an airport in northern Peru, escalating demands that the [...]

Peru Indians Halt Production At 11 Oil Wells

By Fox News Latino, www.latino.foxnews.com -

By Fox News Latino - A group of Peruvian Indians opposed to private oil production in the northern Amazon region of Loreto halted output at 11 wells and seized an airport on the eve of a planned [...]

Amazon Tribe Creates 500-Page Traditional Medicine Encyclopedia

By Jeremy Hance, www.news.mongabay.com -

By Jeremy Hance in Mongabay News - The Matsés have only printed their encyclopedia in their native language to ensure that the medicinal knowledge is not stolen by corporations or researchers as [...]

Peru Cracking Down Against Dissent On Excavation Economy

By Lynn Holland, www.coha.org -

By Lynn Holland in COHA - Throughout much of southern Peru and Cajamarca region in the north, farmers and community organizations have declared their opposition to a $1.4 billion USD copper [...]

Peru’s Indigenous People Protest Against Relicensing Of Oil Concession

By Davi Hill, www.theguardian.com -

By Davi Hill in The Guardian - Hundreds of indigenous people deep in the Peruvian Amazon are blocking a major Amazon tributary following what they say is the government’s failure to address a [...]

Peru’s Tia Maria Mining Conflict: Another Mega Imposition

By Lynda Sullivan, www.upsidedownworld.org -

By Lynda Sullivan in Upside Down World - Peru has been rocked once again by a social conflict which pits the government, looking out for the economic interests of a multinational corporation, [...]

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