Afro-Indigenous People In Honduras Are Being Forcibly Displaced

By Miriam Miranda, Black Agenda Report. -

On this Indigenous Peoples’ Day, I want to tell you about my people, the Garifuna. We’re an Afro-Indigenous people, descended from Arawaks and Africans. Our ancestral territory spans the [...]

Haiti Aided Latinx Independence; Latinxs Return The Favor With Silence

By France François, Afro Resistance. -

In 1815, Spain’s defeat of Simón Bolívar’s revolutionary army in Venezuela nearly extinguished the dream of independence in South America. After the loss, Bolívar sought political asylum in the [...]

Cuban And Mexican Presidents Strengthen Solidarity

By W. T. Whitney, Counter Punch. -

The independence of Mexico and of Cuba, got a big hearing in Mexico City on September 16.  On that day in 1810, in Dolores, Mexico, Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo called upon parishioners to join [...]

Latin American And Caribbean Leaders Approve Historic Agreement

By Peoples Dispatch. -

The VI Summit of the Heads of State of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) was held in Mexico City on Saturday, September 18 and concluded with the approval of a 44-point [...]

Goodbye OAS?

By Kawsachun News. -

The fate of the Organization of American States (OAS) will be discussed at the upcoming summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). In a press conference at [...]

The New International Relations Of Latin America

By Kawsachun News. -

We spoke to Bolivia’s Foreign Minister, Rogelio Mayta, who is leading the charge for a more democratic process of regional integration. The country is raising its voice against Luis Almagro, head [...]

Peru: ‘This Is The Beginning Of A Soft Coup’

By Sengo Perez, Workers World. -

People are afraid. People have a very reverent attitude toward the Armed Forces, which are understood as guardian institutions of the nation. But a nation does not have tutelage; a democracy does [...]

Latin American Socialists Unite With Axis Of Resistance Against Imperialism

By Ben Norton, Orinoco Tribune. -

Revolutionary socialist movements in Latin America are developing closer relations with anti-imperialist resistance forces in West Asia, building a united front against Western aggression and [...]

Collective Militarized White Supremacy And Black Neocolonialism

By Gerald A. Perreira, Black Agenda Report. -

Except for the hum of US helicopters flying overhead, there was a deafening silence throughout the Caribbean region, during the recent Operation Tradewinds, Progressive and Pan-African forces did [...]

Creative Associates International: It’s Not Exactly The CIA, But Close Enough

By Alan Macleod, Mintpress News. -

Chevy Chase, MD - You have likely not heard of them, but Creative Associates International (CAI) is one of the largest and most powerful non-governmental organizations operating anywhere in the [...]

Nicaragua: The Right To Live In Peace

By Francisco Dominguez, Public Reading Rooms. -

It is an irrefutable fact that the United States orchestrated, financed and unleashed the violent coup attempt in 2018 against the democratically elected FSLN government. Spokespeople of the U.S. [...]

Decolonizing Pan-Americanism

By William Camacaro and Frederick Mills, Council on Hemispheric Affairs. -

The concept of Pan-Americanism has been a contested space since the early nineteenth century between the Bolivarian project of uniting the newly independent states of Latin America against [...]

Railway Workers Strike Amidst Wave Of Transportation Struggles

By Brunna Machado, WSWS. -

A strike by São Paulo railway workers last Thursday, July 15, shut down an important section of public transport in Brazil’s largest city over the demand for higher wages. More than 40 stations [...]

CIA Stories: Death Squads In Afghanistan

By Abby Martin, The Empire Files. -

As the US Empire makes its major military retreat from Afghanistan, learn about the CIA forces that will be staying behind. And their disturbing 20-year track record of war crimes. Perhaps [...]