Is The U.S. Meddling In Nicaragua?

By Edward Hunt, -

For the past decade, the United States has been quietly assisting opposition groups in Nicaragua, helping them organize resistance to the country’s popular leftist president Daniel Ortega. U.S. [...]

Hondurans Resume Protest Against ‘Fraudulent’ Election Results

By Staff, -

Former President Manuel Zelaya said: "Today we are protesting because a dictatorship has been installed." Hundreds of protesters hit the streets of Tegucigalpa, Honduras on Friday to reiterate [...]

Unrest In Nicaragua: Time For Dialogue And Reconciliation Free Of Outside Interference

By Chuck Kaufman, -

Before I get into analysis of the current crisis and unrest in Nicaragua, it is apparent from some of the emails we’ve been getting that there are plenty of people who do not understand the role [...]

The Empire Turns Its Sights On Nicaragua – Again!

By Don Kovalik, -

It was only a matter of time before the US government and its compliant media would once again put Nicaragua in their sights. And, that time has indeed come. Last year, the US House of [...]

Nicaragua: Next In Line For Regime Change?

By Staff, -

Since April 18, violent protests have taken place across Nicaragua. The protests began a couple of days after the government announced proposed reforms to the social security system, which is [...]

Venezuela Arrests Two Chevron Executives In Ongoing Anti-Corruption Probe

By Cira Pascual Marquina, -

Caracas, April 18, 2018 ( – Two Chevron employees were arrested in the Venezuelan city of Puerto La Cruz on Monday, as part of the Bolivarian government’s ongoing [...]

Evo Morales: ‘US Is Greatest Threat To Freedom, Democracy’

By Staff, -

"The biggest threat against freedom, against democracy, against Mother Earth and against multilateralism is the United States," Bolivian President Evo Morales said. Bolivia's President Evo [...]

Brazil Gov’t: ‘Probable’ Police Involvement In Franco’s Murder

By Staff,; -

Brazil's government declared Monday that human rights activist Marielle Franco was “very likely” killed by “militias,” according to Minister of Public Security Raul Jungmann. “There are basically [...]

Final Declaration Of The 2018 Peoples’ Summit In Lima, Peru

By Staff, -

We, the representatives of social and popular organizations of Peru, Latin America and the Caribbean, have met in Lima / Peru from April 10 to 14, 2018 to discuss the political, social and [...]

International Day Of Campesino Struggle Marked In Latin America

By Staff, -

Every year, on April 17, social movements and Campesinos commemorate the International Day of Campesino Struggle to honor the 19 campesinos of Brazil’s Landless Workers’ Movement murdered by [...]

Venezuela Gov’t: ‘Lula’s Imprisonment Directed By US Empire’

By Staff, -

Constituent Assembly President Delcy Rodriguez said: "The aggression against the former Brazilian leader is a continental movement directed by the intelligence services of the United States to [...]

Both Venezuela And The US Are Preparing For An Impending Conflict

By Darius Shahtahmasebi, -

Countries that don’t eagerly follow the U.S.-led global order make prime targets for American-led invasions, particularly when those countries challenge the status of the U.S. dollar. Right now, [...]

Latin American Indigenous People Fight New Plunder Of Their Resources

By Fabiana Frayssinet, -

(IPS) – Indigenous communities in Latin America, who have suffered the plunder of their natural resources since colonial times, are reliving that phenomenon again as mega infrastructure are [...]

Brazil: Professor Subpoenaed Over ‘2016 Coup’ Course

By Staff, -

During an interview with Bahia Noticias, Zacarias said: “I have ten days to explain myself (to the court). Joao Carlos Salles, the university dean, was also cited (in the subpoena). In other [...]

From #MeToo To #WeStrike

By Liz Mason-Deese, -

A year before #MeToo erupted in the United States, women in Argentina were fighting against an epidemic of violence against women in which, on average, one woman is killed every 30 hours. The [...]