Venezuela Next

By Vijay Prashad, -

On September 8, The New York Times carried a story with a provocative headline: “Trump Administration Discussed Coup Plans With Rebel Venezuelan Officers”. The journalists Ernesto Londoño and [...]

The West And Latin America

By Staff, -

One of the most curious phenomena of what passes for intellectual life in North America and Western Europe is the broad ignorance and deep prejudice of otherwise politically sophisticated people. [...]

Chile Convicts 20 Pinochet-Era Intelligence Agents For Role In Operation Condor

By Telesur. -

Chilean judge Mario Carroza ordered 20 former agents of Chile’s infamous National Intelligence Direction (DINA) to serve prison time for their roles in the kidnapping and murder of 12 victims of [...]

How The Left In Latin America Is Resisting The Right Wing-US Offensive

By Yisell Rodríguez Milán, -

Forces on the left are mobilizing in Latin America and the Caribbean to confront the right-wing offensive which, encouraged and financed by the United States, is underway in the region, with the [...]

The United States’ Disregard For International Law Is A Menace To Venezuela And Latin America

By Nino Pagliccia, -

I have often criticized the U.N. for being ineffective and I still stand by it. I am going out on a limb by saying that the more “principles” and “resolutions” the U.N. issues, the more military [...]

US Aggression In Latin America Is Causing International Resistance To US Imperialism

By Alexander Main, Center for Economic and Policy Research -

In late spring of 2008, the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations published a report titled “U.S.-Latin America Relations: A New Direction for a New Reality.” Timed to influence the foreign [...]

Lessons From Nicaragua

By Staff, -

Apologists for the attempted coup in Nicaragua hemorrhage credibility with every week that passes. Both inside and outside Nicaragua, reality is fast catching up with their falsehoods and [...]

From Rojava To The Mapuche Struggle: The Kurdish Revolutionary Seed Spreads In Latin America

By Pilar Villanueva, -

For several years, the Kurds have been at the forefront of a revolution in Western Kurdistan (Rojava). Their alternative system to capitalism has resonated all over the globe. Their society is [...]

90 Days That Will Define The Future Of Venezuela (And South America)

By José Negrón Valera, -

Pay close attention to the tweet of the Commander of the National Army of Colombia, Ricardo Gómez Nieto, who, in the framework of the UNITAS naval exercises, speaks of his gratitude to the US [...]

Venezuela’s Monetary Revolution Vis-a-Vis Economic Sanctions

By Nino Pagliccia, -

Venezuela has undergone many challenges in the last 20 years since Hugo Chavez was elected president and continued after his death in 2013. The main reason is that Venezuela has taken seriously [...]

Distorting Past And Present: Reuters On Nicaragua’s Armed Uprising

By Joe Emersberger, -

From April 18 until late July 2018, an armed insurrection in Nicaragua left hundreds of people dead. The uprising, backed enthusiastically by private media outlets in Nicaragua (in particular one [...]

The Military Option Against Venezuela In The “Year Of The Americas”

By William Camacaro and Frederick B. Mills, -

Defense Secretary James N. Mattis began his trip to South America on August 13th to “exchange strategic perspectives” with senior defense counterparts in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. [...]

Blockading Venezuela: The Linchpin Of The US Strategy Of Aggression

By Tim Young, -

REVEALING examples are emerging of the cumulative impact that US sanctions against Venezuela are having on the Venezuelan people in the field of health, one of the key priorities of the [...]

Venezuela Breaks From US Imperialism With Sovereign Bolivar

By Staff, -

The new Venezuelan currency has five fewer zeros compared to the Bolivar, which will coexist for retail operations or smaller amount. The monetary measures announced by the Venezuelan government, [...]

Is Cristina Fernandez A Victim Of A Political Persecution?

By Staff, -

For the journalist Stella Calloni, against the former president of Argentina, the same script used in Brazil against Lula da Silva is being repeated. The Senate of Argentina discussed Wednesday [...]