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Iran’s President Raisi Joined BRICS, Pushed For Multipolar World

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi, who died in a helicopter crash on May 19, left behind a legacy of working to build a more multipolar world. Under Raisi, Iran joined BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Global South-led institutions that he noted could challenge US unilateralism and hegemony. The late Iranian leader advocated a “Look East” strategy, strengthening relations with China, Russia, and other countries in Asia. Raisi represented a more nationalist wing of the political class in Tehran, which sees the futility of trying to win Western approval, and instead recognizes that Iran’s political and economic future lies in deepening integration with the Global South.

Washington Removes Cuba From List Of Countries Not Cooperating Fully Against Terrorism

The US Department of State has announced that Cuba is no longer on their list of countries not fully cooperating against terrorism, which does not include the lifting of their illegal and unilateral sanctions against the Cuban people. The cooperation against terrorism list, which the Department of State is required by law to provide to US Congress, is not the same as the State Sponsors of Terrorism list, according to a Department of State official announcing the decision this Wednesday, May 15. Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez reported via social media that “the United States has just admitted what is known to all: that Cuba fully collaborates with the efforts against terrorism.”

The Principle Of Landless Solidarity And The Recent Rains In Brazil

The Landless Rural Workers’ Movement (MST) this past week launched the Landless Solidarity Campaign in Rio Grande do Sul to help the more than 1.3 million people affected by the heavy rains and floods in the state. More than 90,000 Brazilian reais have already been raised for the campaign. In addition to cash donations, the Movement has also converted the Galpão Elza Soares and the Casa dos Movimentos Carlito Maia, both in São Paulo’s Campos Elíseos neighborhood, into collection points for clothes, hygiene products, medicines, and non-perishable food. “Our beloved people of Rio Grande suffered from the heavy rain that occurred last weekend, which destroyed our settlement areas, our cooperatives, our crops and, above all, the people’s dream of producing healthy food, which we were just making a reality.

Cuba’s Protests And The Long Crisis Of US Intervention

Protests against shortages of food and fuel in Cuba’s eastern provinces on March 18 brought the corporate media spotlight back to the island, which is currently experiencing a major economic crisis. True to form, much US reporting on the protests attempted to construct a familiar narrative of Cuba as a failed state on the brink of collapse, with no mention of the 62-year US blockade. This is particularly striking given how Cuba’s current crisis is a direct outcome of the intensification of the blockade under Trump—which President Biden has upheld throughout his term despite promises to relieve the strangulation of Cuba.

ALBA-TCP Holds World Gathering For A Social Alternative

Starting April 18, Venezuela will host the World Gathering for a Social Alternative, a two-day event organized by the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-People's Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP) and the Simon Bolivar Institute (ISB). This international meeting seeks to promote a common agenda to protect the Latin American people from the different forms of contemporary imperialist aggression. This event will bring together member countries of the bloc, leaders and social movements of the region in activities and working meetings to be held in the city of Caracas.

As The US Starves The Cuban People, Activists Launch Solidarity Campaign

In the wake of the US’ deliberate starvation of the Cuban people through sanctions, solidarity activists with the People’s Forum, a New York-based political education space, has organized a massive campaign to send 800 tons of wheat flour to the island. The United States policy of continuing the over 60-year-long blockade of the island, as well as maintaining the socialist nation on the “State Sponsors of Terrorism” list, has engineered severe shortages of vital goods on Cuba, including food. The People’s Forum is soliciting donations to help provide much-needed wheat flour to Cuba.

A Collective Mural Calls For Neighborhood Reflection

Artists and cartoonists carried out an urban intervention in the central Paseo Avenue of the Cuban capital, on the occasion of the Palestinian Land Day, that commemorates the first general strike against the theft of part of the Palestinian territory by the Zionist regime. Now, 176 days after the unprecedented massacre in Gaza, world solidarity is increasingly necessary. The solidarity cannot slow down it needs to grow in many ways. This was the understanding of the renowned cartoonist Ares, National Humor Prize (Cuba 2020) and Grand Prix UYACC Anticoronavirus (China 2020), when he called others to join in on this collective mural.

The Cuban People Will Join March 2 Global Day Of Action For Palestine

The people of Cuba will join millions across the world in taking to the streets on March 2 to demand that Israel immediately cease its genocidal war on Gaza and stop its planned March 10 invasion of Rafah. Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel announced the call for mobilizations on X stating “Cuba joins the global mobilization this March 2 in support of Palestine. In all of the provinces and in Havana, we will be on the streets in solidarity with our brother people and to condemn the holocaust that Israel seeks to provoke in Rafah. Everyone for Gaza!”

U.S. AFRICOM Airstrikes Feared To Have Killed Two Cuban Doctors

The National Network on Cuba, The Black Alliance for Peace, and Lowcountry Action Committee strongly condemn the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) airstrikes in Somalia reported to have killed 2 Cuban doctors. We demand the U.S. release all information about the bombing to Cuba and the victims’ families. Cuba has deployed more than 600,000 health workers to 165 nations over the last six decades on medical missions. Two Cubans serving in Kenya, Dr. Assel Herrera Correa, a specialist in general medicine, and Dr. Landy Rodriguez Hernandez, a surgeon, were kidnapped there in 2019 and held in Jilib, southern Somalia.

Letter To The People For Integration Of Latin America And The Caribbean

On February 23, the organizations participating in the Conference on the Integration of Latin American and Caribbean Peoples approved the “Letter to the People for the Integration of Latin America and the Caribbean”. The letter contains a summary of the event’s discussions and notes for advancing the integration of the people of the region. The Conference, which began February 22, ended February 24. In total, 4,000 people, from more than 20 countries in the region, participated in the event. Colombian Vice President Francia Marquéz was also present at the Conference.

Russian Foreign Minister Tours Latin America

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov just concluded a three-country regional tour of Latin America this week. He kicked off his tour on Monday in the Cuban capital of Havana, and also visited Venezuela and Brazil, where he concluded his tour with participation in the G20 Ministers’ Meeting in Rio de Janeiro, where he met with several other Latin American leaders. During his time in Cuba, the Russian diplomat discussed various topics with President Miguel Diaz Canel and his Cuban counterpart, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, including the decades-long blockade on Cuba imposed by Washington and strategies to boost economic cooperation, commerce, and investment.

Network In Defense Of Humanity: Current Challenges After Two Decades

Within the framework of the II International Meeting of Theoretical Publications of Leftist Parties and Movements this morning at the Havana Convention Palace, the Network in Defense of Humanity (REDH) held a forum which brought together 92 leading intellectuals, and academics from 35 countries, the meeting of the Network in Defense of Humanity – REDH at the Palace of the Conventions here in Havana. The REDH, as explained by José Ernesto Novaez, Coordinator of the Cuban Chapter, is based on ten principles initiated and approved in 2004 in how to act in defense of the planet, the integration of peoples, the building of solidarity,  sovereignty and international legality, unity in diversity and of culture for all, access to knowledge for all, popular participation, truthfulness and plurality of information, memory and peace; under which certain lines were drawn on how to act within the scenario of the resurgence of current neo-fascism.

What The US Can Learn From The Cuban Health Care System

David Ramirez Alvarez is Second Secretary in the Cuban Embassy, representing Cuba’s cultural and political forces sectors. He will be presenting an historical and current analysis of the Cuban health care system, how it differs from our profit-driven system, how Cuba provides comprehensive primary and quaternary health services in the face of a decades’ long illegal and brutal U.S. blockade and still has better outcomes than ours. Ramirez Alvarez will also address how the training of health care providers and scientists in Cuba is intimately connected to the socialist culture derived from the Cuban Revolution. Is a socialist culture necessary to displace our capitalist health care system?

Cuba Proposes Non-Aligned Movement Support Urgent Dispatch Of Protection Mission To The Gaza Strip

Allow me to begin by reiterating our solidarity with the brotherly Palestinian people, who are suffering the terrible consequences of the genocide committed by Israel with absolute impunity. What is happening in the occupied Palestinian territories is a disgrace to humanity and must stop immediately. The protection of the civilian population is an absolute priority. Cuba proposes that the Non-Aligned Movement support the urgent dispatch to the Gaza Strip an international protection mission, authorized by the United Nations General Assembly, with a mandate to ensure the safety and protection of the civilian population and to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid and food.

8th International Seminar For Peace And Abolition Of Foreign Bases

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) and the World Peace Council (WPC), are calling for the participation in the VIII International Seminar on Peace and for the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases, which will take place in the province of Guantanamo, on May 4 and 5, 2024. Once again, this conference will take place in the province of Guantanamo, where there is the oldest  U.S. military base that remains against the will of the Cuban people and government. The Guantanamo Base has become synonymous with torture and imperialism, which for 121 years has illegally occupied 117 square kilometers of that territory, and a prison where the human rights of the detainees there are constantly violated, constituting an outrage to the sovereignty and independence of the nation.
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