15,000 Pounds Of Powdered Milk Delivered To Cuba

By Medea Benjamin, People's Forum. -

On January 15, 2022, the organizations Puentes de Amor, The People’s Forum and CODEPINK are sending a cargo plane loaded with 15,000 pounds of powdered milk from Miami to Cuba. Representatives of [...]

Comparing The COVID-19 Responses In Cuba And The United States

By Mary Anne Powell, AJPH. -

With fundamental differences in health systems structure and organization, as well as in political philosophy and culture, it is not surprising that there are major differences in outcomes. The [...]

Alicia Jrapko, Presente!

By Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo and Graciela Ramirez, Resumen English. -

With deep sorrow and on behalf of her family, we announce that our dear colleague, sister and friend Alicia Jrapko passed away last evening after fighting a cruel illness for more than two years. [...]

Cuba Remembers First Tricontinental Anti-Imperialist Conference

On Monday, progressive organizations celebrate the 56th anniversary of the First Tricontinental Conference, which gathered 500 delegates from Africa, Asia, and Latin America in Havana to adopt [...]

Cuba Grows And Advances Despite The Difficulties Of 2021

By Alejandra Garcia And Gustavo A. Maranges, Resumen. -

This 2021 has been the most difficult year for the Cuban people. In addition to the ravages of the blockade, thousands of people died due to the Covid-19. The list was immense, and as the days [...]

This Time The Defeat Was On Joe Biden

By Raúl Antonio Capote, Resumen. -

On June 11, 2021, a plan carefully conceived 17 years earlier by the U.S. government was defeated in Cuban neighborhoods and streets. Born at the end of the Bush era, after more than 50 years [...]

The Fierce Determination Of Ordinary People To Build An Extraordinary World

By Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. -

United States President Joe Biden has suborned 111 countries to attend his Summit for Democracy on December 9–10, ending on Human Rights Day. ‘We welcome all countries, organizations, and [...]

The Cuban Guaidó Wannabe

By Volker Hermsdorf, Resumen English. -

Cuban opponent of the system, Yunior García Aguilera, has announced a “strategic alliance” of opposition forces in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. This “alliance” of activists “confronting the [...]

The World Stands With Cuba

By Tanya Wadhwa, People's Dispatch. -

The US-backed counter-revolutionary protests planned for November 15 in Cuba fell flat as the Caribbean country reopened its borders to tourists and its schools on the same day. The Cuban people [...]

Cubans Are More Excited About School Reopening Than Regime Change

By Medea Benjamin, Mintpress News. -

Havana - “If you build it, they will come,” said Kevin Costner in the Field of Dreams. In Cuba, they didn’t come. Dissidents on the island, with their U.S. backers, had been working feverishly [...]

Militant Solidarity With Cuba On Display In 80+ Cities Worldwide

By Telesur English. -

Solidarity movements with Cuba, political parties, social groups, and Cuban emigrants in other countries celebrated on Monday the restart of the school year on the island, its economic-productive [...]

BAP Condemns US Sponsorship Of Anti-Government Protests Against Cuba

By Black Alliance for Peace. -

The US government continues to amplify its war on the Cuban people through political, economic, and media efforts. In their own words, the US State Department has announced its role in organizing [...]

Why Is The US Fueling The November 15 Cuba Protests?

By Rosa Elizalde, Counterpunch. -

On September 20, letters began to arrive at eight Cuban municipal or provincial government headquarters announcing the holding of “peaceful” marches on November 15 by a group called Archipiélago. [...]

November 15: Nationwide Actions To Demand Let Cuba Live

By Answer Coalition. -

Donald Trump imposed 243 additional coercive measures aimed at tightening the U.S. economic blockade against Cuba. Increased economic suffering for ordinary Cubans is the consequence of this [...]

Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela As Existential Threats To The US

By Ajamu Baraka, Black Agenda Report. -

One of the extreme ironies of the latest attack by the settler-colonial regime of the United States against the national democratic project of Nicaragua is that in Nicaragua, the second poorest [...]