CIA’s New ‘Iran Mission Center’ Created For Regime Change

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

The Trump administration has Iran hawks leading its foreign policy. One of those hawks is Mike Pompeo the director of the CIA. In June 2017 the administraton created the Iran Mission Center to [...]

Intel Vets: Iran Is Not Top Terror Sponsor

By Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), -

A group of U.S. intelligence veterans urges President Trump to stop his administration’s false claims about Iran being the leading state sponsor of terrorism when U.S. allies, such as Saudi [...]

The US Opium Wars: China, Burma And The CIA

By Jeffrey St. Clair and Alexander Cockburn, -

By Jeffrey St. Clair and Alexander Cockburn for Counter Punch - You won’t find a star of remembrance for him on the wall of fallen “heroes” at CIA HQ in Langley, but one of the Agency’s first [...]

People For Bernie Kicks US Whistle Blower Off Panel

By Staff, -

By Staff for RT. John Kiriakou, a former CIA counterterrorism officer, has told RT that he was kicked off a panel at the European Parliament because a fellow panelist objected to his association [...]

CIA Director Met Advocate Of Disputed DNC Hack Theory

By Duncan Campbell and James Risen, -

By Duncan Campbell and James Risen for The Intercept - CIA DIRECTOR MIKE Pompeo met late last month with a former U.S. intelligence official who has become an advocate for a disputed theory that [...]

How America Spreads Global Chaos

By Nicolas J. S. Davies, -

By Nicolas J. S. Davies for Anti-War - As the recent PBS documentary on the American War in Vietnam acknowledged, few American officials ever believed that the United States could win the war, [...]

JFK Files: CIA Plot to Stage Miami Bombings & Blame Fidel Castro

By Staff, -

By Staff for Telesur. The CIA considered bombing Miami and other cities to create a terror threat while blaming the government of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, according to the [...]

CIA In Afghanistan: Operation Phoenix Redux?

By Matthew Hoh, -

By Matthew Hoh for Counter Punch - These CIA teams in Afghanistan are not just reminiscent of the Operation Phoenix program in Vietnam, the death squads of Central America and the Shia torture [...]

How CIA Got Away With Murdering Revolutionary Che Guevara

By Ramona Wadi, -

By Ramona Wadi for Mint Press News - Che Guevara’s body was uncovered from beneath a Bolivian landing strip 10 years after his death, but the truth behind how his body ended up in that secret [...]

The Dishonest Career Of The Remarkable Srđa Popović

By F. William Engdahl, -

By F. William Engdahl for NEO - On September 8, the professional regime-change specialist Srđa Popović came to Budapest and joined with the anti-Orban opposition groups in front of the Hungarian [...]

Reagan Documents Shed Light On U.S. ‘Meddling’

By Robert Parry, -

By Robert Parry of Consortium News. “Secret” documents, recently declassified by the Reagan presidential library, reveal senior White House officials reengaging a former CIA “proprietary,” The [...]

Newsletter: Chelsea Manning v. US War Criminals

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, -

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. Chelsea Manning saw crimes and exposed them. Her detractors are aware of the crimes and even commit them. Rather than self-evaluation [...]

CIA Whistleblower: Harvard Picks Torture Apologists Over Chelsea Manning

By Aaron Mate, -

Aaron Mate for The Real News. Chelsea Manning is celebrated around the world for exposing the secrets of U.S. foreign policy, including war crimes, and going to prison for it, all the while [...]

Chelsea Manning Defends Her Conduct

By Staff for Associated Press. Manning's second public appearance since being released from a military prison in May. "I believe I did the best I could in my circumstances to make an ethical [...]

Harvard Kennedy Succumbs To CIA Pressure, Revokes Chelsea Manning’s Fellowship

By Kevin Gosztola, -

By Kevin Gosztola for The Guardian - The Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School revoked an invitation for United States military whistleblower Chelsea Manning to serve as a visiting [...]