‘Astonishing’ CIA Memo Shows Brazil’s Ex-Dictator Authorized Torture And Executions

By Tom Phillips, Theguardian.com -

Brazil’s former dictator Ernesto Geisel personally approved the summary execution of his regime’s perceived enemies, according to a newly unearthed CIA memo that has reopened a bitter debate over [...]

Director Of CIA’s Korea Mission Center In Pyongyang With Pompeo

By Tim Shorrock, Peaceinkoreanews.timshorrock.com -

The CIA, as I’ve been saying for weeks, is running the show for Trump’s North Korea peace and denuclearization initiative, and its role is expanding as the date (June 12) for the Kim summit draws [...]

A Brief History Of American Torture

By Brett Wilkins, Informationclearinghouse.info -

American torture is back in the news again as Gina Haspel, President Donald Trump’s pick to head the Central Intelligence Agency, prepares for what could be a rocky Senate confirmation hearing [...]

Gina Haspel Debate Spotlights America’s Soul Sickness

By John Kiriakou, Truthdig.com -

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence will hold hearings Wednesday to decide if Gina Haspel should be the next CIA director. The vote in committee and on the floor of the Senate is going to [...]

Ray McGovern Arrested and Abused Protesting #BloodyGina

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

At the Senate hearing on the nomination of Gina Haspel, aka. #BloodyGina, to head the CIA, people protested inside and outside of the hearing. Protesters know, as everyone in the US Senate [...]

Trump’s Shameful Choice Of ‘Bloody Gina’

By Robert Scheer, Truthdig.com -

They call her “Bloody Gina,” and for some of her buddies in the torture wing of the CIA and their supporters in Congress, that is meant as a compliment. For a decade after the 9/11 attacks, [...]

Will A Torturer Become CIA Director?

By Ray McGovern, Consortiumnews.com -

Gina Haspel faces a confirmation hearing on Wednesday to become CIA director despite her record of supporting torture, which even the Pentagon admitted does not work, says Ray McGovern. The [...]

The CIA Still Protects Spy Who Shadowed Martin Luther King Jr.

By Jefferson Morley, Alternet.org -

The CIA shadowed Martin Luther King Jr. during his stay at a Miami hotel in July 1966 with the help of a spy whose identity still remains a secret a half-century later. The revelation is found [...]

CIA’s Secret Torture Program Sparked Citizen-led Public Reckoning In North Carolina

By Alexandra Moore, Activistpost.com -

President Donald Trump’s nominee for CIA director, Gina Haspel, is reported to have overseen a U.S. site in Thailand where torture of a suspected terrorist took place. Later she allegedly helped [...]

CIA Stages Gas Attack Pretext For Syria Escalation

By Patrick Martin, Wsws.org -

The US media has seized on the latest claims by CIA-backed groups of a poison gas attack on civilians to demand a further escalation of the US-led war for regime-change in Syria and an increased [...]

Coming Attraction: Lunatic Loose In West Wing

By Ray McGovern, Consortium News. -

John Bolton’s March 22 appointment-by-tweet as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser has given “March Madness” a new and ominous meaning.  There is less than a week left to batten [...]

1986 CIA Document Analyzes Possibilities Of “Regime Change” In Syria

By Brandon Turbeville, Activistpost.com -

Even as far back as 1983, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s father, Hafez Assad, was viewed as a gadfly to the plans of Western imperialists seeking to weaken both the Iraqis and the Iranians [...]

Who Killed Martin Luther King, Jr. And Why?

By William Pepper, Ratical.org -

This year is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His death came at the time when he was speaking out against the Vietnam War and poverty while continue [...]

The Real Problem With Gina Haspel’s CIA Nomination

By Staff, Nationalinterest.org -

An especially insidious snare for a liberal democracy in the conduct of its foreign policy is the temptation to adopt the strategies and tactics of one’s adversaries. President Donald Trump’s [...]

Trump Should Withdraw Haspel Nomination, Intel Vets Say

By Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, Consortiumnews.com -

With respect, we veteran intelligence officers from CIA and other agencies urge you to withdraw the nomination of Gina Haspel for CIA director. From what is already known of her leading role in [...]