Cosmic Capitalism: Why The US Wants To Dominate Outer Space

By Elliott Gabriel, -

WASHINGTON – What does the United States do when it’s faced with hegemonic decline, ascendant rivals, and an inability to use its massive military apparatus to turn the tide in favor of its own [...]

The Death Of Neoliberalism Is An Opportunity To Birth A New System

By Cliff DuRand, Truthout -

Today in the US, as well as globally, we find ourselves in multiple reinforcing crises. There is a crisis of legitimacy in established institutions ranging from Congress, the presidency and the [...]

Academic Alienation: Freeing Cognitive Labor From The Grip Of Capitalism

By Maresi Starzmann, -

Sitting in a coffee shop in a typical American college town, I overhear a conversation between two twenty-somethings. They lament, in educated and self-critical fashion, the failure of the [...]

The Real Driver Of Rising Inequality

By Lance Taylor, -

Income distribution and employment are crucial macroeconomic indicators. Profits are key to distribution. Ther share in the value of output has risen steadily since around 1980. Households near [...]

An Ode To Eugene V. Debs And The End Of Capitalism

By Jordan Riefe, -

Once upon a time, the word “socialist” wasn’t considered a dirty word. In fact, in 1912, roughly a million people (6 percent of the popular vote), voted for a socialist for president. He is the [...]

For His 200th Birthday, Honoring Marx As An Activist

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers. -

In 1848, Marx wrote, “philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point, however, is to change it.” On this 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx we focus on Marx [...]

Cutting Capitalism Out Of Our Relationships

By William C. Anderson, -

Capitalism does not just rule over the large-scale functions of the society we live in. It also infiltrates our interpersonal relationships. There are plenty among us who are sick of the [...]

Capitalism Got You Down? Try A Worker Cooperative

By Robert Ramin Raymond, -

Do you ever have the feeling that your boss is ripping you off? Maybe it’s not your boss; maybe it’s a bit more abstract. Like you get home from work and feel cheated somehow. “They should be [...]

Our Journey

By Steve Gloss, -

Let me address three issues. First I'm going to encapsulate the nature of the problem we face and why I believe each of us can contribute to its solution. Second I am going to talk about the [...]

Challenging Capitalism Through Workers’ Control

By Ricardo Vaz, -

But I would say that workers’ control is one first step on a path to socialism, in the sense that control over production and workplace should not be only on behalf of the workers but also of the [...]

Capitalism VS. Mental Health, The SS “Light” And Zuck Testifies To His Employees

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

Next up, you may know that Zuck appeared before Congress last week but did you know that what he REALLY did was appear before his employees? And Orwell's got nothing on the DHS and their new [...]

Pentagon Capitalism And Silicon Valley: Google’s Drone War Project Shows Big Data’s Military Roots

By Elliott Gabriel, -

SAN FRANCISCO (Analysis) – Google — the advertising and search engine monolith that once touted its official commitment, “Don’t be evil” — has thrown its full weight behind the U.S. [...]

Today’s Youth Reject Capitalism, But What Do They Want To Replace It?

By Joseph Blasi and Douglas L. Kruse, -

Today’s youth are increasingly unhappy with the way their elders are running the world. Their ire was most recently expressed when thousands of teenagers and others across the country marched on [...]

Stopping Chain Stores From Dominating Communities

By Peter Moskowitz, -

If you’re not looking for it, you might not notice what makes Candice Osborne’s Jersey City neighborhood different. Like so many other newly developed areas of American cities, it is filled with [...]

Why the Center Left Keeps Losing Elections in Europe

By Conn Hallinan, Foreign Policy in Focus -

More than a quarter of a century ago, much of the European center-left made a course change, edging away from its working class base, accommodating itself to the globalization of capital, and [...]