A Urinal In A Scottish Pub Reveals Why Toilets Matter In International Politics

By Rhys Crilley and Robert A Saunders, Intrepidreport.com -

If you wanted to see international politics in action, where would you go? Maybe the UN headquarters in New York to see diplomats debating resolutions of global import? Or drop in on one of the [...]

What Diplomacy? Here Are 36 Countries The US Has Bullied This Week

It’s been a busy few days for American diplomacy, with three dozen nations ending up at the receiving end of threats, ultimatums and sanctions this week alone. And it’s only Friday. Mexico is the [...]

Memo To Donald Trump: It’s Time To End-Run Your Advisers On North Korea

By Joel Wit and Richard Sokolsky, Nationalinterest.org -

The United States and North Korea are once again locked in a diplomatic standoff over denuclearization and the normalization of U.S.-North Korean relations, which has unfortunately brought to a [...]

What Really Happened In Hanoi?

By Mike Whitney, Unz.com -

While the western media has written off last weekend’s summit in Hanoi as a failure, the talks did help to burnish Kim Jong-un’s reputation as a sincere statesman committed to peacefully [...]

Meet Juan Guaido’s First Ambassador, Fake Twitter Diplomat Slammed By Costa Rica For ‘Unacceptable Entry’

By Anya Parampil, Grayzoneproject.com -

While tweeting that she had taken charge of Venezuela’s Embassy in Costa Rica on February 20, Maria Faría demonstrated that she was more familiar with the conventions of social media than those [...]

Kim Jong Un Annual Address Opens Door To Successful Negotiations With US

By Robert Carlin, 38north.org -

In his January 1st New Year’s speech, Kim Jong Un was almost relentlessly positive in discussing DPRK-US relations, a topic that took up an unusually large portion of the entire address. Rather [...]

North And South Korea Continue To Move Toward Peace And Integration, Despite US

By Staff, Zoominkorea.org -

North and South Korea held high-level talks at Panmunjom on October 15 and adopted a joint statement on implementing the Pyongyang Joint Declaration signed at the inter-Korean summit on September [...]

Diplomatic Deadlock: Can U.S.-North Korea Diplomacy Survive Maximum Pressure?

By Gregory Elich, Counterpunch.org -

South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s meeting with North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un on September 18-20 culminated in the signing of the Pyongyang Declaration, which marked a significant advance [...]

Koreas Agreed To Disarm Border Village

By Staff, Newsinfo.inquirer.net -

Pyongyang, North Korea — North and South Korea have agreed to disarm a jointly controlled border village, starting with the removal of landmines. A joint statement signed by the countries’ [...]

US Ambassador Says ‘Too early’ To End The Korean War, Moon-Kim To Meet Again

By Staff, Zoominkorea.org -

The two Koreas also restored their military communication line on August 15 to ease military tension. On the same day as the announcement of the inter-Korean summit, U.S. Ambassador to South [...]

Two Koreas Agree On 3rd Moon-Kim Summit To Be Held In September

By Kim Yoo-chul and Kim Bo-eun, Koreatimes.co.kr -

Leaders of the two Koreas will have their third summit in North Korea's capital next month, representatives of the two countries said in a joint press statement Monday. "South Korea and North [...]

“Officials” Attempt To Sabotage Further North Korea Talks

By Moon Of Alabama, Moonofalabama.org -

The result of the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore was a "freeze for freeze" deal. North Korea stopped its nuclear and missile testing while the U.S. stopped the large maneuvers it regularity held [...]

BAP Calls On The United States To Meet North Korean Efforts To Move Toward A Diplomatic Solution

By Staff, Blackallianceforpeace.com -

MAY 16, 2018—The United States has no one to blame but itself for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) canceling a meeting that was scheduled for Wednesday with the Republic of Korea [...]

Three Suicides In One Night — Guantanamo Prison Commander Nominated As US Ambassador To South Korea

By Ann Wright, Opednews.com -

Why nominate to be the US Ambassador to South Korea a military general officer who was in charge of notorious Guantanamo prison when on June 9, 2006 at a secret facility on the prison grounds, [...]

The Two Koreas Talk: On The Path To Peace

By Staff, Zoominkorea.org -

Following a two-day meeting with North Korean officials in Pyongyang, South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s special envoy returned to Seoul on March 6. The special envoy had dinner with North [...]

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