Why There’ll Be No US-Russia Reset Post-Mueller

By Finian Cunningham, Strategic Culture -

President Donald Trump and his White House team may have been cleared of collusion with the Kremlin in the 2016 presidential election. That startling conclusion by Special Counsel Robert Mueller [...]

Trump Era: “There Is Great Disorder Under The Sky, So The Situation Is Excellent!”

By Slavoj Žižek, RT -

America's liberal elite is both horrified by Donald Trump, and incapable of mortally wounding him. What's needed instead is a profound leftward shift, led by new faces. Now that yet another week [...]

The Putin-Trump Helsinki Summit: Not A Breakthrough, But A Possible Start

By Alexander Mercouris , The Duran -

It is clearly understood that what Putin and Trump are working towards is a detente style ‘geopolitical ceasefire’ and not ‘friendship’ – and certainly not an alliance –  it can be said that [...]

US Media is Losing Its Mind Over Trump-Putin Press Conference

By Joe Lauria, Consortiumnews.com -

As soon as the press conference ended CNN cut to its panel with these words from TV personality Anderson Cooper: “You have been watching perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances by an [...]

Can We Have More ‘Treason Summits’ Please?

By John Hallam, Popular Resistance -

There is also much to criticize President Putin for, spanning the gamut from undemocratic practices to running a kleptocracy to human rights. The Helsinki Summit deserves none of this [...]

Peace Movement Must Urge Trump And Putin To End War, Rid World Of Nuclear Weapons

By Simo Alastalo, Demokraatti -

Let me congratulate you on your great achievement – which neither you nor anybody else has noticed. You have awakened humanity from years of deep hibernation. And let’s not forget the North [...]

Trump-Putin Summit: The Globalist Elite Fears Peace, Wants War

By Federico Pieraccini, Strategic Culture -

The announced meeting between Trump and Putin has already produced a good result by revealing the hypocrisy of the media and politicians. The meeting has been branded as the greatest danger to [...]

For Peace With Putin, End America’s Pointless Wars

By George D. O'Neill Jr., Theamericanconservative.com  -

The upcoming summit between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is an overdue opportunity for the American president’s next bold peace initiative. It is time for the U.S. to stop its wasteful wars, [...]

Appeal For Nuclear Risk Reduction To Presidents Trump And Putin

By John Hallam, Frank Hutchinson, Alyn Ware, and Mark Finaud, Popular Resistance -

We would like to urge both the upcoming July 11-12 meeting of NATO and the July 16 meeting between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump to take concrete practical measures that will lower [...]

Watch Out World: Peace May be Breaking Out!!

By Alice Slater, World Beyond War -

In light of the new détente Trump succeeded in negotiating with the long-despised and isolated North Korea, it just might be possible that peace is breaking out, to the great consternation and [...]

Trump assailed for phoning Putin, applauded meeting Saudi dictator

By Finian Cunningham, Russia Today -

Donald Trump sparked outrage this week in the US over his congratulatory phone call to Russian leader Vladimir Putin on his re-election. But his obscene indulgence of a Saudi despot in the White [...]

Newsletter: Color Revolution Comes Home?

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. The United States has perfected the art of regime change operations. The US is the largest empire in world history with more than 1,000 [...]

Break Through The Propaganda: Oliver Stone Interviews Putin

By Alexander Mercouris, www.theduran.com -

By Alexander Mercouris for The Duran - I have now watched the first three episodes of the Putin Interviews, which is sufficient to give an overview of the series. In my opinion it is by far the [...]

Why Don’t U.S. Media Report Putin’s Take On Ukraine Crisis?

By Robert Parry, www.truthdig.com -

By Robert Parry for Consortium News - A prime example of how today’s mainstream media paradigm works in the U.S. is the case of Ukraine, where Americans have been shielded from evidence that the [...]

German Intel Clears Russia On Interference

By Ray McGovern, www.consortiumnews.com -

By Ray McGovern for Consortium News. After a multi-month, politically charged investigation, German intelligence agencies could find no good evidence of Moscow-directed cyber-attacks or a [...]

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